Shocking Statistics About Love And Relationships

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When it comes to those defining moments in love and relationships, you just need to go with your gut, and your subjective experience, to make decisions. However, if you’re a person who likes numbers, it couldn’t hurt to know some of the statistics about what you may be getting yourself into. It could be the little extra nudge you need to break up with someone/go out with someone/sleep with someone/reject someone/stay in for the night. You get the point. (Research and facts compliments of “Shocking, Hilarious, Bizarre, Mindboggling, Frightening!, Fascinating Numbers.”)


Women fall in love more than men do

One study found that 73% of Russian women believe they are in love, meanwhile only 61% of Russian men feel the same way. In Japan, 63% of women feel they’re in that same elated state, and only a stifling 41% of men feel the same way. A sad gap!

We’re a little naïve about divorce

Even though almost everyone knows the divorce rates (around 50% of all marriages ending in divorce), only 12% of that 50% ever thought divorce was a possibility for them. Then again, what’s the point of entering into a marriage if you don’t think you’ll beat the odds?


And we’re a little pessimistic….

We can’t decide what’s more sad: divorcees who never believed they’d go through a split, or those who expected it! But numbers show that only 80% of people who are married or separated even believed to begin with that marriage is supposed to be for life.

Many people have a “life boat”

10% of people whose marriages end due to their having an affair, end up marrying the person they were having said affair with.

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Third time is not the charm

90% of third marriages end in divorce. That’s a lot of money spent on attorneys…


Marriage can keep a family together

For those children whose parents live together but are not married, only 36% will have their parents under the same roof until the age of 16. Meanwhile, 70% of children with married parents live with both their parents in the same home until the age of 16.


Heads or tails…are you getting any tail?

49% of sexually active individuals claim to be satisfied with their sex lives.


Love heals

You are 35% more likely to become severely ill, or experience regular illness, if you are in an unhappy marriage.



Three’s not a crowd

The most commonly reported sexual fantasy is to have sex with more than one person at a time.



And men don’t mind the crowd…

20% of men report to have partaken in group sex, meanwhile only 12% of women have.


We’re getting action

48% of sexually active people have sex once a week. Not bad.


One night stands are (sort of) worth a shot

27% of people who have had one night stands have had one turn into a stable relationship.


Is it e-cheating?

64% of men believe it is totally acceptable to flirt with other women online, while in a committed relationship. Only 36% of women feel this same way.


Online “dating” is mostly just that

Approximately only 30% of Internet daters surveyed reported using an online service to find real love, as opposed to casual dates or hookups.

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  • 100% of women I’ve interviewed swoon for chloroform.

  • CharlieO82

    20% of men vs 12% of women say they’ve had group sex…. So I’m guess this was a lot of double/ triple man action going on

    • Lynae Eakett Greene

      Or a portion of the women surveyed were embarrassed and lied about it.

  • iHM

    None of that was shocking. In fact, it wasn’t surprising at all. Seemed pretty normal and common.