Wendy Williams Doesn’t Think Phaedra Belongs On RHOA Anymore

April 23, 2013  |  

Source(s): Bravo, YouTube

Towards the conclusion of part three of Real Housewives of Atlanta’s reunion show, NeNe told Andy Cohen that she would be speaking to him about which Atlanta housewife should be fired and replaced by someone new. Many guessed that she was referring to the very pregnant Phaedra Parks, as she appears to be the one who NeNe has the most issues with. During a recent episode of The Wendy Show, Wendy expressed that she too believed that NeNe was referring to Phaedra and that she couldn’t agree more that it’s time for Phaedra to hit the road. Professor Wendy also graded all of the housewives on how they were portrayed this season and when it came to Ms. Parks, the media maven served her with a big fat F.

“Phaedra, you started out as everything a lot of young girls want to be and that is a lawyer or at least someone who requires a lot of education. You went from being a smart lawyer who gave an ex-con a chance, which is forgiving and I gave you a plus for that. You’ve tumbled down into just being ratchet. Phaedra, I wonder if you’re the one NeNe was talking about when Andy asked last night if someone needs to go off of the show. Phaedra, it needs to be you.”

Of course Wendy being Wendy had plenty more shade to throw at Phaedra’s RHOA co-stars. She also accused Kandi of hiding something about her relationship with Todd and called her spin-off show “unnecessary.”

“Kandi, I give you an A for that hair. But for this season overall, I must say that there is something sketchy about that relationship with Todd. There’s something about you and Todd that I’m looking at with the squinty eyes. And there’s something about you on the show overall. I’m thinking that you’re holding back because you’ve got that spin-off show, which is very unnecessary. Kandi, you get a C, sorry.”

Turn the page to see footage of Wendy serving up shade. Do you think Bravo needs to get rid of Phaedra as a housewife? 

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  • Lois x Brundage Vance

    Everybody commenting on Kenya who was asked to join the show. Before she came on it was printed that she and Walter used to date and they were going to be rekindling their relationship. Walter knew full well before the show are what the storyline was going to be, then he turned around and tried to pretend that he and Kenya were a sham. If you didn’t want to rekindle a relationship, then why would you agree to it, then bad mouth her to other men to make yourself look good. You succeeded in making yourself look sorry. And that gay thing was a private discussion which you made public, so it was open for discussion when you bought it to everyone’s attention, not Kenya. Kenya gets a bad rap for doing just what she is supposed to do. She played her part well and that’s why everyone is so angry. There is nothing mental, alcoholic or bipolar about Kenya. She just know’s what keeps the audience engaged and that’s what’s bothering everyone. She, however is not the one looking desperate this season. It’s Phakedra, Kandi and Porsha with a little Kim on the side. Blooooooop!

  • Lois x Brundage Vance

    Yes! Yes! and Yes!

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  • OK I’m trying to understand how Wendy Williams, an ADMITTED recovering CRACKHEAD, is gonna judge Apollo for being locked up…?CRACK is illegal, and at ANY TIME in the 12 years she was sucking on the glass dick,had the cops stopped her, SHE would have been in prison too! ESPECIALLY with the 100-to-1 crack sentencing laws (you get 100 times the amount of time for the same amount of crack as powdered cocaine)…..she needs to CHILL.

  • krystal johnson

    Wendy shut up, you just like anyone that is messy like you. Phaedra did nothing to Kenya and you grade her a F and Kenya gets an A. You have just proven what everyone already knows about you Wendy, you like people that are full of drama. Kenya spent the whole season lying about everything under the moon. But this is to be expected from you Wendy because you are full of lies…..afterall you are still telling people you are a woman…

  • blackwomenwhitemendatingcom

    http://blackwomenwhitemendating1989.blogspot.c–o–m/ They need to add MARLOW as a housewife. I lived for her.. *lmboo* it
    would be interesting to watch how her and “newly found backbone”
    Cynthia will interact without NeNe around 24/7

  • ChooseyNKC

    But, if I had to pick somebody to leave, it would be Kenya…she is crazy and needs meds. Period….

  • ChooseyNKC

    Hell I thought Wendy was a man…for a very long time…and I still think…something is amiss. Wendy honey, you don’t need to be talking about anybody…..

  • kookla

    I thought she was talking about Kim? Or maybe Kim is already considered gone because she’s been checked out for the past two seasons? I don’t want Phaedra to go, only because she gets Kenya worked up and I would love to know more about how sketchy Apollo is being behind her back. There’s more to that story than meets the eye.

    • GirlSixx

      “know more about how sketchy Apollo is being behind her back. There’s more to that story than meets the eye”

      Yeah everybody already peeped that but she will NEVER let that be filmed.. Apollo already stated last season he wasn’t happy because he missed being who he is and how controlling Phaedra is but you know what they say rite?? He (she) who controls the money runs the house!!! He signed on to be her kept husband and now he wants to loosen the strings..

      • kookla

        What did you think during the reunion when he said Kenya had texted him about how good he looked when he was on Wendy’s show and he said he responded “Thank you.” I was wondering why he would even reply to her, knowing the history of Kenya and his wife. I thought that was a dead giveaway that Apollo is sending mixed messages and he’s engaging in flirtatious behavior back.

  • Ms. Kameria

    I think there should be a replacement for Kim. Kenya needs to leave and Porsha needs to go.

  • kandikane7150

    I would much rather see Phaedra on television than Wendy and I co-sign with posters that say that Kenya needs to leave. On the reunion show, I LOVED when Peter shut her down by telling her that Walter was a guy that she chased after ALL season then to turn around and call him ‘gay’. They need to put her back in the alley that they found her in.

  • Wendy please!
    Who are you to grade someone…

    • Actually I like Phaedra..but she can go..if she takes Wendy with her….o_O

  • GirlSixx

    Actually.. it was Kandi who suggested replacing a housewife, NeNe just said we need another one and when kandi said you mean replace or add one she smiled.. she didn’t give a definite answer.

    Honestly I don’t think anyone should be replaced, they all serve their purpose to the show right down to Phaedra and her strange/crazy facial and mouth expressions. They need to add MARLOW as a housewife. I lived for her.. *lmboo* it would be interesting to watch how her and “newly found backbone” Cynthia will interact without NeNe around 24/7

    • yeppers


      • GirlSixx

        Hmmm let’s take that question and add Kandi, Kenya Kim and Gretchen (RHOC)…. obviously we already seen you don’t have to be married or a housewife to be a castmate.

  • Trina1882

    I felt really bad for Porsha with the whole divorce deal but mehn that loud azz 30 minute speech on the reunion part 3 was annoying as ever. I know her words were real and painful but she was a bit TOO loud… lol. But I really do like her and I feel she is such a beautiful person and deserves so much better than that useless gay azzhole she married. I think that may be who NeNe may have been referring to that shouldn’t be on the show because she is too sweet of a woman to be on there. NeNe’s reply to her hinted at that. At least that’s what I got from it. I may be wrong. Why get rid of Phaedra? She’s a common enemy to more than 1 cast member

  • Amber Quast

    Kenya has to be the most shocking and embarrassing and repulsive piece of waste I have ever had to waste my eyes to look at. She is a sham and a sorry azz woman and a disgrace to WOMEN in general, not even black women. Pretty to look at on the outside but an empty vapid dead immoral trash on the inside. It got to the point where I had to fast forward her parts on the show and the reunion because it was sickening to listen to her speak. She is so full of herself it’s beyond a disgrace. All the name dropping about knowing celebrities and dating celebrities and owning and running a multi-million dollar empire, yet you’re on a reality show paying a gay bald man who is nothing in the looks department to pretend to be your man? And that “gone with the wind fabulous” BS, wow… This tragic garden tool needs medication for real and winning Miss USA or Miss Don’tNobodyGiveAShyt over 20 years ago is your ONLY claim to fame and staring in some D list straight to video movies. Sit your old azz the fawk down. Why did she even come on this show? Why does Bravo put these women on here who are nothing but side pieces to married men or have no men at all? It’s called Housewives? I assumed they’re all Housewives but I guess not.
    Kenya Needs To Go…

    • LadiesNight

      Girl Bye!!!

      • LovetoLoveYa007

        Fool BYE!!!!!!

    • meek

      Well I have no comment because you pretty much summed it up…

    • LovetoLoveYa007

      You sound bitter as hell!

      • Amber Quast

        What’s bitter about it? Simply my opinion on what I saw. So why don’t you be like Kenya and be “Gone With The Wind” and post your own comment as I’ve done and hop off my nuts…DumbAzz

  • pretty1908

    phaedra is ratchet but she doesn’t have to leave

  • Sunny

    Wendy has a lot of nerve calling anyone ratchet. They always want to get rid of people who aren’t full of drama. There needs to be women on the show who are fairly levelheaded, like Phaedra and Kandi, to balance out the ones who are full on crazy (Kenya) and loud and obnoxious (NeNe).

  • you madd

    I dont get whats shes saying about kandi and Todd, they seem to be the only NORMAL couple on that show, not trying to be all in front of the cameras or acting extra, they truly just exude a everyday couple to me. No drama….is that why they seem strange to her?? I really need her to elaborate on the strangeness, because they have said/done nothing to me that was questionable.

  • you madd

    Kenya definitely needs to LEAVE…she is a FLAT OUT LIE about the Walter situation and I honestly think she did not convince Andy she didnt lie about her involvement. He asked her to come clean and she basically told on herself by saying: “We datED (past tense) back in the day, when I came to ATL we started talking” Basically she DID NOT deny that her only contact with Walter was to get him into this scheme, and she wouldnt elaborate or say why they were distant acting, and how she could dismiss and act a fool with him so easily after his confession when she was acting like she wanted to MARRY HIM ALL SEASON. So I dont know who can come to her defense after that bold face admission. Kenya by that situation alone i believe will be LET GO from the show. That was shady boots and Im sure the producers didnt buy her story either. She acting out now, and thats not even entertaining to me or to the other case members.

    • GirlSixx

      Nooooo, now that Porscha is alledged to be returning next season with her divorce and embarking on her single independence being her storyline it will be hee-larious to watch her and KENYA bump heads because you know Kenya is waiting for that azz.

    • nah u madd

      Its one thing to lie about a relationship but its much worse to lie about the birth of your own FIRST child, and kenya wont be going anywhere she is the only reason why the show got any viewers other wise it would be nothing but phaedra fitness video (which she has no business doing) porsha acting stupid nene reading everybody and kandi talking through her teeth. ps she didnt chase him all season by the end i remember her trying to avoid him but im probably younger than you so my memory is a lot better

      • you madd

        Lol Im quite sure you are NOT younger than me, Kenya. However Phaedras child is HER business, you have no right to come after whats going on with that womans body, so you need to HAVE A SEAT WIT THAT, SEVERAL. Kenya shady A.. is on the hot seat BECAUSE HER LIE ABOUT WALTER IS WHAT SHE USED TO GET ON THIS SHOW AND THEN DIDNT HAVE ANYTHING TO TALK ABOUT WITH HIM BECAUSE IT WAS A SHAM, LEAVING HER NO REASON TO BE ON HOUSEWIVES IN THE FIRST DAM PLACE…All of the shenanigans between them were all the work of writers and part of the drama of the show so i dont believe that the workout video should be the reason Phaedra needs to exit, they have all had Drama ALL OF THEM. Kenya at the end of the day NOW HAS 0 REASON TO BE ON THE SHOW, AND THE FACT THAT SHE LIED ADS INSULT TO INJURY. BRAVO WOULD ONLY BE KEEPING HER THERE FOR HER IGNORANT ANTICS. AND THAT SONG IS TRASH, DONT SING THAT ANYMORE.

  • Sheena

    Wendy I give your big man looking @$$ an F!

  • SpecialK@yahoo.com

    Wendy said there was something about Todd and Kandi. Well the same could be said about her and her husband. She should never throw stones IJS: Remember this Wendy #ShutYoMouth!!
    Kevin Hunter, who is married to Williams, sought out a male WBLS employee for help in finding a hit man to rub out Hot97 personality Tarsha Jones, according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday. Hunter “was apparently angry over some comments that Miss Jones made about his wife on the air,” the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court claims. The blistering allegations are included in a federal sexual-harassment lawsuit filed by Nicole Spence, a 29-year-old talent booker for The Wendy Williams Experience!!

    • kierah

      Um 5 year old tea is really cold.

      • Jay Lane

        I don’t care if it was 100 years old, the TRUTH is timeless.

        • CoCooCoC

          Yes. It is well documented that Kevin cheated on Wendy while she was pregnant with their son. Kevin stayed cheating on Wendy. That chic Nicole Spence filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Kevin and named Wendy as one of the cluprits. That whole thing was an absolute MESS! That’s why Wendy goes hard on women who cheat with married men. But she never goes in on the married men themselves. Typical! SIGH…..

        • kierah

          If someone was trying to hire a hitman, wouldn’t Nicole be talking to the cops instead of using it in a lawsuit? She kept a murder plot under wraps but screams when she’s sexually harassed?! GTFOH with that mess! Next!

  • KJ23

    Kenya needs to be the one to leave. Her antics were embarrassing to watch. Like I felt embarrassed for watching her foolery. She did a whole lot of nothing and too much of it.

    • Man I couldn’t agree with you more. She was so ridiculuos. And to think that she was actually Miss USA is funny; they too should be embrassed.

  • CuzICan

    Wendy always got something to say!! I see she left Lil Kim alone!!! Lol!!!

  • Kelsey

    Wendy’s comments about Kandi is pot on. I am sorry but she nailed it on the head for me

  • JaneDoe

    I agree with Wendy.. As a professional woman, preacher’s kid, and a mother of two she should reconsider her role on that show. At this point I don’t think anyone takes her seriously..