Excuse Me, Where Are Your Manners? Celebs Rumored To Be Extra Rude

April 19, 2013  |  
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Most of us grew up in a household where “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” was the norm when responding to an adult. We were taught to say please and thank you, refrain from interrupting conversations, and hold the door for people. It only took so many glares and spankings if we ever forgot these life lessons — and these signs of respect never left most of us as we became adults.

Unfortunately there are certain celebs who think they are immune to such niceties and respectable behavior and have racked up quite the reputation for rudeness. If only they followed Aretha’s advice and gave a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T…

Naomi Campbell

Don’t let the beautiful face fool ya! Notorious for her lateness, supermodel Naomi Campbell is also known for hitting her helpers — from assistants to therapists. Many people in her path suffer the wrath of her mean streak and nothing seems to keep her outrageous behavior in check – not even five-o. She was detained for assaulting two police officers as well.

Jay Z

Pick up the phone, HOVA! Robert De Niro, actor and apparently a huge supporter of hip-hop,  gave Jay Z an earful about how disrespectful he was for not returning any of his six phone calls. This verbal lashing occurred at Leo De Caprio’s birthday bash in November 2012. De Niro blasted HOVA with, “It doesn’t matter who you are. If someone calls you six times, you call them back. It doesn’t matter who you are. That is just rude.”

Source: WENN

Meek Mill

Who are you … who, who, who, who? No really, who are you to make such outrageous demands of your fans? Rapper Meek Mill has been labeled as having “crack head behavior” for charging $100 to fans to take his picture. It’s reported that he demanded the money and when fans wouldn’t give him any, he promptly stated, “No money, no picture!”

Image Source: WENN.com

Michael Jordan

Did the basketball go to Jordan’s head . . . literally? So here’s the scoop. Rapper Chamillionaire was crushed when one of his favorite stars dissed him by refusing to take a picture with him. Jordan reportedly snarled, “Aw hell nah, I ain’t taking no picture with no ni**as.” Undeterred, the rapper gushed about how he happily paid $7,000 for a Michael Jordan jersey at an auction. Jordan trampled his spirits again with, “You know what I’ll tell ya what! You pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I’ll take a picture with you!” Chammillionaire said meeting Jordan ended up being a major disappointment. He crushed the childhood hero that the rapper had obviously put on a pedestal.

Kanye West

Microphone snatching, glorious moment stealing Kanye West didn’t hesitate to ruin Taylor Swifts winning MTV Awards moment. If that wasn’t bad enough, he dissed Justin Timberlake, saying “I got love for HOV, but I ain’t f**kin’ with that Suit and Tie.” He even bashed celebs for their mega endorsements. Even though he didn’t name anyone in particular, the pretty pink elephant in the room was Bey.


Her signature scowl says it all! Reality TV Star Omarosa makes all sistahs cringe by playing into the stereotypical role of black woman with an attitude problem. She is a confrontational meanie who welcomed countless run-ins with other Apprentice participants like LaToya Jackson. Here’s a memo to go by: The Cruella Deville is not a good look on you.

Source: WENN

Jennifer Lopez

What is this? Game of Thrones?!? Well, JLo must be part of the royal Lannister family. Apparently, she only talks to her assistants who in turn communicate with the common folk that dwell beneath her feet such as waiters, hotel staff and sales people.  One flight attendant said he simply asked Jen what she wanted to drink. Without acknowledging his presence, Jennifer turned to her assistant and said, “Please tell him I’d like a diet coke and lime.” Shame on it all, Jenny from the Block! Let’s not forget our roots!

Christian Bale

How are you gonna save Gotham city with an attitude like this, Batman? Actor Christian Bale is known for chewing out and assaulting him mom and sister. He’s also notorious for his sailor-esque tirade on a set director and crew while filming Terminator Salvation. This actor loses all cool points – especially when he’s super rude to young girl fans, moving them to tears.

Source: WENN

Katie Couric

Known for her bulldog questioning during celeb interviews, the pie-faced blonde correspondent once slapped an editor for adding the word, sputum, to a script.  She even says, “I sort of slapped him around.” She repeatedly wacked him on the arm. First it seemed to be a jokey joke, but it quickly became crystal clear that she wasn’t playing around.


Nicki Minaj

The whimsical Barbie-like rapper obviously doesn’t have the sweet personality of the smiling, plastic doll. Always late to auditions, Nicki angered Idol contestants as well as her fellow judges. Flanked by a huge entourage, Nicki was even rude to contestants and their families too. She flat out refused to let them photograph her or allow them to take a picture with her. And I thought we all put our pants on one leg at a time. Hmmm.

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