I Used To Be A Hypocrite! DeVon Franklin Says He Was A Backsliding Preacher Who Engaged In Premarital Sex

April 18, 2013  |  

Source: YouTube

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard at least a tiny tidbit about Meagan Good’s courtship and marriage to her Hollywood executive hubby DeVon Franklin. What made their relationship stand out so much in the sea of other Hollywood unions was how openly they discussed their decision to practice celibacy before tying the knot. During a recent interview with Let’s Pray TV, the newlyweds were asked about how they were able to discipline themselves to refrain from having sex before their wedding night.

“I had made a commitment of celibacy a long time before her [Meagan] and I had started dating. What motivated the commitment is also what helped me to keep it once we started dating. As you all know I preach and what happened was, I was kind of living a double life. I was preaching one Gospel, but then not living it. Trying to be two people started tearing me apart. I was like ‘Man, this just does not feel good in my spirit.’ So here I am doing this with this one woman and I’m going out preaching something different. Once I got out of that relationship, I made a commitment to God, ‘Once I’m out Lord, I’m done and I’m not going to do this until I’m married.’ I need to live in peace and I can’t live as two different people. So the desire for peace and harmony was the motivator. The other thing was the thought that if for some reason my disobedience were to disqualify me from God’s purpose for my life, would the activity that I was engaging in be worth it?” DeVon expressed.

“When Meagan and I got together I was already pretty strong in my walk and my commitment. Now this is Meagan Good so I had to do some prayer. I had to know myself and say ‘Alright, we just gonna hug right now and maybe kiss ya on the cheek.’ You have to know yourself. You have to be honest with your triggers. You also have to be vocal about your commitment. We talked about it. I didn’t know she was on that page, but I was blessed to learn that she was and it was just a matter of helping her stay strong in it,” he continued.

His honesty is refreshing, especially since some church folk like to pretend that they’ve been saved, sanctified, holy ghost-filled and baptized in the blood of the lamb since they left their mama’s womb!

Turn the page for footage of their chat and to hear Meagan share how she stuck with her commitment.  Thoughts?

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  • True

    That is soo awesome. I thought I was the only black serious about celibacy. She got herself a winner!

  • what baffles me is why should men and women alike be condemned and be ashamed for doing the most natural thing in the world. People have their minds effed up if they think their god is in the sky constantly lurking and watching, just waiting to see when and who they have s_x with.. Seems creepy to me

    • you madd

      Key word :TO YOU. Ill live my life the way it works for me and you continue to do what works for me. it baffles ME when people feel some kinda way about what someone else chooses to do with their body. If you like passin it out like free candy go right ahead, what you eat dont make anyone on here s.t. Some people do it out of RESPECT for their body and themselves, its out of a religious obligation for some, but most of all respect. AT THE END OF THE DAY ITS OUR CHOICE. If you feel differently you have every right to. No one is asking you to FEEL BAD because you dont abstain, however if people talking about it being important to THEM makes U feels some kinda way, you need to look into that for YOURSELF.

      • I was never stopping you nor anyone to live their life the way they please. I was just stating my opinion, so I fail to see your point.

        • you madd

          Your opinion is that someone feels ashamed of their body because they dont sleep around with a bunch of men….Baby Im not ashamed of NOTHIN ova here. So what you view as shame I view it as RESPECT for my body. So now you know. And you can continue to do whatever makes your sun shine, you are not the dictator over what is natural. My OPINION is that sex is a gift for my husband/partner, if you dont like I said GET CHO LIFE THEN HUNNY. No one has to be “watching’ over me TO MAKE ME NOT DO SOMETHING….Im WATCHING OVER MYSELF.

          • Um. No that wasn’t my point at all. My original point was that no one should feel ashamed over having and exercising their most natural sexual urges. My comment was directed at the religious angle of things in connection with the article. It’s great you have respect for your body, but I don’t recall asking you, if my comment didn’t apply, then why respond??

    • God actually already knows what we will do in our lives, so he’s not waiting to see anything. It’s up to us to make the choices that we know are right and He’ll judge us off of that.

  • these 2 are starting to become my favorite celebrity couple! 🙂

  • Akiko

    Of course he was.

  • SMH_shameonitall

    I appreciate what he said because ALL of us are human and have weaknesses: church-going or not, pastor or not. Like my pastor once said, ‘Don’t be so heavenly bound that you ain’t no earthly good.” In other words, don’t act like attending church makes you immune to the temptations and hardships of the world. Keep it real.

  • What would have really truly have been refreshing is, he would have been honest with his lifestyle in the beginning and not hold himself out to the public to be a Christian when he was not acting like one. This is what confuses the world. Don’t call yourself a Christian when you know that you’re not living a Christian life. But as a society we seem to celebrate hypocrisy and the revelation of it rather than celebrating individuals who truly do live upright lives as they profess, as Christians. To celebrate the revelation of hypocrisy as refreshing and not celebrate the life of those who are true to their profession as Christians, seems backwards to me.

    • Pivyque

      How do “Christians” act? Christians are human, just like everyone else. Therefore, they will most likely give in to some sort of temptation or sin at some point. He may have started out honest and THEN started to do things that weren’t in line with his beliefs. He recognized that and corrected it. Seems to me like he was holding true to being a Christian. Doesn’t it say somewhere in the bible that if a man owns a 100 sheep and one of them wanders away, if he finds it, he is happier about that one sheep than about the 99 that did not wander off? God loves him just the same. We SHOULD celebrate the fact the he made his way back, whether he had to swim through swamps of hypocrisy or not, he found his way home. I’d say that is something worth celebrating.

    • yeppers

      You are ignorant….is that Christian enough for you. The Man has NEVER preached that he was perfect, I have been to his services SEVERAL times. And he always says he was a normal man that one day decided he was living a certain way and wanted to be better. ARE YOU PERFECT, THEN HOW ARE YOU SITTING UP HERE JUDGING ANOTHER PERSON FOR CHANGING THIER LIFE. So because this man shares the truth of his life and his walk with God with you now hes not worthy of something to you??? Are you perfect??? What are you still doing that u used to not do…do you want us to hang you if you decide to change. ALL PREACHERS, PASTORS ETC, INCLUDING YOU HAVE A PAST, WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO FIND THIS PERFECT PERSON WHO HAS NEVER SINNED OR HAVE A FLAW TO SPEAK TO US?? FIND THEM SWEETHEART AND BRING THEM TO LIGHT. …and I will say it again. HE HAS NEVER PREACHED ABOUT HAVING A PERFECT LIFE, IF YOU HAVE EVER LISTENED TO ONE OF HIS SERMONS YOU WOULD KNOW HE IS DOWN TO EARTH AND ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT HIS STRUGGLES, BUT SINCE YOU HAVENT, PLEASE SIT AND LEARN SOMETHING.

  • Bee

    Wow, wow, wow. I feel what Meagan is saying A LOT – well both! I’ve said the same thing and at the same time, allowed myself to engage in such activities when I swore a vow of celibacy. & I was never able to put it into words, but they’ve said exactly that .. it wasn’t aligning with my spirit. I’m happy to have saw this.

  • Jamie

    At least he finally came out and told the truth. You have Single Christians that are having sex right now with a bible at their night stand and don’t have any shame in their game. And they think it is okay and in line with the word of God.

    • yeppers

      Whats he coming out and telling the truth about????..Hes saying hes a human man that decided to live his life a certiain way. Hes actually NEVER said that he was celibate his whole life and has always said he only did it for the past 10 years. Theres no Aha moment wit this. Everyone has a past, so unless you are perfect, please have several seats.

  • sabrina

    I seriously adore that man! Love hearing him preach the Gospel!

  • OliveValleydotnet

    I love his honesty and agree that you have to know your triggers. That includes all bad habits.


    To err is human….every.single.one.of.us.

  • iluvm

    Girl you aint lying….. Tell the truth and shame the devil!!!
    “His honesty is refreshing, especially since some church folk like to pretend that they’ve been saved, sanctified, holy ghost-filled and baptized in the blood of the lamb since they left their mama’s womb!”