The White House Responds To ‘Open Letter:’ Jay-Z Did Not Speak With President Obama

April 12, 2013  |  

Source(s): WENN, YouTube

Yesterday we reported on newly released track “Open Letter,” by Brooklyn rapper and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. In the song, Jigga claps back at the politicians who criticized him for the trip that he took to Cuba with his wife Beyoncé. Since its release, the controversial track has spread like wildfire, even making it to a White House press conference. Why does the White House care about a Jay-Z song, you ask? Well, at one point in the song, Jay speaks about having a conversation with President Obama.

“Boy from the hood, but got White House clearance,” Jay says within the first 41 seconds of the song.

“Obama said chill, you gon’ get me impeached/You don’t need this s**t anyway, go chill with me on the beach,” he says in another bar.

Many perceived the name-drop as an admission that President Obama had something to do with getting the Carters’ Cuban trip approved, especially considering their relationship with the first couple. But, White House officials are saying this is not true. During a press conference yesterday, White House press secretary, Jay Carney was asked by a journalist about the lyrics and whether or not Jay and the POTUS held a conversation about visiting Cuba.

“I guess nothing rhymes with Treasury,” Carney humorously stated.

“Because Treasury offers and gives licenses for travel. The White House has nothing to do with it. I am absolutely saying that the White House, from the President on down, had nothing to do with anybody’s travel to Cuba,” he continued.

Carney went on to imply that song lyrics probably shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

“OFAC, Treasury, these are tough words to rhyme,” he joked. “It’s a song, Jay-Z did not communicate with the President about this trip.”

With all of that being said, it was pretty funny hearing rap lyrics referenced at a White House press conference.

Turn the page to watch a brief clip from the press conference. What are your thoughts on this? Has this been blown out of proportion or was Jay-Z out of line for pulling the President into the middle of his controversy? 

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  • When you “play” with “puppies”…you might get peed on, licked in the face..or worse…Neither of these “celebrities are good examples for the White House Daughters or anybody else…The relationship was not appropriate in the first place…a wise old man once advised when it comes to conducting one’s life…”BE PARTICULAR”….about everything!

  • Guest360

    How classless. You get caught doing something you had no business doing but instead of taking responsibility for it, you tell people to look to the President as to why you’re in Cuba. No sir. What you failed to do is research. The President doesn’t have that kinda power to do such a thing and I’m glad the White House quickly denounced the song. You did wrong. Admit it and let it go. Clearly age does not bring wisdom to some….

  • Kenedy

    Arrrgh, this dude thinks he’s best friends with the President….boy please

  • Yay!

    Cut ties. J just showed his stanin behind with this song. If he knew anything at all he would have thought twice about going to Cuba to vacation, then writing a song about it including the President’s name. Goes to show you can take um out the hood, but…

  • AnotherDayAnotherControversy.

    JayZ should have kept the president’s name out of it he must have known that this song would only add fuel to the fire of haters who hate the President enough as it is. Jayz was the wrong entertainer to get cozy with Naz would have been a better choice he’s more intelligent than most rappers.

  • CeCe

    Welp, lets see what happens to that White House Clearance now… “You know you done fu*ked up right??”

    • pretty1908

      Obama was like this negro needs to chill…. I have always said that Obama doesn’t hit them up until its campaign time or until he needs their money and sheep like fans. Obama isn’t stupid

  • QB

    I don’t blame Jay-Z for his lyrics–he’s an entertainer, that’s his job that’s how he makes a living. The fault is the President’s. He allowed his relationship with Celebs to overshadow his presidency. Now anything they do will reflect on him. As someone in a high position you have to know when to set boundaries because if you don’t, you’re ruined. Jay is a born hustler, he playing the game to build is worth, and I ain’t mad at him.

    • Guest360

      I’m not understanding how this reflects on the President. He’s not the one in Cuba nor did he tell this man to go ahead and break the law. This is a reflection on the Carters. Nothing more. They didn’t get the proper clearance to go but tried to name drop someone in a position of power, as if he had the power anyway to authorize this. Just goes to show you how entitled the Carters think they are. It’s so sad really that two people can be so full of themselves and not care about how their actions affect anyone else.


    Lay with dogs get bitten by fleas. This is why I do not think presidents and celebs should mix. What I want to hear from that white man and the prez is why unemployment is so high in the black community and what is being done to fix it.

    • It’s all communities not just the black!!

      • OSHH

        The black communities is twice that of the national unemployment rate 🙂

        • TRUTH IS

          Yea…she concerned with others who have it easier than us…smdh

        • That is the problem with folks these days! Unemployment is a HUMAN problem not just a black Problem! Be the solution not the problem!

    • mac

      I could’ve sworn he had a whole country to run, not just the black community. Ask the leaders of the black community why unemployment is so high.

      • TRUTH IS

        Did black leaders campaign yapping about economy fixing and job making policies, etc.?! I think not…..Step away from the kool aid!