Insensitive? “BBWLA” Star Draya Michele To Sell “Say No To Drugs” Shirt With Whitney Houston On It For Her “Fine A** Girls” Clothing Line

April 22, 2013  |  

As we’ve told you in the past, Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele is not just a reality star or hip-hop booty model. She’s actually a businesswoman trying to push makeup and clothing, doing the latter through her second fashion line, Fine A** Girls, which is known for fun tees, as well as sweaters, lingerie and skull cap hats. When speaking with VH1 not too long ago about what the line is all about, she said it’s about empowering women:

I just wanted to start something that could motivate girls. It’s like a confidence booster. I’m lucky enough to hang around really good people, I have really amazing friends, and they’re also really beautiful and we take a lot of pride in looking how we look. We’re just trying to be all-around good people, so it’s just a movement for empowerment.”

But she’s been catching a bit of heat for an upcoming shirt she’s working on with the line that shows a young Whitney Houston holding a Boston Herald “Say ‘No’ To Drugs!” anti-drug bumper sticker back in 1986. Houston was about 23 at the time, smiling it up, not knowing the direction drugs would take her life in as she got older. For the shirt, the words “Early 20’s” are featured over her smiling face, and the shirt seems to be a warning for others. We guess…Here’s what she said when she posted the pic on Instagram:

“New from #finea**girls….#early20s #saynotodrugs…#yesiknowits420”

But when her followers called her out for being a bit insensitive, she posted the original picture and set the record straight:

FYI: we would never disrespect the DIVA … She held up the sign herself … Just raising awareness among girls #early20s

I guess the reality personality was trying to claim that she wants young ladies to be aware and to stay away from drugs, but did we really need to use Whitney Houston’s face to push the point? Especially since none of the other tops on her website use anybody else’s image, including her own, on the shirts to sell the shirts or send a message. Seems like a bit much too soon, and in all honesty, I don’t know if it would be appropriate in five years, 10 years, 15 or more–it just comes off very unnecessary.

What do you think?

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  • and who is she to judge..?? she needs to make herself as an example.. don’t point a finger if you have 5 pointing back at you…smh..

  • honest

    Cissy and Bobbi Christina is going to sue her and i cant wait….this is so disrespectful…man the industry dun changed before you had to have talent to make it now with these reality trash shows these bum chicks really think they are one of the stars who actually put in work

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Can’t the Houston family sue her for this?

  • Prissy

    What better person to use as an example?? We must stop putting our beloved singers on a pedestal. We must realize Whitney Houston and other none musicians who have died from their consistent drug use need to be used as examples. Say NO to drugs.

    • yeppers

      Understand the pedestal, however Whitney is a cultural Icon, on the business side of this Draya is not authorized to make money from her likeness which would sell this more than the “message” she claims to be trying to send. ITs a money making scheme period and should not be allowed by the family. Plus to use someone dead picture like that without their consent for monetary gain is shady boots. Thats kinda low.

  • brwngirl

    Funny Draya did this …

    I was going to make a t-shirt of my own with her image that says “take care of your child and stay out the club”.

    • Guest

      That would be a wonderful message to convey to people as well! Just as the one she is making with Whitney Houston’s image would. Ms. Houston was a great talent whose life tragically ended due to drug abuse…that’s just a fact.

    • Blueberry01

      Or “Say No to Hoes”….

  • pickneychile

    Well this was a good way to get people talking about her clothing line because I certainly wasn’t checking for it, and don’t know anybody who was. Obviously it was a calculated move.

  • Alecia Murphy

    I understand she wants to send a message but you cross a line when you do this type of thing to someone’s mother, daugther, aunt, and sister. Whitney’s life wasn’t perfect but I think you can send this message in some other way.

    • Bits


  • Akiko

    Does she have permission to use her image this way?

    • yeppers

      IM SURE she does not which is why it will be receiving a cease and desist letter immediately from the houstons. You cant use someones photo to promote anything or signify drug use without their permission. Shes done this before putting images on Beyonces tshirt photos to promote her clothing line. She going to learn when she gets a million dollar lawsuit from using celebrities she DOESNT KNOW AND HASNT CLEARED faces to promote this mess. I love Draya but come on babe, be a smarter business woman if thats what you are trying to be.

  • Prissy

    As much as I LOVE Whitney let’s be real. She was a drug addict and a hypocrite. Draya isn’t the best person in the world.. but her message is real and speaks volumes. You can clearly see what drugs does to a person. I say stop being sensitive and start getting real.

    • brwngirl

      Draya is the same woman who instagrams pictures of herself smoking, partying with strippers throwing money, in her lingerie and wearing dresses that are only fit for prostitutes…

      lets keep it 100, Draya isn’t trying to send a message of “stay off drugs” … “beware” she’s trying to get attention to her line “FAGS” (…even look at the name of her clothing line…she’s a MESS!)

    • Bits

      okay duh! we all know that whitney was on drugs but how was she a hypocrite? she clearly stated in her later years that she took drugs. she was not a “say no to drugs” advocate before she died and she sure as hell was no hypocrite. Whitney lived her life and she had troubles just like everyone else. Draya was clearly being messy and got called on it. Whitney Houston’s voice was a miracle and all bottom feeders like Draya are concerned with is highlighting her drug use and the woman is dead. People like you and that leech Draya need to get a life.

  • JaneDoe

    Draya is stirrign the Pot.. She know darn well this wasn’t gonna sit well with folks..

    • JaneDoe