NeNe Leakes’ Alleged Half-Sister Threatens To Expose Her Over Reunion Show Comments

April 18, 2013  |  

Source(s): Facebook, WENN

This past Sunday when part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Show aired, NeNe revealed where her deep-rooted disdain for co-star Phaedra Parks stems from. According to NeNe, two years ago when Phaedra first joined the RHOA cast, the mom-to-be reached out to her (NeNe’s) “half-sisters,” looking to dig up dirt about her.

“You do not mess with my family, because I don’t mess with none of these girls! Including wig and including big nose Sheree! I never went behind they back and tried to get with they family members. None of that! The only people that do that are people that are really dirty and Phaedra did that because she wanted to harm me,” NeNe proclaimed so strongly that even Andy Cohen appeared a bit intimidated by her rage.

NeNe went on to say that her sisters told her about their meeting with Phaedra and that her sisters want to be a part of her life. After the show aired, a woman who appears to NeNe’s sister took to her Facebook page to call NeNe out for playing Hollywood and calling her a half-sister. She even threatened to expose the nitty-gritty about NeNe and the reason she hasn’t spoken to her sisters in 8 years.

Her status opened the floodgates for commenters, but here are a few of the more interesting responses to her post made by women who are also believed to be NeNe’s sisters.

There seems to be a lot hurt and anger there. Hopefully the sisters can eventually sit down and resolve their differences.

Check out a clip from the reunion show of NeNe tearing into Phaedra for reaching out to her sisters. What do you make of all of this?

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  • Dena

    I think we are missing the issue. NeNe went in on Phaedra because Phaedra met with her sisters/half sisters… Phaedra didn’t force grown women to meet with her. NeNe was wrong for how she went in on Phaedra and I have no respect for her and will never support her on the new normal. U can’t win when ur being ugly.

  • dannyk

    To NeNe’s half-sisters, as far as her past goes, “Whoe Cares!” Unless she killed someone and you can prove it because you’ve been holding on to the evidence all this time(which would make you an accessory after the fact, or for obstruction), Who Cares! However upset you may be at being refered to what you literally are, half-sisters, then all you will prove is how jealous you are of NeNe. If you haven’t spoken to NeNe in 8 yrs., then the relationship was ruined before she made it to fame. Please don’t show your a** for letting a true statement be the reason for turning on you’re family. NeNe didn’t turn on you, she’s just being NeNe. “Get Over It!” If you try to get a book deal, I won’t buy it.

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  • sweetsunknown

    Family is family to me, I’d personally never refer to my siblings as half because I love them like there is no tomorrow and they are my world. Who tf does that? When I’m filling out something that requires me to list how many siblings I have I don’t say 1/2. I’m only 18 but I’m pretty sure that majority of these comments are made by middle aged people and yet y’all continuously complain that our generation is screwed but look how you all regard your families!

  • Shay

    You are considered half if you do not have the same mother and father.

  • Lia

    I’m trying to figure out why they got so upset about being called half sisters, since that’s what they are.

  • MissRealuminatti

    Did the “half-sister” grow up with her dad? That makes a bigger difference.

  • KutKlose

    I am trying to figure how all of a sudden your not honoring Black historical perspective if you say you have a half sibling? I have half siblings and refer to them as such. And would go on national tv and say the same! I second those who have supported that NeNe has the right to own, disown, recognize, walk down the street and ignore, people she is related to. Being related to someone is not a choice we can make but having a familial relationship is. Let her deal with Phaedra about things pertaining to RHOA and leave it at that. It is not America’s business what goes down with her family…And Phaedra’s shifty self needs to take 3 seats…

  • For NeNe to refer to her sister as such, means that something bad went down between them once upon a time. Maybe she has a good reason for her derision. Family can do you more scandalous than a stranger sometimes. That’s a fact that some people choose to overlook.

  • klynn

    Phaedra is a snake. Why would she contact Nene’s half sister, whole sister, step sister, or any family member to find out something about Nene. Nene is the person who cntacted Phaedra about being on the show, and that’s the thanks she gets for sharing the lime light with someone with no class! Just do you boo, and let everyone else do their thing. There are some family members that I won’t even answer the phone for let alone the door, and what these “sisters” are trying to do now is a good reason not too deal with them. Ms. Nene pray for your haters and keep it moving…you have worked hard for what you have don’t let people try to fake you out. Phaedra is a lawyer, she knows damn well what you mean by you didn’t know her, you may have known of her, but that dosen’t mean that you know a person or anything about them, so why should Nene have concerned herself about who Phaedra was. They didn’t hang out, they didn’t chat, text visit; if they were such good friends she wouldn’t have the need to contact any of Nene’s family members to find out anything about her. She would already know. She didn’t know Nene, she only knew of her.

  • mik bailey

    P.S. Money, fame or whatever – this is so childish and classless. Once again make black folks look like straight up lowlifes!

  • mik bailey

    The fact that you would call someone a half sister, rather than just a sister when you have the same mother, is sad indeed. There’s no other way around that…

  • folamix

    I don’t know if it is a generational thing or what but as far as I am concerned, if you are considered half sibling if you only share the same father, then you are considered half sibling if you only share the same mother

  • telli

    A “full sibling” (full brother or full sister) is a sibling with whom an individual shares the same biological parents.
    Half-siblings only share one parent instead of two as full siblings do

  • Mikkalotious

    It is something really really funkay in the refrigerator… see that’s what happens when you get so BIG…. I mean when your mouth is bigger than you….and you start acting like you don’t have a past….everyone does…and everyone has a few skeleton bones in their closet….this will be interesting to see how Ms. Rich B*tch handles this.

    • icannotgoforthat

      You really sound jealous. get over it.

      • Mikkalotious

        Of what??? Please go finish your nap and stay out of grown folks conversations. I guess you are the 1% that doesn’t have any skeletons in your closet …most infants don’t. Nite nite!!

  • When Nene was so called reading Phaedra she had told so many stories who knows what Nene was talking about. Nene said my half sisters, then we have the same blood, then I didn’t know you from Athens then I hadn’t seen you in a long time…Who knows what the truth is?

    • Icannotgoforthat

      Nene is the one who did Phaedra a favor, not the other way around. Phaedra may have been employed when Nene brought her onto the show but she obviously was not doing so good that she did not jump at the, good, opportunity offered.

  • guest5

    Each family is different i guess (sarcasim) but I’ve never heard of siblings who share the same mother as half siblings. When it comes to having the same father…my experience has been it is often based on the person’s preference and/or how close you are. IDK. It must be something really serious that happend btw Ne Ne and her sisters b/c i didn’t even know she had any sisters until this was brought up! I don’t care that much for Pheadra anymore. She acting like she is so perfect but behind the scenes she is doing and saying some shady things. I don’t like fake people. She’s throwing rocks and hiding her hand.

  • FAMURattler85

    My problem wasn’t the fact that she called them “half sisters”; it was the fact that she KEPT using the term as if to beat it into the heads of whoever was listening. I have a half sister and half brother but I just call them my sister and brother. I just think NeNe was intentionally being a little extra. Came off a little condescending to me.

  • Tootles

    Something about that mitochondrial DNA which is carried by the Mother, trumps all connection. If you have the same Mother that is not considered half. Even Jewish Culture says your Mother has to be Jewish to be considered part of the culture. Every person I know with the same Mother never, ever considers their sibling as half anything.

    • BOOM!

      That’s the white Jew crap. In the Bible it’s the father that lineage comes from. Come out of the Talmud and study the Tanakh.

    • BOOM!

      That’s the white Jew crap. In the Bible it’s the father that lineage comes from. Come out of the Talmud and study the Tanakh.

  • heartofgold

    If you’re from the same mother how the hell you’e not sisters YOU came from the same pla
    ce or hole…Have you ever heard the saying MAMAS BABY AND Daddys Maybe….

  • Finallydingme


  • brwngirl

    Can we stop generalizing Black Culture … NOT in every household do black people consider a child born with the same mother, but different father (or vice versa) as WHOLE sisters/brothers. Everyone is different.

    • Thank You!!! Not every black household shares the same ideals of how to refer to their half siblings. I have a half sister who I’d only meet a couple of times and since we didn’t grew up together to have some type of bond….I don’t feel comfortable referring to her a sister as if we are whole when we aren’t

    • Me

      I agree! It just depends on the relationship. Me and my technical half-sisters are close so when I refer to them, I call them my sisters. Obviously, their relationship is strained so she might make it a point to call them her half-sisters. Who cares?? That’s what you are!! Even if my sis did call me her half sis, it wouldn’t offend me.

    • Breeze

      The debate is so crazy to me and I really didn’t know it hit such a nerve with people but it really does make you open your eyes to how people feel about family because in 23 years I have never heard someone refer their siblings from the same mother as half. My brother and sisters have a different father from me and because we popped the same vagina I never consider to be half even though technically they are. And even if our relationship was strained I wouldn’t refer to them as half siblings so I see how NeNe sisters felt a certain way. Even my father had another daughter with another woman before me and I just call her my sister from my dad, but never said. To each is own I guess.

    • i agree… because they are NOT full blood whole siblings. NeNe is correct!

    • kierah

      I think people are missing the reason WHY Nene stressed the half relationship. The rest of her statement was that she and her half siblings were raised separately. One group of siblings was raised in NY and the others were raised in Athens, GA.

  • Lovelife2013

    It’s obvious to me that nene referred to her sister as “half” because of their relationship (or lack there of). I do the same when referring to distant siblings that I share the same dad with but not the same mom. I do not, however, refer to my sister with whom I grew up in the same household with as “half” although she and I have the same mom but not the same dad. Different relationships get different titles; that is just reality in the black culture.

    On another note, whose nose can nene call big??

  • brwngirl

    I’m confused … if you only share one same parent and have different fathers …wouldn’t that make you HALF related. The sister seems bitter and the sad part is when speaking about her on the reunion not once did I get the vibe that Nene was in any way trying to belittle or ignore the fact that she has sisters. Truth be told – every ones families have issues this isn’t new.

    • You must be a big Nene supporter…..You could tell by what she was saying she don’t care about her sisters. She eve said “Of course they want a relationship with me now”. Nene is nutts.

      • Mikkalotious

        and loud and ghetto

      • brwngirl

        I can’t relate to a reality personality so I’m a self supporter, but hey…

      • Beejcee

        “Of course they want a relationship with me now”

        This statement right here is what the sister’s should be mad about; not because Nene said they are half-sisters because they are. Our bodies are made up of 46 chromosomes – 23 from each parent. If you only share one parent you only share 23 chromosomes half of 46 is 23.

        • Icannotgoforthat

          “Of course they want a relationship with me now” suggests to me that they did not,m necessarily, want a relationship with her before she became famous. Her half sister sounds like someone who want to jump on Nene’s gravy train. Sound’s like Nene is saying, “It aint gonna happen”.

  • Biologically their are half sisters and since the Nene and her sisters didn’t grew up together with Nene and her brother having to move to Athens as kids to live with their aunt while her mother and sisters living living their lives in NYC she well within reason to refer to them as half sisters. Instead of Nene sister acting like a child whining over something that’s the truth…..she needs to call Nene and resolve whatever issues that they are having because it’s not worth loosing a sibling over something petty.

    • brwngirl


  • Ree

    Iyanla where you at? I don’t get how NeNe ain’t ashamed to tell ppl she was a stripper but seems like she would like to forget her family and where she came from! She better stop doing ppl dirty. The same way she came up she can come back down. I like NeNe but she isn’t humble and it’s starting to show more and more. SMH

    • Courtney

      For all you know, her strained relationship could be THEIR fault, not hers. We don’t know these people personally, so to say that she would like to forget her family is an ASSUMPTION. We don’t know if they disowned her or treated her badly BEFORE she became famous or not…and now that she is, we don’t know if NOW all of a sudden these family members are trying to get in where they fit in. No one knows the background story or relationship between her and her “half” sisters. And if that’s how she wants to refer to HER family members, then who are we to say she’s wrong for that? It’s her family, her business, and I’m sure she couldn’t care less what we think.

      • BOOM!

        Right! Their mother shipped Nene and her brother off to Athens. Nene and the brother were raised by an aunt. Nene wasn’t even told of her father then as an adult she learned that a supposed daddy really wasn’t at all…the mama had other children that she and her husband (their dad) raised in NY so I see why Nene feels the way that she does. People need to get over it and let her live!

      • BOOM!

        Right! Their mother shipped Nene and her brother off to Athens. Nene and the brother were raised by an aunt. Nene wasn’t even told of her father then as an adult she learned that a supposed daddy really wasn’t at all…the mama had other children that she and her husband (their dad) raised in NY so I see why Nene feels the way that she does. People need to get over it and let her live!

  • Shalleya Jonesiir

    Linnethia Johnson, you’re as phony as your teeth… I coulda sworn you claimed not to know Phaedra AT ALL the 1st season she joined… Even though she said you called her to do a reality show after she represented Bobby Brown. Even if it was in the middle of filming and you were merely acquaintances like you said, how would she reach out to your “half” siblings like you referred to them, to get dirt about you to hurt you? You’re a sloppy liar Ms. Leakes and nothing more than a bully. I’m starting to see the reason you talk so loud and bark like a dog is because even you can’t stand the BS coming out your mouth sometimes.

  • White people seem to refer to siblings made by a single parent as their ‘half’ brother or sister. Which is silly. You’re either my bro/sis or you’re not. It’s pretty cold and distancing.

  • GBz

    You can tell by the way she referred to them that they are not close because if they were they would just be her sisters. Sounds to me this one is an opportunist and wants some attention. I don’t think Nene cares what this chick exposes because Nene has never been shy about her past. This chick needs to get a life.

    • BOOM!

      They weren’t raised together and with the strained relationship with their biological mother, there wasn’t much of a sisterhood.

    • BOOM!

      They weren’t raised together and with the strained relationship with their biological mother, there wasn’t much of a sisterhood.

  • Amber Nordling-Stone

    As much as I like NeNe she’s starting to get a little too much for me now… Family is Family. There’s no half NOTHING… Especially in black households. But to sit on TV and refer to your siblings as half is ignorant. You’re gradually losing your fan base NeNe

    • Courtney

      We really shouldn’t be generalizing ALL black households. If I discovered that my father had a son outside of his marriage to my mother that I didn’t know or grow up with, I’d refer to him as my “half brother” – mainly because there is no relationship there and that’s technically what he would be. Not all families are the same and I know PLENTY of people in black households that refer to their siblings as “half” sometimes…not ALL black families are the same.

  • Donna

    I’m sorry but a half sister or brother are siblings who only share one parent. It may be taboo in the black household but it is what is.

  • liahbiah

    I never refer to my sisters as half sisters because we came from the same mother. It sounds like Nene put distance between her and her entire family. Who knows why? I hope they get it together because once you say hurtful things about family its always going to be there.

  • eve

    wait a sec. did Nene not grow up in a Black household? we’ve never ever ever been known to say “half” in all our history. smh. we always say “sister” or “brother.” that’s as Black-culture-101 as family reunions. lol.

    • pretty1908

      I have said half to be technical… I refer to my half brother and my adopted cousin as my brother and sister, but when people have question I have no problem explaining the details. She really needs to go back to the gutters…who cares….if you have same mother or father… DNA will say you are only a half… its how you treat and care for loved ones.

    • Leslie Rene Anderson

      true that but personally I did’nt even know they existed until recently sooooo feel like they are all the sudden coming out too…..but I have brothers on my father side and I call them my “brothers”#tornbutstillteamNeNe

    • Chey

      No. Maybe in YOUR household.

  • Flow

    Well even if you have the same mum you can still be half sisters if you don’t share the same dad!!! So you’re a HALF SISTA!!! Deal with it!

    • ksmall

      not sure where you’re from, but in black culture in the US, siblings who have the same mother refer to each other as “sister” or “brother.” not “1/2” anything. that’s mostly b/c kids who share the same mom grow up in the same household. ppl typically call out the “half” when they only have the same father. calling someone “1/2” diminishes your relation to them so her SISTERS have every right to be upset, especially since she was on national TV acting like they’re less of her family because both their biological parents aren’t the same. my mom would have a fit if she heard any of us talking like NeNe. but then again NeNe “talks” to give US something to “talk about.”

      • Sean

        That’s a damn lie!!! Every black household isn’t like that at all. My parents divorced and both got remarried and children with they new spouses. I refer to each and everyone of them as half brother/sister. So please stop spreading false information.

        • Sean


          • Amber Nordling-Stone

            You’re one of the few exceptions then… I have siblings from both my father and my mother’s sides and I have never once referred to them as any sort of “half” sibling and neither have they. Blood isn’t the only thing that makes someone family, and NeNe going on TV saying some stupid shyt like she did is VERY insulting and I don’t blame her siblings or “half” siblings for being mad.

        • ksmall

          just because your household wasn’t that way doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold true for most other ppl. as several other commenters have stated, many black ppl consider children from the same mother as brothers and sisters not “halfs.” most mothers would be upset at the implication that a child carried in her womb is somehow not as related to another b/c they have different fathers. if that’s not how ya’ll rolled in your house that’s cool. but it’s unnecessary to start calling ppl liars and using profanity.

          • Sean

            -_____- that’s why I said not “every” black household is like that. Of course some households feel like if you was raised in the same house you are brother/sister. I’m saying everybody aren’t the same so don’t speak as a whole when that isn’t a fact

            • ksmall

              i never said “every” either. i made a generalization that i believe holds true for many black ppl, which speaks to my experience. if yours is different then that’s fine. but again, as several others have indicated in their comments, they see why her sister would be upset by what she said b/c plenty of kids who have the same mom don’t refer to each other as “half” siblings.

          • Sean

            And wasn’t trying to offend anyone when I said “damn” It was like a expression. And to me a liar is someone who isn’t telling the truth. What was stated wasn’t the truth. And I didn’t say “hey _____ you are a liar” I basically said what you were saying is a lie. I don’t know at all to call you a straight up liar……

      • Chey

        gtfoh with that.

      • kierah

        That’s just your family. A half sister is someone that you share one parent with. I am Black American with Southern parents. You may call someone Auntie when they aren’t and you may call a half sister a sister, but you STILL KNOW the true relationship!! When you are talking to outsider to clarify the relationship, you call it as it is. Don’t generalize about Black America.

      • M.J.

        No, not all of us black people refer to our half-siblings as whole siblings…..My mom and dad both were married before they married each other, and we refer to our siblings from their previous unions as half-sister and brothers, even though we were raised in the same household at times. I think it really depends on each individual family.