Back To “Basketball Wives”: Tami Roman’s TVOne Show, “Belles” Gets Axed After 6 Episodes Because You Weren’t Watching

April 22, 2013  |  

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Back in January we told you about Tami Roman getting back into acting (she did do some acting and not JUST reality TV back in the day…remember that appearance on Married With Children?) and having a starring role on a new TVOne show called Belles. Here’s a reminder of the plot and what part Roman played in it, in case you never even heard of the show:

“The show’s plot is centered around a widowed soul food restaurant owner and his two adult daughters, following the death of his wife Belle. Tami, who plays Loretta Cooper is described via the show’s press release as “a beautiful, stylish, self-absorbed prima donna with ambitions that alternate between a career in the music business, fashion and finding a rich husband.” It seems that Loretta does not like working at the restaurant and often pretends that she is not an employee. She believes she was destined to be a star, not a waitress. Tami’s co-stars include Elise Neal, Keith David, Ella Joyce and Miguel Nunez.”

Well, blame it on the plot, or the actors, or just the fact that there are too many watered down black sitcoms on different channels these days, but according to Shadow and Act, TVOne pulled the plug on the series after letting it run for a full season’s worth of episodes, which was only six (yes, just six). And while we haven’t heard from Roman as of yet, probably because she still has another job in line as an angry version of herself on Basketball Wives later in the year, her co-star, actor Miguel Nunez, took to Twitter to spread the news.

Well my dear Friends. TV One has decided Not 2 pick up Belles the best show & cast they ever had. I am in shock. But it will be back.

His fans seemed pretty upset by the news and claimed that they loved the show and that it was positive TV, but they might have been the only ones watching since ratings weren’t high enough to make an impact and to keep it going. Therefore, the channel will have to continue to pull in viewers hopefully through Find Our Missing, R&B Divas, Unsung and all of their syndicated sitcoms–clearly they’ll be fine. And so will Roman, since Basketball Wives comes back in August. But so much for focusing on a serious acting career…

Check out a clip from the show you weren’t watching on the next page.

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  • Melizmatic

    Good; I didn’t watch it because it was awful.

  • kierah

    The show was a glorified chitlin circuit stage play.

  • JRoc85

    Damn right we weren’t watching, hahahaha. Ella Joyce, Keith David, Elise Neal are AMAZING, but Tami’s reputation is what caused people NOT to tune in!!!!!!!

  • gg

    The show was obviously not well promoted. With all the social media out there!

  • MonicaT

    Didn’t know this show exist, but so sad for Elise Neal good actress! Why do they continue to pass on GOOD actresses for those who can’t act. Oh forgot that’s TV One and they may not being paying good actors what they are worth! Start putting money into these shows,get good actors who have the chops and most imortantly get good writers!!!! Even with promotion it was going nowhere fast!

  • Team Jennifer

    For me I watched 2 shows but couldn’t stand Tami Roman. That is probably why nobody watched. Anything Tami Roman is on along with that Evelyn Lozada I am out. My opinion. No offense to the other castmates. Tami wasn’t fooling anybody trying to act nice after the way she she has acted on Basketball wives, give me a break

  • Child_Puhleez

    Glad I never watched that garbage. Tami Roman was in it, so that was your first clue. smh

  • Prissy

    The show was HORRIBLE. That’s all that was. TV One has great programming but this one just couldn’t cut the mustard! NEXT.

  • faith

    I don’t like Tami Roman. She should not have been on the show that was the reason I didn’t look at it.

  • clove8canela

    It got cancelled because it was awful. From the 2 shows I watched, I assume it was an adult show but the child narrator was confusing. In most cases, the narrator reflects the audience they’re targeting (ie Carrie on Sex & the City) & so that was just odd. Also, it wouldn’t hurt Ms. Roman to take some more acting lessons.

    • JarvealBaker

      Well Elise LEFT “All Of Us” after the 2nd season. And after she left the show ran for another 3 seasons. ALL the comedy shows got the axe when UPN changed to the CW. So THAT’s not the case boo boo

  • yeppers

    I didnt know ANYTHING about this show…that shows you what networks choose to promote. I havent even seen Tami RT’d (BECAUSE I DONT FOLLOW HER) about the show not ONCE! If no one is watching or making a show hot you would at least think the characters could get friends and friends of friends to tweet about it. I honestly have NEVER heard of it until this headline today. SMH. Im sorry if it had that little heat and no following it probably needed to be canceled. I dont support keeping a BAD show on the air just because it has black people in it.

  • Gigi

    I watched all of the episodes. It wasn’t a great show, but it was cute. TV One did not promote it well. I actually stumbled upon the show. Centric has 2 new shows as well. They need to step up they’re promotion too.

  • Lona nods

    I tried watching this show and only way I found out about is I stumbled on it one night. it didn’t pull me in enough to keep watching.

  • Fair and Balanced

    Don’t blame us for the network’s failure to promote the show.

  • monalisa15

    Damn. I really enjoyed Belle’s It had the old school flava i really miss about sitcoms. Networks don’t even give shows enough time to catch on.

  • honest

    tvone doesn’t give shows the chance to get noticed anyway…look at dr. steve perry’s show save my son i didnt even know it existed until later on and i loved it but guess what ppl petitioned for it but tvone still cancelled it they dont care….look at cedric the entertainer and neicy nash show the soul man tvland gave them perfect promotion and we all watched it.and now they are coming back with a second season…tvone doesnt do promo for there shows and thats why black ppl dont watch we dont even know they have new shows….and to be honest i don’t even have that channel i can only watch tvone on demand and thats how i discovered that show save my son..

  • miemie

    Feel sorry for Elise Neal.. i think this is the 3rd show she’s been on that got cancelled. The Hughleys, All of us, now this one.. must hurt

    • Child_Puhleez

      You’re right. Too bad. At least Elise Neal has true talent.

    • gg

      It’s work on her resume’. That’s the upside. Nothing is guaranteed in this business.

    • JRoc85

      Maybe so, but “The Hughleys” & “All of Us” BOTH had successful runs for 4 seasons!!!!!!

  • tikkit30

    I watched a couple of episodes of this show,but it just wasn’t good.