Prom Night: Throwback Pictures Of Celebs Dressed To The Nines (And Some Lookin’ A Fool) At Prom

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Within the next month or so (or maybe the prom race has already started for the teenagers in your neck of the woods), most high school juniors and seniors will trade in their uniforms and overpriced sneakers to play dress up for a night. That’s right, it’s prom season. We’ve all got our memories from trying to match our ensembles with our dates, kicking off heels we couldn’t walk in to jam on the dance floor, going to the most popular (but cheapest) restaurants in town to eat with friends, and sitting in nail salons and hair salons for hours trying to get our french rolls right and tight. Before they were famous, celebrities were out here doing the same exact thing for their big night. It’s just a bit more entertaining to look back at their prom night photos. So why don’t we do just that?

Questlove and Amel Larrieux

Before he was producing for big names like D’Angelo and Jay-Z, and way before that fro caught major air, Questlove was just Ahmir Thompson, and he was just another talented student at the talent-filled Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts. His classmates included everybody from Boyz II Men, to Questlove’s bandmate, Black Thought, and of course, Amel Larrieux, whom he called “The finest girl in school.” He asked her way before school started for senior year to be his date, because he knew his classmates would be thirsty, and obviously, she said yes.

Kerry Washington

Way before she was Olivia Pope on Scandal, Kerry Washington went to prom rocking a dress of her own design. No scandalous cut-outs or exposed belly buttons for her though! Washington had a beaded red babydoll gown created and rocked it with pearls…and a jean jacket. In her When I Was 17 episode, she said that her attempt to be different and wear a jean jacket with her dress angered her mom, so much so that they got in a huge argument on her big night. Ah well…she still looked cute, right?

Keri Hilson

In her gold shimmery dress with her hair looking absolutely fabulous, singer Keri Hilson went to prom with her boyfriend at the time, and clearly the pair was a cute one. However, according to Keri and her good friend Charlett, this same boyfriend would go on and cheat on her because Hilson says she wouldn’t do things his other chick would (she was a virgin throughout high school). But I’m sure he’s somewhere salty now, wishing he could freeload off her success. Too late! She has a much finer man now in Oklahoma City Thunder baller, Serge Ibaka.

Trey Songz

He might be able to sing a few people’s panties off these days, but at first glance with his above prom photo, Trey Songz would have received a haughty laugh in the face if he stepped to a chick talking about “I Invented Sex.” Despite this very regrettable hairstyle, the singer was attending barber school and used his talents to not only cut the hair of his friends, but to do the eyebrows of his date for their big night. That’s all good and dandy, but I’m still very upset by this picture…


As we all know, by the time it was actually time for Aaliyah to go to prom, she had actually been in the industry and doing very well for a while, signing her first record deal at 12. But despite all that, she took some time out to go to prom with her friends at Detroit’s High School for the Fine and Performing Arts, where she picked up her high school diploma. Here’s what she told People about her prom experience, which took place back in ’97, a year after One in a Million dropped.

“I took four of my friends—two girls and two guys. I didn’t have a boyfriend, so I thought I’d enjoy myself more if I went with a group of people.”

But that wasn’t the only reason Aaliyah stood out at her prom.

“I didn’t want to wear a dress. I wanted to be different, so I wore pants. It was a white-lace outfit that I bought in August of ’96. I saved it for the prom… My girlfriends wore white pantsuits, and the guys wore black suits. I had it coordinated. It was kinda fly.”

Of course, the man in the photo above is clearly not her date, but this is what homegirl looked like in her white lace outfit on her big night. Always different, always fly!

Busta Rhymes

Clearly these two were having, or were going to have, a VERY good night. As Yvette would say in Baby Boy, “It’s all in ya grill…”

Bussa Buss and his date were very chic in their attire, which included a bold bow tie, a sheer and lace dress, a mean bang, and some growing locs. This was way before he was clowning in some of his iconic music videos. And despite him looking crazy as a fox in the picture above, these two were definitely a sharp duo.

Taye Diggs

There are many women out here who find Taye Diggs (far left) to be absolutely delicious. I was very much part of that group back when How Stella Got Her Groove Back was released (though that Jamaican accent was a bit tired), but this photo just rips all that sex appeal away, like a rug being pulled from under you. Of course he still looks good, but we’d like an explanation for these glasses. And no, “It’s the ’90s” will not suffice! Blame it on being a theater geek…

La La Anthony

Two proms are better than one! Former MTV VJ and current reality personality and real-life basketball wife La La Anthony had a thing for light beige-ish/champagne, because she opted for such light colors for her prom dresses for both years. She also clearly had an appreciation for pointed-toe heels. And if you didn’t believe her bond with her cousin Dice was oh so tight, you can see the two in the photo below heading out to prom with their girlfriends. Cute! And we see you looking fab with the flip Dice!

Pauly D and Snooki of Jersey Shore

Before he made the decision to have his hair standing up on his head and when she was just a tiny cheerleader and not a well-known party girl, they were both just regular high school students trying to be cute at prom. I think we can all agree that their looks were a whole lot more tame than they wound up being later in life…And yes, Pauly D was still looking good, even with those Michael Jordan hoop earrings in both ears.

Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass From ‘N Sync

If you missed the slideshow from last week about gay men and the women who date and marry them, this might be news to you. At the time these two went to prom together (her prom), Fishel was a big star from playing Topanga on Boy Meets World and Bass was a huge star thanks to his part as a lip-synching member of ‘N Sync. Back in ’99 she asked him to come to her prom when they were dating, and he said no. Only because he was scheduled to be in Japan. But luckily for her, his plans changed and she told US that he sent her three dozen roses and said, “‘Plans have changed, I’ll be in town. Can I take you to prom? Check yes or no.’ And there were two little boxes! So, of course, I checked the box yes.”

Brandy And Kobe Bryant

Who didn’t wish these two actually turned into a couple after their cute prom date? Looking absolutely adorable, Brandy to this day can still recount how Kobe asked her to be his date, and how the experience was one a famous pop star like herself needed to stay grounded:

“When I was 17, I didn’t get a chance to go to my own prom but that same year I was at an Essence event and this tall good looking guy comes up to me and goes “Oh my god, I’m a big fan of yours, you should go with me to prom.” ‘Dude, first of all like, who are you?’  We went through a whole resume. “I’m the number one high school basketball player in the world, my name is Kobe Bryant”. I still didn’t know who he was because [back] then I didn’t know much about basketball. I knew who Michael Jordan was but that was about it.”

“We were dancing; it just felt real. I needed that..I really needed to experience that and I wouldn’t if Kobe never asked me.”

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  • CT

    I am so mad at Trigger for this pic!

  • Cheryl

    Oh Trey…

  • Imani

    Okay Aaliyah looked mad! Trey is a fool! ahahah & Pauly D was so fine then and now!

  • eestooomuch

    correction: Trey Wrongz looked a DAMN FOOL

  • On_Point

    I always knew Trey was gay…it’s always the gay guys that go single to proms.

    • So212

      That must be why Lance had a date.

  • Lmao a trey songz,and i see kerri washington been swirling it up since she was young!!

  • TbeeZ

    Okay so Kerry has always loved white meat

  • pickneychile

    Awww this was a good slideshow!

  • Basey

    I really enjoyed this article! Dice was (and still is) beautiful!

  • cocolate

    The side-eye of the girl on the left in Kobe and Brandy’s pic, though…Throwing shade much?

  • thought that was tommy davison.

    • customcalendars4u2

      Lol at first glance me too.

  • Forever alone.

  • Fresh45

    Kerry’s date being white isn’t a surprise and lets us know her love for white men goes way back. Aaliyah was cool,she didn’t look too happy in that picture though. Dice is cute now but she was gorgeous back then. I bet a lot of dudes were disappointed when they found out she was gay. Tay Diggs looked about as nerdy as it gets in those classes.

    • soinlove13

      Whats wrong with liking a white man? Do you have a problem with IR dating?

      • Fresh45

        I have no problem with interracial dating, I’m just not to fund of white men and the way the world makes it seem like they’re the standard of what a man should be.

        • I am sorry that you are not fond of it but I think you may have a complex about white men..People are people. You can’t control who you fall in love with. 🙂

        • soinlove13

          So, if someone said they arent too fond of black men does that equal racist? Because apparently you dont think its racist the other way around

          • Fresh45

            No I don’t think its racist, it just ignorant. So is my opinion but its my opinion and I’m entitled to my opinion. I don’t dislike all white men and I don’t disapprove of all interracial relationships involving them. I have more of an issue with society’s view of white men,than I do with them. Yesterday this black girl a picture on instagram of a black woman with a black man arguing, that captioned “stop struggling with him” and underneath that it had a picture of a black woman with a white man smiling and laughing that captioned “Get you one of them”. That’s the type of ignorance that bothers me. I feel the same way when black men do stuff like that.

            • Tehani

              “Yesterday this black girl a picture on instagram of a black woman with a black man arguing, that captioned “stop struggling with him” and underneath that it had a picture of a black woman with a white man smiling and laughing that captioned “Get you one of them”. That’s the type of ignorance that bothers me. ”

              That’s not ignorance. To be ignorant is to be unaware.

      • Nia

        What’s wrong with having a problem with IR dating? People are entitled to their opinions.

        • soinlove13

          Everything is wrong with it. Why do you care what color someone is dating?

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          Because its ignorant and discriminating.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Im glad that she doesn’t just limit herself to black men. More black women should give men of other races a try. Love knows no color

      • Fresh45

        I think black women and just people in general should date whoever it is that makes them happy and who is up to the standard they want in a man or a woman. Regardless of what race that person is. I hate when people tell black women they should date outside of their race. Its as if they’re saying black men aren’t good enough. I never see anyone telling whites,Asians,Latinos,Indians,and whoever else,they should date outside of their race,so I think its stupid when people,especially black people tell one another they should do it.

        • Tehani

          Indian people are Asian.

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          Im telling black women this because “I” am a black woman. Im not worried about what any other race tells their people to do.And please tell me how what I said was stupid? I think you saying you aren’t fond of white men is stupid. Atleast I was offering good advice. I never said anything was wrong with black men because if I had the choice to create the perfect man, he would most definitely be a brother. But seeing how that’s farfetched and I haven’t found Mr. Perfect yet, I’ll be dam*ed if I turn a man of another race down just because he isn’t black and I think more single black women should follow suit. Don’t discriminate against other races.

          • anonymouse

            how is that stupid?? u can’t make yourself be attracted to a person when you’re not.

  • guest

    Aaliyah always 1 in a even in 1997…..Pauly D would have” got it in” prom night.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Aaliyah looked mad as hell lol

    • customcalendars4u2

      I read a unauthorized biography on her life up to her untimely death and during that time it was written she was depressed and going through a DARK time. Remember she was just a young girl,but had fallen for and secretly married R.Kelly and when her parents found out about them she was snatched up,they divorced and he was ordered to stay away from her. She had to accept that Robert was a Liar & Creep!

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        Poor thing….If she were still alive and would have saw that video footage of him and that little girl….she probably would have went Queen of the Damned on him

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    This was so entertaining! Dice looked nice! And Kerry aka Ms. Pope,…..your hair was cute

  • Trey Songs ..Good LAwd…horrible

  • Bj

    I will never get enough of ?uest and Amel’s prom photo. They look so cute together!

    • Nia

      Yes, I loved that one! I also like Busta Rhymes pic. He looked like a fun date!

  • Kerry always had jungle fever

  • Kerry has been digging on Caspers from a young age. LOL

    • realadulttalk

      Lmao…that was my second thought.

    • soinlove13

      Let me guess, you dont consider casper a racial slur!? But if a white person says the N word, its time to call Al Sharpton huh?

    • Wow! Such rudeness!

  • Ms. Kameria

    Aaliyah was most certainly flyy in her white lace pant suit. Taye Diggs looked like he could see into the future with those thick a$$ glasses.

  • badblessings

    Braids to the Prom… No thanks..

  • HoneyDipp

    Dang… Pauly D was a cutie back then!

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    Kerry had work done…..

    • realadulttalk

      She was barely recognizable…I can’t tell if it’s the expression or what you said.

      • YES before the nose surgery and the drastic weight loss

        • realadulttalk

          She wasn’t heavy, but after looking at recent pics…does look like she’s had a nose job.

    • mac

      yea…a procedure called growing up.

      • realadulttalk

        Nah…I had to go look at some pics of her now…she had a nose job.

        • mac

          not that I would put it past her, but I couldn’t find any pictures significantly suggesting she had a nose job.

          She lost a lot of weight which can make your face slimmer, or it could be simply nose contouring.

          I don’t know, I’m just not quick to assume the worst.

          • realadulttalk

            I actually initially said it could be the pose…but after looking at several pics…I’m recanting that. You can contour the sides…pretty hard to reduce the bulb that way though.

      • Lol! Good one!!

  • IAJS

    Why does Trey look like that?! RIP baby girl, still love her music