Caption This Pic Of Momma Dee Supporting Lil Scrappy As He Turns Himself In For Tampering With His Urine Sample

April 23, 2013  |  

If you thought the crazy couldn’t get any deeper when it comes to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, you must not know about wine-sipping-out-of-a-straw Momma Dee.

While we were somewhere preparing to tune in to the premiere of the new season, Lil Scrappy was on his way to jail. Why you ask? According to TMZ, the rapper refused to take a urine test as part of his probation back in March after he allegedly tried to submit a sample of urine that was cold and appeared to have been tampered with. So basically, he had something in his system he didn’t want his probation officer to know about. In the end though, a warrant was issued for his arrest because of the incident and he coincidentally turned himself in the day his show was set to come back for a second season. Along with him was his fiancée Erica, the VH1 cameras (you know Mona wouldn’t miss a beat), and his mother of course, Momma Dee. Dressed up, she arrived to see her son off and after he was put in custody, she got in front of the few cameras there and whipped out a homemade tee to support her son that said, “FREE SCRAPPY-in that order….” Guess she felt like there was no better time than the present.

So now that you know the background, how would you caption this photo? Feel free to use some of her signature lines from the show because I know a few that could work right now…

Photo courtesy of TMZ/Prince Williams/ATLPics

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  • KamJos

    Total enabler.

  • Ms. Kameria

    We ALL know he did wrong, but she’s like any other mother supporting her child. I’m not a mother, but I’m trying to give her some kind of benefit of the doubt.

  • blackwomenwhitemendatingcom

    A lovely blog.


    She also needs to stop meddling in her ADULT son’s personal business. In that order.

  • 2J2

    She not protesting, just selling t-shirts. The struggle!

  • yadayada

    as soon as i clicked on this pic all i felt was dead unbearable silence surround me. I absolutely can’t with this pic.

  • Akiko

    Why should he be free when he clearly did something wrong?

  • Jay Trevy

    I just wanna know where are the receipts to Momma Dee’s “Scrappy is the prince of the south” claims!

  • Ms_Mara

    She needs to put those thighs away and start dressing in a more age-appropriate manner. She also needs to stop meddling in her ADULT son’s personal business. In that order.

    • Akiko

      I doubt she is meddling. Based on what I have seen on the show, he seems to be the type of man who is really a child stuck in an adult body and depends on his mother.

  • Free him because he broke the laws of Probation, which he was on because he broke the law to begin with. She is beyond ignorant. Why Erica & Mona (?) are even considering being with his ignorant behind & becoming “family” with Momma is BEYOND ME!!!!! This isn’t even funny, it’s just sad.

  • Im confused. Free him for what? He violated his probation, he’s where he needs to be.

  • Really?!

    Wait, is that a kids size shirt?

    I just can’t wit her. Trying to respect my elders, I really am…..**walks away from keyboard**

  • kay

    UGHHHH…this is why everyone should not be a mother. She has cosigned his foolishness from day one. Stop trying to be an overgrown overaged groupie of your sons tired career and be a mother who holds your son acoountable for the actions that caused him to be in jail now….so free scrappy? I think not! Thats the problem some of these mothers wants to be thier sons girlfriend/homegirl and not the one who lets them know when they are out of hand. Momma Dee she needs to have several seats, get her own cray self some help and speech classes…..oh yeah IN THAT ORDER!!!