Just Say No: Celebrities Who Let Drugs Get in The Way Of Success

April 29, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler

Nothing puts a stop to shine quicker than drug addiction. Just ask Whitney, Bobby, DJ Screw or any of the hundreds of other celebrities that fell into the life and couldn’t climb out. These celebrities are quickly following in their footsteps.


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RiRi is suffering from all the classic symptoms of pot head itis. She shows up to work late, cancels appointments and she’s dating a dude that nobody sober could stomach. Maybe if she puts down the blunt she can make those tour dates instead of having to fake doctor’s appointments.

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  • QueenBe Ahazie

    Wait so only BLACK people have drug issues…..lol that’s funny….meanwhile they still making money. ….

  • freddie jacks

    Black DO crack.

    Bad, sad, been had.
    What can be done for you now?
    What can be done for you now?

  • CCBanks

    I hope Lil Wayne DIES. He has been selling SATANISM to young stupid blacks for too long. Same for Gay-Zee and Kuntye West!

  • CCBanks

    I”M PRETTY SURE THAT BEING A FFAGGOT AND FCKING CHILDREN is what brought Kevin Clash down, not the drugs.

  • AreTards

    what an obnoxiously ignorant piece

  • Meg Butler, you have a sharp tongue. I think I like you!!!
    “Patron saint of negroes….” lol lol lol
    “JODECI… Yes, all of them.”… lol lol lol

  • Ms Seek Myko

    Ding Ding Ding Ding, now we are talking,,, talking about get a pass she get the ultimate passes, no hate, but she needs to find a seat…someone please give her a seat. @ Lindsey Lohan, Give mr “I’m winning a seat right next to her. It’s only fitting those two are in a pic together.

  • Ms Seek Myko

    Chris Breezy,,,Are you for real? So far you are 0 for 3.

  • Ms Seek Myko

    Nah, Rihanna is killing IT!! Things happen, weed or no weed. I give you a ” try again” on this one.

  • Ms Seek Myko

    Wiz is Killing!!!

  • Ms Seek Myko

    Chris,,,, are you kidding me?

  • Ms Seek Myko

    Nah, Rihanna is killing IT!! Things happen, weed or no weed. I give you a ” try again” on this one.

  • Sara

    Whoever wrote this has seemingly no knowledge on drug addiction and should be ashamed of some of the things she wrote. Addiction is a disease regardless if its a homeless person on the street or a superstar. Addiction is tragedy and its not something to poke fun at.

  • T.J.

    Is this site anti pot? In this day in age you gotta be kidding me. What am I suppose to be like now? That obese pastor with the drinking problem

  • Tre

    POTHEAD? Whatever, Rihanna don’t have to PUT NOTHING DOWN she’s doing nothing more than what most celebrities do. Let her smoke her smoke, I’ve NEVER heard of ANYONE who OverDosed on Ganja!!

  • Benjamin Hitz

    The author of this is obviously anti-cannabis. The majority of these slides are merely propaganda.

  • jb

    this article should be considered slander because your facts are just speculation. Some one smokes a little weed and they have a drug problem? so i guess if you go out and have a drink every once in a while they must be a drunk by your logic. How the hell do you know Lohan is sleeping with Sheen for roles? come on really? One of the worst articles ive ever wasted my time with.

  • Chase Pryor

    To the writer, Seizures are directly related to benzo abuse, it’s probably not a bullshit story he’s been poppin zanny’s for probably a year or more straight and probably tried to quit. His zanny poppin is what caused the siezure i’m sure.

  • tellyoazzoff

    I hurd sam got time lol

  • tellyoazzoff

    is that a wolf peak on kci?

  • Colin Yapp

    Seriously, who ever wrote this has definately fallen to propaganda put out by the DEA. Pot is no where as harmful as alcohol and people are more docile on pot than alcohol. Drugs can and are very destructive but it all depends on the individual. Keep up the work of promoting a machine that is systematically killing and locking up people at unheard of levels. The DRUG WAR is unwinnable.

  • icl

    *claims pot is the root of rihanna’s problems like she wasn’t wreckless prior from so many other things*

  • ShivaGreenSilence

    Poorly written, poorly researched. If they had done proper research, they wouldn’t have to fill their list with people who recreationally use marijuana. It just looks lazy to put Khalifa on your list because you are judgmental and don’t like the socks he put on his baby. You use outdated stereotypes about weed that don’t even amount to being very funny or accurate. All in all, Meg Butler, this list was a fail. P.S. I wouldn’t have critiqued this list so negatively but it doesn’t seem you have a problem judging others harshly so…there you go.

  • kina

    I like Rihanna, her new perfume smell good, but her repatation is bad. Good girl turn back good.

  • Antonio Jackson

    Why does your page mostly down or gossip about black ppl. Are you prejudice? For some reason you love to paint black ppl in a worst light then they are already in. If they weed heads. You paint them as dis – functional or stupid weed heads for example. What’s up with all that?

  • ♏ ®

    Hollywood is notorious for abundant “booger sugar” and “flowing leaves.” Guess the pills aren’t a stretch, & alcohol is abundant anywhere to anyone. The people we see here are the ones who seemingly lost control. This doesn’t mean that the ones we DON’T see aren’t suffering too.

  • ♏ ®

    “You wouldn’t catch the Stylistics slipping like that” *faints* ROTFL
    But you’re soooo right though…
    However, some of the Temptations…alright I’m going to shut up now…

  • Shawn Dunwoody

    This article sucks. Do you know how many celebrities who suffer from your “pot-head-itis” are actually successful because of marijuana? Oh wait, you obviously don’t after reading this article

  • Maria Baker

    Judging by the facial swelling there may be an alcohol problem too for The Situation.

  • Maria Baker

    KCi looks a hot mess. He just messed it all up, and Devante Swing — I can’t even begin to express my disappointment in him.

  • Maria Baker

    I don’t think RiRi is a pothead. She’s young, under pressure, and needs to unwind sometimes like many young people do. But she doesn’t bother to try to hide it.

  • artistica

    Very very lame list

  • VeteranForTruth

    Sam Hurd was playing for the Bears…. He got cut from the Cowboys before this…

  • fiftieschild

    So, now can anyone, explain to me, why the hell I should care about any of these over privileged (of their own free will) drugged out junkie losers?

    • hyer

      your a moron and your prolly some woman that sits at home and reads articles like this and thinks about how much better you are than anybody else, while i think the reality is you probably never did anything in your own life and probably were taken care of by your husband your whole life……. how’s it feel to be judged?

      • fiftieschild

        My, aren’t you just a hyper little twit. You, are 8 months late and a dollar short there twit. Actually, I, am a 60 year old, former Sergeant of Marines. I, am a combat veteran of the Vietnam war ( it is debatable if that is an accomplishment) but I, did survive. As to being judged by you, from what I, can tell from your post, you appear to be a drugged out junkie loser, who wouldn’t make a pimple on a judges a s s. I, sincerely hope that this answer has shed some light on your confusion. TYVM!

  • astroguy54

    Anybody notice most of these mf are black? What up wid dat?

  • astroguy54

    Anybody notice most of these mf are black? What up wid dat?

  • astroguy54

    Ghana, please put that dumb ugly megawatt for a long time.

  • weeeeeed

    Blah blah blah, weed is bad.
    Smoke a blunt and chill out.

  • MissWeatherWatcher

    WHAT?????? No one, in this age of video-ing from cell phones, got this and down load it on YouTUBE? That would of been hilarious to see. I would of stayed just to see it.

  • namemesomethingstupid


  • human person

    This is stupid. Everyone knows alcohol is worse that pot, but you don’t see people going crazy over someone having too many glasses of wine.

  • Jereomy

    You forgot to mention Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. These two are on the fast track to becoming the next Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson. Especially since no one, including they’re families seems to acknowledge the problem. Justin’s security take him to clubs he ain’t old enough to be in. They don’t have the balls to say no, or don’t care as long as they get that check. They’ll probably both be dead before they’re 40.

  • jerald

    except for lohan I never heard of any of these druggies….

  • Bubbagump

    So when you say “celebrities”, you are using that term very loosely?

  • cockspit

    “prescription medication problem due to exhaustion”is not slang for coke it’s more likely he is referring to amphetamine salts i.e. adderall or some other upper. better than coke IMO. XR bruh!!!!

  • ;-)

    Uh… I happen to know the Stylistics personally…you’d be surprised at the DRAMA…look into it you won’t be “disappoint ” FO REALLY.

  • Jaque MeOff

    Lotta kniggers.

    • tinknocker

      ya think what about your white actors like Hoffman found with heroin needle in his arm kurt kobane the list goes on but you white people always get a pass ….. oh le ta celebrate there works instead of looking at there disgusting habits

  • Greendad

    Not one of these bozos deserve recognition as a ‘celebrity’. Zero talent, zero style. Zero brains. Get a life Madame Noire and stop pumping up these nincampoops.

  • Melissa

    It’s so funny that you don’t believe Katt Williams, Mike and Lil Wayne when they say it’s not drugs. None of u are around them so what do we know? We have to take their word for it. Mental illness is a serious issue, why would someone prefer to be thought of as having a mental illness instead of being high? We all know people make jokes about it and will call Katt crazy cause of his illness but would you rather be called crazy (especially if you’re not) instead of saying you’re on drugs? I know I won’t.

    Plus TMZ already got a whole lot of the Lil Wayne situation wrong but still you’d rather believe them than Wayne himself who says that he’s epileptic? Epilepsy again is a serious issue not to be taken lightly, why call that on yourself if it’s not true.

    Another thing, weed socks are just socks, it’s not like the baby is passing the blunt too and a lot of these were rumors… Kevin Clash, Mandeecees, Macaulay Culkin…it’s rumors. There’s no solid facts about it. Why report rumors?

    • MsT

      Mental illness and drug dependence go hand-in-hand. Most people who get high are self-medicating due to as-yet undiagnosed psychological and/or neurobehavioral issues. And most drug addicts who have no desire to stop getting high will deny they have a problem until they’re 6 feet under. You’ve obviously never been around a user; if you had, you’d know the signs and the spiel. Although I must agree with you on Kevin Clash. Lol, he’s got his issues but there’s nothing about him that screams speedfreak.

  • kierah

    Y’all wrong for that Curious George looking pic of K Ci!

  • Drugs are no joke I thank GOD everyday that I did not take that path in life really.

  • I know this is late but I really had hope and prayed that KC AND JO JO would get it together wow.

  • Gbevu Musa

    They’re going to love pretty yellow in Ghanian prison. lol can’t stop laughing.

  • Whut?

    Okay the Wiz thing is kinda messed up, and the socks are just socks. Don’t make it seem like he ain’t got the sense God gave him. I’m pretty sure he ain’t gonna be passing Sebastian a big ol’ joint once he’s able to sit up. And I stay on Amber’s IG page and she posts the most pics of the baby…so…what CPS-worthy stuff do you speak of? Her being a grown woman? Her sharing candid moments with her baby? I don’t see her or Wiz putting Bash in danger. Maybe HIS IG is spliff filled, but hers is fashion, fun, food, and Slash.

    • Rayjulian85

      Thank you. They were reaching with that. They already said weed will get treated like alcohol is in most other homes. It won’t be done around the baby and he will be taught that its for adults only. If we don’t get on anyone for drinking and having a kid then I see no reason to get on Amber and Wiz


    And like always I see lil wayne throwing up that Illuminati all seeing eye hand sign again….its amazing how they put it right there in everyone’s face..him and many other celebrities like him need more than rehab they need JESUS!!!!

  • CC

    “Talk about falling off. I hope she gets it together before we all end up shaking our darn heads at her funeral.” So sad but true. Morbid and unkindly confronting……..

  • Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne just need to OD already.

    • I’m not fans of either one of them, but I’m not wishing for them to OD either.

  • BritBrat

    Lilo is sleeping with Sheen for roles??? Wooooooow! She had some much potential. That’s so sad

    • BritBrat


    • Rayjulian85

      I knew they had bonded…mostly bc they are both train wrecks, but I hadn’t heard that she was sleeping with him for roles until this.

      • Zettai

        I don’t think she slept with him for ROLES but I know I don’t have any FRIENDS that would give me $100,000 to pay off my tax bill…

        • Rayjulian85

          LOLOL! Very good point, but idk Charlie Sheen is crazy and actually a pretty nice guy (I read an article in Newsweek last year where the author was surprised by how kind and giving he was) so I think maybe he would be so selfless but then I don’t know either of them from a whole in the wall so why I’m putting this much thought into it is beyond me

          • CandyRich

            When he’s throwing the “N” word around at women like the one who arrested him in Colorado, when he held a gun to his crazy ex-wife’s head? He just LOVES that word and yet, so many of “us” proclaim some sense of likeness for this POS! Eff Charlie and his meth mouth!! Nice guy my asss!!

  • Star

    Pot is only 1/100th of what rihanna needs to get together. Alcohol, partying hard, sleep deprivation, entourage care…the list could go on lol

    • Rayjulian85

      I agree. Pot is the least of her worries. Plus, I think alcohol is much more damaging. However, when I think of it, past not making concert dates Rihanna’s star is still climbing so maybe it is genuinely a case of her needing to take a year off to relax.

      • MLS2698

        I’d like to see an itinerary for stars like Ri, just to see if the music biz is running these young people crazy by giving them impossible schedules that push them into a zone of craziness. Remember how Mariah Carey broke down after working for 20 hours straight, weeks at a time?

        • Rayjulian85

          I wonder if its the record company or if it is them pushing themselves. Maybe its a combination of both. I can’t think of one reason Rihanna’s 7-7-7 (?) tour was a good idea. Seems exhausting for anyone, but specifically unrealistic for someone who needs to perform every single night. It is important for entertainers to relax body and voice. Performing and non stop flying takes its toll on the body.

        • MsT

          My BF was a dancer for Mariah back in the 90s and he said some days, she’d refuse to work. She’d say she was sick, but the real reason was simply that she was tired. Although some of us think entertainers are superhumans, they’re not, and an album promotion/tour schedule can be inhumanly grueling. It’s no wonder so many stars resort to pharmeceuticals to keep up the hectic pace. The best thing Rih could do is take a year off to relax and recuperate.

          • ♏ ®

            If we feel that way trying to balance our 9 to 5’s and a family, then I can certainly see a celebrity who’s on the road for what seems like YEARS at at time feeling that way.

        • Torre Sims

          except taking time off could derail her career. the public has short attention spans.

    • HaHa

      Don’t forget talent.

  • TheStacyKeys

    I just gotta smh @ jodeci they had a future, but lol @ that pic

  • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

    Y’all calling Too Short a future a wino made me picture Ned the Wino from Good Times!!!! X^D

  • Zettai

    LOL @ “pretty yellow”!

  • chanela

    awww shoot. you already know people are gonna get mad at the VERY FIRST slide… well played MN… well played