One, Two, Meet Me Outside: Co-Stars Who Got Into It Behind The Scenes

May 2, 2013 ‐ By Kelly Franklin
Source: ATL Pics

Source: ATL Pics

Earrings and watches off – Check. Vaseline nearby for face protectant- Check, check. Boxing gloves for this soon – to – be TKO- Check, check, chizeck! But before round 1, can somebody please tell these actors and actresses that life can’t be Burger King have-it-your-way all the time?

Needless to say, the stars in this article came out swinging — angered by script writing or co-star drama for your mama. For them, it’s not just about learning and then flawlessly delivering lines on set. They want to be respected by both producers and fellow thespians. They want adequate pay and appreciation for all their hard work too. They want the same things us regular folk working regular 9 to 5’s want. But too often, we hear about catfight feuds between two actresses or ticked-off tweets involving angered actors. Like us, there may be at least one co-worker we don’t work well with. Perhaps for one reason or another, the film or TV show is  moving in a different direction that’s undesirable to the actor. Check out the real reasons these celebs got in behind-the-scenes tussles.

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  • Lynnie

    As much as SJP was supposedly the main character for SATC, it was SAMANTHA who everyone wanted to see. She was hilarious!! Her antics were classic and I loved her to death!! The writer is exactly right: Samantha wouldn’t be caught dead doing most of that crap SJP had “approved.” SJP RUINED the show AND those movies!! That is why nobody wants to see a SATC3. Remember when she blamed Miranda for breaking up her marriage because of something Miranda SAID to Big in the heat of the moment? That was the stupidest scene I have EVER seen. And, with the exception of Samantha, SATC2 was just dumb. The writing on the show was just UNBELIEVABLE when SJP took over. I mean, it was like day and night and you could IMMEDIATELY tell when SJP started to take it over. I used to love that show, but now when I look at the reruns of any season past season 2, I can’t stand it NOR HER.

  • Isaiah Washington is an *ss…period. I have never liked that guy. There are certain actors you just know you wouldn’t like, such as Isaiah Washington (mean), Eriq LaSalle (mean), Shamar Moore (arrogant), Jazmine Guy (mean, self-centered, arrogant), Lisa Raye (self-centered groupie/gold-digger), Stacy Dash (out-of-touch with blackness), Usher (mean and phony as a $3 bill), Jada Pinket-Smith (arrogant), Zoe Saldana (ashamed to be a Black Latina), and more.

    Yes, I have met some of these people, and they lived up to their negative reps.

  • clove8canela

    It seems like lately, every time Terrance Howard opens his mouth, it’s the world against him. First, he claimed the black community shunned him because his new wife wasn’t black, then, Mr. Wetwipes claimed that that wife had issues, then, he was blacklisted because of disagreements with the producers on his last big movie & now this is the first I heard of his issue with Mr. Cosby (SN: I wonder what episode that was.). Sigh. And then somewhere in there he managed to disrespect Oprah & is working on curing cancer.

    I don’t know what his deal is but he comes off as a total dbag.

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  • Another good feud was Betty White and Bea Arthur from Golden Girls… they HATED each other

    • realadulttalk

      Really?? I never knew that…still love that show.

  • randomtandem

    Aunt Viv is still on that same tired BS? She can’t blame anyone but herself! She even admitted it on Life After. girl BYE!

  • randomtandem

    2 or 3AM in the morning as opposed to 2 or 3AM at night?

  • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

    I never really saw Good Times as making JJ act like a stereotype but now that i read that i see why both of them left.