Shereé Whitfield Says She Was ‘Misled’ By Iyanla Vanzant

April 24, 2013  |  

Source: OWN

Life coach and spiritual advisor Iyanla Vanzant has been receiving harsh criticism from her Fix My Life guests since the show’s season two debut. Just last week we told you that DMX’s publicist came forward claiming that her client’s appearance on the show did nothing but make his current situation worse. The Yonkers rapper even furthered those allegations by saying Iyanla is “toxic” and  that he’s taking legal action to have footage from his episode removed. While X’s gripe with Vanzant may seem a bit on the extreme side, he doesn’t appear to be the only person unhappy with the way things turned out. According to RumorFix, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Shereé Whitfield also had a few issues regarding her portrayal on the show and admits to feeling “misled” by Iyanla.

“Since leaving the ‘Housewives’, I’ve been at a different place in my life, a place of healing and self-empowerment, so when Bob reached out to me about doing this show on co-parenting I was excited because I thought we were both on the same page and equally wanted to work towards mending our relationship so that we could more effectively co-parent, and even more importantly I thought it was an opportunity to inspire single parents in our situation. However, once shooting began I felt misled because the line of questioning was centered more on accusations of my shortcomings as a wife versus how we can begin to resolve our issues,” Whitfield said in an issued statement.

Shereé went on to say that she considered Iyanal’s counseling approach to be “one-sided” and “judgmental.”

Did you watch Sheree’s episode of Fix My Life? What do you think of Shereé’s allegations?

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  • Masterpieced

    The title of the show is just like Housewives of…. It is just a title. Advertisements use titles to grab the audience.

  • Masterpieced

    Sheree sit down somewhere a be a parent.

  • boobee825

    The nerve of Sheree to blame Iyanla….she was just a GOLD DINGER trying to TRAP an athlete. This finally showed and exposed her for the type of woman and mother she is. She needed to STOP LIVING above her MEANS, pay attention to her kids and get a REAL JOB..not a job “How to trap a baller”….

  • RJ

    DMX and Sheree need to go sit down somewhere….Everyone already knew DMX was a bucket case so him saying that the show made him look bad is pure comedy to me…..Sheree needs to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and focus on being a better mother because its obvious from the show she does not have a close relationship with her kids hell she didn’t even know what size shoe her son wore…..If you don’t want people to form a negative opinion about you stop putting all your business out on national tv…

  • RJ

    DMX and Sheree need to go sit down somewhere….Everyone already knew DMX was a bucket case so him saying that the show made him look bad is pure comedy to me…..Sheree needs to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and focus on being a better mother because its obvious from the show she does not have a close relationship with her kids hell she didn’t even know what size shoe her son wore…..If you don’t want people to form a negative opinion about you stop putting all your business out on national tv…

  • Eliza J.

    When I watched the show, I got the feeling just listening to Sheree that she is a delusional gold digger. I had no idea who she or her ex were so there were no preconceived feelings. I think Iyanla has a gift but, it is lost when dealing with these pseudo celebrities and their ego’s. I don’t think she did anything to that woman’s image that she hasn’t already done to herself. She seemed un-invested in her marriage but extremely hurt that he didn’t actually love, like or want to be with her even though she didn’t love, like or want to be with him either. Both of them were more focused on their dislike of each other than what is best for their kids. Oh and that ridiculous mansion she is building (for her kids); yeah, OK, keep telling yourself that. Bob needs to stop playing the victim too and spend time with his kids. If you call to talk to your kids and mom is acting a fool or won’t let you speak to them, get a tape recorder, press record and then start documenting all the foolishness. Keep records of the times you were supposed to have the kids and mom changed her mind because she had something she wanted to do with them. It’s not like they have public aid lawyers. I guess that’s what happens when you get pregnant or get someone pregnant that you don’t really know and would never have procreated with if you had given the relationship time.

  • mik bailey

    People need to handle their business out of the public eye; television definitely is not the place to do it!!

  • I never watch the show I could not bring my self to watch. The way Iyanla did Oprah back in the day. Even though Oprah forgave her and moved on,plus gave her another show and chance. How do you fix other people when you need help yourself!!!

  • keebs

    I didn’t watch it, but knowing of Sheree, I’m pretty sure she was being delusional as usual.

  • SADDEN!!

    No surprise there lol

  • DMX and Sheree, if you want some real help, then come see me. I will show you how to get through some trials and tell you how to move those mountains, not climb them! I know someone that can help you overcome ANY obstacle in your life. Yes, you are right, His name is Jesus! As long as the story isn’t “sugar coated” and the truth be told to you, you can overcome!

    • You cannot hide behind blindness and expect miracles to happen. You must be true to yourself and other in order to get a good outcome!!!

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Sheree hasn’t grown as much as I’d hope since leaving the show. She still wants to blame everyone else for her situation. Bob is dead wrong, but what are you doing to make your situation better regardless of Bob? I don’t think Ivanlya was dissing her dream of a chateu Sheree, but she was still providing for her children when they were living in a condo. What makes her think they have to have a mansion? That boy should be in high school and will be out of the house soon. I don’t know why she thinks she and her daughter need a 8 bedroom house.

  • From what i have seen, miss iyanla seems to know what she’s talking about. she is about helping people and the thing is if these celebrities don’t want to be helped, don’t go on the show. she doesn’t candy coat anything. a good counselor is not going to agree with you. they are going to tell you the truth about yourself.
    she said that DMX needed to be in rehab before he came to her. I heard that he had been in rehab and if that is the case why ask to go on her show? He used to be one rapper i actually liked to hear, but now i don’t know. he had issues before miss iyanla was even thought about

  • guest5

    Many of these celebs ASK for her help but want to pick and choose which parts of their lives she addresses. Many of us should know that sometimes other issues is the “root” and reason for the bigger issue at hand and she wouldn’t be doing her job unless she finds out the root of the issue(s).

    Any counselor or psychologist is going to do and tell them the same thing. Therefore, if they don’t want certain issues of their life getting out to the public…Guess what? Don’t talk and have an interview with her on t.v.! Period! I’m sure she gives private sessions so do that but don’t go bashing someone is given you the TRUTH and not sugar coating it just b/c you are a celeb.
    These people can’t be that dumb to have not seen an Iyanla show to know how she is going to tackle their issue(s). They know what they are getting into but then want to go shot the messenger for giving it to them on the REAL? That’s why most of them are in the messed up position they find themselves in!

    • guest5

      *who is giving

  • Stephanie

    Iyanla need to help people who wants to be helped & people who can take constructive/truthful criticism… not people who can’t accept “their” truth & just want to be on TV to revive their “careers”. #ungrateful #wannabes

  • DMX is a drug addict fool. Iyanla didn’t cause that……………

  • Of course, it’s one sided and judgmental unless she agrees with you……….

  • kickash

    people need to stop asking iyanla to help them if they’re gonna complain.

  • Really?!

    Look, I’ma ya now: Sheree is going to blame everybody BUT herself. In her mind, she is the victim, period. Now, Bob has eff up too so he can’t play the victim’s role either. But trying to get through to Sheree so she can see the bigger picture, its just a lost cause.

    Both, her and Bob, needs to get it together and quit pointing the finger at each other.

    • Really?!

      I’ma tell ya**correction**

  • jjac401

    I LOVE the way Sister Iyanla breaks things down so honestly and sweetly all the while with respect – and tells the truth without dressing it up. I am so glad that Oprah has given her a show to help people and so that we all can be blessed through her words of wisdom.

    These celebs and wanna-be celebs (Like Sheree) are suffering from a disorder called narcissism and they want to believe that they are without fault in anything.

    DMX is sooo far out there with his drug loving self that he needs a few years of detox before he can even be reasoned with. I do hope that Iyanla stays close to his son Xavier becaase she is a blessing to him.

    I really wish that Iyanla would have been able to help Whitney Houston. I think that she would have been receptive and therefore benefited.

  • Sunny

    I’m not surprised that Sheree is trying to pass the blame. Did she watch any shows from the first season? Iyanla digs deep to try to get to the root of the problem, and whether Sheree wants to admit it or not, her feelings about her and Bob’s failed relationship is at least part of the reason they can’t co-parent effectively. I don’t think Iyanla was trying to put it all on Sheree; she went equally hard at Bob. But Sheree tries to act like his failure to pay child support is the only issue she has with him when it clearly goes much deeper, which is what Iyanla was trying to get at.

    • jjac401

      Girl – Sheree just wants that money! She being hood and trying to get paid. She doesn’t want to hear much of anything that Iyanla is saying.

  • JRoc85

    Iyanla just told Sheree the truth. Point, Blank Period!!!! Bob & Sheree ARE BOTH troubled parents, but at least Bob is taking the first step (it’s about time). The reality is : Sheree was trying TOO DAMN HARD to keep up with the joneses. Sheree lived in a huge mansion during season 1 of RHOA, had her birthday cake made out of a Louis Vuitton bag, had a huge staff working for her. Following the fallout of her divorce, Sheree kept downgrading & downgrading, & then when she became embarrassed, she started to present this facade to hide the truth. Sheree, money is nice to have & it’s necessary, but money IS NOT everything!!!!! “Get ya life.”

  • Iyanla is doing her best. She is not God. Doesnt have a magic wand. I have seen her do wonders but in these two instances I think she would need more time. DMX needs rehab before he can even start to understand his problems. Sheree needs intense counseling cuz she believes she does no wrong. Her ex has serious issues. Why would he abandon his kids to get back at her? Its so obvious

  • Rosemary Davis

    I have no idea why Oprah hired her too do anything let along council anyone her advice is out dated she gives the same old words of advice she gave back in the eighties which does not work with today’s society.This woman was broke apparently living from pillow too post and Oprah I guess felt she needed to give her a helping hand many people look at Oprah as person of integrity but when she has someone like Iyanla representing her it doesn’t say much except money and ratings

    • Shango

      lmao, I just love these people. The ONLY rational comment gets downvoted.

      PS. It’s “running from Pillar to Post” and “counsel”…….and Oprah is not a “person of integrity”. She’s just another person with a product and like a good entrepreneur, she knows that bullshit like Iyanla (fat woman) will sell to the gullible masses who think she’s a demigod with some unique insight. Oprah sees herself in fat woman.

      • Is Sherrie fat? What planet are you from? The ? Is about fairness and the questions were fair for both parties involved..cyber bullies crack me up

    • stephanie

      The same problem that people have now are the same one that they’ve had forever. You don’t have too have a Phd to have wisdom. In fact, I would rather here advice from someone who has experience then a person without it. That’s like taking advice about kids from a person who doesn’t have children. If you can name one thing that Iyana said that was inaccurate then you have an argument, if you can’t then shut-up.

      • stephanie

        “hear” sorry.

      • Rosemary Davis

        You can have all the PHD’s that the world has too offer but if the advice and so call wisdom that you give too others harm them more than it helps then you are not helping that individual so it might be best that you shut up and have some respect for those whose opinions differ from yours I didn’t ask you what you thought in regards to this article so don’t reply to my comments if you don’t agree than it’s simple don’t read the comments

    • bigdede

      Iyanla has a PHD and a law degree if I’m not mistaken. Like Iyanla says, she lost everything and had to build herself back up. She lost her daughter, her husband and her money and before she talked to Oprah again, she was fixing her life. I think that’s why Oprah hired her again because Oprah saw that Iyanla fixed her life.

  • Cha Cha

    She (Iyanla) needs to go back helping “regular” people… DMX is not ready for help. He’s too caught up in his drugs and Sheree… I think she was expecting Iyanla to just side with her and agree with everything she said. She could not see that she, Sheree, has done anything wrong. When Iyanla was saying the buying of that huge mansion was not for the kids, but for her and she just couldn’t get it… The kids don’t need a huge million dollar mansion. I grew up in a two bedroom has with my parents and a brother and life was awesome… I didn’t know the difference as a kid between a million dollar house or a $100k house… but whatever.

    • pretty1908

      because vanzant sees all sides that’s what she wants them to do, own your part in your life and shortcomings….yes, Bob was wrong , but sheree didn’t make anything better

      • Amen! Pretty much these “celebs” thought this was going to be another ego stroke and boon to their popularity. They thought they were going to be able to control the questions and control the agenda. That ain’t happenin with Iyanla. Its the realest thing on TV. I watched both episodes and I was transfixed. For once there wasn’t clever editing and scripting you got to see genuine emotion.

        • yeppers

          Right!! iyanla get on here and tells these Celebrities that are used to Backside kissers and yes men/women telling them they are right about everything what they need to fix. She makes them answer the hard questions to those bad decisions they make and they dont like it. Then AFTER the show is done they call the line of questioning misleading and damaging. NO, what she revealed about you was damaging, hell you DID IT! lol Sheree and DMX are a trip. They come on these shows for sympathy, Just like Evelyn went on there to boo hoo about her choices and life and Iyanla told her like it was. You wanted to act like this for fame and money OWN IT!!

          • Sharon

            I agree. Sheree and DMX decided to go on the show. Iyanla did not put a gun to their head. Like you said she ask the hard questions to get into what is really going on with them. And now they have the audacity to blame Iyanla for that. Please. Sheree and DMX if you reads this, at some point the hard questions that Iyanla ask that will eventally manifest it self in some form or fashion. That is the only way to deal with it is heads on. I guess they were not ready for it when they know at some point it will come.

            • Sharon

              If Iyanla don’t ask them, somebody else will. If that was a white therapist, they would not have a problem with it.

    • ToME

      What it all boils down to is Sheree still wants BOB. She is bitter and unhappy. When a person walks away from you, it is very hard to swallow. Once she gets over BOB and the fact that he NEVER wanted her, they will have a much more pleasant life for themselves and the kids. They at least need to be able to co parent. Grow up! Remember your kids are experiencing all of this!!!

    • Yesss people dont like to hear the TRUTH and the whole truth..they are quick to say someone judging them blah blah. Perhaps its because they know deep down what their doing is wrong but don’t want anyone to correct them.

    • You are correct…

  • Prissy

    I watched and Iyanla seemed to be blaming Sheree for Bob’s absence in their children’s lives. YES Sheree is a lot of things… but not once has she abandoned her kids. He on national tv for 2 seasons had came on to RHOA and stated that he didn’t feel he owed Sheree a dime. And now he gets to say how he feels embarrassed and hurt and he doesn’t love Sheree anymore ?? Like what kind of stuff is that? Iyanla had no real input on what BOB did. Sheree should go talk to Dr. Phil. He has more common sense.

    • There was no blame. Maybe a push to take ownership. If the father of your children doesn’t have a relationship in their life you own 50% of that. Bottom line she chose him and didn’t know him from a hole in the wall. He already said he wasn’t sure how he felt about her and she got pregnant really early into their courtship. Why would she do that to herself and her kids? I won’t say she did it for the money. . . . but she acted foolishly and should take ownership in part.

      • Masterpieced

        HE DID IT TOO! He could have worn a condom!!!!!!!!

    • stevie

      I just don’t agree with you. You are missing some info. 1st. Bob is wrong and Sheree is wrong. They had an agreement that they would sell the house and then sheree would get 450,000 as part of the settlement when they sold the house. Then she asked Bob if she could get the 450 up front so she could buy another house. He gave her the money, then she refused to move out and then he I guess he decided not to pay the mortgage if she wasn’t going to move out and they lost the property to foreclosure. So bob was out 450 and the 850 for the house. The courts ordered that sheree was wrong and that bob had given her money for support for the children. Bob might not have a good relationship with his children and clearly he was never in love with her and was over her soon after they got married. But I tell you one thing. Sheree is a gold digger and a she has a lot of hate for bob, no wonder he doesn’t want to go through that to get to his kids. Not saying that’s right, but everyone one has a limit to the nonesense they are willing to navigate to get to there kids, and at a certain point you just might want to wait until they are 18 and they can deal with the children directly instead of having to get cussed out everytime they call to talk to their children.

      • bigdede

        Since their divorce, Sheree has been getting money from the NFL. Part of his pension goes to Sheree for his kids. That’s why he didn’t want to pay child support because she already gets money. She’s bitter that Bob isn’t giving her anymore money to keep up with a lifestyle she wants. NFL players don’t have money like that. Her gold digging behind should have went for a baseball player or basketball player.

    • bigdede

      Since the NFL is already giving Sheree a part of Bob pension for the kids, why should Bob give her anymore money? If the kids call him needing something, then he can buy the kids stuff or give his kids money. I do not believe Bob has to give Sheree extra money if she’s already getting monthly payments from the NFL. He even said on RHOA, doesn’t the NFL pay them well. Why Sheree need more money? She wants Bob to pay for her lifestyle. She needs to get a job and a career.

    • Masterpieced

      The white man has more common sense. Lord. The white man’s ice is probably colder too, huh?