Porsha: ‘Kordell Was In The Next Room When I Found Out About The Divorce On Twitter’

April 22, 2013  |  

Source: Bravo

Last night Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart made an appearance of Bravo TV‘s Watch What Happens Live following the conclusion of part three of RHOA’s reunion special. During the appearance, the Georgia peach chatted it up with Andy Cohen and actress Vivica Fox about the show and feeling betrayed by her husband’s divorce filing, which has played out very publicly over the past month. She even expressed that she learned that her marriage was over via Twitter, of all places. Check out some of what she had to say.

On not knowing that Kordell would file during the reunion show taping: 

“I was totally blindsided. At the reunion I did feel some kind of way because I did want my husband there with me. But I was standing strong representing for my family. I was a wife. That’s my title. And that’s what I took ownership of. When I found out about the divorce it was absolutely a surprise.”

On learning of Kordell’s filing:

“I was laying in the bed and I woke up and I tweeted ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life.’ I put the phone down and I took another nap like I always do sometimes and I looked back at my phone and my sister was calling me over and over. She said ‘Have you heard?’ and I’m like ‘Heard what?’ So I said let me go back to Twitter. The first thing I see is ‘Kordell divorcing Porsha.’ And I’m thinking this is just a crazy joke. Yeah, I found out from Twitter. I called my sister back and said ‘I’m going to ask him about it.'”

On confronting Kordell: 

“I went in there and I asked him. He was there [in the other room]. And I asked my husband, I asked him had he filed. Just a long story short, I felt very disappointed and let down. When I got married I meant it for life. I always said I would never get a divorce unless he cheated on me or something like that. He didn’t [tell my why]. First of all, I had to find out from my attorney that it was true. We looked it up online, found out that it was true that he had actually filed. I was just heartbroken. I am still right now. I’m a brave woman and I know that I’m living this out in front of the world because of the way it was done. You know, on the Internet, I’m in the public eye and everybody knows about it.”

On how she copes with still living with Kordell:

“Yes [we’re still living together]. I’m from Atlanta. I’m born and raised in Atlanta. I have friends and family so I spend time away, I spend time home. It’s a difficult situation right now. It’s something that I did not want at all. I had asked ‘Can we work this out?’, ‘Can we go to counseling?’ What you saw at the reunion was a wife trying her last try. When you are married you need to put 150% into your marriage, no matter what. And if it doesn’t work, you need to be able to walk away and say, ‘I tried.’ I feel at the end of the day that it was just a betrayal that I suffered from and that’s something I’m going to have to move on with. But at least I know I put in my best.”

“We’re in the same house. I didn’t say we speak and I didn’t say I’m cooking. It ain’t no eggs and bacon and ham hocks no mo’.”

Turn the page to see footage of Porsha chatting it up with Andy and Vivica. Are you shocked that Kordell was in the very next room when Porsha learned he was divorcing her? 

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  • He’s so ugly and gross anyway… Your basic blockhead. Is he broke? Why is he doing a reality show anyway???

  • Keisha Samoht

    Wow what a lil itch-b. He got less bawls than a nurtured dog.

  • princesspr

    No, I am NOT surprise —- Because that is what kind of Coward Kordell is! First, he doesn’t make an appearance on the Reunion then he is in the very next room when she finds out about the divorce! Also, to top off his cowardliness; he will not give her a reason for the divorce. UGH! Yes, ladies this is the kind of man he is! LADIES YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    • His reason is that he likes the fellas and hasn’t come to grips with that.

    • Yeah and wait until we here what REALLY happened. This dumb a$$ b!tch isnt foolin anyone but other dub bitter b!tches like YOU….lolll

  • kierah

    Reminded me that no prominent Black man has been burned with hot grits in the bathtub in a long long time. . .

  • yeppers

    And on another NOTE porsha is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS….Do you know how many CURRENT professional athletes and ballers have probably inquired about her since her TV debut. (not saying that she needs to dig for gold because she doesnt). But she is on track to be with a man who really deserves her, she has shown her loyalty to a man for millions of people to see, somebody is going to sweep her the hell off her feet in 5 seconds. Kordell probably trying to keep a reign on her for that reason as well. He is older too….

    • Yeah, cuz “ballers” do tend to like DUMB dingy loudmouth hyper active idiots as trophy wives…..Porsha’s type ALWAYS gets done like she did, eventually….Thats the type you date, show up with at red carpet events, SMASH, and go…..The end

  • M’Jae

    Why does Vivica look like a drag queen?

    • CurlyBoo

      why was Vivica there???

      • hollyw

        She got a new movie coming out in (some) theatres (somewhere in a distant land) this weekend lol smh….

    • She looked like her character in Why do Fools Fall in Love…….not in a good way

  • yeppers

    and She need to MOVE out that house….Im sure he is still trying to get the cookies after he embarassed the hell outa her. nope!! I would be out the door. If a man feels like he can disrespect you like that and then keep you depending on him or in his BED he will not respect you and learn from HIS decision. She needs to move out and let him know what LOSING really is. He probably runnin around tellin all his cookie crunch girlfriends that she still living with him cus she need him and blah blah, no mam, wouldnt be me. The day you filed for divorce I would have been at another address THAT NIGHT. DONT PLAY WITH ME.

    • princesspr

      @Yeppers —Porsha would love to move out of the martial home; but unfortunately, she can’t. Porsha is asking for the house in the divorce settlement; so she can’t move or she will look as if she abandon the home. So, she is stuck there with that COWARD until things are settled.

      P.S. That is why the COWARD has moved as well. They both want the house!

      • I honestly think Kordell should get the house. Its just common sense to me. They don’t have children together so its not like kids are being uprooted from their childhood home if she moves out. Also, & most importantly HE is paying for it and it (along with everything in it) belongs to him

        • THANK YOU! That dumb heifer was living with her mother, and making lunches at the day-care-center her mother ran. Kordell worked HARD for his money & paid for that house. Now this DUM-DUM , whom he was with less than 2 yrs think she finna just TAKE his million dollar home !? LOL Yeah good luck with than, in ATL of all places…..No judge in there right mind will have it. Just ask folks like Sheree *lol* and she HAD kids with ex-hubby

    • She’s staying in that house due largely for legal maneuvering. She wants that house or at least half the equity of the sale. Her lawyer probably advised her NOT to move out until ordered to do so. Its a smart move if you can stand to look at his greasy azz.

  • I know she hated last night’s reunion airing! Poor chile

  • He’s low down, back stabbing, and sneaky. Those are the worst of the worst character flaws. You can’t work on a marriage with someone you can’t trust and she definitely should not trust him after this act. Sad she needs to wake up and realize it takes two to make a marriage work. If she believes she did all she could then its time for a little self preservation and bow out.

  • JRoc85

    Porsha appeared to be an airhead on RHOA, BUT Porsha CAN DEFINITELY hold her own when she’s backed into a corner!!!! Peter was certainly correct at the reunion, if Kordell was the RIGHT type of husband, he would have been at the reunion holding his woman down!!!!!!!!!!!! Porsha will bounce back.

    • I hopr to God she wont, and Kordell filed a week later…Why would he be there?….Kordell “checked out” long before the reunion and Porsha KNEW it.

      • hollyw

        You “hope to God” she won’t..? Really?? Geeesh…

  • hollyw

    That is so embarrassing and such a betrayal. Regardless of what went on during the marriage, you must have not only a lack of complete respect, but even a hatred for your spouse to treat them in such a way. You either had to have intentionally filed and wanting everyone else to know but them out of cowardice or cruelty.

  • PatsyP

    Porsha was definitely going through it when she appeared on the reunion show. Her impassioned speech clearly showed she was in some emotional turmoil that involved the show and her husband. And when Peter, rightly pointed out that her husband should be there supporting her, I thought she was going to break down.

    I do hope she can lean on her family and close friends during this time. She does not need any of those “reality” frenemies to comfort her only for camera time. Also, Kordell did her a huge favor. That man would have had her barefoot, pregnant and locked in the house, caveman style. Good Riddance. Hopefully, when she spends some time finding out who she is, God will bring the right husband to her.

  • I felt truly betrayed for her after watching her go to bat for her husband and her marriage last night on the reunion. She was clearly defending what she thought was precious to her. You could see the emotion pouring out of her as she ranted about her marriage and how much being a good godly wife meant to her. It’s really sad to see someone betray that kind of love. I hope she is able to move on and heal. She deserves better.

    • *ahem*……..ALL I have to say is LMAOOOOOOO! *and pointing* @ Porsha’s dumb ass…..FINALLY! Kordell has had enough of Prosha’s empty-headed non-sense and FILED FOR DIVORCE LMAOOOO@The season’s finale, Next to her pic it said:”Kordell has filed for divorce” and nothing else,because she HAS nothing else going for herself (i.e. no career no life no nothing). While she bragged on the fact that she had a “perfect storybook life” and everyone was JEALOUS of her. Heifer couldn’t even keep it together.
      Yeah and don’t think just because there was no “pre-nump, that she’s walking
      away with any $$$ either. Unlike the state of CA, the courts in the ATL favor
      the rich hubby and/or baby-daddy in these types of situations, even if you have
      kids. They see wh0res, home-wreckers,gold diggers, & jump-offs for what
      they are….Just ask Sheree & Kandi. Now her DUMB a$$ will have to somehow
      figure out how to support herself off her own efforts. The only option for
      dumb-b!tches that wear too much makeup & weave, is video model or
      high-priced escort. So good luck Porsh! *lol*

      • P.S. A smart woman would’ve seen this coming and been preparing. Aint no way in heII you don’t know until someone tweets you about your husband filing divorce *side eye* Really b!tch?…..Either #1.She’s lying and KNEW it was coming but was in denial trying to keep up appearances OR #2.She really “IS” that dumb and had no idea this was coming…..I say #1, notice she couldnt even answer that question straight in the “On confronting Kordell” section. I hope this dumb broad get AXED from show too…..”God giveth & he can taketh away”. I have no sympathy for DUMMIES or snobs or dumb-snobs. Porsha is a ditzy dumb loudmouth hyperactive idiot that needs to learn to be humble. You dont brag or make fun of someone for not having “materialistic” garbage that you have. It’s hard to beleive she is in her 30’s, when she has the personality of a dumb ditsy shallow teen girl.

        • Yeah yeah yeah Kordell is a coward, blah blah blah, but THATS the man she chose to be with . So what does that say about HER dumb a$$ character? She knew how he was BEFORE she married him, and knew how he wanted a marriage to go (i.e. being a house wive, kids, no career). She also heard the GAY RUMORS, all this and she and STILL married him. All for money and social status….*smh…Wait until the US starts up those “2 yr marriages” like Mexico. Marriage licenses have to be renewed every 2 yrs to keep people from going through divorces. If the sh*t doesn’t work out just dont file the paper work and the marriage is automatically annulled after the 3 month grace period

          • *PSA* Devil’s Advovate: Seeing as though it took three post for you to make your statement it seems that you are toooooo invested on the topic of this article which proves that people on the internet have too much of an opinion on something they don’t know all of the facts about. I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion but you just have too much of detailed opinion,

            • hollyw

              LMBO girl that was an understatement! I just stopped halfway through post #2, I kinda guessed she/he was an internet troll, like who is this invested??

  • AncientSpiritNewDay

    This is just low down to the ground, what an evil man. smh

  • brwngirl

    I give Porsha so much credit for being composed and calm, because if that had been me – Ms. Kordell would be 7 ft under.

    I do wish her nothing but positivity and success, it is clear that Shady Queen is trying to break her down … and it is NOT working! Go Porsha!

    • princesspr

      No, brwngirl —-You would be doing exactly what Porsha is doing — holding your head up high; and moving forward!!!!!

  • JaneDoe

    Just wow.. I can’t imagine the hurt. Some men need to be layed out in the drive way and well fill in the blank.. You don’t play with people like that.. He is lucky he didn’t have a jamaican/cuban spit fire like myself to deal with..