True Love Is Verifying Your Boo On Twitter, And Other Random Things We Learned From The “Love And Hip Hop” Reunion Part II

April 16, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

Mona Scott Young

And it’s finally over! The season of Love and Hip Hop in New York ended yesterday after airing their final reunion episode, and boy did the absolute most happen. Joe Budden got punched in the back of the head by Consequence, Erica admitted to having sexual relations with Tiffany, Yandy opened up about the currently incarcerated Mendeecees, and basically, the ratch came out of pretty much everybody. Here’s a recap of the mess that we couldn’t help but be confused by last night.

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  • I agree about Joe. Personally I feel like everything that comes out of his mouth is BS, but yea I saw that crazy in his eyes and I was like yep he’s certified lol!!

  • Get IT

    I wish i could say that i watch love and hip hop but the whole show is staged and fake so the drama isnt even real. To be honest i dont know why theres such an obssesion when the whole show pretty much isnt even real.

  • Nina


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    I thought it was hilarious they were calling each other out about being
    real Muslims when no one on that stage displayed characteristics of a
    devout Muslims. Cons had a baby out of wedlock with a non Muslim woman.
    Raqi and Rashida are no virgins and don’t wear modest clothing.

  • shango

    Lmao, i remember when black females were complaining about their “portrayal” on these absurd shows…………now same fools are still watching and discussing them.
    Hypocrisy can be defined as the behavior of the average black woman.

    • hollyw

      …and eternal shade can be defined as the behavior of the average Black man, case-in-point.

      • shango

        Lol, typical chicken head lingo,”eternal shade”.

        • hollyw

          …along w/ degradation, as now I become the “chicken head” lol smh. Though I won’t insult respectable Black men by grouping them all in with your like by calling you typical, i still maintain that you are “average”, i.e. stereotypical…I’ve (or you’ve) made my point, so good day, sir.

          • shango

            Lmao, trust im not your “average” black man……..definitely not “African American” either. But i like sites like these because you people are tragically hilarious.

            • Courtney

              So do above average men such as yourself troll websites to see what “hypocritical women” they can find for fun since they’re “tragically hilarious”? Is that what makes you above average? Wouldn’t someone who was above average have better things to do with his time?

            • hollyw

              Great. Feel even better. You’re just a racist. And a troll…and veeery pathetic lol. The only kind of person who would go on a site for the sole purpose of degradation and to derive satisfaction over the poorest examples of another race/ethnicity is a truly tragic individual. So you’ve in fact defined yourself…again 🙂

              You’re really not worth anymore time, I’m already sorry for the time I wasted. Now i see you’re just a troll. Hope your life gets better!

  • Katrina

    Lmfao I thought Erica confirming Rich pics was funny. I want to feel bad for Yandy but I cant. She knew the type of dude she was dealing and when you do the time you have to do the time as simple as that. That man is brought up on FEDERAL charges which is very serious. Mama didn’t raise no fool, well maybe so because most likely she will be a single baby mama and her son will grow up with his father in Prison. She’s no better off than a lot of project broads I know. And Joe is too dang calm about everything. From the hit by Cons to Tahiry tossing the table. He must be on that good good. Cons needs to stop. Joe confronted you in YOUR OWN INTERVIEW and you did nothing now when his back turn you want to get froggy #boybye

    • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

      They already dropped the charges on Manfeces. He’s out now

      • Katrina

        The raped charges were dropped. I haven’t heard anything about the 2.5 million dollar drug charges being dropped. So yes that man will be in jail for decades if not life if those charges still apply. He need a great lawyer and I do mean GREAT to get his time reduced or dropped completely. He’s a regular dude for the most part so I doubt he has enough clout to just walk away from them charges.

  • Facts or Opinion?

    It’s not a real relationship if it hasn’t been validated on Twitter. I thought everybody knew this…lmao. A damn shame.

  • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

    Man, as ratchet as Erica is, I felt sorry for her. She really is in love with Rich and seemed like she was trying to do better for him. Cons is a punk. How you gonna hit somebody when they not looking? Im glad Tahiry hit that buck toothed horse looking roach in the face. I wish Tahiry and Joe just got along because they obviously still care about each other

    • Breeze

      Did you not hear the lie detector results when it said Erica cheated so how was she trying to do right by him? No shade because obviously he isn’t a saint either. They both were playing games. I’m mad they still gave Jen a pass about her racist comment to Raqi. How would she feel if a white person got a job over her son simply because of his skin color and not qualifications? Very ignorant statement to make when you have a child that will be considered a black man. I thought it was hilarious they were calling each other out about being real Muslims when no one on that stage displayed characteristics of a devout Muslims. Cons had a baby out of wedlock with a non Muslim woman. Raqi and Rashida are no virgins and don’t wear modest clothing. So neither one has room to talk. Really it was rather boring thankfully ATL will be on next Monday. I miss joselyn and stebbie!

      • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

        I said she was “trying” lol. Yes this was very boring compared to ATL. Raqi, Rashida, and Cons are all disgraces to the Islam community. They probably did go in on Jen a little more but you can tell it was edited so much that all the juicy stuff seemed to be let on the cutting room floor. Mona needs to stay behind the scenes and leave the hosting jobs to others. Wendy Williams would have had a field day with this

        • Breeze

          Nuh Uh there is no such thing as try when it comes to fildelity. Either you let somebody stick you ( lick and stick you in Erica’s case) or you don’t. And if we was in Iraq or Pakistan Cons Raqi ans Rashida would all be stoned for their actions. Location Loacation gotta love it lol. Mona does need to stay in her producer lane though. She did have some good question but allowed to get away with bs answer instead of making them elaborated. It also seems rushed to me

          • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

            You right. It seems just because she already knows everything that happened behind the scenes, she isn’t that interested in hearing the stories all over again which makes it boring. Is there a part 3 to this or was part 2 it?

        • Courtney

          I totally agree, Wendy Williams or someone else should have hosted the reunion. As a producer, she’s too close to the action, and she seems like she’s always trying to defend all the made up story lines and drama that she produces on the show by saying things like “we couldn’t make this stuff up.”

          Yes you can, it’s call “soft scripting” and Mona is the queen of that. She needs to just stay behind the scenes and let the drama play out with no apologies or caveats. She’s a puppet master acting like these folks’ parents rather than a producer.

  • Only Ho’s Stroll

    Not scrolling through this. I’m going elsewhere to get the scoop!

    • Why that name though? LMAO! I’m too through!