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Celebrities and scandals are nothing new, but there’s something about involvement in paternity/maternity drama that always gets the gossip mill going. These 15 celebrities would know, they’ve each been involved in their own controversial paternity/maternity scandals. Click on to find out who.



For over 10 years people have suspected that Jay-Z fathered a little boy with a Trinidadian model named Shenelle, but despite random photos on the Internet of a little boy baring slight resemblance to the rapper, no concrete evidence has ever surfaced.

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Michael Jordan

Earlier this year, Pamela Smith filed a suit against Michael Jordan to establish paternity of her 16-year-old son Grant Reynolds. But just as the paternity suit was picking up steam, Smith unexpectedly withdrew her claims, sparking immediate backlash and confusion. In retaliation, Michael went after her for his legal bills, though she explained the sudden withdrawal to be the result of legal technicalities.

Eddie Murphy

In 2007, Eddie Murphy became involved in a paternity scandal after he denied his daughter with former Spice Girl, Mel B. It wasn’t until a paternity suit was brought against him that Murphy conceded paternity and accepted his parental responsibilities.

Justin Bieber

Back in 2011, a San Diego woman claimed that a 30-second sexual encounter with Justin Bieber backstage at his concert led to her becoming pregnant – and that her son was his. In lieu of jumping for joy, 16-year old Bieber and his team quickly dispelled the rumors and, more quickly, dispatched a legal team to handle the situation. The Biebs then agreed to take a paternity test, and the woman withdrew her suit, claiming to have received death threats.

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Michael Jackson

Not one month after this man’s death, the rumor mill was swirling with speculation that he’d fathered a child with a Norwegian woman 25 years prior. But before we could jump to crazy conclusions about the King of Pop’s sex life, the love child himself, Omer Bhatti, gently denied the rumors through a friend, saying, “Michael is not my father. He and I were just very, very close.”

Janet Jackson

OK, now get this: Other rumors have suggested that Omer Bhatti is actually Janet’s son with James DeBarge, which is pretty downright ridiculous. More realistic are the claims that Janet gave birth to a girl named Renee, who definitely looks like she could have some Jackson in her.

LeBron James

In 2010 Leicester Bryce Stovell claimed to be LeBron James’s biological father, but when DNA testing proved his claims false, he insisted that LeBron and his mother had tampered with the evidence. The price of such wrongdoing? Four million dollars, according to Stovell who sued LeBron and Gloria for fraud, defamation and misrepresentation.

A federal court judge later threw out his suit.

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Michael Lohan

In 2012, Michael Lohan went on the Trisha Goddard Show to determine once and for all if he was the father of a 17-year old Montana teen, who would’ve been conceived at the time he was still married to Lindsay Lohan’s mother, Dina. Shockingly – or not so shockingly (Dina has always accused Michael of being a cheater) – the DNA test proved Michael to be the father.

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Chris Rock

In 2007, Kali Bowyer told media sources that Chris Rock had fathered her 13-year old son. A paternity suit later proved that Chris was not the child’s father, and that Bowyer had fabricated the entire story. Instead of seeking restitution – as many people would do, rightfully – Chris Rock and his wife graciously requested that Bowyer give any money made from selling her lies to charity.

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John Edwards

The John Edwards sex scandal had more twists and turns than a Six Flags rollercoaster. There was his alleged mistress Rielle Hunter, his dying wife Elizabeth Edwards, and of course his plotting and lying to cover up the entire thing. But despite Edwards’ best efforts; there was one particularly large hump that he just couldn’t get around – the paternity of his mistress’s daughter. First, one of his staffers claimed to be the child’s father, but Edwards eventually admitted his paternity in an interview with Nightline.

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Carmelo Anthony

When Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Knicks, some suspected that the changeup had less to do with basketball politics and more to do with Melo’s secret baby with a New York woman. Not much more information on the subject has surfaced, but if the rumor is true, then the baby would have been conceived in 2010 – the same year that Carmelo and La La married.

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Matthew Knowles

After cheating on Tina with actress Alexsandra Wright, Wright became pregnant with Matthew’s now 3-year old son Nixon: a child that Mathew denied until he was slapped with a much deserved paternity suit. But prior to all the legal stuff, Wright claimed that Matthew attempted to pawn her child off on Beyoncé and Jay-Z to raise as their own.

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Kris Kardashian

Despite Kris Kardashian’s admitted (and alleged) extramarital affair(s) she has always been adamant that Khloe is the biological daughter of her ex-husband, the late Robert Kardashian Sr. Still, media sources have reported that Khloe’s real father is everyone from Kris’s hairdresser, Alex Roldan, to troubled football player, O.J. Simpson.


Karl Malone

In 1998, tabloids revealed that two women had brought paternity suits against all-star power forward Karl Malone. The first woman claimed Malone had fathered her twins Daryl and Cheryl, and the second that he had fathered her son Demetress. Ultimately, the suits established that Malone IS the biological father of both women’s children, but it also exposed some seriously shady ish—on Malone’s part: i.e. the fact that he impregnated Demetrius’s mother when he was 20 and she was just 13…

Malone has since welcomed his twins Daryl and Cheryl into his family but sadly, has never attempted to establish a relationship with Demetress.


Arnold Schwarzenneger

In 2011, explosive details surrounding Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair with the family nanny came to light, which included the unforgettable little detail that he had fathered her 14-year old son – and kept the whole thing a secret for all those years.

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