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We have some of the most interesting discussions in our offices. I was out of town last week but when I returned, my coworkers informed me that they had a very spirited discussion about the most attractive and unattractive people in reality television. I won’t share who we didn’t find attractive. That wouldn’t be nice but I’ll give you a little peek into the list of fine brothas. (This list just so happens to be all black men.) What I learned from this conversation is that standards of beauty and attractiveness are completely subjective. My coworkers were making suggestions I really could not support, some of these picks made this list; but then again, they didn’t like everyone I suggested either. So without further adieu, let’s jump in and see who made the cut. If your favorite reality star cutie didn’t make the list, be sure to leave his name in the comments section.

Editor’s Note: Please keep in mind that this list is based on physical looks alone! Some of the men listed have some disgusting personal flaws but we’re just discussing the physical…and nothing else.

Image Source: WENN.com

Joe Budden, Love and Hip Hop New York

Joey Budden. Even though he played the mess out of both Kaylin and Tahiry, we couldn’t help but notice that this struggle rapper is very easy on the eyes. The bald head, goatee and those kissable, pink lips of his make him one we love to watch, even if we know he’s not right. Also his speaking voice is soo hot! Too bad he don’t know how to act.

Peter Thomas, Real Housewives of Atlanta

Whew Peter! Now, we know that Peter is a bit long in tooth for most of us. And while we don’t necessarily see ourselves being with Mr. Thomas, we can appreciate a nice looking, older man. That grey goatee against his deep mahogany skin is so smooth. We know that back in the day Peter probably broke a few hearts.

Apollo Nida, Real Housewives of Atlanta

Now, folks have long speculated over Apollo’s sexuality. Really, it matters not. Whether Phaedra is his beard or not, you can’t deny that brotha is fine and they certainly appear happy together considering they like to tongue each other down in public. Nice body. Nice face. Phaedra’s doing alright for herself in the husband department.

Source: Vh1

Lil Scrappy, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

I know a select few of you might need to pick your jaw up off your keyboard, but hear me out. Lil Scrappy, for all his ratchetness, is too fine to me. The big, innocent eyes, full lips and the classic smile make me swoon. Now, if he could just be honest with the women in his life and tell his mother to take a seat…

Photo Credit: HRC/WENN.com

Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, Basketball Wives Miami

Now, remember what I said about this not being about personality. Even taking that into consideration though, I must let you know that this man right here was not my pick. But my coworkers swore that he needed to be on the list. While I wouldn’t say that Chad is unattractive, there’s nothing particularly special about him with the exception of his super toned body. But to each her own. I guess they might dig his skin tone…or something. Do you agree with their assessment is Ocho Cinco fine?


Terrell Owens, The T.O. Show

I think Terrell, despite his lack of character, is quite attractive. All of the qualities I think my coworkers see in Ocho Cinco are very apparent in Terrell. The skin, the smile, the body. He’s gorgeous.

Alton Williams, The Real World

Alton always came off as kind of a cornball on The Real World. He was a bit immature and could never quite figure out what he wanted to do with Irulan. (Remember when they were wrestling with each other?!) Anyway, even though his corniness kept us from being completely attracted to him, his incredible good looks couldn’t be ignored. And the thing about Alton is that he’s gotten better with age. When he was on The Real World he had a very boyish look and now, as you can see in the picture above, he’s grown up quite nicely.

Photo: MTV

Source: Straight From The A

Edgerton “Ed” Hartwell, Real Housewives of Atlanta

Aww is anyone else still said that Lisa Wu’s marriage to Edgerton “Ed” Hartwell didn’t work out? It’s always a terrible thing when a marriage fails; but it’s even worse when your former husband looks something like this. *Googles to find out if Ed is still single*


Clifford “T.I.” Harris, T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle

We’ve been checking for T.I. loooong before he hit the reality tv circuit. Although T.I. is shorter than the average man, his steez, his swag, his je ne sais quoi is unmatched. And the physical is not half bad either. A baby cherub gets his wings every time T.I. smiles. And the great thing is that instead of discouraging us from liking him, seeing him interact with his family has made his appeal that much greater.

Source: Vh1

Richard “Rich Dollaz” Trowers, Love and Hip Hop New York

Though Rich Dollaz certainly has questionable taste in women, I still find him very attractive. I can’t quite put my finger on it; but I know the day I saw him cry over Olivia, telling her he loved her, I knew he was something like a good dude. And so I started looking at his physical features–where I never cared before. I don’t really know what it is I like about Rich, the brotha looks good with his hair lined up and he has a really nice smile. Am I alone on this one?

Source: MTV

William “Will” Gilbert, The Real World

I have long since stopped watching The Real World but news of Will’s fineness could not be kept secret. Though I’ve never seen a single episode from his season, the 20th one in Hollywood, from 2008, the internets and women alike were buzzing about his good looks. And I must admit they were right. Love the hair, seemingly nice body and the smile is working for him.

Source: Vh1

Mendeecees, Love and Hip Hop New York

Since Mendeecees was acquitted of all child molestation charges, we feel comfortable about discussing his good looks. Though he wouldn’t have been my personal choice, I can see why the ladies didn’t want to leave him off the list. Maybe his curly hair and boyish smile got to them. I will say though that there was something very attractive about him attempting to strangle Yandy’s cousin when he wouldn’t remove those inappropriate pictures of her from his Instagram. *No judgement.*

Source: MTV

Darrell Taylor, Road Rules

I don’t ever remember watching Road Rules. I’m still not clear on the premise of the show. It seemed like it was a Real World that traveled. And while I had never seen the show, I definitely remember meeting Mr. Darrell Taylor during the Real World/Road Rules challenge. I don’t have to expound on his looks, you can see for yourself that the man is a looker. And his personality was pretty boring–which in reality tv terms means he was “normal” like most of us.

Source: Vh1

Ezra “Buddha” Masters, I Love New York

To this day, I still don’t understand why New York didn’t pick Buddha. Clearly, the show was 90 percent fabricated. but I still don’t know how a woman looks at a man like Buddha and a man like Tailor Made and chooses the latter. It defies logic. Buddha has great skin, rippling muscles (who doesn’t love a man who can pick you up?!) and a killer smile. Plus he seemed to be the only man who could communicate with New York. But she missed out and Buddha’s career was catapulted because of the show. He went on to model and even act. Did anyone else catch him in Zane’s Sex Chronicles?

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  • alldizazz

    Baaaaaby! That was a pretty good list! I LOVE myself some Joe Budden and Rich. great job!!

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    ”OK”….not bad…TIP Harris is so fine TINY a lucky girl….

  • Mrs_Rance

    So basically you all practically put any man that’s ever been on reality TV on this list. And you didn’t post the most flattering pics in many cases. If you talk about Mendeecees gorgeous hair and smile why post a pic that show neither of those things? And you didn’t have to mention Peter’s age. The man is just fine. Fine is fine. Overall the list sucked. BTW Joe Buddens is not attractive at all.

  • Joe Budden and his creepy killer voice!! LOL… he is a looker tho, I’m definitely feeling that shadow beard on him! & I like Peter because he’s an island man, but ya’ll def could’ve picked a better picture!!



  • I agree with the pics on the front….and for all those that want to talk about past or personal shhttt this story is not about that , it said “fine men” not blah blah blah YES THEY ARE FINE!

  • Trixiebee

    Okay on most of the list, but Joe Budden and Rich? Really? You might as well add lil Spongebob Benzino to the list too, because these three men are not attractive!

    • Mrs_Rance

      Thank you! I can try to give folks the benefit of the doubt on Joe, but Rich? Come on son!

  • Akiko

    Who is it too bad for?

  • Akiko


  • tysandsnyc

    Terrell Owens > Chad Ocho.

    Anyways. Why wasn’t James Clement from Survivor added to this list? Ladies! Look him up! Definite eye candy!

  • QueenDJG

    t.i. and william gilbert are the best looking ones. I love t.i.’s lips and body and will is a dreadhead and everyone that knows me knows that i love a good dreadhead

  • bigdede

    Joe’s beard always throw me off. I can’t stand the way he shapes it. Peter is nice looking but that is a bad picture. Alton, T.O and Ocho Cinco don’t think Black women are even cute so I don’t pay them no mind.

  • Laine

    I have to give it to the RHOA. They have good taste in men when it comes to looks (well, except for Sheree..) I think Todd is pretty fine too…!

  • This site is going from bad to worse, nearly every second story is about reality tv shows. HALF OF THESE MEN ARE DRUG ADDICTS AND NOT DECENT IN HOW THEY TREAT WOMEN.WE NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER AND START PROMOTING POSITIVITY.

  • …YUP!

    Whew Apollo sure is fine as hell! Idk about Peter though I’m not seeing it.

  • …YUP!

    Whew Apollo sure is fine as hell! Idk about Peter though I’m not seeing it.

  • Nia

    ITA with Scrappy! The tattoos throw me off, but I’d love to cuddle with him!
    Ocho over TO all day! Ocho is fine as h3ll, but when he had his dating show with 99.99% white girls I was turned off.
    Peter’s gray beard gets me. Plus I love rice. He could be my Uncle Ben!
    Rich is like that corny dude who liked you in high school who was cute but was missing something.
    Buddha? I’ll pass.
    TI is cute. He’s like a mini version of a man. That accent kills me though. I cannot understand wth he’s saying!

  • BrwnSuga

    3 things:
    -I LOVED Scrappy… in 2005
    -I thought Will was the best thang about Real World Hollywood(Him &Joey held it down)
    -I dint kno Lisa n Ed split… oh well.
    Can ya’ll do a list of the sexiest men of the real world& road rules kinda like your sister site did?(But theirs had the hottest females)

  • scandalous7

    Buddha tho

  • hollyw

    *whew!* If that wasn’t THE WORST picture of Peter on RHOATL (Slide #3) lol smh… o.O

  • bluekissess

    T I all day everyday. The guy on unnessessary roughness is cute BUT I’d rather look at him than to hear him speak