Halt The Hiatuses: “Scandal” Fan Starts Change.org Petition To Get ABC Execs To Stop All The Breaks Between New Episodes

April 17, 2013  |  

I’m sure most folks who watch Scandal have noticed throughout the season that the show has had quite a few breaks between new episodes from time to time. Hell, the show is currently on hiatus-mode until April 25, which will have put the series on “sleep mode” for three long weeks. While this does happen with many sitcoms, fans of Scandal are just about sick of it, and they’re letting their voice be heard.

According to Shadow and Act, a petition, from Change.org of course, has been started to encourage fans to hit up Anne Sweeney, the president of entertainment for ABC, but to do so in a polite manner. Word is, it is the ABC execs who are putting the show on so many breaks, as Shonda Rhimes has already made it clear that she is just the creative, but has nothing to do with any scheduling issues (“I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHEN SHOWS AIR. I do not have anything to do with the fact that we are not on for 3 weeks. #donottweetmeyourcrazy”). Here’s what the petition creator, T R Mason, had to say:

There are very few TV shows on prime time television written by, much less starring people of color. The broadcast networks have made great strides in recent years by diversifying the faces we see on prime time TV however there is more that can be done. Putting a show like Scandal on repeated hiatus is a surefire way to lose fans and viewers.

Gladiators/Scandalistas/Scandalists everywhere have not gotten over our initial shock that there will be no Scandal AGAIN for 3 more weeks. Instead of whining and complaining, we are doing something about it! Shonda Rhimes is NOT the reason there’s another hiatus. It’s the TV execs at Disney/ABC Television Group. Let your voices and displeasure be heard by contacting Anne Sweeney, the President of ABC Entertainment…

Or send her a nice little profanity free email at netaudr@abc.com. Let her know how unhappy we all are and maybe, just maybe they’ll pick up enough episodes that we Gladiators won’t have to be on hiatus AGAIN against our will. So bombard ABC with your unhappiness by emailing, calling, faxing etc. Mount up Gladiators! Mount up!

Who knew you all called yourselves gladiators?? But anyway, it could have a lot to do with the production of new episodes. The show could be doing so well that new episodes are being ordered, and Lord knows it doesn’t take a day to roll out one of those juicy episodes (more like a week). And as Shadow and Act pointed out, it also could have a lot to do with the need to make money, which is often done by saving a network’s biggest moneymaking shows for the “sweeps” periods during months like February and May, when they can sell advertising space for big dollars. Ratings will be high when shows come to an end in May, so big ratings equals more money networks can ask for from advertisers.

So was a petition necessary? While some only sign petitions for more pressing issues (because we know Change.org has made any and everything, big and minute–as in small–worth a petition), I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to remind those at ABC that fans are becoming unhappy. But then again, you “Scandalistas” aren’t going anywhere! What else is there to really watch on TV right now?

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  • Hpnotic

    And over 1,900 people have signed it so apparently the petition starter wasn’t the only Gladiator ticked off! LOL

  • Hpnotic

    To each their own. Just because it’s something you wouldn’t do, doesn’t mean that it makes it wrong. Quit judging people based on your beliefs. I’m sure there are things that each of you support that others would take issue with as well. Kudos to the petition starter. Do your thing Gladiator!

  • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

    I’ve always called myself a Gladiator but Scandalista is new and me likey 🙂

  • sammy


    with other single black, white girls and men in your city.. It is

    my favorite club for mixed love….

  • This issue is that they aren’t making enough episodes to last a full season. I don’t get why the networks only give these shows 12-15 episode seasons. And although I’m not shocked, I don’t think that it’s serious enough to start a petition.

    • Guest360

      Actually, they were picked up for a full season (22 episodes) a few months back. In terms of episodes they are fine. It’s their schedule that has messed them up this year due to things such as election coverage (most of the debates happened on Thursdays) on top of the network trying to stretch out the season until May. They should be fine for Season 3 because they won’t have these same problems.

      • I did forget about the election. Well, now I guess I see why they’re stretching the season out.

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  • Ifuaskme2

    Did this petitioner even consider that that could be part of the contract? After all Kerry was a movie actress BEFORE the small screen. This petitioner needs a hobby. My mistake… A LIFE

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  • Guest360

    HUH?! I hate the breaks too but it’s not that serious lol. Big shows like Scandal don’t end in March, which they would have if not for these breaks. May is a “sweeps month” and that’s when they’re intending to have the season finale. I’m sure Season 3 will have a much better schedule to where you don’t notice these long breaks but it’s about money and how well Scandal is going to do when put up against the finales of other big name shows. It’s par the course. And if you’re one of those that hates the breaks, watch re-runs or better yet read a book. Do something more productive than making a petition. Smh….

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  • Kenedy

    Stop it! People do the most! Read a book or something, or watch the science channel

  • jujubee

    great article but this happens with vampire diaries it’s on a break now, what i do is watch something else in the mean time like deception or the client list… they are great by the way

    • yeppers

      I DO LOVE ME SOME CLIENT LIST!! I need to get caught back up….

  • yeppers

    I mean it DOES kinda pee off the fans. But hell we’ll be right in front of that TV on Apr. 25th to watch the new show (say im lyin)….I honestly dont think as long as the story stays juicy as it is people will stop watching. If it was boring then yeah these long hiatuses would be pointless and people would stop tuning in. But Scandal is like an hour long thriller movie every Thursday, hell Ill find other things to do while its off, like stay longer in my yoga class. lol Its fine with me as long as the quality of the show stays the same I will keep watching. Im not that hard up to watch TV every night, a petition is kinda obsessive to me.

    • Ifuaskme2

      ur lyin.

      • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az


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  • hhh

    prime time shows do this all the time. i read up on it. my show chicago fire is on a hiatus too. this is what they do to stretch out the season. how much worse would it be if this season ended in February or something and we had to wait until sept for the new plot to unfold? i hate the hiatus but a 8 month season break is way worse. this petition is ridiculous and i only had to read the first line to see “color” get thrown in the mix. black people, research before you want to throw race in the matter. smfh we always have to think race is the reason.

  • Juani4life

    Good. Im about to sign that sucker right now.

  • Hat

    Lol! It’s not that serious. Even though I love scandal, a petition isn’t necessary

    • honest

      these chicks out here need hobbies for real…smh…i like waiting for new episodes it makes the show more intense…starting a petition is extreme…..whoever signed this petition has no life….Shonda Rhimes has to write more then one show and she has other projects and she has kids and Kerry Washington and the rest of the cast have other projects there doing…as for the chick who started this petition while you wait for Scandal to come back go for morning runs, make a E harmony account, register for a summer class , in conclusion get a real life Olivia Pope is just a fictional character in a show…dang a petition?…no life

      • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

        I don’t think its as serious to call for a petition but Shonda has the episodes already written but it has nothing to do with her. I haven’t seen any other show that have such long breaks in one season before and it will cause ratings to drop and we don’t want because this show is a long time coming

    • 2Ja2

      I agree…they could always watch the old episodes or, you know, read a book!

    • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

      It is SERIOUS! Im having withdrawl! ^_^