When A Sistah Misses The Signs: Famous Women Who Married Down-Low Men And Didn’t Know It (And A Few Who Did)

April 25, 2013  |  
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These women and their partners started off like the perfect couples. Like many, they were happy, and felt like they had the whole world in front of them. But that was until the women found out their man was gay. Some did during their marriages, others did after the fact, one found out when her husband messed around with her stepfather. Ouch! Either way, it’s clear that some folks just aren’t who they say they are and when you’re in love, what might seem obvious to somebody else is hard for a sistah to see. Hey, you live and you learn. Here are nine women who have been involved with gay and bisexual men at one time or another.

Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher

Another gorgeous woman, Dreshcher also found herself in a marriage with a man who…well, preferred to be with a man. Married from 1979 to 1999, she didn’t know this during their relationship, but he came out after they split. Drescher told The Huffington Post that she ended the marriage and when she did, he was actually devastated, but it was possibly the best thing for him because he figured what and WHO he really wanted. And she wasn’t as devastated as you would think:

“When I wrote the New York Times bestseller, ‘Cancer Schmancer,’ that was when he came out. He told me that he had been dating men and I said, ‘Okay well whatever makes you happy.’ For me it relieved a little bit of the guilt for having left him.”

And they’re actually the best of friends now. And if that wasn’t enough, the situation helped them both make a lot of money, because she turned the situation into the popular TV Land sitcom, Happily Divorced.

Dwight Eubanks

Dwight Eubanks And His Wife

To be clear, Dwight Eubanks, known as a huge hairstylist in Atlanta and for his time on Real Housewives of Atlanta, is bisexual, but in 2009 he was out in these streets celebrating a new engagement. This engagement was with a woman. And yes, we were just as confused as you. Dressed in his and her furs, the woman (who would not be named) seemed smitten with Eubanks, and the two were even pictured kissing. However, Eubanks made it clear to Essence that he definitely plays for both teams, and that he actually gets more love from women. Maybe that’s why he decided to settle down with a real, live woman:

“I get more play from women than men,” says Dwight, who recently celebrated his fiftieth birthday with a circus theme and male and female models to escort him through the room. “I can’t get a date with a man, but the women are knocking my doors down. They just love you when you can be real about who you are.”

Since leaving RHOA, we haven’t seen much of Eubanks or his fiancée, who is probably his wife now, but if they like it…congrats to them!


Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli

And why would someone think Liza Minelli’s stepfather, Mark Herron, was gay? According to reports, back in the day while Herron was married to Garland, he had an affair with Minelli’s husband at the time, Peter Allen. Yikes! Where is Jerry Springer when you need him? In an interview with Newsweek, Minnelli opened up about being too young to realize he wasn’t who she thought he was, but making an effort to stay close to him:

“Honey, I was 17 when I met him. But I was the last one to see him before he died because we stayed friends, and that was tough.”

It is also rumored that her last husband, David Gest, might be gay as well, but he has said that it’s just not true. Whatever he is, all we know is their wedding was an uncomfortable mess and the divorce was even messier.

Terry McMillan

Terry McMillan

You knew it was coming.  Jonathan Plummer was the inspiration behind her book and the movie, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, and when McMillan was showing him off to the world, she looked genuinely enamored with the guy.  But after getting married in ’98, they were getting divorced in 2005, after Plummer admitted to McMillan that he was gay all the way. And boy don’t we know that things got ugly. They both came on to Oprah’s show in 2010 to talk about how things fell apart, and McMillan wasn’t hiding her disgust for the man. It made for great television, but it was definitely sad.  After the fact, she tried to sue him for allegedly trying to ruin her reputation in the public eye, including making her seem like a homophobe:

“When I was ready to run him over, it wasn’t because he was gay. I never hated his guts because he was gay. … And that was one reason why I sued, because I hated the idea of being known as a homophobe. Jonathan deep down inside knew I wasn’t homophobic. I have too many gay and lesbian friends. Too many.”

But as she told Oprah, moving forward, she’s no longer angry about it, has found peace with Plummer (and she dropped that suit) and says she can trust men again. “As my mother would say, one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole tree.”

Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel

Okay, so Fishel wasn’t married to Lance Bass of ‘N Sync fame. But the star of Boy Meets World was said to have dated Bass for a year and seemed to be very much in love with the guy. And for her, after he came out six years later, she says she never saw any real signs that he wanted to date guys while they were together, but was happy that he was able to come out. As for why she didn’t know, blame it on the same thing Liza Minelli did–age. Here’s what she told OK! Magazine:

“I was a little naïve because I was 17. I didn’t really have a lot of experience in relationships, but my mom had actually suspected and had said something to me after we broke up. She asked me if I thought it was a possibility, and at first my reaction was like ‘Nooo!’ And then, the more I thought about it, I was like ‘hm, maybe.’”


Star Jones

Star Jones

While Al Reynolds never came out and said he was gay, it has been speculated by many from day one that he is either bisexual or gay. While they started like a fairytale for Star, with homeboy even proposing to her at the 2004 NBA All Star Game in front of Denzel and Pauletta Washington, and Jones milking the wedding for endorsements on The View, they just weren’t a good fit for one another. In the end, it was speculated that they split because Jones felt Reynolds was trying to ride her name, as a source told the Enquirer the following:

“I think Star felt Al had spent their marriage riding her success while she did all the heavy lifting. She resented it. Deep down, Star is a very old-fashioned woman who believes a man should support her emotionally, physically and financially. She now believes Al failed her.”

He has since been seen with his homies, aka, the “Basketball Wives,” and trying to come off as a major playboy, even though at one time claimed he was still in love with Star.

Dina Matos

There’s nothing worse than finding out your husband is actually gay than to learn so in the midst of a public scandal. That’s exactly what happened to Dina McGreevey, born Dina Matos, the former first lady to former New Jersey governor, James McGreevey. The governor found himself in a flurry of mess when it was found out that he was having an affair with a man, and he decided to resign from office in 2004. Like many women betrayed by their public official husbands, Matos stood by him during his press conference announcement about resigning. But boy oh boy did she run for the hills after the fact. Their divorce was messy, as she tried to get alimony (but was denied), and after the fact, she wrote a book about her life, where she made it clear that had she actually known McGreevey was gay, she wouldn’t have married him and definitely wouldn’t have had a child with him. To promote the book, she even went on Oprah, where she said their whole relationship, and McGreevey as a person, was “choreographed.”

Judy Garland

A famed director for both screen and stage, Vincente Minnelli married darling Judy Garland, and the two were together from 1945 to 1951. If the last name sounds familiar, it’s because Vincente Minnelli is the father of Liza Minnelli. While they came off as a happy couple during the time (this was the second of Garland’s five marriages), according to a biography on his life, he lived as an openly gay man before making it big in Hollywood, where he felt he needed to hide his sexuality. So it was widely rumored that he was into men while the two were married. Sadly, this wouldn’t be the only man Garland married who was speculated to be gay or bisexual, because her fourth husband, Mark Herron was also discovered to be gay…

Jackée Harry

With all the men that were ogling over the beautiful Jackée Harry during the years she was on 227 and when she tried her luck at her own show with the short-lived Jackée, who would have known that she would end up with Elgin Charles? Yes, Elgin Charles from the also short-lived VH1 reality show Beverly Hills Fabulous with the sleek pressed hair and flamboyant personality. Harry and Elgin Charles (aka Elgin Charles Williams), were married from 1996 to 2003, and even checking out early photos of the two as a couple, with his chest all out in his shirts and smile extra wide, I just don’t know how their union happened…

But no hard feelings though! Harry and her ex-husband are great friends even after divorce, as she made numerous appearances on his reality show, and the two have even gone on talk shows together to give tips on how you too, can score a great weave.

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  • beepz1118

    I believe some women just need someone in their lives maybe they think they are getting older and want someone and they’ll take what they can get even if they are gay

  • TheMsmother

    I see they left out Lisa Raye

  • Orlando Chan

    I am sorry but Dwight is not bisexual! He is straight up GAY!

  • Tia Smiley

    Lol I’m still in disbelief to how some of these women didn’t know lol OMG!

  • lavasca

    What signs? There are no universal signs? Yet, I read this piece despite the totle outwardly blaming women for not [publically] knowing 100% of their partners’ sexual preferences.

  • Marian Dorsey

    OK. How do you miss the signs? These ladies need to wake up. Come on the way a man touch, caress you, look into your eyes or prance down the street..sorry fellas. You can tell, some women can tell way before the man realizes he is gay or Bi. One sure way of telling is the ” dainty tea” test. Sit down with him with a nice dainty tea set and have a quiet moment alone with your bo and a cup of tea. Coffee works too. If he lifts his pinky while sipping from the cup… Bingo….
    Just kidding!

  • Dalo

    This is why society/homophobes need to just let people be themselves. These guys were so scared of being judged, they decided to live fake lives with women.

  • Victoria

    Al Reynolds looks gay. Proof that being book smart doesn’t mean you have common sense.

  • Victoria

    I took one look at Jonathan Plummer’s photo and knew he was gay. Why Terry McMillan couldn’t see it is beyond me!

  • CAliQueen

    I’m DONE!!! I can’t read past Dwight Eubanks. I thougt for sure he was strictly dyckly with all that prancing around he did on RHOA.

  • bellesoverbroadway

    this is dead wrong. sexuality is a spectrum and you all don’t know their preferences. this is also wack because madamenoire articles are getting worse and worse. one article was just a paragraph linking to another website and the website linked to another website and the story was gone! piss poor editing.

  • Alesia Jones Fair

    Her name is Jamell McDowell go to The Purple Door Salon Facebook page and see for yourself and see how old that pic is lol

  • Alesia Jones Fair

    That is his Business Partner lol she Co-Owns The Purple Door along with Dwight lol. He is not married lmao ! The public will believe anything. Dwight has done my hair since 89 and I assure you that is his Business partner ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Se’Aira

    That video was funny!!! My cousin Maya is hilarious, I just♥herlife…

  • The Real Truth

    What about the Gay And Bi women that are certainly out there nowadays that are making it much more difficult for us Straight Guys trying to meet a good woman that is Not Gay Or Bi to settle down with?

    • TraceyC

      What about them? There are far more straight women than bi, bi-curious, and other so you should be a-ok. Just keep up the search.

  • Tonette123

    In this case, its very obvious. But I’ve met some guys who appear and act 100% macho male, but secretly are on the down-low. No clues at all. Their wives have no idea. Deceit is the name of their game, and it’s sad.

    • Kristen

      Not all gay men are feminine. Wake up.

      • Kristen

        I think that was her point lol.

  • Jamaican gal

    I’m sure these woman knew I think that’s it’s just something to get their name relevant again that’s all…..

  • Jasmine Moore

    Aside from the creepiness that is the WIFE of Dwight Eubanks, Are you telling me that you have the one man famous for whipping a chicks hair TO THE MAX and you decide to go bald????!!!!! This scares me and angers me at the same time…

  • Toria

    Lance Bass looks gay. Not sure how anyone could miss the signs.

  • Victoria

    Judy Garland married gay men and her daughter Liza Minnelli married one too (David Gest). Like mother, like daughter. How sad.

    • fact checket

      I think Liza Minnelli is Judy Garland ‘ s “step daughter”. Judy was married to Liza’s dad, who is gay and had a thing with Liza’s gay husband.

      • Tracey

        Nope. That is her biological mother. Their point was that although Judy married a bunch of different men, this one was Liza’s dad.

      • MizMi

        No dear. Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli are very much mother & daughter. Liza just happened to find out her husband was gay because he was frolicking with her mother’s gay husband.

  • Victoria

    The first time I saw Terry McMillan’s husband’s photo I knew he was gay. Not sure why she couldn’t see it.

  • Ashley Kyndlesmommy Walker

    I believe the one about the governor being “staged” is true!! I watch SCANDAL!!! Lol

  • ecey

    Um wow. Elgen is a hair stylist.. like. ? For real? Straight.? Jackee knew.

  • Kayla Ancrum

    Bisexual men are awesome! They’re so compassionate and open and willing to try new things in bed. And they’re better at communicating and expressing their emotions because they don’t have as much fear of their masculinity being questioned. And if you have a relationship with one and you communicate with them well about the boundaries of your relationship, things are so much freeer and better. Its the men who are on the DL who need to be chewed out. Who are sneaking around behind their wives backs and giving everyone STDs because they’re ashamed of their sexuality and because they’re lying SOBs who want to ruin families.

    • quashi


  • LadyRoshida Thomas

    These women had to know! They were just desperate!! Ray Charles can see that they are gay!! Ladies it pays to have you some gay male friends!!!! They will let you know of they are our team or their team!! Wake up women!!

  • brufanegra

    Instead of blaming these men for being “frauds” and these women for being “blind”, why don’t we create a safer atmosphere for men to be who they are without condemnation from society and their communities? Oh, because that would be an actual solution and not as sensational as airing people’s dirty laundry.

  • Dani

    Is that sinbad?

  • Tiffany Blessed Beyond-Measure

    Why is Star Jones and her husbands photo even up there if he hasn’t admitted being homosexual or was never caught with a man? This is how rumors are started.

  • Adriane Harris

    I dont think a man can play for both teams, and most men dont pucker when the kiss unless theyre kissing someone unwillingly

  • lalafafa

    So what are the signs?

  • Wanda Simpson

    Most of us know the signs, some of us choose to ignore them. If you do beware that you are putting your health at risk,

  • Sunshine

    Don’t forget Rasheeda’s husband from Love & Hip Hop ATL….I don’t care what no one says, Kirk’s got a little sugar in him.

  • talicia

    you forgot starr jones.

  • just sayn

    What on God’s earth is wrong with these MEN? I just can’t see why they can’t be upfront and honest about who and what they are. If you like men then just say it! I don’t blame any women for saying they don’t trust men. These days you have to now hire an investigator in order to check out who the man you want to date, truly is! Sad but true! Most men these days mess with men and Morris Chestnut, I heard is one of them! Just like Rock Hudson, known as a ladies man in the movies but behind closed doors, nothing but a man seeker!

    • cleva

      something called homophobia keeps folks in the closet

  • SummerRose

    Don’t be so quick to criticize women who date and/or marry men on the down low or bisexual men. At least bisexual men are truthful about the fact that they like men too, unlike DL men. Why are women not so appalled by their straight men that are having sex with other women. Infidelity is infidelity…period. Sex with other people, men or women, CAN cause disease and/or death…period.

    • mainstreamisoverrated

      My best bud is a bi man. I won’t date. Him,so we became friends. Very masculine in thought. He is feminine in style,but very much a man. Honest,loving,doesnt’t degrade,loyal. He is great.

  • j b

    Back in the early 80’s men were being told they were too “macho” and they should get in touch with their “feminine side… unfortunately, I thought black men were always strong, virile and very macho.. but as soon as this phase serviced, we have black men now realizing they prefer to be with a man!! wow… I guess the last of the real men died in the 80’s, what a shame, I have (2) beautiful daughters and several nieces who will never know what a real strong black man is… especially when these persons are hiding their real true identities, and disgusting lifestyles… and we wonder why aids is so prevalent in the black community!!!

  • Teej

    You’d be surprised how wrong you are about this ‘opinion’…

  • Sasha Washington

    I’m so glad no one was foolish enough to give Dwight Eubanks a reality show.

    • Kristen

      Haha!! I was just gonna say I wish he had a reality show just so I can see how he and his “wife” are living! Only one season though..that’s enough!

  • Overseas Teacher

    Y’all will see Dwayne Wade’s name on this list a few years from now. Sorry ladies, but homeboy is gay. He is slowly coming out that closet one polished nail and capri pants at a time.

    • Kristen


    • aaron

      Lolol…you hit it on thevnail…I think so too

  • Damn beeb there done it. Whats worse it was a pastor. A so called man of God. I was close to the man he was really in lve with. Kept thinking this guy reminded me of someone. One day I realized that his “best friend” reminded me of me! Just with some equipment I didn’t possess. My father knew right away but I didn’t believe me. It didn’t make sense. I knew he loved God and God used him. Thats why I don’t judge people. We all can be misled and we can all mislead. We have to forgive and move on cuz none of us are without sin. We need to be real with ourselves and others. Life is too short and lies hurt us all

  • reese

    Some of these women knew. They thought they could change them( pray it away). They have a program at my cousin’s church to change homosexuals and the wife take part of the counseling. And some women don’t care as long as they are only sleeping with them at the time or even turned on by the fact that men are bi. Who knows if they are in open relationships or what.


    It is called being a beard. I was a a beard for a bi guy, It is hard work pretending to be a couple. I had to quit because it is so digusting and exhausting. Sorry R. Irvin of H-Town.

  • diana

    Sad that Liza followed in her mothers steps and ended up with a few gay men herself

  • diana

    Real question is wtf is Dwight wearing? Looks like he’s wearing a bunch of dead animals as pants lol

  • awet

    who da fawk married dwight thinking he was straight tho!

  • Lateshia Childs

    I hope these women got tested. I don’t get if the man know that he is bi or gay why not tell the woman save her the pain later and then both the money for the wedding and divorce. That is a waste. The one guy from RHOA with his wife they are cute together but I hope he stay with her and maybe he will just like women instead of men. I think some of these women knew or just didn’t care.

  • Pookins

    Dwight’s wife’s name is Jezelle. She use to do hair in Greenville SC at Le Salon.

  • Bubbles

    Dwight is bisexual?! Never would have put that in a sentence together, pretty fiance congrats!

    • diana

      yeah believe it or not he is, lol, some people seem to think that bi men are only masculine but they are some gay men who are very masculine and buff but only like men so who knows

  • Anti-believer

    Dwight gets more attention from women because they need their hair done! Duh! The only man Dwight can pull is another feminie, queenie queen like him!

  • clove8canela

    And what about Jackee & Elgin Charles? On his reality show, he gave the impression he was straight, which I don’t think would be necessary considering how flamboyant he is

  • Oh Lawd! Bless his confuse heart! *In my grandma voice*

  • Ann

    Some of these women saw the signs……………..But ignored it. Dwight, I don’t see how women would chase him down as he claim when men rejects him.

  • CriticXtreme

    It’s called being so desperate in this fake world, that you did see the truth. Here’s the reality, get an AIDs/HIV test.

  • Just saying!!

    I would be lying if i said this wasn’t a fear of mine. You just never know these days.

    • A brother for equality

      All these comments and not one is sympathetic towards people who may not be comfortable or even know themselves fully. Look at the society we live in. How many people can say “I’m a black gay celebrity and I’m proud of it!”?? Not many because of being osticised like it’s anyone else’s business who they sleep with! Don’t get me wrong, there are some brothers out there bogus with theirs and like to ‘double dip’ knowing full well their status, but not everyone is this way. Think outside the box people, you’re world isn’t always so black and white. Thanks for letting me comment

      • mainstreamisoverrated

        Do YOU think outside of the box? I don’t care if you’re gay or what,but many gays like to preach,but are pretty dang offensive themselves. I get stank tudes from gay men ugh…..

  • You missed Rihanna’s ex Anthony Burrell he is an actor and popular background dancer for Beyonce , Destiny Child ect he is bisexual

    • tysandsnyc

      She didn’t marry him dumb-dumb.

      But can we stop it with the gay threads, please Bóssip/Madame? It’s in a way giving light to ehh-ehh-ehh.

      Thank You.

      • diana

        Danielle Fishel wasnt married to lance bass either but she’s still on the list because it fits the posting

  • The men may have not stood out to these women because they themselves act flamboyant or may be gay women or bisexual so that nature

    • meMOE

      i believe that’s true because jackie and fran dresser act like female drag queens overly feminine, that’s probably why gay men were attracted to them

  • Why are these gay men marrying women?

    • bigdawgman

      The older ones were just covering up. Looks like the new ones are gold diggers. Ah, equal opportunity for all! lol

    • Pivyque

      Some of them may actually be bi and not gay. So, once the marriage doesn’t work out and they go date a guy next, people assume that they must be gay and that’s why the marriage didn’t work out.

      • diana

        Thanks, been saying the same thing, some of these men are indeed bi

  • rainydaze80

    I read the biography by Dina Matos and it was scandalous! She described her ex-husband as someone who was so secretive and manipulative. With Jackee, I have no idea how she did not know, i mean come on! You met him in a salon…shut tha front door!

  • IllyPhilly

    Ooooooooooh, they knew, but after awhile couldn’t take the game. I’ve seen Cover. LOL

  • Missedwards

    That kiss between Dwight and his lady friend looks so uncomfortable for him.

    • IllyPhilly

      Bwhahahaha. Him: “Wait cut, I just threw up in my mouth a little, where are those damn Denzel lookalike models?!”

  • anonymouse

    has elgin come out as gay ( i know some are like…does he really have to? LOL). i remember an ep. on his show when he wanted to get back with jackee’

    • bigdawgman

      I saw that show, and liked it. I was seriously confused when I found out Elgin married a woman. WTH??? Poor Jackee must have been seriously desperate.

    • diana

      Even though he’s on the feminine side he’s actually bi

  • juicy

    You guys forgot Kordell and Porsha from RHOA 😀

    • ted mikeal

      That is just a rumor and probably false one since he is with another women now.

      • Denise

        All of the gay men in the slide show were with women. Apparently, dating or marrying a woman doesn’t mean you are straight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kordell is gay.

        • theworldiscrazy

          Preach! Some men are just ridiculous.

        • diana

          and don’t forget just because one has kids dont mean their straight either, look at eddie murphy, phillip bailey from earth wind and fire and so many others, they are not gay but bi

    • RedLeather


  • nursej

    Ijs…did yall havta put ms. lillie johnson address out there like that…lol…most ppl usually scratch their addresses of the magazine covers before sharing.

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    again… really did not know they were gay…”HOW”

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    again… really did not know they were gay…”HOW”

  • After seeing the Sandusky trial, being gay isn’t the worst thing my husband could be. 🙁

  • nina

    How could anyone not know Elgin and Dwight wasn’t gay? You have to either be stupid or naïve as all hell or desperate. Some women are just stupid and desperate. I have no sympathy for them. What the hell?

    • LadyRoshida Thomas

      This it right there!! Desperate an stupid. It’s very high profile in the church too!!

  • Csmath72

    Jhud is about to be on this list!

    • BrwnSuga

      Oop! If he does i will die, well i would then say i thought that since i love New York…

    • IllyPhilly

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • diana

      She’s bi anyway, yall don’t remember when she was in american idol she was with a masculine chick, check the old episodes and you’ll see who was with her during that time

      • Nicholle Vadiva

        You sure that wasnt her old fiance. He was a little soft looking:-)

      • LadyRoshida Thomas


  • Keisha Samoht

    Dwight? REALLY?!!??

    • Tam

      lolololol … Im so glad i came across this article..
      Its really an Eye opener

  • Liz

    More importantly. I’m wondering how long it will take them to realize they posted someone’s address on this article. I doubt it’s a fake address.

    • MNEditor2

      Whoops, thanks for the heads up! Fixing it ASAP.

  • Staro

    We cannot be “friends” after a fraud like this! A woman must have self esteem lower than the ground she stands on to knowlingly enter into a fake marriage. How awful to endure such a betrayal even for little while. This far worse than garden-variety infidelity. smh.

    • Kay

      For a lot of these people, homophobia ran rampant when they were growing up ESPECIALLY in the Black community. Some of these men may have used women to hide their sexualities but you can’t be so ignorant to believe that they were so sure of their homosexuality when they got married. They’ve been trained from birth to be sexually attracted to women and probably had legitimate feelings for these women that they thought must be love. Calling their infidelity worse because it was with men is unfair and internalized bigotry. What’s worse: Tiger Woods cheating with a looong list of women (including prostitutes) or a man falling in love with another man and realizing that his marriage is missing something. Also, bisexuality EXISTS. A man could leave his wife for another man and then write off women altogether just because of how terribly his ex-wife reacts.

  • Limeaide

    How could anybody marry Dwight and not know he is fully gay, give me a friggin break. Star Jones is another Celeb who married what was claimed to be a gay man.

    • Staro

      Seriously though . . . Dwight??? He’s so conspicuously gay, it’s just easy to mistake him for a woman badly trying to pass for man!

      • TheMsmother

        You guys didn’t read the whole story. She KNOWINGLY married a gay man. Dwight was never closeted.

    • Guest

      I aint been through the whole list and SHE aint on it? For real?

    • LiiSH

      Hahaha I work at the airport and just chopped it up with him. He wasn’t wearing a ring but he damn sure looked like he hi-jacked one of Willie Wonka’s stepping out outfits (complete with straw top-hat and all)

      • Ja’Quetta Yvonne

        Lol lol lol ur silly

    • LiiSH

      Hahaha I work at the airport and just chopped it up with him. He wasn’t wearing a ring but he damn sure looked like he hi-jacked one of Willie Wonka’s stepping out outfits (complete with straw top-hat and all)

    • bigdawgman

      Actually, Dwight’s wife/husband looks g*y too. Maybe they’re both bi.

      • LadyRoshida Thomas

        Truth and I totally agree with you on that!!

      • ajudente

        I was thinking the exact, same thing.

    • TheMsmother

      She DID know. He was always open about who he is.

  • These men played these women and were trying to come up. Point blank.

    • How?? Even Stevie Wonder can see these men are gay….lol

      • Neco84

        I can’t stop laughing! So true! Not playing into stereotypes but sometimes its blarringly obvious. How dont they know??? I have a coworker, male. Married to a woman. How doesnt she know/care? He walks around twirling with a hot pink ribbon, listening to Beyoncé, wearing a crown in front of her!!!! HAHAHA! And watch her act “surprised” when he comes out! HAHAHA

        • gallyun

          Lol, I hear ya.

        • anon

          Guys , don’t laugh…maybe he’s a lion in the bedroom. Its not always obvious!

        • gord

          Hes not gay

    • Lola

      I ABSOLUTELY KNEW something was up with Jonathan Plummer I just didn’t know he was gay! And the hair stylist with the cheek implants is not fooling anyone either!

    • Toria

      Fran Dresher and Peter Marc Jacobs met in high school long before he figured out he was gay. So he definitely didn’t play her. If you think otherwise, then you need to watch their interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show.