Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind The Making Of “The Family That Preys”

April 8, 2013 ‐ By
Source: Lionsgate

Source: Lionsgate

When it comes to Tyler Perry films, The Family That Preys is one of, if not my all time favorite. It stars some A-list actors, the story is complex without leaving any loose ends and it was one of the few Tyler Perry movies that wasn’t based off of his stage plays. If you’ve seen the movie, I doubt you’ve forgotten the plot or that pivotal moment with Sanaa Lathan and Rockmond Dunbar over that counter top. You remember, but check out these behind the scenes secrets.

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  • Markitha

    Sooo….I don’t get it. Did Sanaa actually get slapped or no?

  • Love Horne

    I really did love this one, it was well done and it was beautiful. I watch TP movies because it is nice to see black people doing more than getting arrested or rolling their necks and cursing. I like that in his movies opposed to main stream movies black people do things like buy coffee, listen to classical music, go to restaurants…etc..normal human things…with white directors you don’t see that!

    I am a domestic violence advocate and work on empowerment campaigns BUT i will admit when I saw that slap I didn’t oppose it vehemently, I am ashamed of that because a part of me felt like she asked for it. Sometimes we women push and push and push and try to break a man, I know it is not a reason to ever lift your hand to a woman, anyone else feel that?

    ……I liked that this movie made me think about relationships and how we take people for granted!
    Hope to see more of this….

    Next movie = Nia Long, Lela Rochon, Viola Davis, Lonette McKee
    And I would love to see Angela Bassett in another 🙂

    • Wanda Simpson

      I love your take on this movie, I was trying to put my words together to write something and then I read this, could not have said it better.

  • JTerry

    I loved this movie. One of my favorites from Mr. Perry.

  • Reese

    I love how TP stepped outside of his box on this one. This probably one of my favorite TP movies.

  • ODB63

    This was my favorite Perry movie.

  • LeeLeeC

    I am no TP fan and definitely don’t spend money to see any of the garbage he puts out…but this movie right here…!!!! LOVE…LOVE…LOVE!!!!

  • Dee

    my FAVE Tyler Perry movie, hands down!

  • Sanaa is my girl crush for REAL!!!

  • KittenJ

    IKR!!! real fans know!

  • Kittenj

    Right!!! Love & basketball I said the same thing!!!

  • Zettai

    I have always liked Tyler Perry plays and hated the movies (the transition to film for the Madea projects never felt right to me). When I saw the trailers for Preys I KNEW I had to see it. Best TP film out there. And yes, the theater I saw it in also clapped and cheered at the slap scene, myself included.

  • Ms. Bee

    Sanaa did the damn thing.

  • scandalous7

    damn, when is TP gunna win?

  • Solitaire One

    I c Sanaa’s point. Andrea only wanted better. Nothing wrong w/ that, but how does she figure ppl shouldn’t judge after all the evil Andrea did, how could we not? The judgment is involuntary. I don’t have a problem with wanting better. The problem comes in when u step on others 2 get it. Having an illegitimate child & rubbing it in her husband’s face is beyond cruel & has nothing to do with wanting better. She meant 2 purposely hurt Chris. That was pure evil and once again, nothing to do with wanting better. She enjoyed hurting ppl it didn’t take all that. She blamed & stepped on others 4 something her parents went thru, c’mon how could we not judge her wanna be snooty behind. She seemed repulsed not wanting Chris to touch her. How does all that innocently factor into wanting better? That selfish, heartless b*tch was a demon!

  • NYC Gal

    I think this TP film was responsible for the new crappy TV shows Scandal and Deceptions. Also, TP has created a crappy TV drama for OWN with Tika Sumpter being a prostitute to a rich white man who happens to be her maid mama’s boss. Ain’t that the creative genius that is TP? He always have a character that is a prostitute or drug dealer in one of his projects. Maybe these characters were inspired by his own family. SMDH!

    • bigdede

      Scandal is NOTHING like this but I can see Deception being like this movie. I have no idea why people keep putting Scandal with Deception those are two different shows. Anyways, Tika is playing a prostitute to a rich white man and her mama is the man’s boss? Seriously? Now I’m kind of depressed. I had high hopes for his shows on OWN.

  • I absolutely love all things Tyler! He’s so creative and talented. He’s my big bro in my head lol. This movie was powerful and my favorite along with good deeds. People give him a lot of crap but at the end of the day he Is a Christian man with a positive message Giving more and more black people jobs everyday and I’ll support that all day long. People stay criticizing positive black Americans but will support all this ratchetness on tv these days smh. And the cast amazing.

  • beemooree

    alfre wasnt in brown sugar. she played her mom in love and basketball

    • brey

      Thank you!!! do these writers check what they are writing????

    • I was about to say. I know I’m not crazy because I did not remember seeing Alfre in Brown Sugar at all.

    • IAJS

      I was thinking, “I just saw this the other day, was she in the background dead somewhere?” Editing is important, people pay attention to detail.

  • HoneyDipp

    Definitely my fave TP film! Great storyline and they all did such a great job with their characters…