Excuse Me, Where Are Your Manners? Celebs Rumored To Be Extra Rude

April 19, 2013  |  
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Most of us grew up in a household where “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am” was the norm when responding to an adult. We were taught to say please and thank you, refrain from interrupting conversations, and hold the door for people. It only took so many glares and spankings if we ever forgot these life lessons — and these signs of respect never left most of us as we became adults.

Unfortunately there are certain celebs who think they are immune to such niceties and respectable behavior and have racked up quite the reputation for rudeness. If only they followed Aretha’s advice and gave a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T…

Naomi Campbell

Don’t let the beautiful face fool ya! Notorious for her lateness, supermodel Naomi Campbell is also known for hitting her helpers — from assistants to therapists. Many people in her path suffer the wrath of her mean streak and nothing seems to keep her outrageous behavior in check – not even five-o. She was detained for assaulting two police officers as well.

Jay Z

Pick up the phone, HOVA! Robert De Niro, actor and apparently a huge supporter of hip-hop,  gave Jay Z an earful about how disrespectful he was for not returning any of his six phone calls. This verbal lashing occurred at Leo De Caprio’s birthday bash in November 2012. De Niro blasted HOVA with, “It doesn’t matter who you are. If someone calls you six times, you call them back. It doesn’t matter who you are. That is just rude.”

Source: WENN

Meek Mill

Who are you … who, who, who, who? No really, who are you to make such outrageous demands of your fans? Rapper Meek Mill has been labeled as having “crack head behavior” for charging $100 to fans to take his picture. It’s reported that he demanded the money and when fans wouldn’t give him any, he promptly stated, “No money, no picture!”

Image Source: WENN.com

Michael Jordan

Did the basketball go to Jordan’s head . . . literally? So here’s the scoop. Rapper Chamillionaire was crushed when one of his favorite stars dissed him by refusing to take a picture with him. Jordan reportedly snarled, “Aw hell nah, I ain’t taking no picture with no ni**as.” Undeterred, the rapper gushed about how he happily paid $7,000 for a Michael Jordan jersey at an auction. Jordan trampled his spirits again with, “You know what I’ll tell ya what! You pay $15,000 right now for a jersey from me and I’ll take a picture with you!” Chammillionaire said meeting Jordan ended up being a major disappointment. He crushed the childhood hero that the rapper had obviously put on a pedestal.

Kanye West

Microphone snatching, glorious moment stealing Kanye West didn’t hesitate to ruin Taylor Swifts winning MTV Awards moment. If that wasn’t bad enough, he dissed Justin Timberlake, saying “I got love for HOV, but I ain’t f**kin’ with that Suit and Tie.” He even bashed celebs for their mega endorsements. Even though he didn’t name anyone in particular, the pretty pink elephant in the room was Bey.


Her signature scowl says it all! Reality TV Star Omarosa makes all sistahs cringe by playing into the stereotypical role of black woman with an attitude problem. She is a confrontational meanie who welcomed countless run-ins with other Apprentice participants like LaToya Jackson. Here’s a memo to go by: The Cruella Deville is not a good look on you.

Source: WENN

Jennifer Lopez

What is this? Game of Thrones?!? Well, JLo must be part of the royal Lannister family. Apparently, she only talks to her assistants who in turn communicate with the common folk that dwell beneath her feet such as waiters, hotel staff and sales people.  One flight attendant said he simply asked Jen what she wanted to drink. Without acknowledging his presence, Jennifer turned to her assistant and said, “Please tell him I’d like a diet coke and lime.” Shame on it all, Jenny from the Block! Let’s not forget our roots!

Christian Bale

How are you gonna save Gotham city with an attitude like this, Batman? Actor Christian Bale is known for chewing out and assaulting him mom and sister. He’s also notorious for his sailor-esque tirade on a set director and crew while filming Terminator Salvation. This actor loses all cool points – especially when he’s super rude to young girl fans, moving them to tears.

Source: WENN

Katie Couric

Known for her bulldog questioning during celeb interviews, the pie-faced blonde correspondent once slapped an editor for adding the word, sputum, to a script.  She even says, “I sort of slapped him around.” She repeatedly wacked him on the arm. First it seemed to be a jokey joke, but it quickly became crystal clear that she wasn’t playing around.


Nicki Minaj

The whimsical Barbie-like rapper obviously doesn’t have the sweet personality of the smiling, plastic doll. Always late to auditions, Nicki angered Idol contestants as well as her fellow judges. Flanked by a huge entourage, Nicki was even rude to contestants and their families too. She flat out refused to let them photograph her or allow them to take a picture with her. And I thought we all put our pants on one leg at a time. Hmmm.

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  • me

    she could have just had a bad day you know.

  • nanci

    jenny from the block didn’t stoop so low as to talk to the air hostess, never know what the air hostess put in that drink, you want to play rude.

  • nanci

    now kids will wake up and don’t buy Michael Jordan sneakers, he even raise the price over the summer, don’t buy them.

  • nanci

    these celebrities can go to hell, they not going to take all that money with them, they are a bunch of obnoxious b…., they money will die

  • toney t

    I watched an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show when Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan was on there, they were discussing there friendship and Oprah asked Charles what he liked about Michael, the story of when Michael Jordan was asked by an homeless man for a dollar, Jordan replied if he could ask for a dollar he could get a job at McDonald’s and ask may I help you. That’s a rotten a** Ni**a. Never liked his a**.

  • Jai

    idk about nicki minaj my cousin is a huge fan and he and his friends have taken multiple pics with her…she even signed his chest one time

  • Mimi

    Thanks for this, I know people who worship Jordan with their Jordan sneakers and jerseys and whatnot and to me the way I see it is they just keep making the man richer, the man would probably never give them the time of day if the opportunity presented itself. It’s so lame the way they idolize him, showing off their Jordan collections and whatnot….

  • GeorgyGirl

    The majority of the media says Valerie Harper is one of the nicest celebrities. That may be true in some aspects, but her manager is treating her fans with disrespect. I don’t think she knows how cruel this man is, and it is truly heart breaking. I doubt she is even aware of this treatment. If she is aware, then she too is a very cruel person. You do not chase away your fans, we are the ones that made you famous, we help provide your income. Please don’t lie to us and tell us you have a terminal illness and you are dying.


  • Miron Arnold

    These people make more money than god and have regular people bending their whims all the time. Did someone expect better behavior from them?

  • sylvester

    Im sad thay why christian bale is on this list…i agree that niggere are the most irritating and rude people on earth but i am surprised by the fact that christian bale is on this list. Im from india and a supporter of rock and heavy metal …and im glad that no heavy metal musician is on this list. James hetfield is one of the kind persons in metal that i have heard.

  • shag12

    I knew Michael Clarke Duncan, and he was a great guy. I never understood how he hooked-up with Evilene.

  • shag12

    Jordan gave the worse Hall of Fame acceptance speech I’ve ever heard. He’s an angry man.

  • shag12

    Fame and fortune can’t make you happy. You’ve got to have joy within.

  • shag12

    While I agree with DeNiro, he should know rude, ’cause he’s pretty rude himself.

  • my freakinopinion

    why do people even care; I do not need celebrities and they do not need me; i keep in mind those people do not know me, everyone has feelings; no one was checking for them when they was a nobody or common person, whenever you have money or fame you got to be careful of whom you keep company with, people in general are fake, most strangers do not talk to strangers; keep in mind they do not know you., and do not take it personal.

  • Justin_Igger

    Aaaannnndddd the great majority of them are n1ggers. Anyone surprised? Didn’t think so.

  • Lesia Yates

    Apparently jlo forgot her her s%&$ does stink like everyone else and also those common folk is why she has money. Its ridiculous. Celebrities make millions along with pro athletes but nurses and doctors who can save a life and work endless hours don’t this world is has its priorities so messed up

  • Lesia Yates

    So one just needs to punch herback she is nothing no better than anyone else she wipes het a@# just like I do

  • Neuro1

    Jordon has always been a prick. He rode the persona created for him to make his money and his handlers did a great job of packaging this highly skilled athlete of a douche bag like no other before or since. Being a great athlete does not make a prick less of a prick. Stories like this have followed him for years and will continue to build as he interacts with the world and his true colors shine through.

  • Joann Wells

    When Jesus returns we will see WHO is the celebrity…oh what a happy day!

  • TychaBrahe

    Don’t you kind of wish you’d been sitting near Jennifer Lopez when she treated that flight attendant so horribly? I’d have said, “Wow, South Park was right about you.”

  • Guest

    um do I see a pattern? reverse racism?

  • JohnD

    Christian Bale gets a pass from me for basically sneaking into Denver to visit victims of the Aurora theater shooting. He did it of his own accord, and did not want anyone from the media to know he was there … in fact, it was the people he visited who told everyone he had been there, and spent quite a bit of time with them, posed for pictures, etc. Only after he was long gone from town did his people even respond to media requests for confirmation that he had been there.

    • Justin_Igger

      Christian Bale is a human being, he has no place being on a list this polluted with such feral, filthy n1ggers.

  • freddie finger

    77% of the “rude Celebs” were black…. Is that coincidence, who wrote the article, or the national average.
    I can agree with many of them… Kanye is a major D-bag

  • Kristen Smith

    Ok if your going to put Christian Bale up there get your facts straight! The reason why he yelled at his mom and sister was because they disrespected his wife because his sister and his mom wanted money from him and he said no. In the UK a man can get arrested for raising his voice, which counts as domestic violence. As for the terminator set HE apologized this was during the time that Heath Ledger Died and they were good friends, also word is the guy he cussed out deserved it and not only did people back bale up they were happy he cussed out the guy who was causing not only bale’ issues but also his other cast mates. And last this is the same guy who flew up to Colorado (without telling anyone) and personally gave money and saw the victims of that horrible shooting in Colorado. Damn peeps get your facts straight!

  • Greg Wright

    Maybe you geniuses should stop buying their sh*t and funding their vapid lifestyle and narcissistic self-indulgences?

    You people are the ones to blame for these twits strutting around like they’re Brangelina, Mary Queen of Scots and Jesus all rolled into one.

  • gibbyplayer

    So…if I call Robert De Niro six times, he’ll return my call?

  • The Cook

    I’d like to give focus on some famous people that were patrons in restaurants I’ve worked at in over 20 years of food service:
    Tiny ‘Zeus’ Lister was an amazing customer, was warm considerate and tipped not just his waitress, but every employee in the building!
    Fred Savage was just that: a savage that made his waitress cry in less that 2 minutes.
    Kevin Kline (heard second hand) was not just the nicest famous person ever met…was the most gentlemanly person they’d ever encountered (this in Savannah, Ga).
    Amy Adams was very nice and actually would have escaped notice if an employee there hasn’t noticed who she was

  • Erica

    This might be “racist”, but why are most of them black?

    • Justin_Igger

      Correction: most of them are what scientists call “n1ggers”. Half infant, half ape, all ugly.

  • dan

    J-LO has shown she will date the average joe. How arrogant can she be ? A COUPLE BACK UP DANCERS AND MARRIED A REFUGEE WAITER.

  • dan

    I spoke to Jordan at the ALL STAR game in DC. He nodded back , cool. That was it. He has been hounded by fans since 1984. No offense to Chamillionaire , Jordan probably doesn’t listen to his music. You just had an article about rappers going broke .

  • ConMiel

    Ok basically this article confirmed my suspicions that A) People shouldn’t buy anything that supports these rich cretins. B) Don’t worship false idols C) Realize there people are humans and you don’t know their reasoning.

  • theni

    is it just me of hasn’t anyone noticed that 7 out of the 10 rudest people happen to be african american LOL!!!!

  • bling

    I’m surprised Tyra Banks didn’t make the list-she’s actually just as bad as JLO. A relative of mine saw her treat airport employees, tourists & even her own people like dirt at LAX. Apparently it’s a nightmare to be anywhere near her.

  • MIke MIhaljevich

    Michael Jordan has no class and is hated or dissed by most who know him. His speech at his induction into NBA Hall of Fame was embarrassing as he attacked former players and coaches in the game. Everybody in the audience was shocked. In life, the dude is a LOSER. Compared to Magic Johnson, Jordan is like a tick on the butt of a feral pig. Personally, I never liked the guy. He is not an intelligent man and lacks wisdom and decency. Pity his new wife. That marriage won’t last.

  • Guest

    I wonder whether what Wendy Williams said is true – that Beyonce sounds very uneducated, that a fifth grader was smarter and she speaks like all illiterate. Probably. I don’t know what all the hype is about her because she isn’t very talented.

  • ytd

    Caretta Scott King did the same as J-Lo in Atlanta. Her assistants told flight attendants/waiters/etc. that they were “not to talk directly” to her. They also cleared people off of elevators (as if they had any authority to do so) for “The Widow King” before she got on.

  • Modeling

  • Pywacket14

    Not surprised at all by this list, in fact, there should be at least 20+ more. New “celebs/stars/starlets/ingenues/newcomers” (being nice) do not have ANY ***** idea how to treat people and fans who have made them who they are (no matter HOW unfounded and HOW undeserved) or even a person on the street. Spoiled. By Luck only – not by work or perseverance or talent. I hope Karma (or “do unto others”) will prevail.

  • RalphEllison

    Your stream of consciousness flow killed me. lmao

  • RalphEllison

    Your stream of consciousness flow killed me. lmao

  • onemanvolt

    Look, it’s the Partridge Family bus.
    No, it’s just Nicki Minaj.

    • Justin_Igger

      We call that thing N1gger Minaj, you know, because it’s just another n1gger.

  • NoOneSpecial

    I understand Michael Jordan’s feelings, I don’t agree with his response. He should’ve just said, “I am sorry but I cannot do that now”, Every picture celebs take effect their franchise image and it can be understandable that he doesn’t want his Franchise Image Direction to be diverted away from his targeted audience due to an association with the Hip-Hop culture.

    To be sure I am not a FAN. . . of anyone, I admire the skills or works of some but as for the person, I don’t know them. They are just images that float acreoss my screen. On the other hand I cannot stand rappers, they make Black Americans look real bad. I love the music, the bass and all but those stupid, redickless words, I hate them. I am sick of all those elementary rhymes glorifying being outright DUMB!

  • NoOneSpecial

    today it is dumb in this times to try to make this a race thing, there is only one rude race, HUMAN, you are all rude, mean people… .. .. why is Jayz pic as the rude one? it seems that De Niro was the rude one, he doesn’t know all the fact as to why the phone calls were not answered

    De Niro
    De Niro

    • SEM

      Sounds like you just made it about race to me.

      • truth

        If you have any reading comprehension you would have read all the previous comments alluding to blacks as being rude and harping on the race of the FEW celebs posted on this list. The truth is people ARE making this about race, even though this is a black website and naturally would feature more black celebs. If you want a list of rude white celebs: Britney Spears, Tobey Mcquire, Leonardo Dicaprio and Cameron Diaz just to name a few. Google it, genius, You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about so you need to be quiet and take a seat.

    • Justin_Igger

      N1ggers are NOT human beings. It is not polite to keep attempting to spread such lies.

  • LoL

    Being rude comes from being black………stupid n*ggers

    • Justin_Igger

      Yep, it’s in their faulty, failed, flawed simian ape genetics.

      • truth

        nobody wants to look like a pale pink thin lipped dog haired shedding ape like you

    • me

      And being ignorant comes from being white, right? That’s why your racist a** is on a black website talking crap. You’re clearly obsessed with black people. If you don’t like blacks then get off our site!

  • Joe Mosley

    Out of the 10,7 are Black,which doesn’t surprise me.Neither does J-Lo.But Katie Couric did.Of all of them.Katie Couric is the only one I care to watch.

    • Penny

      Can’t stand Katie Couric. Never could and I never watch. If she comes on, I change the channel.

  • darktwistedjojo

    Christian Bale took a young boy with cancer to disneyland, visited newtown shooter victims in the hospital, and dressed up like batman for a little boy. I think he gets his cool points back. He is a far better person than anyone on this list.

  • Why are there so many people in the music business who couldn’t carry a tune with an I-pod? Should a rapper be able to make album after album speaking in dull monotone voice without even using modulation or ever carrying a tune? And then have everybody rave about his “musical” genius? Jay-Z has all of you suckers snowed, just like Bob Dylan and Neil Young before him, talentless, tuneless and clueless wanna-be poets!

    • RalphEllison

      Neil Young is tight, and Dylan wrote great songs (although his voice sucks). Jay Z is a Godless, hell-bound bastard.

    • RalphEllison

      Neil Young is tight, and Dylan wrote great songs (although his voice sucks). Jay Z is a Godless, hell-bound bastard.

    • Guest

      Absolutely no comparison between two greats like Dylan and Young, the latter being a real tool, but still very talented. Jay Z has no talent whatsoever.

      • Justin_Igger

        Jayz is a baboon lipped, filthy-faced ape n1gger. With all that money, still can’t buy any class or humanity lol.

  • Over It

    Add Hank Aaron to the list. He was so rude to me in Washington DC at J.C.’s Presidential Inaugural Ball, where he was clearly not the only celebrity in town. It aggravated him to give me an autograph. He let out a big sigh and said, “Ok, but, this is going to have to be the last one and slung it to me when he was done”. A**hole.

    • MIke MIhaljevich

      My family is from Milwaukee and as little kids, we waited with my Mom and Dad to get Hank’s autograph in L.A. after the Braves played the Dodgers. The whole family were huge fans. After waiting a long time, Hank exited the Stadium to a waiting limo and ignored us and my mother (we were the only fans there). He was smoking a cigarette and he did not even look our way. Then, he got into the car where some young women were seated (NOT his wife!!) and sped away. To this day, my Mother hates the man.

    • destiny

      He still signed your autograph. Perhaps he was tired of signing autographs all day.

  • invisiable gurl

    Dude is mike sick his eyes look yellow like hep b smh get checked dude

    • Justin_Igger

      That’s a trait that a lot of n1ggers share with their simian ape cousins. Notice how human beings never have that, only apes and n1ggers.

      • Mimi

        He looks jaundiced. Usually people with liver problems have yellowing of the skin and eyes. Maybe he’s an alcoholic. That would explain why he’s an a$$ to people. You can’t like anyone if you don’t even like yourself.

      • Stupid Cracker Jacks

        I’ve seen whites with yellow eyes too dumb dumb. Its usually a condition of over drinking and/or smoking.

  • Ron Davis

    I was just in Vegas,last month Jordan was having his celebrity golf weekend. There were several athletes who took pictures with the crowd. When Jordan came out he put his hand up around hand up around his face so you could not take pictures, nor did he wave to the crowd or even acknowledge that we were even human. It was so disrespectful and ugly. Black people you really need to stop buying any spending money on this clown’s shoes and clothes. Michael Jordan does not care or need black people. My husband has a collection of Jordan shoes and he said he would never wear them again. Several people who worked at the hotel said the man was close enough them where they could reach out and touch him and they said he would not speak to them either. We had heard this over the years, but to experience it first hand made it all too real. This man has some serious issues!!

  • southern feminist

    The mighty shall fall, and when they do, they had better hope that those they treated poorly have better character and integrity than they exhibited. I still cannot believe that Jay Z dissed DeNiro…I mean come on, you just shat on Hollywood royalty…the man is awesome.

  • truth teller

    Is anyone surprised that 7 out of 10 are African Americans?

  • truth teller

    Is anyone surprised that 7 out of 10 are African Americans?

    • Trtyus

      The saddest part of all of this is that people like you will read an article like this and believe all black celebrities are rude. It must be fact because you read it on an internet article. Is it possible that this article is slanted one way? Or do you think there are only 2 white celebrities that are rude?

      We as people need to start thinking for ourselves and not taking everything we read as solid fact. Use your god given common sense.

      • Justin_Igger

        We don’t think all n1gger celebrities are rude. We believe that all n1ggers are rude, period. And we are correct. 🙂

        • IgotThis

          You live in a very tiny world if you think all black people are rude.

        • destiny

          shut up cracker jack and get off this site!

    • destiny

      No, this is a black site so its expected that the focus be on black celebs

  • bigot

    7 blacks, 1 hispanic, 2 whites, go figure.

    • IgotThis

      bigot, there are plenty of rude white people. I don’t think there was enough time to post ALL the rude people in this world. I guess these are the ones that got singled out. JLO has a hell of a nerve, though, thinking she is too good to talk directly to peons. I am no longer a fan after reading that.

      • Justin_Igger

        It’s okay, we’re only rude to n1ggers. N1ggers deserve nothing more.

  • Big suprise all the rude actors are not white

    • Fergie

      That’s only because no one cares about white actors.

      • cutitall

        have you checked the box office lately?

      • Justin_Igger

        Actually, it’s only because the White actors are human beings with human traits, and they’re not subhuman n1ggers.

        The more you know!

  • Ifuaskme2

    Seriously who can stand young (most likely white) females? Like, like nobody. Duh! The rest? no surprise. Is it me or does Jordan always seem to be on weed?

    • SEM

      Most of the people on this list are black! Surprise surprise. A little bit of fame and they think they are above everyone.

    • Tom

      Seems kind of odd you should say that, since the list consists of mostly black women.

      • Ifuaskme2

        Yes Tom, it does. That being said, I do recall addressing the list after my comment. I also did not say that white females made up most of the list. I merely said I did not like the way they spoke. Are there any more questions? SMH

        • ConMiel

          Noone needs your vile racist remarks

      • destiny

        This is a black site so it would be expected that the focus be on black celebs. Trust and believe there are PLENTY of white celebs who are a**holes.

    • Scheana

      Who can stand young white females? Probably lots of people who aren’t hateful like you.

      • Ifuaskme2

        LMAO @ your hateful comment. Had you read my comment carefully you would have noticed I was referring to their diction. But I’ll let u slide. Not everyone (you) has the skill of interpretation.

    • Justin_Igger

      That’s funny, your own males of your n1gger species seem to love them! They abandoned all of you filthy n1gger sheboon ape wenches for them! LOL

  • Sharon

    My advice is to stop buying their products and supporting them. I know people won’t do, they will just keep buying their products and keep getting disrespected

    • swes

      Thank you!

  • WhoMe

    Where’s the humility? I think the fame and fortune has gone to their heads but some people are just naturally rude. I heard Jordan is an a$$. But maybe since I’m a new yorker and i see celebs i just look at them and keep it moving. They are human. How are they charging fans for pics and autographs? Shrewd business people!!! Lol

    • Fergie

      I heard Jordan treats his lapdog, I mean, wife, like a servant. Had her carrying his bags through the airport.

  • mdeborah827

    None of it surprises me. More truths about all of them should be revealed on the regular so that our people understand that as the reality of our situations grows worse by the day and can’t be ignored, those in power can’t use these useless celebrities as their spokespeople to pacify and distract us from the truth. They are just entertainers and that’s all.

    In the old days entertainers used their efforts in the civil rights fight. As our rights and freedoms erode under Neo-Liberalism, and economics hits us upside the head worse than everyone else there will be nothing a Black celeb can say to us. Already anything urban is synonymous with gentrification and massive removal. What has Jay-z to say to this? Absolutely nothing whatsoever. As we look around long established areas we see the ugly face of racism aka hipsters from the suburbs who target us directly. Not one of those celebrities mentioned can relate. Jay-z can speak to nothing, Bey and every other one mentioned can relate to it one bit. Our way of life and relating to the world are changing dramatically. We will not be in the urban areas soon. The real rappers out there have something for Jay-z and all the other ones mentioned and Jay-z won’t be able to handle it whatsoever.

    • IgotThis

      I am a New Yorker as well and don’t give a damn who is a celebrity. They are no better than anyone else.

  • scandalous7

    I hope that one about MJ aint true cuz thats deplorable.

    • MIke MIhaljevich

      It’s true and far worse, when he was inducted into NBA HOF, he shocked the audience with a speech which attacked former players and coaches. And remember when it was discovered that Nike was exploiting poor workers, Michael never said a thing (sort of like people not saying anything when Blacks were oppressed!!). Then, there was the bizarre episode when he sported a HITLER mustache even in a commercial. I think he reveres Hitler. In reality, he is NOT an intelligent person and has no respect for humanity. He epitomizes greed, hedonism and narcissism.

  • Suchalady

    If that story is indeed true, and it’s pretty believeable, then J-Lo is a disgusting human being.

  • Miss D

    Never understood how celebs could be rude to fans – the’re the ones who line their pockets and keep them relevant! I understand that some fans can invade your privacy or be overbearing, but if someone is being respectful there is absolutely NO reason to treat them with disrespect. Ugh I can’t stand people!!!!!!!

  • Ms. Kameria

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I know I wouldn’t want to take a picture with Rick Ross, or Chris Brown. Rapists (alleged) and woman beaters aren’t worthy of being photographed with me…..

    • MK


      • RIP TRAVON

        black trash from hood with $$$$$, you can take the TRAVON out of Florida, but you cant take the travon out of Jungle

        White P Diddy aka Spook Ghost

      • RIP TRAVON

        black trash from hood with $$$$$, you can take the TRAVON out of Florida, but you cant take the travon out of Jungle

        White P Diddy aka Spook Ghost


    This is why you do not put another human on a pedestal. They will disappoint!

    • ShadeThrower

      when you put someone on a pedestal all they can do is look down on you

    • Justin_Igger

      Most of them actually aren’t human beings, they’re n1ggers. Homo Apefricanus.

  • nolimit_soldier

    I know this from personal experience. Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine (her especially) & Sheryl Lee Ralph are three rude bishes too. I would never want to come across them ever again. Angela Bassett & Loretta Devine forgot where in the he!! they came from and Sheryl is just a rude stuck up ahz bish..please don’t let these ladies blind you because of how they portray themselves on tv because they are three of the most self center, rudest, concited, “I’m above everyone else” ahz bishes I ever came across in the industry.

    • TRUTH IS

      LMAO…LOL…ROFL….they do look like rude attitudinal beeches. I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    • swes

      Please, Loretta Devine girl bye. She one movie short from the unemployment line. Also Sheryl Lee Ralph.

  • AncientSpiritNewDay

    I’m really appalled at what’s being said about Michael Jordan and Chamillionaire, that’s cold blooded. What I read just thoroughly disgusted me. How do you treat a fan like that and sleep at night??? That’s why that little Cuban girl from the family of crooks Jordan is about to marry is going to take him for everything he’s got, right through the ringer!! It bothers me when people don’t have compassion for others, so foul!

    • Cee

      I knew Michael Jordan wasn’t about sh*t when kids first started killing each other for his designer sneakers, and he did and said nothing to discourage it.

    • hut

      I had the opposite experience with Michael Jordan. As a kid, my friend lived behind him and walked over to his house. He was more than happy to sign a poster and a baseball for us. He was surprisingly nice for 2 kids coming and knocking on your door. I also remember that his black porsche was pretty sweet too!

      • Joy

        You are probably white……………..


      There all Chablackinaire, gooooooo TRAVON

    • §am §.

      They all got that ” Im black & rich thing” going on. Look at are biГ€μ president we got!!!! I say white or any other race we have ” This middle finger is for you”.¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡