“R&B Is Like High School Right Now”: Chris Brown Talks The Drama-Filled State of R&B, Why He Hopes To Change It, And His Bond With Miguel

April 25, 2013  |  

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Chris Brown is still out and about promoting his new album, X, which will come out in July, and he stopped by the Houston radio show 97.9 to speak on why he’s hoping to change the game of R&B again, and why he’s not about all the drama people think he is.

Opening up, Brown spoke about his hope for his future videos, and going for a Michael Jackson cinematic type of approach with them from now on, instead of the same big booty girls, big bootied cars thing everybody is doing right now:

“Hopefully I can make every video for this next album something like a movie, or something eventful. You know, capture the audience instead of doing the same ol’ big booties in the video, pull up in a nice car, and I’m rapping in the front. I would rather do a feature film type thing… Once the album is released I’m going to have at least 10 videos, so people can actually see and experience the songs they fall in love with by the visuals. I just want to switch it up and have a different approach.”

And Chris says that he wants to see other musicians in the game step it up. But he does think that out of everybody in R&B, he’s most impressed with Miguel:

“I’m in a good frame as far as music so I want everybody to do dope stuff. Like Miguel is doing great to me. Everything he does that’s dope, because it makes us as entertainers work harder. It’s just a whole bunch of people doing the same ‘ol bull and you don’t got a chance to elevate or work on your talents or crafts. So I commend all these new artists and everybody that’s really out here grinding. Showing all the old veteran artists that look man, your spot ain’t solidified. You take a hiatus it might be over…”

And of course, he discussed the state of R&B, which he claims is only focused on drama and personal scandals instead of actual music right now. Frankly, homeboy is sick and tired of it:

“People don’t even know, me and Miguel are good friends. Usually when you have R&B artists in this world, it’s always a competition or a back and forth because of who is better than who…But me and Miguel are close friends. I can’t say that about EVERY person in the industry [laughs], but definitely as far as the game is concerned, I’m more excited to see what’s going to come this summer. What’s going to happen with all the big, big events and awards in general. Because it’s time to make the music industry exciting again. Only thing that’s exciting about the music industry right now is the scandal and the B.S. You wanna see “Love and Hip Hop” or you want to see somebody fighting on TV, or who slept with this person and who cheated on who. It’s like high school to me. Mentally, I don’t even want to deal with it, I just want to put my music out.”

Seems like we’re seeing a new side of Chris, which is refreshing, because he’s got too much talent to constantly be embroiled in the drama. But alas, let’s see how long this will last.

What do you think of his statements about the state of R&B? Does he have a point?

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  • Akiko

    He is such a joke!

  • BrwnSuga

    I feel you Chris, but you do some of the things you are saying you are tired of…

    • Maybe he’s tired of what he has been doing himself. I say that it’s a good thing.

      • Shay & Scrappy 4evr!!!

        okay, i see your point…

  • KayStar34

    Miguel, my love, please don’t be friends with this one. He is no good and he will drag you down with him. Everybody wants to be your friend now that you are being noticed. Watch who you hang with as you go up the ladder.

    • This is just what Chris was talking about. I refuse to count out a young man because he’s had problems and made horrible mistakes. Why can’t they be friends and make each other better artists and people? That’s the problem with us, We expect everybody in this world other than ourselves to be perfect people. Chris is growing up in the public eye. I’d like to see how some of you judgmental folks would’ve handled going through the ages of 15-22 publicly. I wouldn’t want none of my teen years played for the world to see smh

      • That’s what I’m saying! Why can’t they be friends or at least not be hostile towards another? I’m not saying that I agree with all of Chris’ life choices, but he is a very talented artist and I think that they all need to stick together. I appreciate the fact that Chris wants to see that kind of comradery in amongst R&B singers.

      • Chey

        I personally don’t expect people to be perfect, but I sure as hell ain’t trying to keep woman beaters and “thugs” in my circle either…some mistakes can’t be blame on age. Kids younger than CB know not to do the dumb crap he’s pulled. I grew up in a home where a 45 year old man physically abused my mother and younger brother and verbally abused all 3 of us until about 4 years ago…he is 58 now. Do not blame this on age.

  • Chey

    Boy I’ll tell ya, he’s got some great PR! They must’ve had a good talk with him lol I must say though…he’s got no room for talking about people putting out the same ol same ol. He’s guilty of that ish too. Miguel’s gotta keep these “artists” on their toes!