Keke Wyatt Says She Didn’t Want To Return To ‘R&B Divas’ Because She’s Sick Of The Drama

April 26, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter

After a successful first season, the stars of TV One’s hit reality show R&B Divas are gearing up for the premiere of Season 2. The sophomore season promises new faces, great singing  and of course, more drama. During a recent interview with Cocoa Fab singer Keke Wyatt revealed that she didn’t really want to return for a second season because she’s so tired of all of the drama. Check out some of what she had to say below.

On being tired of drama between her co-stars:

“I wasn’t really going to come back at first because they was getting on my nerves fighting and carrying on, and I thought this show was supposed to be not all that crap. So they told me that it wasn’t going to be like that this season, which that was a lie, but whatever. I’m on there.”

On taking on the “voice of reason” role:

“I just felt like if I (was) quiet, I won’t have to pop nobody in the head. I just had to chill out. I love Nikki and I love Syleena, I love all of ‘em genuinely. It’s real for me, and I just don’t want to see family and friends fighting. It just don’t make no sense. Although they’re not physically fighting, verbally fighting is just as damn bad.”

On how the show has helped to re-launch her music career: 
“I think so. I think that it’s a great platform to do what I’m trying to do, so my main mission in life is to reach people and what better to reach people through television and music?”
On when we can expect a new album: 
“I’m actually almost done with it. It’s some new Keke Wyatt, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do from the very beginning of my career versus being told what to sing and how to sing it. I feel like this music is more relatable in other areas versus just the love, make-up, break-up and all that crap that I’ve been singing before, which  is fine — no shade to it — but the new stuff is more love because I love to love, love to love, love to love, period. I’m serious.”


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  • me

    I think Keke was dramatic but the difference was it was kind of within her own little bubble. She was not fighting with the girls and stuff like Nicci and Syleena are now. That’s probably what she means, and I can’t say I’d blame her. That kind of energy is exhausting to be around. I am happy her career has gotten a boost because her wacky behavior aside, the girl can sing.

  • 2Ja2

    Meds are working 😉

  • Lioness d

    I watched every episode of the show and all of the women had drama. Keke is dramatic but was not the cause of all the drama. The situation with her husband is something that some couples go through. I don’t feel sorry for Michael because he understood her issues and was willing to work to fix them. That’s what real couples do! I
    Would agree that Nikki was the drama filled one. Keke is just Keke she doesn’t change because cameras are following her.

    • Yvette

      I agree with you. You are spot on. Nikki is the one that was in the midst of all the drama. I can remember when the ladies were at Faith’s condo just chillin and having some food and drinks and Nikki got crunk because she didn’t like that the ladies were telling KeKe how proud they were of her for deciding to go to therapy to iron out her issues. I thought Nikki was a control freak then and I still do!

      • Blessed

        Agreed! Nikki is getting on my nerves. Shecruins the show for me. KeKe has some issues but she is my favorite singer of all times.

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    KeKe….HAS ALL THE DRAMA I STILL THINK SHE SHOULD HAVE HER OWN SHOW….as soon as she see a Therapist i feel sorry for her husband…paying for what a another man did to her…

    • love

      I don’t know what Season you watched, but Nikki was all the drama last season. Keke had insecurity issuses, but she didn’t blow up like Nikki did. Keke had her hubby around and that got under Monifah skin. I think Monifah just done w/ men though period. Everybody don’t want to throw men away# ijs

  • Ms. Kameria

    I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the first episode from the first season. I didn’t like it then, and don’t think i’ll be watching it now.

  • Becka

    Just as previously mentioned, about 75% of the drama, either involved or was a result of Keke. Either way, I’m excited about second season, and to see whether or not Keke will be a little more drama free this time around.

  • Clara

    Does this chick not realize she was and is part of that drama on that show? Both within the group of girls and in her personal life.