Kenya Apologizes For Threatening Phaedra During RHOA Reunion

April 9, 2013  |  

Kenya Moore is back on her high horse again with a mouthful of self-righteous commentary related to her “historic” Miss USA win in 1993. After going on and on for three paragraphs on her Bravo blog about why Porsha questioning her admiration for Vanessa Williams “is ignorant, irresponsible, and indicative of the lack of respect for my convictions, beliefs, and my own legacy as the second Black woman to be crowned Miss USA,” and how “My crowning is a part of history and is a part of my legacy — that can never be taken away from me as much as the haters try to hate,” it’s interesting that Kenya still never took the time to acknowledge the first black Miss USA.

If you watched the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion Sunday night — or bothered to look up this fact on Wikipedia — you’d know Carole Gist was the first African American woman to win the title of Miss USA. Porsha busted out this little tidbit during part 1’s reunion and even mentioned Carole is from Detroit — like Kenya — making Miss Gone With the Wind Fabulous’s lack of acknowledgement all the more odd. Sidestepping the issue once again, as she did when these facts were brought out Sunday, Kenya simply wrote:

“When Miss Williams was crowned Miss America in 1983, she opened the door for Black women around the world to achieve immeasurable dreams the same way Hattie McDaniel did as the first Black woman to ever win an Academy Award. Although there have been others to achieve the pinnacle of achievement and honors in pageantry and in entertainment, the first from an overall platform or genre will always be the individual who made it possible for ALL others to come after…

“With that said, whom I admire and respect and hold in high esteem and for what reason is my exclusive right. I chose not to and won’t respond to ignorance and stupidity and to someone who is merely relevant for arguing and picking childish fights with me the entire season and has no accomplishments of their own.”

Sorry, still sounds a little suspect to me. How do you have more respect for someone in a different pageant from you altogether than a woman right from your own hometown who broke down the black ceiling specifically for you. Could she be mad she didn’t get that title first just three years prior?

Regardless of whatever covert shadiness is going on there, Kenya did take the time to right another wrong — you know telling Phaedra she’d be picking up her teeth off the floor, pregnant and all. Kenya apologized for her comment during the reunion, writing:

“I hate liars. We all saw Phaedra lie last season about the timing of her pregnancy, lie to Cynthia, etc. She never told the truth and will never tell the truth about her video sales. However, that didn’t warrant any threat toward a pregnant woman. I was keeping my composure but that was unacceptable. Having said that, whether you are #TeamStallion or team broke-down donkey, my fitness video sales have broken records and the video is and remains more successful than hers.”

OK so that was sort of an apology.

What do you think about Kenya’s blog?


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  • alana wyst

    I am watching the reunion again right now. I missed the part about Carole Gist the first time somehow. I am gobsmacked. I am actually surprised that Carole Gist herself did not address this to the media during the running of the show. I really can’t understand how Kenya could do this, claim to be the first, and get away with it. Maybe Gist is just too classy to dip into the fray of the world of Housewives, from her photos she looks very sophisticated. I definitely can’t see her scrapping with these women. But I just can’t believe this, honestly, it is so cheap to steal cred from someone like this, especially in a way that would be found out. Kenya herself looked so much better in her pageant days, before all the surgery, she looked like a model. She needs help, unfortunately….I think she is the most frantic person I have ever seen on one of these shows…probably really uneven parenting. I think she owes Carole Gist a public apology.

  • Sabine

    Kenya poor Kenya, such low esteem and feelings of insignificance make you run your low life potty mouth, arrogance, ignorance, threats and all…..

  • Kenya IZZZCrayCray

    Phaedra has never been a detraction from ratings. In fact: She is an actual WIFE & has always been one which is key to the theme of the show. With or without the poster woman for “CRAY-CRAY” (Kenya): the show would have been successful because it already had a faithful demographic & a growing audience due to the path paved by NeNe & the others. I personally feel that Kenya F’d the show up because the drama she bought & continues is so negative & sickening, 75% of the audience (according to blogs & vlogs) are REALLY “SICK OF HER B.S. & buuuuuul ISH. She’s 1 big lie accept that crown she won for walking in a gown & a swimsuit 200 years ago. She is a total let down. I’d rather have Sheree back or somebody new. But since she kisses Nene “ARSE” she’ll return. SMDH.

  • Lola

    That used to be true. However, It’s actually the OPPOSITE in terms of the Modern day Diva’s: “MARIAH,” “JANET,” “TYRA,” “BEYONCE,” “OPRAH,” & we can also add “NENE,” “KANDI” & “PHAEDRA.” since we are focused on this show. The only time 2 names are used these days = when the actual entertainer specifies that they desire their full name, they have the same 1st name as another famous actress/entertainer OR they actually LIKE it when a blogger calls them that & it sticks. (For example: “Kim K.”)

  • MsLadyE

    When did Kenya apologize to Phaedra? Did I miss something? I didn’t see “I’m sorry”, “I apologize”, or “Please forgive me” anywhere in that so-called apology.

  • perry

    Regardless of how ditsy Kenya’s personality is, she earned her right to be as off the wall as she wants unlike Ms porsha. Its like discrediting Beyonce b/c the b¡+(# can’t talk right.

  • Diva

    Kenya is a drama queen, trying to make herself relevant. She should be proud of her accomplishments, however being a part of history she is NOT!!! Vanessa Williams and Carole Gist are a part of history because they were the 1st, and the fact that she has NEVER mentioned Ms. Gist is just proof to how hard she is trying to make herself out to be more than she really is. On another note her DVD is already 1/2 off on Amazon while Phaedra and Apollo’s DVD is still full price, now I don’t know about sales records and all between her and Phaedra but if Kenya’s was selling so well why is it marked down…I saw that with my own two eyes LOL. I hope she isn’t a part of the next season, even though I know she will because she brings so much drama and has nothing else going on in her life…wait maybe she is producing another Multi_MILLION dollar film that never makes it to theaters LMAO. I think she has tarnished the franchise brand with her whole fake relationship to Walter, the viewers want a REAL glimps into the cast lives not make believe BS.

  • Kenya is as low as it gets, she is so full of herself it is enough to make the audience sick. She manages
    to create problems with two of the nicest girls on the show. Kenya has no class. She is a sick woman, mentally sick
    and I believe she could be dangerous. She has a lot of mental problems from being left by her Mother as a child, it has made her mentally
    unstable. This reminds me of Kelly from N.Y. Housewives, this is not normal drama. I wouldn’t
    want to have her anywhere near my life, she is a mentally disturbed woman who is not living in realty.
    She lies , accuses people of things that they never did or said , she is rude and she does all of this showing no
    regret or empathy. She is probably not capable of empathy. I doubt this woman has any real friends.

  • I don’t like Kenya. I think she blows things waaayy out of proportion. She can dish it out but can’t take it. I think that she is extremely paranoid and very, very selfish. She think she’s entitled. Like really? Who died and made you a goddess?

  • did she not say she was the first black Miss USA?

  • Just asking

    Kenya Moore said at the beginning of the season that she was the SECOND Black Miss USA. Why is no one acknowledging that?

  • Jenscot

    Kenya Moore is a sad woman, desperate for relevance and attention. Pathetic.

  • CoCo

    Kenya needs to get her life together! Kenya should stop hating and getting jealous because she is bitter about her life. It’s just sad. Kenya needs a reality check or some meds quick or else she will be gone with the wind alright!!!!

  • Kenya Moore gives the definition of a classy woman; the definition of humility & the definition of intelligence horrible marks. I feel she is a miserable person that cannot stand be outdone in any way & if she feels threatened by you or your success, she will turn viciously on you. I feel sorry for her.

  • HappyFeetTee

    Kenya…maybe she wants to be the Star of the ATL Show…that’s why she creates
    so much drama!

  • Kenya needs to sit down with all those personalities she has and get to acknowledging some truth…YOU asked Phae for $100,000 AND 10% off the back end…Phae did NOT fire you…YOU QUIT..You threw as many insults at Porsha as she threw at you, BUT Porscha did not throw you shade at the charity event…but most importantly…you are the one keeping the hostility going with Phae…Phae has control over you weak lil minds…yas, MINDS.

  • OK


    • mik bailey

      Makes you wonder don’t it?! Anyway she got on tons of make up, without it she’s average at best!!

  • Kenya is a crazzzzyyyyy b***h!!

  • Morgan

    Kenya’s video isn’t breaking anymore records than Phaedra to be honest. During the show she mentioned Amazon, so I looked things up. Phaedra is doing better than Kenya – neither are kicking down doors with them but that’s what it is.

  • Mrs. F.

    #1 that was no apology. Secondly, while Miss Kenya is always trying to point out everyone else’s irrelevance, she fails to realize the toll that’s being taken on her aging face due to her fighting tooth and nail to try and prove how relevant or credible she is. Child please! Whatever relevance you had in the past doesn’t amount to anything now because truth be told, their are bigger and better people in the world (as far as black women with accomplishments are concerned) that have done, are doing, and have yet to do above and beyond anything you have done. Kenya honey, take ya lil money go get you a good jar of anti-aging cream and stop all this childishness before you end up looking much older than what you are already beginning to look like. Smh! Nah, whip ya fan on dat!

    • Mrs. F.


  • shaydee2013

    First of all, for anyone who does REAL research, they know that Wikipedia is not truly a credible source for information; it’s editable…duh. Secondly, yes, Kenya can be ridiculously off-the-chain sometimes, but despite her crazy shenanigans, NO ONE (not even Porsha) can discredit her accomplishments. I would be a little perturbed too if someone TRIED to make me feel irrelevant when my accomplishments say otherwise. Bottom line is my name, Porsha’s name, and your name will probably not ever make it into the history books, but Kenya Moore’s name will forever be there, whether you read that section or not. I’m no Kenya Moore fan, but I’m no hater either. And whether I agree or disagree with her – like or not like her – is irrelevant when it comes to giving props where they are due. She may be crazy and rather childish at times, but one things for certain, she IS a part of history.

    • mik bailey

      But there’s good history and bad history; what has she done that is so great. If she was Miss America I would give her some kudos, because its a beauty and talent competition. Miss USA is merely swimsuit and gown. All the contestants go down in history for that matter..

      • MonicaT

        Exactly!!!! Kenya discredited herself by the way she acts and because she is over 40 and a educated women it’s sad. She’s not representing the over 40 and fabulous women well. She comes off angry, catty, delusional and over 40. I think her insecurities make her feel irrelevant so she trys so hard to make herself out to be more then what she has accomplish and in the process putting others down. Just like she tried to discredit Phaedra who is a practicing successful lawyer. I give both these ladies kudos for what they have accomplish. Then again this is reality TV and if I have to come off this way just be on TV you can have it!

  • Kourtney

    Kenya really is all kinds of crazy. She talks about how Porscha is ignorant and all of these things and Phaedra is a liar or whatever, but really it’s Kenya. You are so classy and fabulous but you walk around flirting with other peoples husbands and other men while your “suppose to be man” is with you. Kenya is the one that is disrespectful, a liar, ignorant, crazy and just full of drama. Its just too too much. She wants to play victim and have all of the attention but it is coming to an end.

  • Pantherlove

    Miss bipolar America

    • Pantherlove

      Oh as Porsha said oh Miss USA she is still an idiot.

  • Cheryl

    If I were Phaedra I would still get an order of protection against that crazy, doesn’t take her meds, Kenya. She likes to play the victim and is always wrong. She couldn’t even ackowledge a black Miss USA before her. Yes, she has horrible skin and sometimes looks like a man in the face.

  • Nikki Star

    I do not read the devil’s blog so I only hear about her evil ways from Madame Noire. That Kenya is a wretched woman and Miss USA needs to take her title for soiling it’s name. F.Y.I, I am not a hater or hata, I actually met Kenya waaay before Housewives of Atlanta and my hand to God she is more horrible in person, just mean and dismissive to people for no apparent reason. SMH!

  • Skank , Skank ,Skank ,Crazy Skank . I don’t mind a good fight but 1 SHE is the one who needs a beating and 2 What kind of CRAZY , CRAZY CRAZY fan wielding psycho ( go back on your meds) threatens a pregnant woman?

  • noapology

    That was such a left handed apology, she should not have even bothered. Saying I’m sorry is just that the words and “I’m sorry, I was in the wrong.”…………that’s it, not explanation, no snide comments, no “howevers, or “that being said.” Kenya you are seriously crazy!

  • I like Kenya. I feel for her. She’s been through a lot in her life. And she’s strong and tough. Probably too defensive but think of what she has overcome. I also like the fact that she is plain spoken, outspoken and tells the truth. I like that if she doesn’t like you, she will let you know. She will get there. Like we all did. Besides, I know that all of us women have been talked about and lied on before so there should be some ability to relate to Miss Kenya.

    • feather

      Kenya….did you write this?

    • Ms. Budda

      its a time and a place to place blame on your past. She needs to get counseling and not be a reality star for that. Everyone has a past, she won a title and supposedly is running a lucrative business Kenya stop blaming your action on the past. She is not representing the title she won in no way shape or form. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask her to stop referring to them.

    • MonicaT

      No I don’t relate to the angry black woman with issues. We as black women need to drop that I had it hard and I had to over come so much attitude because it comes off as the angry black women with baggage! We all have been lied on talked about etc…. but Phaedra is a very successful lawyer and I’m sure she overcame a lot going to law school and passing the bar.When you use your past troubles as an excuse you will carry that baggage in your present. Kenya is outspoken but outspoken in a angry way! It speaks volumes when you are always the one arguing with others.

  • Seriously will this child please shut the hell up. She is completely insane and at this point I just think she is a despicable disgusting human being. She’s right up there with Evelyn Lozado. Ugh. Please kick her off the show. She is just tragic and tired!

  • kb

    Her threat was one of the most distasteful things I have ever seen on reality show.

    • Sick. Sick to threaten a pregnant woman like that. A pregnant ATTORNEY to top it off. SMDH. She needs to be institutionaized.

  • Sidmax123

    Kenya if you are not on meds, please get some stat!!!

  • Kenya is the least like house wife (actually she cant be conciser a housewife cause she is not even married nor have kids) so they should just drop her from the show. I am sorry but she is so pathetic. First practicably begging Walter to marry her then thinking she is better then the rest of the ladies. Kenya Please shut up, fix your hair and then maybe you can get a man.

    • I agree with almost everything you said. However sister girl’s hair game is on point. Give her props on that front.

    • You might want to watch Real Housewives of Vancouver…..I’d guess Jody has Kenya beat.

    • Diva

      How about fix that skin LOL

  • I really can’t stand her..

  • If that was an apology – why did she throw an insult in there? Kenya does seem to be a lost cause and she would be so much more attractive if she purged the uglydisposition.

  • Deb

    “I was keeping my composure” Seriously???? Did she watch the show??? She is all kinds of crazy with her horrible skin……That is in no way shape or form an apology! Maybe she needs to check herself… why does she always have to apologize? Maybe she opens mouth inserts foot.She may of been Miss USA but, she is the uglies person I have ever seen???? Maybe that’s why you can’t snag a husband. Just saying…..

    • Mimi

      The ugliest person you’ve ever seen? That woman is gorgeous don’t drag it.

      • ladyjae

        Ugly in the way of her bitterness. You can have a beautiful face and an ugly attitude which makes you ugly as hell.

    • She maybe a little off,but she is far from being ugly.thread lightly deb.hat do you look like?

      • Typo! what do you look like Deb?

      • Outraged

        She may be a little off but she is far from being ugly. Tread lightly. What do you look like, Deb?

  • CDeal

    I love how Porsha throw her shade…its very classy. I don’t think she is as dumb as she looks or as people perceive her to be. Kenya…..have several seats…she definitely shined this season, but not in a good way…she werked my nerves to the max…

    • Diva


  • KJ23

    Kenya lied all throughout her season, so is she saying that she hates herself?

  • Linda

    she is still a nut case

  • Kitha

    I think she is TOO full of herself and needs to be taken down a peg or two….or THREE. Kenya honey, PLEASE have several seats!

  • Sunny

    Kenya is pathological. She makes herself out to be the victim in any situation. I have no plans to buy either video though I’ve read on other blogs that Phaedra’s video has better production values, ironic considering that Kenya is a producer. As for her constantly clowning Phaedra’s body, has she forgotten that Phaedra’s been pregnant before? I think she looks good. Kenya is fit, but she does have a bit a flab around her middle. Maybe she should take care of that before she makes any more comments about other women’s bodies.

    • Diva

      I thought i was the only one who noticed all that extra skin in the midsection…tell tell sign of getting LIPO!!!!!

  • I saw no apology! And what Phaedra did on any previous season should be of no concern to Kenya because she wasn’t even on the show! She’s truly bat sh!t crazy! BYE!

    • I absolutely agree!!! And I’m sorry, that was NOT an apology!! Backhanded one if anything. Please get Krazy Kenya OFF THIS SHOW!!! And do NOT give her a spinoff!!! Jesus no!

  • JazzyJazzyJay

    It seems Kenya always has something to apologize for. She should just stop talking all together. I also don’t think Porsha is stupid or ignorant. I do, however, believe that she doesn’t think before she speaks, i.e., 265 days a year. Just think first, sweetie. People will take you so much more seriously. Kenya is a lost cause though.

  • mona

    Kenya needs to sit down, shut up and color.

    • CoCo Lee

      Lol now that was funny!!! Ha!!!

    • LOL

    • Maestro

      Very very funny Mona. Got a good laugh!!

  • nick

    I liked Kenya until she went on tv and showed her Crazy to the world SMH. Its such a shame. Goes to show, you shouldn’t idolize people you dont really know.