Pass or Play: Beyonce & And Andre 3000’s Remake of Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black” Finally Drops!

April 27, 2013  |

It’s another Bey & 3 Stacks collabo!

We’ve been hearing about this remake for quite some time now, with Amy’s fans and family members not being overly thrilled with the news.  Amy and Beyonce are totally different artists in terms of style so there was really no clue what the final outcome would be with this one.

Well last night on (or EVR), DJ Mark Ronson dropped the song on his show. As the co-writer of the song, he was the chosen guy to air it out for the masses.  The song actually starts off with Andre singing the first verse in a voice that sounds much like the singing voice he had in Idlewild.  Beyonce comes in on the second verse in a very “breathy” tone, giving us nothing but silky and sultry.

The version is actually quite different from the original version.  First, there’s a hip-hop beat on the new version that wasn’t really present on Amy’s version.  Second, when you hear Amy sing the song, there’s a certain power and “pain” in it that you won’t really find on the remake.

“Back to Black” will be featured in the upcoming film Gatsby in which Jay-Z is scoring the original music on the soundtrack.

Before you listen, I have to warn you that EVR has their drops all over the song, but they’re placed strategically and you can still heard all the vocals. Check it out!

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    PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY!!! it is sensual seductive and raw. i have already danced to this song and it really plays up the vibes. the original is classic, yes, but this remix is for the clubs or bedroom. this is baby making music.

  • Thaalia

    Believe it or not the song had potential. The sound they’re going for is very trippy and dramatic but they didn’t start the song off right. Andre shouldn’t have started it, a slow instrumental should have then Beyonce and then Andre somewhere in the middle. The melody in the beginning of her singing should had been more nuanced and gained strength later. Bits and pieces are ok, but overall its soulless, reaching for an eerie effect it cant deliver. Remixes of it should be good though.

  • fan

    PASSSSSSSSSSSS! The Glee version was even better (said with a chuckle)..

  • OSHH

    That was horrible.

  • shannie4888

    Just no. This remake fell flat.

    Florence+The Machine killed it with “Over the love” and Lana Del Rey is perfection with “Young and Beautiful.”

  • minerva

    question: did ANY one of you go hard on Jennifer Hudson when she covered
    “and i’m telling you”
    did ANY one go hard on etta james that covered the white man’s song, “at last”
    did ANY one have a problem when Christine aquillara covered the same song
    did ANY of you have a problem with whiney covering dolly parton’s song
    did ANY of you have a problem with ANY other artist covered another artists’
    the answer: NO!!

    • Although the original version of “And I’m Telling You” was better, Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job on the song. Etta James MADE that song “At Last”. That was her signature song. Whitney Houston MADE “I Will Always Love You”, although I don’t think that Dolly Parton’s version was that bad. I don’t know what song Christina Aguilera covered.

  • Guest

    We all know that she will say that the song is beautiful and she was inspired blah blah blah…..This was an awful remake. They should have just used the ORIGINAL with Amy.

  • minerva

    if mark ronson- co-writer and producer of the ORIGINAL song-
    doesn’t have a problem with the cover, WHY are SOME of you
    having a problem?!?
    and where’s the equal amount of hate for andre?

  • minerva

    NOTHING is wrong with this cover except to the ones that hate
    beyonce-EVERYTHING- but it doesn’t matter……….
    beyonce fans,stans faaaaaaaaaar outnumber the HATERS( yes, I said it!!)

  • MO


    • AllyCat

      Never. Especially since she IS not singing anything anymore.

      • Beyonce isn’t all that great of a singer, although she has improved since her early DC days. She’s better than Rihanna, though that isn’t saying much.

    • Lola

      Much better…Beyonce’s voice is quite annoying.

  • Guest360

    I’m…..ok with the song. I love Andre’s voice in the first verse. It’s very dark and sinister like which fits with what he’s saying. Beyonce’s Betty Boop impersonation kinda killed the mood he set. It’s a dark song and someone who sings it should bring that feeling to it. So my feelings are “meh”. It’s not horrible but it’s not particularly good either.

  • PASS, I am sorry I love you Beyonce though lol

  • ashley79

    MN, was that photo of Beyonce approved by her? I think not.

  • Piscmini


  • Bren

    I’m not going to even LISTEN to Beyonce’s remake! Back to Black is and was ONLY for Amy Winehouse. I get tired of Beyonce’s voice but I have NEVER tired of Amy’s voice (God rest her soul). It’s like having Neyo remake a song by Michael Jackson and asking if Neyo sounds better (no offense).

  • It is meh. Amy had so much more pain and soul in her voice. There is no emotion with this version.

    • AllyCat

      Yeah alcoholism can do that to you

  • ohsomad

    Smdh how can u mess up such a beautiful song???? Important sorry but this sh*t sucks and shouldn’t be featured anywhere…..

  • 1Val

    Pass. I’d much rather watch Beyonce dance than listen to her efforts to sing. Bless their hearts!

  • yafavshowoff

    Play: I like it. completely different vibe from the original. so there shouldnt be a big comparison anyways. regardless this song will be in the movie and people will play it, so get over lol

  • C’mon son

    Pass. And I will be playing Ms. Winehouse’s original version



  • pissedoffsinger

    I cannot believe she had the audoicity to mess up a classic song like that. I know amy has turned over in her grave. Just some song should not be touched by certain singers. I’ve always been taught that and I teach my students that. just horrible. horrible

    • love

      I cant tell behind the radio shout outs. I will have to find another version of this# next time wait for a better version of the song before writing the article.

  • pass, this is real life garbage

  • Play…it’s a different kind of dark than Amy’s yes…but in the sort of trippy desolate way I dig. I don’t see anything wrong with two completely different interpretations…I think that’s the point of music

  • Pivyque

    She is getting it in that picture lol That’s what I feel like I am doing when my song comes on in the car!

    • minerva

      thank you !

  • S Whiteman

    Pass. And what kind of ridiculous picture of her is that? And what’s with the radio shout outs on this clip. You couldn’t find a better posting on youtube?

  • thegoodluckpig