‘I Said What I Had To Say To Her:’ Kandi Explains Why She Didn’t Check Nene On The RHOA Reunion

April 15, 2013  |  

If you watched the first two parts of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion, you probably noticed Kandi was the calmest person on the show — despite the daggers being thrown her way by one very rich b****. When Kandi came to the studio for an interview, we had  to ask her how she held her tongue amongst all the insults being thrown her way by Nene, and we also had to ask what she really thinks about Kenya Moore and her Gone With the Wind fabulous fan. Check out what she had to say.

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  • DFWAries

    All of them have displayed shadiness, two-facedness, gossippy type of behavior like all of us have at one point or another. However, if you aren’t any of these types, you wont be on the show. Remember the women on the first season?

  • Blee

    I don’t like Nene she always saying she’s real when she’s not..she throws shade at Kandi, Sheree, Phaedra..Didn’t Nene talk about being able to handle it and dish it out…like somebody is being a walking hypocrite. She can not handle it when someone dish it out yet she’s #1 at throwing shade..like I’m so tired of her trying to throw this I’m keeping it real when she’s not..like you’re 100% real yet is like 50% real..

    and Kenya..I would just real with her and tell her if that fan hits me in the face we going to have some serious problems..like Keyna gets on my nerves..like stop acting like somebody owe you something….Like ok you won Miss USA or whatever..that’s great….though when I look it says Carole Gist first african american Miss USA title and Miss Michigan USA…so..maybe you shouldn’t say you’re the first..

    Kim is irrelevant…like who cares..she’s always were annoying.

    • Ladybug94

      I think Nene handles it..she handles it by denying her part. All of them are shady, especially Phaedra with her weird faces.

  • mslady247

    kandi has been shady towards all of the ladies on numerous ocassions…especially towards Nene. I call it being two-faced.

  • JRoc85

    Kandi, I respect you as a single mother & a REAL hustler (you know how to keep cash flowing). I think we can all agree that you & NeNe are like oil & vinegar- there’s no point trying to mix!!! Kandi, I sure as hell don’t understand you! Why should NeNe support you when AT THE BEGINNING of season 5, you came at NeNe the hardest (of everybody on RHOA). It was mostly you this season you threw daggers at NeNe (yes NeNe threw shade your way in the past (unfairly I might say), but name ONE THING NeNe said about you on the show that was negative THIS season- BESIDES her refusing to feed you after showing up to her home 3 hours late). Also, NeNe NEVER made comments about your home IN YOUR HOME, allowed her friends to talk about your daughter, or continued to make money off of your hard work!!!!!!!! All those crimes were committed by Kim Zolciak Biermann. Kim was wrong for not giving you your half for “Tardy For the Party,” BUT Kandi, you were the fool for waiting nearly 3 years AFTER Kim already collected the money. Say what you want, but Kim was the smarter person in ALL this (including the whole “Kash” name situation. BTW, make sure you’re pregnant before showing off a baby room & talking about baby names)!!!!

  • Crystal

    I don’t know if Nene has a problem with Kandi or not,but I do know that Nene didn’t have anything positive to say about Kandi and that started the 1st season Kandi was on the show. I like Kandi and Nene,but Nene can dish it out but not take it. And under the guise of “keeping it real ” Nene feels she can say what she wants and you should just take it because she is so “real”. And they all talk about each other so shade is thrown by all.

  • Kandi just does not have the linguistic capabilities to check anybody….if anything, she should have put Kim in her place. She has to be the most inarticulate, successful Black woman I’ve seen

    • COMPLETELY agree. Articulation (street or otherwise) just isn’t Kandi’s strong suit.

    • I -hate- Kandi’s voice. I don’t know what it is. It slurs a bit and she doesn’t even drink. She has this deep, slurred and croaky voice. Very hard to listen to for a long time.

  • kandikane

    Kandi is very talented but I think she is shady

  • kupkakes55

    The only thing that bothers me about Kandi is that she will defend herself & then do this nervous laugh after it as though she is scared to say it. I’m glad that she took up for herself bcz (although I love Nene) Nene does throw shady at Kandi all the time. Besides this Kandi/Nene issue, can some1 PLEASE tell me why Kim needed to be there?? ……..

    • Famu

      I agree with you and happen to like both Kandi and Nene. I don’t think NeNe ever liked Kandi really from the jump and I could never figure out until the reunion show when she said Kandi gravitated towards Kim when she started the show. I feel maybe she was sort of jealous of Kandi and Kim’s relationship. Kandi is right she and NeNe have benefit much from being on the show and as two African American women they should be lifting each other up and not trying to throw shade at each other.

      • Lois x Brundage Vance

        If you remember back when Kandi first came on the show, Nene tried to warn her about Kim saying she was going to use her to get a record deal and Kandi didn’t want to hear what Nene was saying because Kim had already put the badmouth bug in Kandi’s ear, so Kandi went in not liking Nene base on something Kim told her. Now look where they’re at today. Everything Nene said came true and Kandi is not going to own up to it.

    • Music

      I agree she does do a laugh after defending herself. I don’t think it’s because she’s nervous but more so her way of softening the blow to avoid coming off as being too rude.

    • mik bailey

      To promote her own show!

  • NelleA

    I don’t think she’s naive at all! She just takes a different approach at how she addresses the ladies and any concerns she has with any of them…don’t let her size fool you…she ain’t no ‘push over’…I’ve always liked Kandi and remain to like her because she hasn’t changed over the years seeing her on reality tv…change as in being “Kandi”…she’s had added growth (business wise) – she’s a successful chick and I like that about her amongst some other things. The one thing I do agree with you on are the mouth motions —- Oh, how I dislike them…but it is obviously an unconscious habit 🙁

  • pretty1908

    kandi check NENE ….. nah never will happen. Kandi has been shady from jump. Just because she doesn’t curse or yell doesn’t make her innocent. Yes, Nene can be brash and rude, but she doesn’t lie or throw rocks and hide her hands.

    • So you think Kandi does all that???? You should rewatch your episodes… Kandi may throw shade but she admits to everything she has done and will repeat herself…..

      • Fan

        no she does not. Kandi is shady like Phradra. Kandi was with Sheree,Kim and Phradra when she thought they were getting Nene. she feels stupid now that Kim is doing to her what she has been doing all along

        • BLEE

          again watch the shows.like lol..

    • locnlove

      U a fool to believe that NeNe doesn’t lie and actually owns up to her shady behavior…her hands are jus as dirty amd low down as the rest of them.

      • pretty1908

        refrain from calling me names to get your point across… never said NENE was a saint… good day

        • Get IT

          Haha wow, so not only do people on reality TV argue but its even causes the people who watch it to argue too. Its just a show.

      • mik bailey

        And why she keep calling Sheree big nose when hers was too before the surgery. Also Sheree is no longer on the show so why keep bringing her up….

        • Blee

          thank you..like Nene always throwing shade and then have the audacity to be like if you can’t handle it don’t dish it out..while Kandi was telling her that she has threw shade at her..she going to be like no I haven’t..Nene is a walking Hypocrite

  • Sorry: the calmest woman in that reunion has been the lovely Cynthia Bailey…and I’m not even a fan! 🙂

    • mik bailey

      She should have stayed quiet not to bring attention to herself – that dress was not only over the top, but yesterday’s…..