‘Cuz Saying I Love You Isn’t Enough: Celebs Who Rock His And Her Tats

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We see them everywhere now — tattoos of faces, bible verses, or some ancient Chinese symbol. Sure, this body art can be hot, especially on muscular dudes with swollen arms like The Rock, but when you start adorning your skin with images of your boyfriend/girlfriend’s name or face, you are officially doing the absolute most. Sure, you might be lovebirds at the moment, but if you two decide to break up now you’re stuck with Dwayne’s name on your thigh….or Della’s name on your bicep — and that’s just not cure when you start dating Richard and Rene.

But, regardless of the risk, some folks still take the chance of getting permanent ink for possibly temporary relationships and celebs are no different. Check out the ones who proudly got their boo’s names tatted on them and neglected to follow the words of Scary Spice, aka Mel B: “Romance fades, tats are forever.”

Amber Rose

Amber Rose showed off her new tattoo of  rapper fiancé Wiz Khalifa on Instagram, writing “True Love #Cam&Amb ;-).” (Note that Khalifa’s real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz.) We still don’t even know if these two are officially husband and wife, but since they are proud parents of a little baby boy, we guess he’ll always have a place in her heart regardless.

Source: WENN

Mel B

Yup, the very woman who said “Romance fades, tats are forever,” didn’t even follow her own advice. Three days into her relationship with Eddie Murphy, the two both decided to get tattoos of each other’s names. Scary Spice got the funny man’s name inked on her hip, and he reportedly got one of her name as well. Things went downhill after Murphy denied being the father of Mel’s baby though.


Angelina Jolie

Before Brangelina, actress Angelina Jolie was madly in love with then-hubby Billy Bob Thornton from 2000-2003. She had “Billy Bob” tattooed on her left shoulder to show her love. Wonder what’s there now?

Source: WENN

Selena Gomez

Singer/actress Selena Gomez reportedly got her then pop-star beau Justin Bieber’s name in curly script tattooed on her right wrist. And to top that off, there’s speculation the face in this angel on Justin’s arm just might be miss Gomez’s.

Image Source: WENN.com


Although it is not his full name, Rihanna’s reported new inking of the word “Breezy” on her neck definitely shows support of her now ex-boyfriend (again!) Chris Brown.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Beautiful songbird Mariah Carey proudly wears her butterfly tattoo with the words Mrs. Cannon inside, and actor Nick Cannon reciprocated this loving gesture with Mariah’s name in huge, calligraphy style lettering along his upper back.

Source: WENN

Eva Longoria

Eva had then basketball hubby, Tony Parker’s, jersey number tattooed on the back of her neck, and both Eva and Tony had their wedding date, 7-7-07, inked on their skin in Roman numerals as well. Unfortunately their union ended 1-28-11.


Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards

After their four year marriage came to an end, Denise got creative with her tattoo and had her “Charlie” stamp turned into a fairy. Charlie had his “Denise” tattoo completely removed via laser before marrying his soon-to-be ex-wife, Brooke Mueller.



Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer got his wife, Kayte’s, name inked on his waistline last April, which is shocking for a number of reasons. Number one, Kelsey is 57. Number two, this is his fourth wife. And number three, did we mention this was on his waistline?


Megan Fox

The Transformers actress proudly sports her husband’s name, Brian Austin Green, on her hip. The two also have a four month old, Noah.


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  • Ronan WasHere O’Riley


  • imocat10

    I know tattoos are popular now, but I’ve seen very few I liked. Most of time, IMO they look dirty and cheap. The ones I like least are on the back of a woman’s neck with her hair up, and the super sleezy tramp stamp on the lower back. I’ve seen men covered with tattoos on their face, neck and arms, so many they looked like they fell into a mud puddle. Disgusting.

  • amir bey

    Stupid to tatoo anybody’s name or face on your body, PERIOD!

  • I love my name tattoo

    I have a tatto of an 11 letter name emblazoned on my back. Even though it never gets shown I am immensley proud of it. It is as permenant as the relationship because this person will be mine till i die and i will never get anyone elses name on my body….it is a tatt of my DAUGHTERS name! 😉

  • ted mikeal

    I once dated a girl with her ex- boyfriends name on her body. I hated it so much, it doomed our relationship

  • chanela

    Oh god, here comes the captain obvious brigade that’s about to flood the comment section with “to each their own” and “it’s their body,thy can do as they please”. You know,because none of us knew that before….

  • My fiance and I just got each others name and this list isn’t very encouraging lol. But we’ve been together 12 years and if for some reason we break up it’s small and plain enough to cover up lol. Idk i don’t think it’s a big deal more of a personal preference. Now when you start having damn near every man you’ve been with on you “___ was here 2013” style than that’s different lol. But i totally get why people are opposed to the idea.

    • JMO

      Hahaha at ” was here 2013″ …but you and I are on one accord! I get the reasoning for not doing it but I figure if we get a divorce I have worse things to stress over than covering up a small matching tattoo. I’m not into names though, Just a symbol or something of the sort.

  • Kenedy

    My cousin tatted the name of a guy, that she wasn’t even dating, she just like the guy, lol

    • prettyminnie

      I’m afraid your cousin sounds a little off ! lol

  • JMO

    I’ve been telling my bf that I want us to get matching tattoos once we’re married. I don’t have any and he has several. We’re not going to get names though. I’m an attorney so I have something small and hidden in mind. It’s just something I’ve wanted to do and at 27 I’ve thought it through. I figure if our marriage fails I have far worse things to worry about than covering up a tattoo…

    • Holly

      Well you won’t have to worry you’ll just be reminded everyday. Just don’t do it because if he cheats on you or happens to beat your behind and it all ends the tattoo won’t end. Plus men are not as forgiving as women, meaning this “Yeah this girl is really nice but she got some tattoo of some dude name on her I mean was that dude that special?” Typical male thought.

  • Danielle

    My former roommate got two of her exes name on her. You’d think she’d learn after the first one but she kept going *deep sigh*

  • I’ve had so many friends that tattoo their spouse or bf/gf names on their and……they end up not staying together. Well to each and their own! It’s a personal choice for whoever chooses to do that, but there are many other ways to express your love to your significant other. I personally would tat my bf name on me. Who’s to say that we will be together in 6 months. It’s just being realistic!

  • SociableHermit

    My ex-fiancé had my name tattooed on his arm and was hurt when I didn’t return the favor. I don’t know what’s there now since he’s married to someone else, but God am I glad I had a portion of good sense all those years ago. Love is entirely too temporary to make such a permanent decision. Plus, cover-ups are hella ugly.