I Remember Way Back When! Toys That Take Us Back To Our Childhood!

April 21, 2013 ‐ By Drenna Armstrong


Take one look at the toys kids play with today and it is almost amazing how far we’ve come from when many of us were growing up.  The toys that amused us the most would absolutely annoy kids today because, quite frankly, they were probably too simple.  But enough about them! Allow me to take you guys back – way back – to the days when we were young and things were so much easier.  What were some of your favorite toys back in the day?

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  • Aliyah

    Where is teddy ruxpin!!

  • Still have my NES…and it still works!

  • Keisha Samoht

    Y’all got nentendo but not sega? Oh what about the sit&spin? Or were me n my sister the only ones to get those for Christmas? O__o Me n my sisters also had the giga, nano, tomagotchis(?) we had em all and lost em all once they fell off… This was a great 1!

  • Ahh, I love talking about toys! I remember all of these, and I still have some in my room… purely as collector’s items…not that I play with them of course, ha ha….um. Anyway. I remember that I had a Tamagotchi chicken once. I let my cousin hold it for a few days, and she killed it. She killed my chicken. I used to have these neon jacks with these high-bouncing Super Balls that I would play with on the kitchen floor.

  • Zumba Queen

    Good articles that brought back good memories. I used to play Super Mario Brothers when i came home from school, after i completed my homework, after dinner, and when I was about to go to bed…..,,and still couldn’t save the princess! I came close though! Loved the speak and spell/math as well.

    Also, I use to love all of the Barbie luxuries….dream house, swimming pool, ice cream shop, hot dog stand, and cars. Being an only child had many advantages! 🙂

    • Being an only child rocks!

  • pickneychile

    Omg yall brought it back! We had a male and a female cabbage patch doll for my sister and I. My bro and his friend had the nerve to make a “haunted house” in our backyard and hung the doggone cabbage patch doll in the tree like a dead body! Smh! I loved the view master and I had the easy bake but my stuff never came out right. I never had a tamigotchi or giga pet but I had the knockoff versions and I finally had to break all of them bc they were so annoying waking up in the middle of the night! And playing paddle ball had me getting eye injuries a few times, lol.