“You’re Not Supposed To Be Skinny And Pregnant”: Are People Too Hard On Mothers-To-Be? Phaedra Parks Thinks So

April 30, 2013  |  

Source: People

If watching Kim Kardashian get called a whale on the cover of tabloids over the past few months, and watching everyone’s jaw drop at the pregnancy weight Jessica Simpson has gained with her first child and now her second, it’s clear that people no longer like to let pregnant people just be pregnant. Especially when they’re in the public eye. Let some cellulite come into view, have your breast grow a bit larger than expected, or your legs end up getting a little bigger, and people act like you’re just letting yourself go on purpose. As a mother-to-be to a second child, a little brother to son Ayden, Phaedra Parks has noticed this trend and it’s clear that she’s quite tired of it. In an interview with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, when one of the personalities on the show said Phaedra looked good pregnant, but Kim Kardashian does NOT and that her weight gain was going to push Kanye away, she reminded the world that, “You’re NOT supposed to be skinny and pregnant,” so folks need to give women like her and Kim a break.

“I’m thin and pregnant. I’m a regular-sized woman. I’m all-natural. All this, God gave me, I grew it. And I mean, everybody’s not made to be skinny, everybody’s not made to be fat. So you gotta be happy [with] the skin you’re in. I’m advertising what’s real.”

“When women are pregnant, they are going through a whole transition. I’m growing a baby…People are too hard on pregnant women. Obviously you don’t want to gain a lot of weight but at the end of the day, some people do. It just happens. You’re not supposed to be skinny and pregnant.”

And on a side-note, Parks also opened up about Kenya More saying Phaedra was too big around the time she filmed her “Donkey Booty” tape for people to take it seriously. Parks revealed that she was actually three months pregnant when she put it together, but just hadn’t revealed that information to the world on the show. So boo to Ms. Moore…

Listen to the audio of her full interview over at The Rickey Smiley Morning Show website.

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  • IllyPhilly

    When it’s said and done these women are RICH and can and do get trainers and/or surgery right out of the delivery room. I wouldn’t give 2 sh!ts what the media says as they probably don’t. “I’m rich, pregnant, and rich!”

  • trialjunky

    Agreed. Calling a pregnant woman fat is just outright rude. It’s one of those things we just let them be. Why is everyone so hung up that during her pregnancy (Kim) she’s trying to look cute (even though she fails). You get dressed for you, not for others. If she wants to still rock tight dresses and stilettos thats her prerogative. However, calling her fat is just mean spirited and hateful – says more about you then her.

  • Britt

    Really Pheadra? You’re not supposed to be skinny and pregnant? Ask Joan Smalls, Heidi Klum, and Alessandra Ambrosio what it’s like. A woman’s body is designed for pregnancy, doesn’t matter what her body type may be. Now being sickly from eating disorders or other health complications is another story, but also, being overweight/ obese isn’t healthy for the baby either. Gaining weight is a natural part of pregnancy, but gaining too much weight is not.

    • Trialjunky

      Everyone you just mentioned is a super model and over 5’7. You’re comparing them to woman who arent naturally model thin and are under 5’3. Please take several seats…thatisall

      • Nobabies here

        Yeah having long arms and legs does make those models look thin… ha I never thought that but thats so right. Yeah kim is only 5’3 nowhere for fat to go

    • Trisha_B

      You should have used better examples b/c those are super models. Heidi Klum did a Victoria Secret show weeks after giving birth lol. She’s exempt from anything on how a pregnant woamn should be b/c she was a special case lmao

  • courtney

    Phaedra needs to shut up Jessica Simspon hasn’t gotten flack about her weight this time like she did for gaining 70lbs with her daughter who was born a year ago tomorrow and was a healthy 9lbs 13oz at birth. as for Ms Kardashian who isn’t a celebrity to start with she’s getting flack for the way she dresses and complaining about every asspect of pregnancy. granted I’ve never been pregnant but I watched my cousin Adele who is bearly 5ft tall gain 55lbs while she was pregnant with her now 8 year old daughter Demiana who I believe weighed 8lbs 6oz. a woman of healthy weight for her given height is recomended to gain 35lbs while pregnant Kim is 5ft 2in and claims to be 119lbs normally and it’s been reported that she’s gained roughly 75lbs to at 8 months weigh 194 while Jessica will gain about 40lbs this time and end up at 160lbs plus she was nursing her daughter when she conceived her son who is due shortly after Kims and will likely exceed 10lbs as boys are usually larger than girls

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    I think that when people saw Beyonce and these other celebrities were pregnant, society thinks that they that how us women suppose to look, but Jessica Simpson and Kim K got are pregnant (and they’re under 5’7″) they got ridiculed for gaining too much weight during their pregnancy. All pregnancies are different some gain alot, some go through it well, some don’t because of diabetes, pre-eclampsia. I gained 33 pounds with my daughter and me being 5’7″ I ate healthy and exercised, but my daughter was born healthy at 9lbs 3oz and she was born a week after her due date. Now she’s very active in soccer at her school. No woman shouldn’t be critized about her weight during pregnancy, just eat healthy for you and your unborn baby.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    I’m so glad Phaedra admitted being pregnant in that Donkey video, because at the time I did agree with Kenya which rarely happens. She did not look fit enough at the time to do that video. I didnt’ buy the video for that particular reason. Sure Phaedra has high butt, but hers looks more genetic than athletic.

  • Sunny

    I’m so tired of people defending Kim Kardashian. People only ride her about her weight because she keeps trying to shoe horn her growing body into way too tight clothes. She doesn’t have to walk around in muu muus, but she’s not doing herself any favors by continuing to dress like she’s headed to the club. BTW, Kim K is only pregnant celeb (and I use that term loosely to describe her) that I’ve ever heard negative comments about in terms of weight gain, so I’m guessing it’s Kardashian hate more than “fat” hate.

    • Trisha_B

      Where have you been hiding? They go on these pregnant women. They went on Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson a whole lot, & many more. I think Kim looks good prego & i can’t stand the girl lol

    • I have heard the negative comments about celebrities being pregnant for a long time. I remember when Whitney Houston was pregnant with Bobby Kristina stuff was said. The same for Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and a slew of other celebrities. It is pathetic.

    • Kenedy

      I think the whale comment about Kim Kardashian was more about that particular dress that she was wearing(which literally resembled a whale), rather than her weight, she still appears to be around the same weight as she was pre-pregnancy

  • Ms. Kameria

    You don’t have to be skinny and pregnant, but you shouldn’t be big as a house neither. You should’t look like you’re carrying triplets if you’re only carrying one baby, and you shouldn’t look like the baby that you are carrying is going to be bigger than you. Side note to myself: NEVER get pregnant.