Olivia, You In Danger Girl: The Mole, The Sham Marriage & Other Memorable Scandal Moments

April 5, 2013 ‐ By
Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Before we jump in, let’s discuss the fact that our beloved “Scandal” will be off the air for the next three weeks. It’s a bummer but it also speaks to the fact that the show is so popular they can take these extensive breaks and we’ll still be right there ready and waiting. While a lot of folks have been blaming Shonda for the breaks, she addressed the rumors on Twitter:

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Alright, now that you know… let’s jump into the madness that went down last night.

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  • Hat

    I think cy is the mole. Why would the president tell cy that he murdered that lady? I think cy probably tapped the phones so he can blackmail the president. And I think liv has already fallen for that jake guy. Ahhhhrg, the anticipation. Shonda has turned me into a conspiracy theorist!

  • David Rosen needs to hurry up and join OPA already. I have a feeling that maybe the mole has something to do with Cyrus and maybe VP Langston. Remember what happened when Fitz was shot?

  • YES gAWD

    Fitz was being Kinda MESSY tho. How he gon explain knowing Jake? And knowing him well enough to have him call him in Olivias accident…He apparently gives 0 Fs about it all coming out he shakes hands with the man in front of Liv and errthang. I was like why is he being so blatant? Wasnt this whole spying thing a secret…I guess he couldnt show up at the hospital without a red flag going up but that was just like WHAT…O_o I was confused as to why the meetings were so TOP SECRET with him at first and now hes showing his relationship with Jake all out in the public.

  • Guest360

    Jake is on my list. He’s not a good guy. Granted he fits right in given the other types of characters on the show lol, But the man is shady. I don’t believe for a second he was trying to protect Liv or he would have done a much better job trying to keep her OUT of this mole business instead of letting the girl go in blind into something so dangerous. Not to mention, him lying to Fitz and telling Liv to lie to Fitz about how they met and what they just did. It’s rank. All in all, Liv needs to get her “gut” checked while she’s in the hospital because she’s failing both professionally and personally when it comes to fixing problems lol.

    • Charla

      I believe Jake is a good guy. He lied to Fitz because he was only supposed to be watching her, not interacting with her. That’s why he got that photo back. Jake has had many times where he could have hurt Liv and he hasn’t. Cyrus is the mole in my eyes and he sent that ex-CIA assassin who attacked Huck to kill Liv. Liv knows the CIA director’s death wasn’t a suicide and Cyrus needs that to remain a secret. Jake was hired by Fitz to protect her….but he also fell for her.

      • Guest360

        Eh. I’m not convinced he is just yet. Lying to Fitz is whatever but lying to Liv and then having her lie to Fitz to keep his actions underwrap is cowardly and selfish on his end. Not to mention there’s that dude he keeps meeting up with in the park and giving him a play by play of what Liv is doing and what she knows while simultaneously feeding her false information that could get her killed. At the very least he’s shady and not to be trusted. And I don’t think Cyrus is the mole nor that Charlie was there to kill her. Too easy to figure out and makes no sense given how much Cyrus loves Liv.

        • Charla

          Cyrus doesn’t love Liv. They definitely had a falling out in season one. He even was seconds away from killing his own husband. So his morals are extremely questionable. But I’ll be looking for you in three weeks on here to see who is right. Lol

  • the beav

    I’m in Jake denial. I NEED him to be the good guy!

  • CKB

    My favorite moment, when Quinn was at the storage unit and had enough of the clerk and laid it out for him. The girl is growing up.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Scott Foley is so cute. I’ve loved him since Felicity. Please don’t make him a bad guy. Spin it!!