‘I Didn’t Want Anybody To Think I Was Easy:’ Nicki Minaj Talks Sleeping With Rappers And Maintaining Her Dignity

April 9, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne get pretty intimate in the music video for their new single “High School,” where the two are playing lovers. The rappers nailed their roles so well that it left many wondering whether or not the two have ever hooked up off-screen before. In a roundabout way, Nicki says no. During a recent interview with MTV’s Rap Fix, the 30-year-old entertainer discussed breaking into the rap world and maintaining her dignity.

“When I started being around Young Money, Wayne thought I was shy, but it wasn’t that I was shy, I just didn’t want anybody to think I was easy,” she confessed.

She went on to say that she hasn’t slept with any industry heads and offers advice to up-and-coming female emcees who are seeking to break into the entertainment world.

“No matter what my lyrics were saying, when I got around these guys, I was a prude, because I didn’t want anyone in this game to ever be able to say ‘I had sex with her’ or ‘when she needed a deal, she had to…’ No. And ‘til this day, not one single man in this industry can say that and I pride myself on that. That’s the only bit of advice I would give the up-and-coming female rappers. You could be as s*xy as you want, but just maintain your dignity around these guys.”

It seems like she’s offering some pretty sound advice. Would you agree?

Turn the page to watch Nicki’s interview. 

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  • Lottie Dottie

    Too bad she can’t practice what she preach…who she think she foolin we know she made the whole money bedrock…NEXT!!!!!

  • Karma

    She is mart though,, and I somehow believe her. Whether she portrays a ho on camera or not, she is very smart and business savvy.

  • Sagittarius81

    Well. I never heard of her sleeping around so I believe her, and it’s also a good thing to know your worth and have self respect.

  • Child_Puhleez

    Oh, please. If you all think this manufactured gimmick / slore didn’t get horizontal to achieve fame, then I MUST have the name of your weed supplier. FOH.

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  • Jazzy

    She plays a character in her songs, I applaud her for being candid. I think I may have a little more respect for this one!

  • Trisha_B

    I believe her, those who sleep their way up never make it far. Wayne had a fling w/ that one chick Shanell & wayne gives her no air play. She just did background vocals for 1 song….but its sad when a woman is successful, people only believe shes at the level b/c of some man.

  • Treacle234

    You go girl, lil Kim can’t say that

    • Child_Puhleez

      Um, Nicki most certainly cannot say that.

  • mik bailey

    She’s full of it; she lost her dignity when she got butt injections, put on those blonde/white wigs and get ups that would make most women ashamed. She dresses like a tramp and her rap is demeaning to women and out of the gutter – so what you talking about Nicki?!

    • Child_Puhleez

      Exactly. Nicki’s a ghetto muppet creature.

  • Great advice that I’m sure she did NOT take. I’m sorry but for a man to be comfortable enough to suggest that you have plastic surgery to alter your body means he’d have to be that comfortable with your body. She can speak this if she wants.. cause it sounds good. But I ain’t even buying it.

  • Very good advice, but unfortunately, it’s not going to reach as many ears as her lyrics about being freaky and her “girl” being squeaky and busting it open in the islands of “Wakikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”!!!!

    • Nikki

      Too bad she doesn’t know that Wakiki is a city, not an island.

    • Amani

      Right? I mean are we really to take advice from this chick? They can’t be serious.

      • Chey

        I think that’s really good advice, regardless of what her lyrics say.

    • IllyPhilly

      I won’t say it’s not believable, but Nikki in her videos always seems afraid or stiff with her male leads. I can believe it.

  • MLS2698

    Why would she need to sleep around? All of her dignity shines through in her lyrics! * sarcasm *

    • Amani

      Bwahahah #DEAD

    • Kenedy

      And don’t forget her appearance….there’s alot of dignity shining through there

  • sabrina

    I don’t think she’s lying at all. In other interviews and even Live Streams from years ago, she always talked about this. I applaud her for being able to not be an industry slide like many others can fall victim to.

    • Rayjulian85

      I knew an “up and coming” rapper who tried to work with her years ago, way before she was signed to YMCMB. He tried it and she put him in his place, walked out, and refused to work with him.

  • Smartest things she’s ever said.

  • Keisha Samoht

    She convinced me…. I mean i believe her… she may not have been a prude as she said… but i dont think she slept her way around….

  • She lyin

    • Harlow Montreese

      You know what…thank you, I said the same thing.

    • kaf

      weather she is lying or not, that is some very sound advice, Im not much of a nicki fan but i think what she said was on point not only with in the music industry but in life and any career your in, do not sell your self short and sleep your way to the top… overall she has a point and its a good one, keep yourself and don’t let a dude come and play around with you

      • Amani

        Yes, sound advice and it is too bad Nicki Garbage didn’t adhere to it. This is a female who “bust it wide open” in front of cameras for a living, all while spewing vulgarities and we are to take advice from her? mmk. Physician, heal thyself!

        FYI, Nicki, a lady keeps her dignity intact at all times, so you might want to conduct yourself as though you have some grace and dignity.

        • kaf

          Ok pot calling the kettle black, you don’t think calling her ‘Nicki Garbage’ is not rude…? mmmmk then -___- if you want to talk about dignity fine lets talk, first lets talk about your mouth and if your going to speak on dignity with your tongue, heres and idea…. Set an example! Calling someone out of their name by calling them garbage is not really the way forward, you can not expect her to listen to your FYI, if your going to caller her names. No one is going to listen to anyone who is going to call them garbage and then you expect them to take your advice seriously. Come on you can do better than that.

  • pickneychile

    Good for you girl!