Update: News Anchor Drops An F-Bomb On Live TV, Gets Fired On First Day, Gets On The “Today” Show

April 24, 2013  |  

Screenshot of AJ Clemente on his first/last day of work

Broadcast reporter A.J. Clemente had his first and last day on the air over the weekend.

While preparing for his debut on North Dakota NBC station KFYR, he didn’t realize he was on a live mike. Nerves clearly getting the best of him, he could be heard saying “F*****g s**t” just as his co-anchor Van Tieu was kicking off the 10pm broadcast. At first, he was suspended for the slip. Then he was fired. Apologies came from all sides, including Clemente, who has taken to his Twitter account to reassure everyone that he’s taking it in stride and to thank everyone for the support.

But the question is whether the punishment is bigger than the crime. Yes, it’s live TV and totally unprofessional. But it’s also really funny (clip below). And clearly, the guy wasn’t going to make it a habit to use this kind of language during the broadcast. When you hire young people to do big jobs, there’s bound to be a mishap or two. Heck, when you hire old people to do a job, mistakes will be made. A slap on the wrist probably would’ve been sufficient.

But what do you think? Should AJ have been given another chance?

Update: Our rookie reporter of the week, AJ Clemente, made an appearance this morning on the Today show, where he talked about the circumstances surrounding his disastrous first evening on the air in North Dakota. Turns out it was a “storm” of different things that set up the now infamous clip, and Clemente says he fully expected to be fired for the mishap. But, because when you go viral things happen, he got the chance to tease some upcoming segments during his morning show appearance. That’s a resume booster if ever there was one.

It should also be noted that in a poll of Today show viewers, more than 86 percent said they don’t think AJ should’ve been fired. He’ll be back in the studio in no time, we predict.


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  • JoAnn

    No. He should not be given another chance. If that was a black person they would have gotten fired.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    I saw him on MSNBC and Today Show this morning, he should be given another chance tho.

  • hollyw

    While I’d think a more appropriate response would have been to sanction him, even suspend, they def had probable cause. Like, “You had one job…”

    I work w/ small children, it’s a no-brainer not to, say, slap them. Even when they frustrate you, berate, or even try to spit on you. I wouldn’t be like, “This is so unfair, i deserve a second chance!” lol…

  • clove8canela

    Haha. Poor thing. I hope someone gives him another chance.

  • Candacey Doris

    It wasn’t that serious. They should have just disciplined him. I hope he finds a new job though.

  • IllyPhilly

    Holy f*ckin sh!t, he cussed! I’m outraged! *turns on TV to a syndicate channel that shows violence, simulated sex, and cussing.* WTF is the world coming to?!

  • N3

    Call it for what it is. They just wanted a reason to fire the brother and he gave it to them. When you do not make the rules they can be used against you. Daily racism at work.

    • Linda

      That’s just silly! Why would they hire him one day and then “look for a reason to fire him the next day?” That would be a complete waste of money, which as a business I’m sure that’s not their intention. Racism doesn’t apply in EVERY instance.

    • Kenedy

      How is racism even being brought into this? I must be blind, because I really don’t think this guy is black

      • Well, does one have to be Black for it to be racism? He appears to be Latino.

        • Kenedy

          N3 called him a “brother” in her statement…if he/she hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have made this statement

    • Mo

      You may have a point not the racism but that he is bi-racial.

  • Lau

    why is he using that language on the job anyway? fire him

    • TRUTH IS

      Trust the higher up spit curse words like a river flow on a daily basis.

    • IllyPhilly

      You must work at a place where talking is prohibited. If you stay around church too long you might hear a sh!t (the word) of course with holy in front of in.

      • hollyw

        I think there’s varying liability w/ diff. jobs, his industry is much more tied to money and ratings. Case-in-point, I do child therapy, and office environment guidelines are every clear and strict, and I’ve never slipped up cussing or talking bout the drinking I did way-when, b/c it’ll be noted on your annual evaluations (if not being written up), and that affects my mon-tey lol…I’m sure he was aware of risks of slip-ups on air…or if he didn’t he know now lol smh…

    • ksmall

      he was trying to pronounce some of the names on his script to himself and got frustrated when he kept messing them up…but no one told him they went on air 30 seconds early. that’s as much their fault as his. we’ve all had an “oh sh*t” moment on the job and he was talking to himself like most of us do when that happens. they shouldn’t have fired him for that. i hope he gets a better opportunity somewhere else.

      • hollyw

        I can def see the station’s fault and needing to own the incident, but I also understand their feeling the need to him out of image concerns, which are valid concerns in the media industry. Like, they can’t have a minority dropping F-bombs on air in N. Dakota lol!

        • ksmall

          def not the worst thing that’s ever happened on air or the worst thing ever said. they could have had him issue an apology. but, to your point, they do have to cover their own a$$es as a business. just seems like they could’ve found something less harsh than firing him since it was clearly a mistake.

    • hollyw

      Honestly, i said the same thing at first, but I think he was caught talking to himself, actually… = lol

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    They should have gave him another chance, he might have been nervous and let his nerves get the best of him on his first day. I’ve seen worse on live news than this.

  • Ms. Bee

    Lol, they didn’t have to fire him. There have been bigger mishaps committed ON PURPOSE by more experienced people. Booty.