Messy Messy: Phaedra Says Kenya ‘Propositioned Apollo With A Sexual Act’

April 12, 2013  |  

We hate to be a spoiler (kind of) but we can’t wait until Sunday night to have all the drama unfold on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion, which is why we’re happy In Touch has some exclusive tea to share. Though in the previews from the upcoming second and third parts of the reunion, we already know some text messages been Phaedra’s husband Apollo and Kenya Moore are going to come into question, but thanks to InTouch, we now know what exactly was said in those texts — allegedly– and who was crossing the line hardcore — allegedly  According to the mag’s insider source, Phaedra first confronts Kenya about hitting on Apollo which prompts Kenya’s response that it was her husband who reached out to her in the first place. Clarifying the nature of that exchange, Phaedra told In Touch:

 “Let’s get this clear, my husband just asked her for advice on an acting coach. Kenya continued to text him, saying, ‘Oh, you look nice.’ She propositioned him with a sexual act.”

No she didn’t!

What’s even more crazy is Kenya reportedly doesn’t even deny offering the proposition during the reunion, simply saying:

“Hitting on and flirting are two different things. That man is married. I respect the sanctity of marriage.”

I’m sorry, if you respected the sanctity of marriage you would be flirting with other single men, not someone else’s husband. And need I recall how huffy Kenya got at the mere thought of Walter having hit on Kandi back in the day before she even knew her? Now she wants to act like it’s OK to flirt with someone else’s husband. Girl stop. Sorry, woman stop.

Fortunately for Phaedra and Apollo’s union, the pregnant, soon-to-be mother of two isn’t phased by the nonsense. She told In Touch:

“I have a strong marriage. It’s not like Kenya revealed something I didn’t know. There are no secrets.”

Let’s hope that’s the case.


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  • Nunya

    They are ALL shady. Apollo reached out to Kenya simply to hurt his wife — he knew that they were feuding. I totally believe that she is the monster that he claimed that she is. However, if any woman “harmlessly flirted” with MY husband, she would be very sorry that she did.

    • Nunya

      I believe that Fakedra is the “monster” that Apollo claimed she was on tv.

    • honestly, he probably reached out to kenya when all 3 of them were still on good terms. why would he go against his pregnant wife?? he doesn’t want kenya.

  • TheRealDeal

    Did you loonies know that there is another tell all book coming out about Phaedra Parks sleeping with everybody in ATL? I follow this chick on Twitter. She is in the process of getting the book published and out there. Her ex-husband was a big time drug dealer and so she knows all about Mrs. Parks and Apollo! She DEFENDS Kenya ALL THE TIME. She also knows Angela Stanton who wrote the book “Lies Of A Real Housewife.” WAKE UP PEOPLE. Phaedra is NOT who you think she is!!!

  • MissRealuminatti

    The writer of this article obviously do not like Kenya before she heard about the reunion. Why is everyone ignoring the fact that Apollo shouldn’t be texting Kenya…acting advice my arse! lol Why would he even text her after his wife and her had a fall out?

    • Annette

      Of course you can easily not like Kenya before the reunion show. All you have to do is see her behavior this whole season to know she’s a low moral having, mentally unstable chick who has no problem throwing herself at other people’s husbands.

      And we don’t know about the texts. We don’t know yet if they were sent before or after Kenya and Phaedra fell out.

      • MissRealuminatti

        I don’t think Kenya has less morals than anyone else on that show. Every year there’s a villain – from Nene to Marlo to Sheree to Kim. People have often thought Phaedra was a little unstable too…not knowing how many months pregnant and making offbeat comments and telling lies. I think Kenya is just dramatic but she also can see through the fake ones on the show. The only people she doesn’t get along with is Porsha ditzy self and shady Phaedra.

  • kierah

    Absolutely Apollo was dead wrong for contacting Kenya for anything. He knows there is bad blood between Kenya and Phaedra so that acting coach story is a struggle and a reach.
    However, as a woman that claims to respect marriage, Kenya should have said my acting coach is named Askya Wife. Kenya entertained the possibility and she took it where it had no business going.

    • UmOk

      Right!! She entertained it out of spite against Phaedra, which shows her character despite what she says. Even the comment on the reunion show of maybe you should stop texting me shows how juvenile she is. The comment didnt make me go ohhhh Phaedra she checked you. It made Kenya looked like a heaux. As a man that probably cheats, Apollo did what those type of men do….go after the desperate, thirsty one that you know will get down.

  • hollyw

    Is there a difference between flirting and hitting on someone? I’d say yes, the intent. Flirting just warrants attention, hitting on someone is propositioning them.

    …however, BOTH can be disrespectful if, ummm…the flirtee is yo FRIEND’S MAN??? Kenya, please just get yo therapy, hire a matchmaker, and be done w/ it. You clearly have no luck (or sense) in either department on your own.

  • Sarah

    Acting lessons? Come on..Phaedra is an entertainment attorney, hell she is friends with Jane Fonda. She has connections. He knows exactly why he called Kenya.

    • This was probably done when they were all getting along and contracting the exercise dvd.

  • Smh @ Kenya and Apollo I believe they were flirting with each other, my question is if Phaedra know people in high places as she always claims she does why didn’t she hook her husband with an acting coach? That just seems like a bs excuse to cover up what’s really going. Kenya and apollo are both wrong

  • DidSheGoThere?

    Phaedra stupid if she believe that “he was contacting Kenya about an acting coach” mess, when Apollo knew Kenya and HIS WIFE were FEUDING… I swear some women can be soo stupid….

    • yeppers

      I dont care how “stupid” you claim Phaedra is being, Kenya knows she was flirting and trying that lady husband. Like Pha said, she need to put some ice in her pannies, and stop flirting. If Apollo do cheat or mess with other chicks. From how Kenya was acting Im sure she was making it VERY EASY TO DO!

      • pretty1908

        but why not contact Nene though, you and your wife are selling a dvd and competing with Kenya why ask her out of all people….this is ATL , finding an acting couch should’nt be that hard huh….

        • Thaalia

          When did it happen? Before or after the fallout?

          • pretty1908

            that’s the real tea

        • MissRealuminatti

          Right! Nene is currently working on her on a TV show…it would make more sense to ask Nene. Phaedra and Apollo are full of bs

          • TheRealDeal

            They sure are but many people just don’t see it or REFUSE to see it because they hate Kenya because she is a threat. Sad world we live in…can’t wait to see what these loonies will say once Nene calls them out on it.

      • MissRealuminatti

        Why put all the blame on the woman? Kenya is not married to Phaedra.

  • LadiesNight

    We all know Apollo cheats on Phaedra and isn’t this the same go who visits strip club without his wife’s permission. Phaedra is a pathological liar and I believe her and Apollo is a business marriage,because I think she met him doing dirty dealings. Phaedra and Apollo are BOTH liars and CAN’T be trusted.

    • LOL

      Wow is your name Kenya Moore?

      • you madd

        Apparently…Because she SURE knows alot about some people lives off a TV show. I didnt see non of what she talking about on an episode…SMH. Kenya get off here trying it.

        • LadiesNight

          Apollo Nida,is that you?

          Why would I be Kenya Moore?Get a life instead of over analyzing my comment. I made the comment in my post based of what I saw on the show. Smh,would you love to tell the masses why you REALLY married Phaedra?Lying convicted felon.

      • LadiesNight

        Wow is your name Phaedra Parks?

    • shuga_B

      When did it become acceptable for a woman to blatantly flirt with a married man, regardless of what they may think their marriage is based on. Its a sad day when folk find it plausible to justify this kind of behavior that just screams desperation and disrespect.

      • MonicaT

        I 100% agree! We as women should have respect for ourselves as well as respect one another.

    • TheRealDeal

      Thank you!!! People LOVE to make excuses for Phaedra Parks and it’s EXTREMELY sad and once you call out their dirty BS, you’re hating. However, it’s ok to do that with Kenya or Nene or the others, but because Phaedra is an attorney married to a GOOD LOOKING man, she’s off limits. People need to get real. Kenya may not be as crazy as you think! I think she’s smart personally. I cannot wait for Phaedra’s fake life to hit the fan and it will!!!!

    • Apollo has seemed very committed to Phaedra since day 1 in my eyes. He scored with her – a lawyer marrying a convicted felon and she has money! He ain’t goin no where!

  • missmay

    Kenya disgust me