Does Lance Gross Strike You As A ‘Gladiator In A Suit?’ Actor Says He Auditioned For ‘Scandal’ Role But Was Beat Out By Columbus Short

April 24, 2013  |  

Source(s): WENN, ABC

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Columbus Short playing the role of smooth-talking, take-charge Harrison on ABC’s primetime political thriller, Scandal. However, actor Lance Gross recently revealed in an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that  he’d actually tried out for the role and he really wanted it. Unfortunately for him producers decided to go with Columbus Short instead.

“I was up for the Scandal role. Yeah, it hurts. It hurts. But, you know he’s [Columbus Short] killing it. He was right for it,” Gross admitted.

He also shared that there are a handful of popular Black male actors that he frequently runs into at auditions.

“I always see Columbus Short, Derek Luke, Jackie Long, Robbie Jones, a little bit of everybody.”

Gross went on to insist that although they frequently audition for the same roles, there is no bad blood between the fellas.

“Everybody uplifts everybody. I feel like the girls get catty about the roles more than the guys. We don’t do that. We just go in and try to be prepared. It’s friendly competition, just like sports.”

Surprisingly, the Temptation actor also revealed that he competed against Derek Luke for the role of Diddy in the Notorious biopic.

“I wanted to play Diddy in ‘Notorious.’ I went out for that. Derek got it. I think he did good. Derek did a great job. I love the movie.”

No disrespect to Lance, but my Olivia Pope gut instincts tell me that the folks over at Shondaland made the right decision when they selected Columbus to play Harrison.

Turn the page to watch Lance chat it up with Angie. Do you think he would’ve made a better Harrison? 

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  • originalwharris

    Well, with all of Columbus’ legal issues, the job may open back up again.

  • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

    Mmmm…..all though both are very yummy looking, I agree I don’t see Lance playing the stern, smooth-speed talking gladiator that is Harrison. Maybe they should try him out as a victim that needs saving by Olivia.. (Btw, I would love to see some outtakes of Harrison pop and locking behind the scenes getting on Hucks nerves)

  • This man is beautiful! But no, Columbus is PERFECT as Harrison! I can’t wait to see the background on his character!

  • mose2010

    Columbus Short was the right choice, Lance needs to pull away from Tyler Perry, I saw a nice movie with him and Nicole Beharie and it was nice.

  • 1Val

    Sorry, I can’t get beyond Lance’s sex appeal which makes him a lead not a supporting actor. His shirtless scene was the BEST aspect of Tyler Perry’s Temptation!!! Bless his good looking heart!!!

  • Akiko

    I don’t get it. Some women go crazy over him.

    • Cali

      it’s b/c he’s FIIIIIIINE – what’s not to get??

  • scandalous7

    i just came here to say, Lance Gross is the finest chocolaty man I have ever laid eyes on. Period.

    • Sheena

      Bay baaaayyyyy. I find myself just drifting off into space as I look at his pictures. Mmmm mmm good!

      • scandalous7


  • 2Ja2

    Has it been three weeks yet????

    • kickash

      HAHA right I know! since we’re on the topic of Scandal!

  • IllyPhilly

    Nah, couldn’t see it. You still can be great This is a Black woman who supports you.

  • Cali

    Lance is adorable, BUT I have no idea what his range is as an actor b/c he stays f**kin’ w/ Tyler Purrrrry, so people don’t expect much more than a killer smile, a shirtless scene & adequate line readings. From what I’ve seen of his work, he wouldn’t have brought the same intensity to the role, Short is great in it so they absolutely made the right call w/ casting. I’d love to see more of Lance, IN BETTER ROLES. He needs a good script & a great director to guide him through better/more meaningful performances. Wishing him the best, I like him a lot!

  • Jenna

    Lance needs to revamp his image a little bit. He’s too sweet looking and he really fits the black hollywood idea of a hunk. He doesn’t have to be a tough black man (no, white hollywood will be more than willing to offer him such a role) but he should have an image that casting directors are willing to work with. Kind of like a blank canvas where they can offer him different roles.

    If he really wants to get more diverse roles and break away from being Tyler Perry’s muse he has to have the ability to appeal to a much wider audience. People like Idris, the Grey/blue eyed actor, Columbus, Kerry W, Taraji, Viola, have an easy going/effortless image and that’s why they book mainstream jobs as well as black hollywood gigs. Unfortunately, that is what we have go through if we want to achieve much more.

    • bigdede

      Yeah he needs to break away from Tyler Perry. Idris did right away. He did that one movie for TP and he hasn’t been around TP since. I think Hollywood stereotypes people who mostly do TP movies. I’m thankful he didn’t get it. I do feel sorry for Jackie Long. He’s so cute and I haven’t seen him in anything.

  • Tehara

    I love Columbus as Harisson i don’t see anyone else playing the role… However i would love to see more of Lance, he gives off a hunky/masculine vibe, much more so than Jesse Williams for example.