Fools Run In Packs: Meek Mill Talks Charging Fans $100+ For Pics And Why He Doesn’t Care About Rick Ross’s Lyrics

April 8, 2013  |  

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Rick Ross, and rightfully so. Many have been very vocal about their disgust over his lyrics in the remix to the Rocko song “U.O.E.N.O” (“Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it”). As a result of those lines and his clear confusion about why it’s wrong (saying you would never say the word rape in a song and implying it just because you think you sound witty makes no sense) has led to a lot of uproar and calls for Ross to lose his endorsements with Reebok.

Now people in his camp are having to answer for their boss’s lyrics, including Meek Mill, who had a radio interview in DC with 93.9 where he talked about that controversy, along with the heat he has been getting on his own for allegedly charging fans at his shows to be able take pictures with him. His answers were interesting to say the least, and can be kind of difficult to read…good luck.

Necole Bitchie got word from numerous people, fans of the rapper, who were pissed about him asking them to pay more than $100 for a chance to cheese it up with him in pictures. When asked about the rumors that he was doing this, he says it wasn’t him, but his people (“homies”) who were making folks pay to take a pic with him. But with R&B divas like Beyoncé and others charging hundreds of dollars for meet and greets, he doesn’t see the problem at all:

“Actually, I was not charging to take pictures ya know? My homies be in the crowd and if my homie trying to make some money and you trying to get backstage, he might charge you. That’s your fault. I don’t even see nothing actually wrong. Beyoncé and Rihanna, they charge $500 for a meet and greet. I’m bout to do a meet and greet right now free. I been doing this for years, you know what I’m saying? I take pictures everyday. I just took 20 pictures. I hang in the neighborhood, you know what I’m saying. I hang in the hood. So you know it’s average to me. I come outside everyday, pictures is average to me.”

And as for Rick Ross, does he understand why people are up in arms over his lyrics? He didn’t really say yes or no, but rather that he doesn’t care, especially when so many other rappers have said far worse over the years:

“You know man, I don’t even care about nobody criticizing no lyrics man. People rap about killing stuff all day man. Biggie said ‘rape your kid, throw her over the bridge,’ back then and it was nothing, it was just hip-hop. Now you got all these weirdos on these social sites voicing their opinions about something anybody say. I don’t care; you know what I’m saying? I’m from the hood. I never really cared about what nobody said in no raps. Raps always been talking about killing, drugs, all types of stuff, you know what I’m saying? So you can’t just criticize no one thing nobody say man. It’s imaginary visuals. If a writer write about somebody getting raped in a movie, is he a rapist or he want girls to get raped? No, he just wrote about that in a movie.”

The radio host and Mill went on to explain how they felt Eminem said such things and worse in his raps in the past, and nobody said anything negative about it, so why trip now? But that’s definitely not true, seeing as women’s rights groups and LGBT groups disapproved publicly about Eminem’s lyrics for many years, so where they got the idea that he was getting off scot-free, I’m not sure. But anywho, that’s his opinion. So what do YOU think about his thoughts on the controversy, folks?

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  • Disagree or not but Meek actually does have a point in regards to Ross’s lyrics. Why are we focused on this one line. 80 billion records later selling dope and killing people in a song is cool I guess but oh NO!! not rape we have to take a stand now!!! (sarcasm).

  • Who the heck is Meek Mills? And will anyone care about him or his opinion in another year or two? Do we even care now?

  • Janee

    Are we really that surprised though? I mean “birds of a feather….etc, etc.”

  • Honesty

    Every other sentence was “You know what I’m saying.” Painful to read. &this is the Biggie Lyric he was preferring to: “Don’t they know my n***a Gutter f*****’ kidnap kids? F*** ’em in the a**, throw ’em over the bridge.” From his song “What’s Beef?”.

    • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az


  • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

    I google those lyrics to Biggie’s song and could not find them which makes me believe that they don’t exist. If they do could someone pleas tell me what son

    • raytarded

      listen to “dead wrong” homie.

      • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

        Wow….thanks. That’s disgusting. Makes me view him in another light

        • raytarded

          well if you’re gonna take rappers lyrics serious then u might as well stop listening to hip-hop cuz rappers always talk about murder, drugs and women. This ain’t nothing new, they’re just picking on Ross cuz he has a lotta haters out there!

          • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

            Im not a huge hip hop fan anymore anyway. Its only a select few I listen to right now (Kendrick Lamar) but ya I agree. Ross does have a lot of h8rs

  • Ughh, my god his english is awful, and yet he makes money rapping. I understood about half of what he was trying to say. I have never seen so many incomplete sentences in my life.

    • Nikki

      I have students who have been speaking English for 2 years and can formulate better sentences. In another 2 years, they will have mastered reading and writing in English. I work with these kids on a one-on-one basis, and the majority of them don’t even know how to read, write, or speak their native language correctly.

      Then we have people (like Meek Mill) who were born in this country and have been speaking English their entire lives. You could swear some people are illiterate, and they probably are (Fantasia Barrino).

      • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

        Hey that’s not cool. She don’t speak like that anymore she took her lessons

        • Chris

          She doesn’t

          • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

            Oh hush. It was in light of the illiterate comment he made about fantasia. I’m very aware of what the proper grammar is Mr. comment patrolling officer, sir.

  • That girl 2013

    Huh? I don’t understand a thing he said!

  • Shaybaby

    Somewhere Wale is co-signing in the background. SMDH

    • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az


  • IllyPhilly

    He been a dusty a$$hole since way back when, I know a few that can vouch for that. SMH

  • you madd

    Hes complaining about the Raps not being a factor in his life…Yet im sure in the HOOD as he calls it there is plenty of Raping/killing/robbing going on that are a direct result of the lyrics in these songs being played out. Of course he doesnt see it as a problem because he has lived under its rule for his entire life, how would he know that its what influenced the way he grew up? Its people who are outside of the issue that see the detriment that its doing, that it has always done. And about the fees, off these fools are surrounded by low life moochers who try to get women and money off of they boy fame. Thats not going to stop anytime soon, these “homies” will ask foe ANYTHING to meet these celebs. He right its your dumb fault if you sleep with a homie or pay them some money in hopes of meeting him (of all people) Im not paying to meet NOBODY… If I even would come to ya concert, Im takin my BLack a.. home right after. IT AINT THAT SERIOUS…EVER!!

  • Suchalady

    People rightfully disgusted by that line are “weirdos”? Ch…but we already knew Meek was a moron, no?

  • UmOk

    I really dont think I have the words to describe or address the level of ignorance in this article. SMH in utter disgust.

  • When did he become an artist of Bey or Rih’s caliber to even make such demands for “meet and greets”? And your friends may charge and that ain’t your fault? Fool, they didn’t want no pics with your friends, they wanted it with your simple arse! Then your young arse don’t even remember how they was trying to ban Em from the Grammy’s the year he performed with Elton John! Smh… these fools are draining me! I’m so over MMG as a whole, especially after Rick signed Teedra Moses and STILL isn’t doing anything for her! BYE!!

  • Akiko

    If it is his ‘homies’ who were doing this, he needs to let them go.