Are Amber And Wiz Doing Too Much With These Bud Booties On Baby Bash?

April 8, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

Question anyone who smokes the herbal green and they’ll likely tell you “ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little bud,” but is there something just slightly inappropriate about trees on baby apparel?  If you think like Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose that answer is probably no.

Amber recently posted a somewhat suspect picture of her husband or husband-to-be holding their baby boy Sebastian and wearing a pair of baby socks with a rather grown up symbol on them: MaryJane leaves. The new mother proudly Instagrammed the photo with the caption, “Like father like son #HUFsocks :-),” and was hit with more than a few “WTFs” from her followers who questioned why a parent would want their child sporting that type of clothing. But since we all know Wiz and Amber are totally about that life — as are most of their fans — the majority of commenters sought to shut down the judgmental posts and defended the clothing saying things to the effect of “they’re just socks” and “it’s not like they stuck a blunt in their son’s mouth.”

That may be true, and as I know someone is inevitably going to point out, this is not my child nor anyone elses’s but theirs, but there’s just something that’s ultimately “not cute” about a baby rocking drug paraphernalia. I don’t think anyone will be surprised to see Wiz and “Bash” having a father-son smoke session a la Snoop Dog and son on whatever social media we’re all fawning over down the line when Sebastian is 12/15 or something ,but I rather not have images of newborns puff puffing and passing in my mind at this innocent stage of their life. There’s plenty of time for him to get into the cannibus when he’s older.

What do you think about these socks? No big deal or poor taste?


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  • Allie Elizabeeth Davis

    I say it’s “wiz && ambers” child… Let them raise THIER child….. And you raise your own! Stop with the negative comments. Everyone has a different lifestyle… And wiz’ lifestyle is fire.. Almost better than Mac miller #rolloneupafterthisshit

  • Cathy

    Is it any wonder why we as a race are looked down upon because of “role-models” like these?

  • Cathy

    Is it any wonder why we as a race are looked down upon because of “role-models” like these?

  • sumit

    Common man… Its child wish also… Its not that men will be emotional…and they ll go on…

  • polly78

    @8c9f24a1862fc57a16819b56c353e01d:disqus . I understand some of what you are saying but just cause a store sells them and there are hundreds of little babies wearing them don’t make it right to do. I don’t think they are bad parents and I didn’t see the article say they were bad parents but that just made a poor choice in doing that. I didn’t like that she said like father like son though.

  • gypsy

    I think they are so cute. its a leaf people. stop being such haters…

  • chanela

    it’s just like those tasteless t shirts that people put on their kids. stuff that says “my mom is a b*tch”. it’s inappropriate

  • Honesty

    No. Its not. They’re socks.

  • At that age the child doesn’t even know what socks are….. moving on

  • Trisha_B

    Amber doesn’t smoke weed. She has mentioned she hates it lol. When she got pregnant she was making Wiz smoke outside & change his clothes before he came around her. So i’m sure she’s not gonna allow Wiz to smoke around the baby. It’s just socks. I don’t get the fuss. A lot worse could be happening to the kid then wearing socks w/ weed on it. & she got them from a store, which means there are hundreds of lil babies strolling around w/ weed socks, all them must be bad parents. I see parents smoking cigarettes around their infants all the time, that’s legal & fine (even tho 2nd hand smoke is a killer) but we’re gonna cry over some socks? lol

  • pickneychile

    Not cute.

  • It’s really not that serious! I hate when people make a big deal out of nothing!

    • ChiTown Princess

      Thank you, they’re just socks, geez people!

  • Akiko

    Poor taste.

  • Ghetto trash, poor baby. Parents think its cool and cute and ish to have MJ leaves on a newborns socks. Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance of being raised unfycked up.

  • Tudbee

    I swear I had no idea that’s what those are. I could have easily put those on my baby without knowing.

  • ChiTown Princess

    I would be more outraged if they smoked the kush or anything around their baby, to me, these socks are harmless, even though I wouldn’t put it on MY child.

    • Niecy Mar

      And you honestly don’t think they would do that? Ha, stay tuned…

      • ChiTown Princess

        So quick to judge huh?!

        • Cathy

          Judging by the photos of baby booties with marijuana leafs, i would come to the conclusion that it was not a very smart move form two “responsible” parents

        • Cathy

          Judging by the photos of baby booties with marijuana leafs, i would come to the conclusion that it was not a very smart move form two “responsible” parents

    • Kenedy

      Given that Wiz is the father, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already smoked that good around his baby already

      • JaneDoe

        I am sure that baby has gotten a contact high already just off Wix’s clothes alone

    • Cathy

      according to you they’re not harmless so what’s stopping you from buying them? it’s the negative connotations that are HARMFUL, stereotypes of black culture just keep getting worse & i’m sick it!

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    why tho??


    The poor child has two lame ducks as parents? How old is Wiz….if he thinks Amber is there for real love; he can think again….let me watch how this plays out *puts feet up, sips wine*

    • TRUTH IS

      What is the world coming to when folks defend a retired, reformed stripper…toilet flush

  • Ladylove2013

    Ghetto, classless parents. This must be stopped! Smh