Olivia, You In Danger Girl: The Mole, The Sham Marriage & Other Memorable Scandal Moments

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Before we jump in, let’s discuss the fact that our beloved “Scandal” will be off the air for the next three weeks. It’s a bummer but it also speaks to the fact that the show is so popular they can take these extensive breaks and we’ll still be right there ready and waiting. While a lot of folks have been blaming Shonda for the breaks, she addressed the rumors on Twitter:

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Alright, now that you know… let’s jump into the madness that went down last night.

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We’ve been doing this circus act for 20 years

At the top of the show we see that Mellie and Fitz are going to be doing their first interview since the assassination attempt and the birth of their third child, “America’s Baby.” Knowing what we know about their virtually nonexistant love life we suspect that this will be a struggle. Cyrus tells them to do their best, believing that they’ll flounder their way through this. But if there’s one time when Fitz and Mellie come together, aside from making children, it’s to lie to the American people about their love.

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How to write a suicide note…

Last week we had an inkling that Osborne wasn’t the mole. This week we find out the man’s biggest indiscretion is that he had a gambling problem, which is like nothing in the world of “Scandal.” A shame he died for nothing. What I dug most about this scene is that his wife knew he didn’t kill himself because of the way he wrote her name on the suicide note. Word to the wise, if someone’s going to take you out, make sure you leave a clue for your loved ones so they know that’s not how it went down.

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Love story

Turns out Cyrus doesn’t have anything to worry about. When Mellie and Fitz sit down for their interview, I more than believed their elaborate story of Fitz stealing Mellie from a former boyfriend. It was so syrupy sweet that they made me believe there was a time when they really loved each other. Turns out I was wrong.  They’ve both been trained very well. Olivia’s reaction to their fable made me wonder if she knows it’s all a farce. I’d assume so.

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Quinn and Huck

Can I tell you how much I love these two together? And not on any type of romantic tip. I like the fact that Huck is the one who’s giving Quinn a place within Oliva Pope and Associates. There was a time she didn’t do anything but get under foot. Now when Harrison tells her to handle Huck’s disappearance she’s on it. She’s coming around.

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Cyrus and James

How ironic that Fitz was giving Cyrus relationship advice knowing both of his relationships are terrible. James and Cyrus are struggling so poorly that Cyrus has been sleeping at a hotel for nearly a month. Fitz tells him that if he really loves James that he should fight for him. So after day 22, he heads back home and gets back in his own bed. Naturally, an argument ensues. Cyrus who’s never tried to pretend like he wasn’t shady tells James that his problem is not with him, his husband. It’s with himself. By lying under oath he realized that he could be “bought” too. He wasn’t trying to lose his happy married life or his new baby girl. Despite this little setback, it’s clear that Cyrus and James are the most stable couple on the show.

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The real story behind Mellie and Fitz

In one of the most powerful scenes of the show we find out how Mellie and Fitz really got together. Not only was the story of their meeting completely fabricated, the real story is more a business merger than a fairy tale. Fitz explains how his father wanted he and Mellie to get together because her family was old money, blue blood. “Mayflower blue” as Fitz called it. Homeboy said she no doubt had slave trading in her family. But his father wanted them to get together to mask the stench of their new money. Fitz tells Mellie their meeting was  ” just shy of prostitution. They sold you to me.” This was one of the few times that we felt sorry for manipulative Mellie.

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“Pretending is what’s real”

As just as we were feeling sorry for her, in a moment of pure delusion she proclaims, after Fitz asks her if she ever gets tired of lying, she says that everyone pretends in a marriage. That pretending is what’s real. As much as I was annoyed by her comment, it was plain to see that she really believes this is what love is. Granted, no couple should expose their dirty laundry in front of others but pretending that you’re really in love when this was a political marriage of convenience is not normal.

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Did I do this to you or has it always been like this?

At this point, Fitz who is verbally abusive and downright dismissive when it comes to Mellie softens a bit as he asks her if he did this to her. Fitz, thanks to Olivia, knows what real love is supposed to feel like. He knows it’s not something you turn on and off for the cameras. But this might be all Mellie knows and in a way Fitz is largely responsible for this. Though he might not have known initially, even he realized that this marriage was for political gain only, thereby robbing her of a chance to experience real love. We like Fitz but he ain’t right.

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David & Abby

These two are working my nerves. They keep doing this dance like they don’t want to be together, when it’s obvious they need to go ahead and work things out. The only thing that’s holding them back is the fact that Abby stole the card, the key to David breaking the Defiance story. David questions her feelings and instead of saying I like you she says: “Because I like sleeping with you I don’t want you to die doesn’t mean I have feelings for you.” Eventually she admits it but she still can’t acknowledge that she stole his card. The whole thing has me wondering, at this point does it really matter. She knows she stole it. You know she stole it what will her admitting it do? Just go ahead and be together already.

Plus on another note, every episode David is looking more and more like gladiator.

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Poor Huck

I’ll keep this brief. How many times and how much pain must this man endure? To see him shivering and shaking in the fetal position was just too much for me. How is he ever going to move past all of this? He’s going to need to see someone.

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Who the hell is Jake?

We still don’t know about this guy. How many people is he working for? Does he really like Olivia? Did he send that man to her house or was he really trying to protect her from someone? Who know. Either way, I still don’t believe Jake is all that bad.

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Fitz confesses

Fitz is finally coming clean about how he off-ed Verna. But coming clean to Cyrus, as one of our Twitter followers mentioned, is like confessing to a dog. Cyrus has done more than his fair share of dirt so he took it with a grain of salt. The most compelling part of the confession was that he asked Cyrus if Olivia would care. Cyrus told him to keep it on the hush.

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Cyrus the mole?

We already know that Cyrus is crazy and most definitely knows who the mole is. It’s clear that he keeps hiring that same hit man to keep Olivia and her people from finding out who the mole is and possibly how he’s connected the Cyrus. But it’s completely plausible that he could have been the mole to keep Fitz’ credibility up in the eyes of the American people.

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The hi heard round the world

Can you imagine the level of confusion Olivia must have felt when she awoke to her married lover and the man she just bedded shaking hands? First Jake sleeps with her, she finds out he’s been spying, he low key assaults her then when she comes to, he tells her to lie about her injury. What a whirl. Anyway, Olivia has got to figure out who Jake is, what connection he has to the president. And can we just speak about the fact that when Fitz came in and hugged her she smelled like Jake sex?! Yucks.

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  • Hat

    I think cy is the mole. Why would the president tell cy that he murdered that lady? I think cy probably tapped the phones so he can blackmail the president. And I think liv has already fallen for that jake guy. Ahhhhrg, the anticipation. Shonda has turned me into a conspiracy theorist!

  • David Rosen needs to hurry up and join OPA already. I have a feeling that maybe the mole has something to do with Cyrus and maybe VP Langston. Remember what happened when Fitz was shot?

  • YES gAWD

    Fitz was being Kinda MESSY tho. How he gon explain knowing Jake? And knowing him well enough to have him call him in Olivias accident…He apparently gives 0 Fs about it all coming out he shakes hands with the man in front of Liv and errthang. I was like why is he being so blatant? Wasnt this whole spying thing a secret…I guess he couldnt show up at the hospital without a red flag going up but that was just like WHAT…O_o I was confused as to why the meetings were so TOP SECRET with him at first and now hes showing his relationship with Jake all out in the public.

  • Guest360

    Jake is on my list. He’s not a good guy. Granted he fits right in given the other types of characters on the show lol, But the man is shady. I don’t believe for a second he was trying to protect Liv or he would have done a much better job trying to keep her OUT of this mole business instead of letting the girl go in blind into something so dangerous. Not to mention, him lying to Fitz and telling Liv to lie to Fitz about how they met and what they just did. It’s rank. All in all, Liv needs to get her “gut” checked while she’s in the hospital because she’s failing both professionally and personally when it comes to fixing problems lol.

    • Charla

      I believe Jake is a good guy. He lied to Fitz because he was only supposed to be watching her, not interacting with her. That’s why he got that photo back. Jake has had many times where he could have hurt Liv and he hasn’t. Cyrus is the mole in my eyes and he sent that ex-CIA assassin who attacked Huck to kill Liv. Liv knows the CIA director’s death wasn’t a suicide and Cyrus needs that to remain a secret. Jake was hired by Fitz to protect her….but he also fell for her.

      • Guest360

        Eh. I’m not convinced he is just yet. Lying to Fitz is whatever but lying to Liv and then having her lie to Fitz to keep his actions underwrap is cowardly and selfish on his end. Not to mention there’s that dude he keeps meeting up with in the park and giving him a play by play of what Liv is doing and what she knows while simultaneously feeding her false information that could get her killed. At the very least he’s shady and not to be trusted. And I don’t think Cyrus is the mole nor that Charlie was there to kill her. Too easy to figure out and makes no sense given how much Cyrus loves Liv.

        • Charla

          Cyrus doesn’t love Liv. They definitely had a falling out in season one. He even was seconds away from killing his own husband. So his morals are extremely questionable. But I’ll be looking for you in three weeks on here to see who is right. Lol

  • the beav

    I’m in Jake denial. I NEED him to be the good guy!

  • CKB

    My favorite moment, when Quinn was at the storage unit and had enough of the clerk and laid it out for him. The girl is growing up.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Scott Foley is so cute. I’ve loved him since Felicity. Please don’t make him a bad guy. Spin it!!