[Watch] Iyanla And Bob Read Sheree On ‘Iyanla Fix My Life’

April 21, 2013  |  

Last night, I expected to walk away from the latest episode of “Iyanla Fix My Life” even more disgusted with former NFL star Bob Whitfield than I had already been. But in the end, I actually felt a little compassion for the ex-husband of former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield, and more sad and disappointed by her actions than his, oddly enough.

In my mind, Sheree marks the second client in a row who has come on Iyanla’s show unwilling to do the work (DMX being the first). Most RHOA fans will admit Sheree has seemed phony from day one, but for some reason I imagined that act was for those cameras and she wouldn’t dare get on this show pretending. But after seeing how she acted on a show that was supposed to be about resolving issues, it appears phoniness is a way of life for her, from her farce of a marriage to the grandiose plans of Chateau Sheree — which Iyanla got on her about by the way.

Heading out to the lot which is still ladden with dirt mounds and the outline of an incomplete home, Iyanla asked Sheree how she could build an edifice like that but still need child support from Bob. She then proceeded to ask the former reality star what Chateau Sheree was about and when she said it was about her kids, Iyanla shut that down and told her the extravagant home wasn’t about her kids at all, but about her. And how could she really argue with that? The name says it all.

Caiming that home is about her kids isn’t the only pretending Sheree has done. Both she and Bob admitted to pretending to actually be in a real marriage and be happy. Sheree admitted that Bob didn’t even come home the second night after their wedding and he told Iyanla that he really wasn’t “into her at the time of her first pregnancy.” He basically thought the least he could do in that predicament was try to create a family unit for their unplanned child, hence their marriage. Last night he sang a totally different tune though, telling Sheree he had needed her to be his number one cheerleader when they were married but now that she’s made him out to be a deadbeat dad in the media, he’s done trying to have any type of dealings with her and would prefer to have contact directly with their kids rather than go through her. He said:

“I really don’t like you…and I feel like you don’t like me either. I think it’s almost best we stay unliked. I’m not going to love you from here on out. I’ll respect you because of who you are to my children.”

Sheree said she doesn’t like Bob either, but didn’t cop to being hurt that her ex-husband and father of her children could have such harsh things to say about her. Iyanla then scolded both parents, telling Bob shame on him for not liking the mother of his children and shaming Sheree for not liking her children’s father.

In the end, Bob and Sheree claimed they would work on co-parenting better but with the stipulations Sheree tried to place on Bob’s ability to see their son and daughter, Iyanla was clear with her that her anger and resentment toward Bob was overshadowing what was best for their kids. And since Sheree couldn’t even admit to harboring those feelings, the two would likely be in the same place once their session ended.

As of now, that appears to be true as the update at the end of the show reported that Bob was working on being a better father and noted that Sheree neglected to even provide an update on where things stand.

Check out footage from last night’s episode on the next page. Did you watch?

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  • JaneDoe

    Child support should also include visitation rights. It should be enforced. Women who recieve child support get peanuts, literally. Its not always about the money. Children need both parents. Its sad that but its usually the ignorant ones that end up in the system then they take it out on the kids. Sickening

  • MissRealuminatti

    The bottom line is… he needs to pay child support! I agree that Chateau Sheree is all about her but he shouldn’t use that as an excused to not do his manly duties.

    • MissRealuminatti


  • Guestvirgo

    It’s a shame they couldn’t realize their dislike for each other before the wedding and the innocent children being bought into this mess!!! For the sake of the children, I hope they get it together soon!!!!!!

  • 2Ja2

    Both are petty! Child Support has nothing to do with visitation. I worked in child support for six years, you can not withhold a child from the non-custodial parent even if he is not paying the money. He needs to pay and the law will eventually force the issue.

  • JC

    I watched this last night. I couldn’t understand how a man who has not (or did not, not sure) pay child support come across better than the mother who took care of these kids. Sheree, you really need to fix ya life. She was so full of sugar tea, it was difficult to watch. She didn’t want her life fixed she wanted Iyanla, to get on Bob’s case about child support. She’s not being real with herself or Iyanla. The house (chateau Kaily& Kairo or Chateau SHEREE), the fact that her feelings had to be hurt about him not liking her, she couldn’t even verbally express what she wanted her marriage to look like. Sheree, honey boo boo, you are hurt, angry, and bitter. She really needs to own her feelings so she can learn, heal, and grow.

  • guest

    Sheree is worse off inside than what we seen on RHOA. She has some real issues. Maybe she needs to get a job, get an education or perhaps move from Atlanta..she might thrive in another environment. Atlanta is not for everyone.

    • bigdede

      Yes. Sheree needs a job! She’s relying on child support to live instead of trying to take care of herself. She should have gotten pregnant by Lil Wayne if she wanted to be taken care of.

  • Sunny

    I knew nothing would be resolved during this episode. Sheree cares too much about appearances to be honest, and Bob… He’s just ignorant. I think Sheree knew on some level that he didn’t really love her, and she still feels some kind of way about it. He probably thinks she got pregnant to trap him. It’s just a shame that neither of them can put their children ahead of whatever negative feelings they harbor toward each other.

  • hollyw

    I’m not surprised at all at Sheree’s behavior, she revealed herself as a petty and manipulative person on her reality show. However, that’s a leap to say that I’d feel sorry for Bob. He showed his @$$ on the show last season, too. I will never feel sorry for a man who does not pay his share in child support, and will go so far as to lie about income just b/c he dislikes/distrusts the mother that much. She was a dummy for trying to build that house, but his kids deserved that support, and to know that he could rise above the ignorance and do his duty as a man and father. If he was really worried about the money getting to them, he could’ve gotten a court order to designate it to specific things. Ultimately, the children suffer…from both parents.

    • Lois x Brundage Vance

      If you remember, the courts order the home that Sheree and Bob shared to be sold and they were to split the proceedings. Sheree in turn talked Bob into giving her the cash upfront that would have made on the house and allowed the house to go into foreclosure so Bob never got his money. Sheree then lied to the courts that is why they Bob acted the way he did because they weren’t buying her bull. She was not in compliance with the original court order. Then she wants to cry broke because she is too busy living beyond her means. She wasn’t entitled to the 6 figures she was hoping for, that’s why the court didn’t give it to her. So she went on a Media campaign to destroy Bobs image but made herself look like a golddigger. She wasn’t trying to provide her children with a better lifestyle, she was trying to upgrade her’s and in the end got the shaft. Fired. Now, that’s Karma.

      • hollyw

        No, i didn’t know the details of the divorce order, and that’s a shame she’s a golddigger to that extent. But don’t you see anything inherently wrong w/ Bob lying for the sake of the child support..? Like, if you think the mother of your children is that conniving that she is taking food out of your babies mouth to fund frivolous lifestyle, then why not put all that energy on gaining custody, so you wouldn’t have to pay her at all? In fact, she’d have to pay HIM! He would have been likely to win. I think he simply wants it both ways, for her to take primary care of their kids AND him not pay for it b/c of his disdain for her. That is not Karma to stiff her out of child support b/c she tried to stiff him on the divorce order (which he can sue for). He need to man up and take those kids.

  • Sheree only cares about money. She wants to live lavishly for having popped out those kids in a relationship that was not based upon a foundation of love. Having children is a wonderful thing and yes, child support must be paid but he should not have to support her gucci and D&G obsession. Her children don’t need to wear those labels either. I do feel that Bob needs to do whatever he can, which includes pursuit of joint custody. Sheree is a mess inside.

    • bigdede

      Bob should have to support her gucci and D&G obsession. Bob should go for custody and he should have a judge put the money exactly where it’s suppose to go, for the kids. Sheree doesn’t need that house. Like Iyanla said, the kids just need a home. Sheree wants that money to build her house, etc. Thank goodness her daughter went to college and got her own career. She won’t be like her mother. Also if anyone remember, when Sheree daughter’s boyfriend wanted to marry her, he went to Bob to ask for permission. That shows Bob is some type of father if her oldest daughter views him as such.

      • hollyw

        Yes he should, but the fact is he didn’t, and he is seemingly content w/ just not paying his fair share of child support until his children age out. He should be careful, b/c SheShe is a detective and petty, and if she ever find out any other income, she will undoubtedly go for it, now or retroactively.

        • bigdede

          Bob mention on an episode of RHOA that he gets like a monthly income from the NFL. Like a retirement fund type thing. He even said to Sheree that the NFL plays us well. Also I believe he said the kid’s insurance is paid for by NFL insurance. So she’s getting some money just not the type she wants monthly. I believe he does have other businesses. He did go to Stanford and is intelligent. Since Sheree defrauded him on that house, I think he is able to use that against her in any future proceedings. That’s why she never wins anything. That back child support she got was actually decreased from the 75,000. Sadly Sheree is not that smart but she is petty enough to try to find other income.