Moving On Up.. Radio Personalities And DJs We Love!

September 14, 2013 ‐ By Davisha Davis


Many of these radio personalities or DJs have expanded their brands and can be seen on TV or have moved to the bif time in radio and have syndicated shows.  They made radio fun and kept us yearning for more. Some of them, of course, have us wondering, “Where are they now?” So while the internet has certainly changed the course of radio, one thing is for sure: it can never replace the mark these people left behind in traditional radio.

MadameNoire Video

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  • T

    …Angie Martinez? Don’t even know half of these people on the list

  • autumnbreeze

    Ummmm….What about Angie Martinez????

  • BluDiva1920

    Why isn’t Big Boy from Power 106 (LA) on this list???? He has had the morning show spot since I was a teen, has been in movies, and his show is nationally syndicated!

  • PolkaDots

    I only looked at the first picture in the line up. Ummm, Dear Wendy Williams, Please stop bleaching your skin….There is NO DA$MN way that this woman is LIGHTER THAN me and I was BORN HIGH YELLOW, changed to just light skinned by the age of 6 and I’m rocking a tan now.

    What kind of a screwed up childhood did she have to cause her to BLEACH HER SKIN like 5 shades lighter.

    • AJ

      I can’t lie….you sound super ignorant…..and your logic on how there is “no da&mn way” she is lighter than you makes no da$mn sense…

      • PolkaDots

        Next time look up what the word means dino because OBVIOUSLY you have NO CLUE what it means. If you did you would not have used it. It makes perfect since. Look at the photo.

      • PolkaDots

        There is no way that she is THAT light. Lighter than Latoya Jackson, who bleaches and both are lighter than me when you were JUST brown when you were a child and on the radio.

        • babyface

          Latoya Jackson? WTf are you babbling about? Lol, you sound psychotic talking about this.. lol. WOW. ((I hate weirdos like u))

          • PolkaDots

            No I don’t I sound about as PSYCHOTIC as you do right now when you come with a WEAK A$$ line because you can’t refute any of my argument.

            This right here is about entertainment now because it’s pointless for me to argue with a MORENA on a ghetto black site.


      • PolkaDots

        Not buying it. She’s the first photo in the line up with a clear self esteem issue and she’s not be critique. I find that highly comical. And that fact that YOU don’t see something wrong with her is STUPIDITY.

        • butta

          Yo… you REALLY sound stupid!! Bye Felicia!!!

          • PolkaDots

            Negative but YOU DO. “YO…” really – ebonics. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and yours is blown.


    • Pompous

      Obsessed with another woman’s skin tone, are ‘ye?

      • PolkaDots

        That’s dead. But I do have an issue with a person who goes on television CALLING OTHER PEOPLE out and she’s just as fake.

        And I mean BEYOND the wigs and the lipo she claimed to have had. If you are going to OWN IT, OWN ALL OF IT.

  • hp

    Miss Jones aka Jonnesey in philly .. Oh how I miss her and made me lmbo on my way to work and dread getting out the car , I was pissed when she was cut from 99 for making songs about Beyonce butter rolls love on top remix ha

  • hiswomanandlovingit

    “what’s up y’all? whatchu gotta say? who’s on the phone with ed, lisa, and dre?”

    that started my mornings off when i was in JHS and part of HS. *good times*

  • FromUR2UB

    Robin Quivers? Really?? I still have the impression I had of her more than 20 years ago, when Howard Stern’s show aired on TV. She just seemed like a laugh machine who giggled at every outrageous thing he said. “Smart” and “witty” were not the words I used to describe her.

    • tysandsnyc

      I agree. But I still like Robin’s persona on the show when she does speaks her own opinions on things.

      But why isn’t CThaGod and K Foxx on this list?

    • erika761

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