Come Again? Rapper A$AP Rocky Gets Blasted For Saying Only ‘Fair-Skinned’ Ladies Can Rock A Red Lip

April 8, 2013  |  

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24-year-old Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky aka Rakim Mayers appears to have just landed himself in the hot seat with the ladies. Did he nonchalantly rap about date rape? No (Well, at least not that we know of). Did he  discredit the civil rights movement by spitting sexually explicit and disrespectful lyrics about a civil rights icon? Well, no. His offense was way less dramatic, but an offense nonetheless. During a recent interview with The Coveteur, when asked his opinion on women who wear make-up, the “Choppas On Deck” rapper expressed that he isn’t a fan of red lipstick on dark-skinned women.

“I like red lips, it’s fine. I’m going to be real, though: it’s bad for making out, because it gets on the guys. But for real, for me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. I’m just being for real. You have to be fair skinned to get away with that. Just like if you were to wear like—F**king for instance, what do dark skin girls have that you know fair skinned girls cant do… Purple lipstick? Naw, that looks stupid on all girls! Purple lipstick, guys! Like, what the F**k,” said Mayers.

You can probably guess that the hasty blanket statement wasn’t well received, especially considering all of the dark-skinned beauties who fiercely and flawlessly rock red lipstick.

“Oh ASAP, you should just stick to rapping. You clearly know nothing about perfecting a bold and beautiful lip. While there isn’t one universally flattering red, there are definitely enough shades out there to find the right one for every skin tone. And last time we checked ASAP’s fellow Harlem-native rapper Azealia Banks, who has a lovely dark chocolate complexion, is making a pretty penny off her purple-hued pout,” wrote the Huffington Post’s Julee Wilson in an article titled, “ASAP Rocky’s Misguided Beauty Advice.”

More interesting commentary came from the ladies over at CLUTCH, who compiled a photo presentation of brown-skinned stunners who have been able to pull of the red lip in an article titled, “Dear ASAP Rocky: Here’s Why You’re Wrong About Dark-Skinned Women and Red Lipstick.”

“Of course, this flawed logic isn’t surprising coming from someone whose known for his Rag doll braided hairstyle. But I want to address it because these kind of egregious myths associated with skin color are far too prevalent. ASAP Rocky isn’t the first to believe this untruth, and he won’t be the last. Red lipstick is one of those magical colors that work on everyone. Women with skin tones that range from deep to pale can find their perfect red and wear it with ease,” a portion of the essay reads.

Twitter also offered some pretty humorous commentary on the rapper’s beauty tips.


What are your thoughts on A$AP Rocky’s “beauty tips?”

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    this little twerp is so busted

  • Alphz


  • JP

    I just don’t get black men, I mean what is wrong with them. Are they so F’d that they can’t just be normal?

    Have they been hated so much, that they now hate themselves?

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  • LSG

    I know he ain’t talking..with those little girl braids in his hair. smh get real.

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  • Tamz

    He didn’t learn from Yung Berg?

  • Chikodili Nwoke

    y’all wanna really make this a dark skin light skin issue? what about when he says he purposely calls women FEMALE DOGS as they walk by…but he makes a comment about LIPSTICK N YALL GET MAD wtf is everybody’s head at? y’all are dumb and thats y white ppl sit here n call us animals

  • Vetra

    He is right, it make you look like a clown, and especially this pasty pink that is out now. Ladies you look like you are doing black face. Its clownish. Do not think that you look good, your friend won’t tell you because she wants you to continue to look like you are doing an imitation of black face.

  • J

    Am I the only one that could give two f*cks what A$AP Rocky thinks I should or should not be wearing?!?!?!? He like everyone else is entitled to their opinion o_O

  • LC

    “Struggle prison braids” …Hands down the funniest comment!

    I’m not surprised though. Let some A-list star like Denzel or Will Smith say this and I might shed a tear, but it’s ASAP Rocky…

  • Carmyne Revolver

    I wasn’t going to comment…but “struggle prison braids…MISS CELIE braids…and a church dress…” literally have me in tears from laughing. lmao dead at all y’all.

  • scandalous7

    ughh this article was seriously unnecessary

  • idk about him. im a HUGE fan but is I find out he’s one of those rappers who only appreciate light skinned chicks I cant vibe with him no more :/

  • Shanii_Red…

    I am dark skin sistah who rocks the heck our of red lippies …this dude don’t matter one way or another…

  • SexNdaCity

    I just feel like this is another one of those things that could have just easily flown under the radar if it wasn’t for the fact of people (media) trying to stir things up. To be honest, I’m not that offended at what he said and I’m dark skinned. Maybe I would have been more offended if he outright said dark skinned black women were ugly, which he didn’t. Besides, it’s Asap Rocky. Who cares. lol! I barely even just found out who this dude was. Guess he’s gonna be even more relevant now…If his comments stop anyone from rocking red lipstick, then that’s an issue that person needs to work out within themselves.

  • Britt

    The dark skinned rapper says that dark skinned girls can’t wear red lipstick. I bet he’s glad he got that off of his chest. Now, stick to doing what you do best, and leave the styling tips and tricks to people who can do makeup.

  • Shaybaby

    So folks taking fashion advice from somebody wearing dooky braids in 2013? Ok then.

    • Nia

      LMAO!! I CAN’T!! Too funny!

  • They are going to make negative raps just like they made us love to call each other the n-word, (but not used within their families ) make millions by encouraging black men to hate their women in favor white women if it becomes popular . It only takes one hit and the brainwashing begins. This is when you say God have mercy on us fools.

  • Notice its always Ugly Men or Suspect men who try to be particular and dismissive “I only fu*k with *****” I guess because they was once rejected and then get a little status and do the same you can always tell who got child hood issues……..but with SOME Dark Skin people it annoys me you should no better you should no how it feels and it don’t be others saying this craziness 9 times out 10 its another Dark Skin person saying dumb shat about each other SMDH.

  • Señorita

    I know some women tear one another down but we sure know how to come together and support one another when our gender is under attack! I’m loving your responses! If we had a penny for every man who tried to tear us down, we’d be some rich, rich, RICH ladies. There is NO RESPECT given to us by these immature boys (not men) under 30 and the sad part about it is they have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters….!!!!!

  • Liz

    Come on people. Stop reaching!!! I’m not a fair skinned woman and I took no offense to what he said. I actually agree with him. It’s harder for women (who are my complexion) to pull off wearing red lipstick- and there’s nothing wrong with that! That’s all he said!!! One should dress (makeup included) according to how you are built (complexion, weight, height, etc.). Not everything is flattering. Red lipstick on dark skinned women (like myself) is usually not flattering and so what?! It’s not a bad thing! Loosen up : )

    • SexNdaCity

      Exactly! This is really not that serious of an issue to get overly offended by imo.

    • Deuces

      dark skinned women look amazing with red lipstick. Gorl BYE.

  • sabrina

    From what I heard, he’s not into black women anyway so I’m not surprised.

  • 1Val

    Oh, the irony of this stereotypical poor black male espousing colorism. This pitiful child needs to get a mirror, education and his life.

  • kickash

    the second someone says something smart they turn around and say something stupid. I read something he said about gay people and I was like, “wow, he gets it, i like this dude”, and now suddenly he’s a makeup expert. There are so many shades of red that you can’t even say it’s only for light skin. Certain shades work for certain skin. Also the comments about his braids are HILARIOUS LMAO

  • Keisha Samoht

    I am so sick of the ugliest of funny lookin singers, rappers, actors, models, ect… claiming that we brown women are ugly. Have they LOOKED in the mirror? YOU (those who say that) need to realize that you don’t look desirable in the least. If you didn’t have the money in your pockets, the women you find so beautiful and the ones who find unattractive wouldn’t give you 1/16 of a second worth acknowledgement. Cut your hair, you look like a billy goat by the head!

  • ChiTown Princess

    And who is he to give make-up advice, a little “suspect” don’t you know?

    • jjac401

      I was thinking the same thing! LOL!!!


    Wow wacka flocka, now him….a case of foot in mouth disease….watch his cureer tank…yung berg anyone?

    • Keisha Samoht

      Yeah all but lil wayne has suffered this fate. When is his ticket for fame up?

  • Rae

    Here’s a tip for him, “Braids are for women, girls and little boys- not grown men.”

  • jjac401

    Colorism/shadeism has existed for a long time, but it seems that more recently it’s gotten worse with all of the vicious comments. The Brothas seem consistantly to target and dog out Sista’s who are not light. Why all the hate – What is really going on?

    • ASAP Who?

      Black men are bitter because they’re the weakest race of men, FACT. Least educated, highest imprisonment, most diseases. So like the crabs in the barrel they are, they are coming for black women to bring us to their low level. I’ve never even heard of this guy. But then again I don’t listen to Rap/Hip Hop or watch BET

      • anonymouse

        wow, just wow

        • ASAP Who?

          Feel free to prove me otherwise with all the stats that back me up out there. You must be a black male- can’t even spell anonymous correctly.

          • anonymouse

            I’m not trying to spell ‘anonymous’, genius. My very brief comment was an reaction to how a person can respond with the same type of stupidity to another stupid comment. The irony just got me, that’s all.

            • But wait..

              I’m sure you weren’t. (LOL)

      • Liyah W

        Damn!! This is the first thing that came to my head. I love the black man even tho he’s weak, but I have this bad habit of caring for the weak (although from a distance most times). It seems like a large number of black men just do what’s easy

        • ASAP Who?

          If they were just weak I would love them too. But Black men are weak, hateful, spiteful and just plain evil these days. Look at all the Youtube vids they make bashing us over trivial garbage when they’re the ones filling up prisons & bouncing on their children. I have no love for these fools.. God, why must “our” men be so weak?

      • jjac401

        WOW! I never really looked at it that way. You have given me something to really think about. Sadly, I am going to half to agree with you.

        • ASAP Who?

          It’s sad, but we must accept it. Doesn’t look like these tools are going to grow up and do better for themselves anytime soon.

  • Doubledutchbus

    Well he was asked his opinion and he gave it. I have more heartache with the fact that he was even asked to address the subject. As previously stated, based on his own appearance, i wouldn’t think he had any credibility in this area.

    • Guest

      Correction, he was asked his opinion on makeup in general. They did not specifically ask him for his opinion on dark skinned women and what he thinks they should or should not wear. He knows this topic is controversial, he should’ve just left it at “I feel that not every woman can rock a red lip.” Simple, unoffensive, and keeps his butt out of hot water.

      • Doubledutchbus

        I see your point. However I notice that for one thing, most of the negative things I hear about black women, I never would have read unless I came to MN. This site seems to like to stir up crap and get bet black women riled up over color and hair issues–which by the way is extremely easy to do. It would be nice if all the black, white, yellow or red men spoke only kind and reassuring words to protect the fragile ego of the black woman. But the cold fact is this A$AP character does not have to tip toe around our feelings and sensitivities. Moreso, these days celebrities say controversial things on purpose just for badly needed publicity, which we readily provide. I honestly can’t say I’m offended or feel as if he should have given a more refined response. He’s not a diplomat or ambassador. He’s a rapper.

        • Guest


        • So_Sincere

          I agree.

        • I absolutely agree with this comment.

        • ieshapatterson

          Actually,it was on bossip as well. It made the news,because a stupid black man,made a stupid comment.

  • Akiko

    I am indifferent for the simple fact that men have proven that they know nothing when it comes to these kinds of things.

  • Kenedy

    Its always the ones who should be the last people to talk, who say stuff like this. Why does he have on braids like a 3rd grade girl would practice on her doll?…I don’t think black men should have hair like this….from dark skinned to light skinned black men, NONE of them should be wearing their hair looking like they are about to go for a tea party with barbie and friends

  • Amani

    The ugliest guys say the ugliest things. Can you imagine Nas saying something like this? Nope.

  • you madd

    So he can be acceptable and think he is a sex symbol with them struggle prison braids holdin on for DEAR LIFE… But Im ugly because of my skin color and some red lips. O OK. Well when he decided to cut off them MISS CELIE braids then Ill stop wearing red lipstick. LMAO it be the ugliest men trying to tell a woman why she is undesirable, and dont even put the dam same work in on themselves. Im glad im secure in my beauty and work on being the best ME i can be and dont go by what these rappers view as a standard of beauty. Can you imagine what we would ALL look like if we did. lawd have mercy…

    • Kenedy

      Lmao!!! @ struggle prison freakin dead

    • Cha Cha

      “…struggle prison braids…” I’m dying over here. Hilarious!

    • honest

      i think he is gay i remember seeing him on 106 n park in pictures in a long church dress i honestly dont even think he likes women…he is one of many closet case rappers

      • dhgwen

        You might be correct because he’s a little too concerned with women’s fashion and makeup decisions…

    • I really wanted to type a full paragraph going in but I’m left weak from @ Struggle Prison Braids… I have nothing serious to say now.

    • UmOk

      Thanks for making me spit out all of my drink laughing at you and them struggle prison braids… LOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

    • JerzeeGurl

      Struggle braids tho? I died.

    • MLS2698

      You seriously had me picturing a dude in prison struggling to braid his own hair because he won’t dare let another dude from his D-block do it for him!

    • Tamz

      I stopped reading after struggle prison braids…lmfao!!!

  • When Rocky stop wearing dresses and the braids that Pusha T wore back when they first dropped “Grindin'”, then maybe I’ll give his words some more thought! LOL!

    • Kay

      LMAO girl you hit it that one!

  • sasha

    who looks to this basic boy for makeup advice anyway? smh

  • ButWaitTho89

    I agree with what someone on my TL said earlier, “I don’t agree with grown men wearing prison braids!”

  • pretty1908

    rachel zoe though I am in tears LOL, but I am really over men giving fashion tips, relationship advice, and other suspect stuff

    • IllyPhilly

      Yes!!! That seems to be the trend. It makes me think of the Gangstalicious episode with Booty B talking ’bout how rapper’s into fashion, Ecstasy, and prison in rap was pretty much gay. LOL

    • Mansa Tafari

      Two males that make billions from fashion

      Stefan Person.

      Bernard Arnault.

      please stop making it seem like men that are into fashion and gives his opinion on relationships is homo.

      • Nia

        I haven’t read any articles recently where Person or Arnault are giving fashion advice to WOMEN though.

        • Mansa Tafari

          Wow, if you’re making billions from fashion. Why wouldn’t you be giving fashion tips?