“Some People Should Just Come Out Of The Closet”: Azealia Banks Comes For A$AP Rocky For Red Lipstick Comments

April 10, 2013  |  

We told you a few days ago how Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky, in an interview with The Coveteur, shared his beauty advice with women (yes, he’s a man) and got a pretty negative response for it after saying that only light-skinned women (no, he’s NOT a light-skinned black man or woman) should walk around wearing red lipstick. His comments went something like this if you forgot:

“I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. I’m just being for real. You have to be fair skinned to get away with that. Just like if you were to wear like—F**king for instance, what do dark skin girls have that you know fair skinned girls can’t do…Purple lipstick? Naw, that looks stupid on all girls! Purple lipstick, guys! Like, what the F**k.”

I think we can all agree unanimously that that was a major FAIL on his part. And out of all the women who felt some kind of way about his comments, female rapper Azealia Banks (who loves us by the way…naw, I’m just kidding!) took the comments personally, seeing as she wears red and purple lipstick, and had her own plum shade called Yung Rapunxel while doing a collaboration with MAC last year. She took to Twitter on multiple occasions in the last day or so to let it be known that she took her fellow Harlem MC’s opinions personally…

Lol @ asap rockys lipstick advice.

Some people should just come out of the closet.

Guess some people weren’t feeling her first couple of comments, because she talked about his comments again today and responded to them. And then spoke her opinion a few more times in the last few hours.

So rocky takes a direct blow to my image about dark skin and purple lipstick, then as soon as I’m a offended …. I’m the bad guy.

Typical day in the life of AB.

That comment was so hurtful. Like hurtful beyond measure. Coming from him especially……

It made me cry. It did.

Especially since rocky stole my hair style from the 212 video …..

I remember these dudes when they didn’t even have haircuts and cabfare….

Veeeery interesting. According to A$AP, Banks used to date a member of the collective A$AP Mob, and even if she didn’t, Harlem isn’t that big, so I’m sure that they did know each other well before we knew anything about these two in the industry. Hence her last Twitter comment. And while she hasn’t said much about him before his misguided lipstick advice, he’s had plenty to say about her. He told Rap-Up last year that she needed to quit with all the beefs:

“I like her for what she’s worth. I do think she gotta chill out with the beefin’ and all that other stuff and disrespecting the O.G.s. She the homegirl, so it ain’t nothin’ but a little talk to her. I think if she stays out of trouble, she’ll have longevity.”

Well, she’s coming for you now, your lipstick advice, sexuality, AND your hair, bruh! Oh the drama…

What do you think of her comments about his own comments?


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  • batmanssecretary

    Oh ho ho ho! Men trying to put women in their place AGAIN; “I think if she stays out of trouble, she’ll have longevity.” You mean, if she’s shuts up and sticks to suckin’ d**k? Okay, Rocky, I hear you. We aaallll know how you feel about women.

  • working as a Avon lady i know there are shades of each color that we(All of us lovely black women) can wear, just like there are shades of blonde we can get away with. Now i don’t know if he was trying to be offensive, nor do i care. I follow my own make up and fashion rules, i don’t go by the norm, what ever that is, AB has the right like everyone else to be offended and speak her piece. Most dark skinned girls and women i know have been called everything but beautiful, so i think we should choose to do the opposite of these people.

  • Bright or loud colors don’t look good on anyone with any kind of skin tone, because it’s unnatural looking. That’s why I don’t get why people always say that stuff looks better on light skinned or white people than it does for darker skin tones. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

  • Get IT

    Normally I would be like “azelia stop hating” but I agree with her on this one. ASAP’s comments were so ignorant and stupid especially coming from a black man at that.
    I absolutely hate the veiwpoints that many black males and rappers at that have towards the females of their exact same race.


    Well, ASAP may have a point. I think there are certain
    shades of red that look good on dark
    skinned blk women. Not bright red, but
    deep rich berry red. To me, what ASAP said
    wasnt necessarily coonish. He was just
    stating his opinion. I dont think dark brown
    chicks should wear bright pink lipstick
    either. As my grandmother would say
    “Looks like u got ur azhole turned inside
    out”. Neither should they wear light blond
    hair. But i also think red head white women
    shouldnt wear alot of colors too. And pale
    white women dont look good in all white. N
    i get tired of seeing dark skinned blk ppl
    wearing all black. Other colors are way
    more complimentary n beautiful on those

  • Guest

    Even though he said it wrong, there is some truth to A$AP Rocky’s statement. Him talking about dark-skinned girls & lipstick is just like people (even black) who talk about black girls & blonde hair! Every color is not for everyone. I can understand Azealia being offended, but she should not make him look like he’s discriminating. After all, she even said “F**k white girls”, so it’s not like he’s saying “F**k dark-skinned girls”. Overall, this feud ended before it even started.

    • batmanssecretary

      It’s different because so many men in rap are CONSTANTLY dissing dark-skinned women, verbally or otherwise (e.g. never putting them in their music videos), and put light-skinned women on a pedestal. He’s not the first to put dark-skinned women down for something, and that’s why it’s an issue.

  • No matter how wrong he said it, A$AP Rocky is right “Every color is not for everyone”. Him talking about dark-skinned girls & lipstick is like people talking about black girls & blonde hair ! I can understand Azealia being offended, but she shouldn’t make him look like he’s discriminating. After all, she’s the same person that said “F**k white girls”. This feud ended before it even started.

    • hollyw

      I think you’re giving him far too much credit, and don’t think it was Azealia who made him look like he’s discriminating; it was his discriminatory statement. He didn’t say some shade fit some people, b/c that would’ve been too much like right. He said dark skinned chicks can’t rock red lipstick. They look like clowns.

      • Guest

        You’re right. I thought it was “how” he said it , but the actual statement was wrong looking back. She, as well as other women have every right to be offended, but she’s just as bad as him with the way she’s going about it, if not worse.

  • jjac401

    It is doable. Every woman can rock the right shade of red no matter what skin tone and under tone they have. Some skin tones look better with red/orange or red/blue tones of lipstick.

    • I agree about certain shades looking better on certain skin tones, but at the same time, there are shades of colors that don’t look good on anyone, period.

  • hollyw

    “…on those of us with darker skin.” Errm, perhaps, you, Miss, but not I, not Azelia, not J. Hud, not Viola Davis, or Naomi Campbell.

    He made a blanket statement out of sheer ignorance and/or self-hate, when it’s far more likely that you just haven’t found the right shade yet, or you/he hasn’t seen decent representation. But speak for yourselves.

  • Coco black

    Here we go ignorant talk from a fellow black person!! No wonder a lot of white people think black people are stupid!! Every day we give them an example. Red lipstick doesn’t look good on dark skinned women!! It’s like for f**k sake…..get a life! Furthermore get an education fool

  • scandalous7

    im over it, being a dark skinned women is so frustrating sometimes.

    • hollyw

      Don’t absorb that ignorance! He’s dark himself, with probably a dark-skinned mother, that ain’t nothing but bred ignorance and/or self-hate. Just love you and others will follow!

      • scandalous7

        but how much ignorance from men of the same complexion do I have to take on a weekly basis weather its social media, entertainment, or real life? Im sick and tired ya know? I have tried to ignore it long enough but now its happening so frequently that its getting under my skin.

        • jjac401

          As frustrating and upsetting as it is to hear this crap about darkskin and such, I am glad that this website puts it out there so that folks can be aware that this mindset is still going on. It promotes discussion that may bring about some change.

        • hollyw

          I do feel some of your frustration, really I do. I’m medium complected, so I’ve admittedly escaped most of the light-dark backlash in life. However, as a warrior of women’s rights and anti-ignorance/sexism/Black-on-Black crime, it doesn’t stop me from wanting to punch dudes in the face for this ignorance, and spewing even more unnecessary insecurities than we already get from White media…and it doesn’t help that this dummy’s genre of music is an overall FAIL for women of all colors…

          It’s really just an over-arching epidemic against women in gen’l and Black women, specifically. Like, why was this clown even being interviewed in a (mostly White) fashion blog?? Why was any opinion of his seen as relevant?? It’s almost like a conspiracy to keep us down, I feel…

  • MissRealuminatti

    I think red lipstick looks so beautiful on dark skinned women. Why is okay for people to disrespect dark skinned women but all hell break loose if you make a gay joke?

    • chanela

      SERIOUSLY!!! lol they’ll say ” black people need to get over it! they are so sensitive and think everybody is being racist”

  • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

    I can understand y she got upset. A lot of dark skin girls are always told how unattractive they are and were given the impression that they cant pull off as much as lightskinned girls (not making this a light vs dark thing) like loud colored hair, long weave, certain shades of eyeshadow, etc. Its a shame. Im glad she stood up to him though. I think reds and purples are very attractive on dark skin women if I must say so myself.

  • YeahISaidit

    Who?… Sounds like dude been test driving some of the L. Sticks why wasn’t he talking about his music so someone would know who the freak he is…… GO for the Jugular A.B.

  • ona2684

    His comment doesnt surprise me at all. After all, he does love him some white girls. Idk about his sexuality but he def has an issue with ladies of his pigment which really bothers me. I mean, how can you discriminate against your own?? He’s tired and she’s the truth!

    • ieshapatterson

      Isn’t it interesting. Whenever disrespectful comments are made about dark skin black women,they’re usually made by dark skin black men. That right there is a sign of self hate.

    • Trisha_B

      I think he dates the model Chanel Iman, or at least they use to date

  • hollyw

    That’s a shame that his ignorance got to her like that. At the end of the day, most rappers, male and female, are just super-sensitive, emo, broken souls who all need to either come out of the closet, get therapy, and/or take sensitivity training…imo. Oh, and an education wouldn’t hurt.

  • Harlow Montreese

    A$AP is an undercover fruity, just like Kanye, Lil Wayne and all these DL rappers!

  • CocoaBabe

    get him girl. rrrrrah. f*ck a a$ap boppy..