A Bitter Battle: NBA Star Steve Nash And Ex-wife Fighting Over Child Support (And It Is Ugly)!

April 27, 2013  |  



Well, since it looks like the Los Angeles Lakers season will soon be over (don’t come for me Lakers fans, you have to accept it), Steve Nash can now focus on a bigger fight.

A year and a half ago, Nash announced that he and his wife Alejandra would be divorcing.  In the months since, the breakup has been fairly ugly with allegations of infidelity being thrown from both sides as well as rumors that Nash didn’t want to pay child support for their three children. They’ve been locked in a child support battle for months!  Well, an Arizona judge ruled that Nash didn’t have to pay the support because his lawyers were able to prove that his ex has become a millionaire in her own right because of him and still pulls in $30,000 a month.

Further, Nash apparently pays for 90 percent of his children’s medical, schooling and extracurricular activities as well as 82 percent of the nanny’s salary.  Alejandra contends, however, that none of that should matter because he still makes a million more dollars than she does every month.

For his part, Nash says that he believes if he’s made to pay child support, Alejandra will use the money to continue funding her own lifestyle as well as spoiling the kids with lavish and unnecessary gifts.

Isn’t this ugly? Oh and did I forget to mention that Nash is trying to bar Alejandra from moving to Los Angeles so the kids can be closer to their dad because California courts are known for harsh child support rulings and he’d likely be made to pay if they move there.

Sadly, his oldest children, a set of twin girls, are eight and likely old enough to realize that their parents really aren’t getting along at all.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the fighting will die down since they’re still in court.

Based on the information, who do you think is wrong, Steve or Alejandra?

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  • IHateFatChicks

    Ex-wife is a parasite that had a black baby while married to Nash.

  • Something’s off with this article. Child support in AZ is calculated by taking the income/assets of each parents using a formula based off of that to determine how much of their income WOULD go towards child expenses then calculating the percentage of support each parent would owe based off of that. No judge is going to say well mom since you pull in 30k a month and have a few million in the bank you don’t need his money. Nuh uh not how it works.

    Mom has the children 25 days of the month, based off of her income she would be responsible to cover 30% of their monthly expenses. Dad has them 5 days out of the month his income says he should cover 70%.

    This is all just supposition of course. I would like to see how he would persuade an unbiased judge that it wouldn’t be beneficial for his children to reside in the same state as their father.

  • srebel13

    if the emphasis is about who has the most money, why don’t the dads have custody? Point blank, the money is seen as more of a priority then who actually has the children’s best interest.

  • michaelderrick

    This shows the inherent unfairness of the system.

  • ashley79

    I feel like she’s trying to come to L.A. to be the next candidate for Basketball Wives. She did try to move to L.A. and he put a stop to that. Now its all about payback for missing all that “fame and fortune.”

  • Janae

    When black men break up with white women, the courts make sure that she gets taken care of. Exactly the way they are going to make sure Kanye West takes care of his baby mama Kim. He needs to be listening to his own lyrics…I aint Kim’s a gold digger but she aint messin with no broke N***r

    • Janae

      I aint sayin Kim’s a gold digger but she aint messin with a broke n***a

  • Guest360

    If he’s already paying for their medical expenses, extracurriculars, and a nanny, what else does he have to pay for? He’s doing half the work already. Surely she can afford to put food in their mouths and clothes on their backs while he takes care of the other stuff. Idk. Sounds to me like someone is greedy and expecting her ex to pay for EVERYTHING so she doesn’t have to use any of her money.

  • honest

    i love when this happens with all the negativity surrounded by black women its nice for the world to see gold diggers come in all races….these chicks are no joke no wonder men with money are taking longer to get married they cant trust anybody

    • Sharon

      Thank you I agree. Gold diggers do come in all races. It is not only black women. Women from other races are worse and more slicker about being a gold digger than black women. Child support money is for the children. Not for the woman to shop everyday, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, club with your girlfriends, get you hair and nails done, buy shoes, take expensive trips.

  • she is greedy- plain and simple

  • Elaine

    With all that he’s putting out for medical,nanny,extracurriclar activities, he is already paying child support. She’s being greedy and just wants the money in her grubby little paws.

  • Kenedy

    Another day, another celebrity custody battle

  • love

    Next time stay your behind in DALLAS and you would not have to go through this# a State (TX) that does not believe in just handing out unnecessary checks..ijs