Trouble Man: Father Who Was On Camera Whipping His Daughters For Making Twerking Video Gets Charged

April 5, 2013  |  

We told you earlier in the week, and showed you the video, of the father who caught his daughters trying to make a twerk video and whipped them pretty viciously with a cable wire for thinking that was cute (the girls say that he actually whipped them for trying to sneak out of the house though). People were torn about whether or not he was over the top in the severity of his punishment, or if it was necessary seeing as how the girls, ages 12 and 14, according to the Daily Mail, were way too young to be worrying about twerking something for the world to see. But despite what your personal opinion might be, the father, Greg Horn, 35, has been arrested after the mother of the two young ladies alerted police. He has been charged with endangering the welfare of his children and corporal punishment.

He will be arraigned on April 16. On a side note, before you say that the beating wasn’t all that bad and that the girls “needed it,” the cable wire they were beat with by their father left one of the young ladies with open wounds on their legs. An old-fashioned whooping is one thing, but these young girls were beat like dogs. That’s not going to teach anybody any kind of lesson but to be fearful of their father, rather than show respect. He clearly went overboard and while some might say it’s a shame that he has to deal with the law, it’s definitely a shame that he took things to such a level.

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  • Natasha T

    See, this is what happens when the government tells us how we should raise our own children. I agree with him disciplining his daughter for doing that ratchet dance and let these perverted men out here getting their “loads” off on them, but he’s only guilty of having the spanking getting caught on tape.

  • No different then that judge that tore his white daughters azz up who filmed it he didn’t go to jail hel he got his job back. There’s a different between whooping and beating. Its to get your attention because clearly your not listening. But you have to love a child just as much you punish. Wait till the world gets a hold of you those little butt whooping are nothing.

  • So
    I guess girls who grow up to be strippers and prostitutes were never
    beaten as children? And every doctor and lawyer in the world had to be
    beaten as a child to achieve their goals? This is the after effects of
    slavery. If using violence against black children worked so much then
    why are so many African Americans at the bottom of American society.
    What is even more shocking about so many of the comments above is the
    people saying he should have used a belt or his fists instead… No
    wonder the black community is in so much trouble if these are the kind
    of people raising children. Young girls have so much pressure put on
    them by the media and the sexualisation the female form and rather teach
    them to take pride in themselves and let them know they don’t have to
    be sexual objects to be valued – the best thing to do is to whip them
    in a way most other races wouldn’t even beat their own dogs. No wonder
    black kids have so much ‘baggage’ by the time they reach adulthood. The
    only way to deal with their abuse is to continue the trend and do the
    same to their own kids. Terrible. Horrific. Sick.

  • MissRealuminatti

    Neither beatings or time-outs work on most of these bad kids. It’s the environment. Get them out of the hood, because even if you are a good parent there’s a 99 percent chance that you are the ONLY good parent in the hood. These hood kids are around ignorance the moment they step out of the house and peer pressure is stronger than any butt whooping from mom and dad.

  • when they get raped the court apointed lawyer we pay for the pervert will be glad to have that video, to play in court to prove she asked for it !and we along with her father will pay the cost

  • spare the rod spoil the child is what we where taught , he did not no any other way and he over did it, but his intention was to take controll of a very bad situation that the girls created , they are obviously behaviour problems . so is it helping anyone to punish him for at least trying to be a father, the government is all about getting in our pockets, they dont give a damn about them kids, if they did they would offer counciling for the family, not make the father a felon or take bread off of their table. the family is broken and needs help to be healthy. but the first thing the police do is get in the familys pocket book, bail- attorney’s fee cost of court, etc..

  • Do they incarcerate police for corporal punishment when they give out Chad Holley and Rodney King beatings? However, I’m quite sure there’s more to

    this story than meets the eye. I’m interested in the series of events that lead up to this plateau.

  • Meyaka

    Yeah he was wrong he should totally let his two early teenage daughters twerk and show their bodies to the world and let anyone run through them and if they get raped or aids who cares? At least he didn’t go overboard,let them add to the statistic of run through unwed ,unproductive and uneducated county recipients,mothers of devil children who cares?!

  • Taj801

    I don’t agree that a father can’t whip his daughter. In this case, maybe the choice of what he used to whip them with should have been more carefully thought out. Unfortunately, his reaction to seeing his babies actling like a stripper took him to the edge before he could do so. No doubt, I come from a generation where parents chose to use belts or extension cords to get their point across AFTER all the talking in the world didn’t do enough to settle the issue. Many of us have been left with a welp or a bruise after a good beat down and no real harm was done. I am pretty sure many of us who have had to endure some form of corporal punishment are all the good for it today. Now I do not support physically and verbally humiliating kids, violently beating on them like a thug or anything else that is totally harsh and criminal. I don’t think a good whipping with a belt hurts much. I proably would have done the same had I seen a child of mine do such distateful routine. It’s not even cute on a grown woman but I know there are people who think otherwise. At the end of the day, these girls have a father who loves them and cares for them. So hopefully, at some point, they will come to love and respect their father more, understand why he did what he did and that they become better off for it.Hell if anything, if what I saw was correct, they still got off easy because some parents i know back in the day would have made them walk out those clothes first and then laid in on them.

  • I believe that as the parent it is my job to look out for my kids. I dont blame him YES they needed that whipping it could have been worst, at least he gave them a reference to think about next time want to do some trifling dance or sneak out the house. They are 12 and 14 babies. who’s to say they had a wound them they could’ve said that because there father put them out there . I feel like if you are not contributing to anything in my household bills, clothes food for them or be there when they get in trouble who are you to JUDGE! Leave him alone

  • Angel89

    Great now let the government take care of them & have their welfare checks & government assistant housing ready for them when they get a little older to take care of their five or more kids because the father isn’t allowed to discipline & raise HIS daughters into respectable respectful women…yeah that sounds much better….


    That’s what’s wrong with the world today, no guidence, no whoppings and no common sense, if that had been me, I would be half dead, my mother did not play that and after the hand-me-down whopping I would have gotten. ie..mother, father, grandmother, aunts and uncles I probably would never dance again. But I would have know under no circumstance to dance like that again, it is not approciate.

  • tdub

    So dads should not discipline there daughters???? It is the job of both parents and in my house both did just that. Belt or not the police still would’ve been involved because they want to tell us how to raise our kids. Mom will be sorry when they are 16 and 17 and have no control and they kicking her butt she will want dad around then. It’s nothing wrong with tough love true the item used was a bit much but he was angry and probably grabbed the first thing he could get to. Hell i had my but whipped with shoes, belts, switches, paddles..ijs

  • tj

    i agree they needed to be whooped but not with a cable wire thats a bit much a belt would have been enough

  • York

    If they were shaking it like dogs….::shrug::

    The cable cord may sound like a bit much, he could have just slapped the bejeezus out of them. But I done had switches put to my behind that weren’t exactly friendly, either.

    Twerking may be mainstream now but that doesn’t diminish what it is. And at those ages, it’s not appropriate, especially in light of their other transgressions. These girls are on their way to the pole at this rate.

  • He did go a little bit over board but i’m not gonna say they didn’t deserve to be whipped because they doing something they shouldn’t have done. I’m also tired of people saying we can’t raise our kids they giving these kids too much power. If we just let them run wild then people say u bad parents. They go to jail and get beat worse then that by the police. Really? Now whats wrong with that picture

  • I’m all for whooping a kid’s behind when they step out of line but he did go too far. What he did was abusive. Grounding them and taking away the things they love to do would suffice.

    Another thing, why do kids who have crazy parents insist on testing them? You know when your parents are crazy and will overreact.

  • Trisha_B

    They said they got beat for sneaking out the house, not for the twerking video? Like that’s even better. Your 12, what the hell you sneaking out for?! Smh I’ve never gotten a beating like that before, but i could understand his anger. I wonder if the girls live w/ their mother & he just gets them sometimes or they all live in a household together. B/c that will tell somethings, moms probably let them do what they want & want to act out in his house.

  • The government wants to tell you when, where, and how to make kids. They want to tell you how to raise them. But when you actually parent your kids, you get in trouble for it. He did right. His daughters were bogus as Hell.

    • Deidra J

      Ok, OUR JOB as parents is to ensure that our children are learning how to become civil, respectful, and productive people. Parenting is not the same as beating. Beating teaches fear. Not self worth, not productivity, not respectful assertion, and not even a healthy respect of authority. Parent intentionally, attentively, and actively and you eliminate a host of problems that cause the kind of behavior that he tried to fix in less than a minute with a cord – shouting angrily as his children screamed in terror. Disgraceful. Beatings like that teach a fear-based respect of authority and that ain’t about nothin’. especially going forward as they try to determine their roles in society. I’m not one to advocate for government getting involved in the way that we raise our children, but they wouldn’t have to if what we were doing was successful in keeping our kids healthy, educated, respectful of themselves and others, and out of trouble for the past couple of generations. Clearly, it hasn’t and the majority of us have been whipped, beaten, and spanked so what now?

  • shaunb

    I will communicate when I’m done whoopin ass….this is what’s wrobg with our teenagers now……tjey see and hear too much!…. for those who say communication is the key that was communicating that he totally did not approve of that from his daughters and he meant business…if he didn’t do nothin then u would be sayin what kind of father is he…. be real people we do need to stop the madness of these uncontrolled teens and be real parents.

    • This^^^^^^

    • Michele82

      So let’s praise the father for beating his daughters to the point where they had open wounds? I’d rather applaud the father who made his kids wear a sign in public about what they did or the father who took his daughter’s laptop and shot a hole through it when she was disrespecting her parents on Facebook or the parents who go the old school route and ground their children (i.e. no TV, computer, friends, etc.).

      Yes teens need discipline, and sometimes a whopping will do. But parents need to use wisdom when they parent. There’s a difference between abuse/instilling fear and instilling respect/teaching a lesson.

      • Keisha Samoht

        Yes!!!! That is the ENTIRE point of the entire debate : if it be deemed child abuse or discipline. Spank your kids so they understand wrong from right.

    • Deidra J

      No one cares what you’re saying after all that…Wy does it have to be wither beat them senseless or do nothing at all? Why can’t we pose the question about why the myriad of options he had somewhere in between. This is the difference between a committed father and one who just oversees and tolerates his children. An overseer ensures compliance and whips into submission. A committed father does the real work that makes a solid difference in between.

    • Tiberia Walker

      Only single people make comments like this. Don’t say “we” need to be real parents, some of us ARE, but apparently, you’re not one of us.

  • AmyFinehouse

    Whooping those girls doesn’t mean they won’t make twerk videos again. They will probably continue but just make sure not to get caught. What he should have done was talk to them and figure out why they would choose to do these types of videos in the first place. Maybe he should give them the male attention they were initially seeking instead of pushing them away by beating them so viciously. Communication is key.

    • Herm cain

      Bulls***t we’ve been communicating birth control self control and self worth since forever look at the out of wedlock statistics forget talking in the old days when kids got tore up are biggest issue was economics because the homes were stable now on top of bring promiscuous and aspiring to be strippers they are disrespectful and don’t listen I bet they won’t be making anymore videos like that though black people face a unique set of challenges we cannot raise our kids like white people and expect results

      • Herm Cain

        *our *being

    • hollyw


  • akmartey

    I agree. My father stopped “whooping” me when I was nine and my mother doled out the “beatings”. Only my mom didn’t woop my butt good until I was a teenager….and boy o boy!

  • Reese

    Hmmmm, I can definitely understand where the father was coming from and his heart was in the right place. But as a man you can’t whoop your daughter, I’m sorry. This would be a different story if the mother would have done this. At the end of the day I applaud him for taking an active role in his daughter lives but he should have let his common sense prevail. How did the video end up on line anyway?

    • sammi_lu

      Even if it was the mother who beat them with a cord it would still be wrong, any discipline that leaves a child battered and bruised is no different than assault with intent to cause bodily harm.

    • Deidra J

      Ugh..this irritates me so badly. People applauding the man for “caring,” for simply “being there.” If it were the mother who had done this, no mention would be made of her decision to care or be present. He gets no points for that. If the last man who beat them this way was a man, and he says its justified because they defied him – what kind of reasoning will they have when they get an abusive boyfriend and he says the same? People raised in violence will accept it as “just life” later. (Hmmm..wonder why there are so many violent black men in the world??) Just because beatings work (by instilling fear) doesn’t mean that nothing else does, that nothing else is worth doing, that this was his only choice…This display made HIM feel better – It’s the easy way out. It lets him off the hook for doing the real work of parenting cuz he found them doing something they weren’t supposed to and he beat them for it – and taped it so that all his friends could see that handles his… (CLAP CLAP) Problem is…it doesn’t fix what’s wrong with his girls, doesn’t address the root of why they would sneak out, doesn’t teach them a healthy respect for authority or for themselves, doesn’t protect them against anything that he may have intended. SO..he pretty much FAILED miserably on this one, and his kids will suffer for it. Kids do stupid things that they shouldn’t do. They push boundaries…thats called GROWING UP. Parents need to anticipate this rather than being all holier than thou with all that “Uh – Uh Not mine…” BS. Don’t demonize a child for being a child. YES – Kinds are freakin embarrassing, they can be disappointing, and dealing with it all can be exhausting. (But it’s all worth it when you put in the real work) I do a LOT of work w my baby and she is a difficult one…But when she does something wrong, she can tell me she’s sorry, why she’s sorry, and we can talk about why it’s difficult for her to do the right thing sometimes and she’s only 4. Most of the kids she goes to school with get Address the real issues and do it for their personal growth and well-being. It takes a LOT of time and effort, and may even keep you up at night but this is the JOB. And some kids are more of a job than others, and we cant blame that on them either. These girls are probably feeling guilty, ashamed at school, confused about how to feel about their Dad… But hey…At least he cared enough to do something at all… (SMH) It was his choice to react this way. He could have made a different choice. We have to stop equating how angry someone is to how much they care for us. Its dangerous and unhealthy. When I meet angry people, I run the other way…dont know why we’d expect a 12 and 14 y/o to react any differently.