Pregnant Woman To Receive $55K From The City of Chicago After Being Tasered By Police

April 9, 2013  |  

Source: NBC Chicago

Last June, Tiffany Rent, a 31-year-old Chicago woman was shocked three times with a stun gun by police outside of a Walgreens store. The incident came during a dispute over a parking ticket, which Rent didn’t believe that she deserved, so she tore it up, refused to show the officer identification and got back into her car. Rent says Officer Reginald Pippen then threatened to arrest her and stuck his arm in her window, shocking her three times with his taser, reports News One. Did I mention that Rent was 8 months pregnant at the time and that her two children were in the backseat, completely hysterical over what they’d witnessed?

According to  The Chicago Sun-Times, Rent says the other two officers who were with Pippen, Ronald Forgue and Dennis Smith “laughed and mocked” her as she cried out in pain during the assault. Following the incident, Rent was taken to a nearby hospital and she later filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago. Last week the City and Rent reached a decision in which the South Side mom will receive $55,000.

The City’s settlement attorneys say that the agreement  “is not, in any way, an admission of wrongdoing by the City or any officers involved” and Pippen still maintains that he wasn’t aware of Rent’s pregnancy. The case is still being reviewed by the Independent Police Review Authority.

Despite all of the craziness that occurred one month prior, Rent gave birth to a healthy baby boy last July.


What are your thoughts on this incident?

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  • Estylo702

    At first I was about to get angry until I read the entire article. She was wrong. All she had to do was show the police her license, which by law he has every right to do. They can ask if they have probable cause. Committing two crimes (handicapped parking and littering) is more than enough. If you don’t show them your ID, they can detain you.

    He warned her and she didn’t she didn’t listen when she was in the wrong. Pregnant or not, the law is the law.

  • redeemed

    she didn’t have a weapon and wasn’t threatening to harm anyone, but in this racist world it’s zero tolerance for blacks

  • It was a parking ticket. You, nor I, nor she deserves to be tazed because we disagree with a police officer. Because she discarded the ticket did not mean she would not have to honor it. Even if she was a bit unruly, she was not a threat to the police officers. She was simply angry and that should not have intimidated, nor angered a well trained police officer(s). This was a great opportunity to diffuse the situation, by playing a simple game of “good cop, bad cop”, but instead they chose to indulge in what they felt was the humor of it all. Black people are not here for the comedic pleasure of the world. Our lives are a great struggle by the disrespect generated by the color of our skin. It’s a “free-for-all” for abuse for anyone who chooses to blame our so-called “irrational behavior” on justification for physical harm. I am ashamed of a world that continues to blame a people to often a catalyst for the misplaced “hurt” of a “hurting world”.

  • sammi_lu

    What an example to set in front of your kids, it’s okay to pick and choose which laws you want to obey and when you don’t its okay to disrespect authority figures who try to enforce them. On the other hand, extremely poor judgement on the part of the officers.

  • Rashida

    I think she should have acted like she was 8 months pregnant and acted accordingly. Not escalate the situation. Just kind of sad. Just takebthe ticket and go to court! She shares the blame!

  • Miss B

    I think she deserves that and more. That was not a hostile situation, she ripped up a ticket and turned to get in her car. She was not violent just frustrated at what she thought was unjust. She posed no threat to anyone so, tasing her was not necessary. Laughing!? Is that what our civil servants do now!? Wow,if you’re not safe at the hands of the police then who can you be safe with? And they wonder why they get such a bad rep.

    • I agree with you, She should have gotten more than that! Officers go to far,their supposed to be there to serve and protect as a peace officer, NOT TO POSE A THREAT! They abuse their power. Just because she delivered a healthy baby doesnt mean that, that child wont have developmental issues due to that.

      • Katrina

        I hope she uses that money for her children’s future and not spend it on stupid materialistic items or the whole purpose is defeated.

  • kierah

    Was girlfriend worried about her unborn children and her kids in the back seat of the car when she acted fool over a parking ticket? I don’t agree with using a taser on a pregnant woman, but she seems out of order. Has she ever heard of challenging a ticket that you think is unfair? She caused a scene by parking in a disabled spot (unless you have a sticker you know not to park there, pregnant or not), ripping it up and refusing to produce ID to an officer.

    • kierah

      She can get $55,000 less the price of her parking ticket. She still owes that, right?