True Life: I Had To Block, Unfriend Or Delete My Friends Or Family

April 5, 2013  |  


When you discover someone you know on Facebook, you have a decision to make. To friend them or not. In most cases, unless you already know this person is crazy, you decide to let them in. You look at their profile. They look at yours. Most of the time, this arrangement works out just fine; but other times you realize, all too late that the person you friended or followed is a complete fool. We asked our Facebook followers if they’ve ever had to unfriended someone behind Facebook foolishness. See what they had to say.

Precious: Yes…the younger generation (25 and under) seem to share too much information (pics of private parts, weed, money and opinions) that are so offensive at times that one must block them to prevent further disrespect…I wonder for those whose parents are the “friends” on the various social networks what message it sends when they see this on their children’s pages and fail to say anything…

Domonique: Yup. Mostly my cousins. I always tell them too!

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  • I report nudity and delete ratchetivity

  • MultiNatChick

    I’ve had to delete and block a sister and a brother. My brother was cussing like crazy and saying things against the Republican party and my sister was just creepy. First, she would comment on all of my statuses, then she starting confronting me about all of my statuses in real life, then she starting using my status to enforce her competitive ways (like if it said that I wish I had a new car, she would go and try to buy one for herself just to beat me to it). Finally, I deleted her and set my account so that only friends could see it and she found a way to still read my statuses even through that. Finally, I blocked her.

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  • Meka X

    In order to avoid tension, I’ll just hide their post from my news feed. If they’re disrespectful when commenting on my post, I’ll send them a nice inbox message (In reference to their behavior.) then tap delete and block.

  • chanela

    btw imma need people’s 5 and 6 year olds to not have a facebook page.. and stop having them friend request me!! SMH

  • chanela

    honey YES!!
    i got tired of family members calling my mom’s phone to complain about something i posted (usually a funny picture). they will forever think i’m 14 years old so they’ll be like ” why you cussin on facebook!? imma tell yo mama! get it togetha!” mind you it was probably the word “damn” or something. meanwhile nothing is said to the ratchet 20 baby daddy having cousins that post facebook statuses about how they “pop the p*** for the n***” strip clubs to feed their kids.i eventually deleted my mom because she kept telling me what to post on my facebook. i’d put a harmless funny picture and if she didn’t like it then she would complain and tell me to take it off because “yo auntie might see that!” sick of it!

  • Gworl!

    What in the world is Tezra talking about on that one slide!? I can’t follow, smh

  • pickneychile

    When I was in college I had some friends of my parents/people from church request me and I felt bad declining so I accepted. Well they would nitpick every little thing and a lot of it was stuff OTHER people were saying on my page or my pictures. Then they’d run and tell my mom. It was so stupid and immature like they couldn’t just message me about whatever their concerns were. I deleted my page for a while and then when I came back I blocked all of them, lol. Then there are people who talked too much foolishness like some guy who said September 11th wasn’t sad and why should anybody care if it wasn’t directly affecting them…yeah he got the boot as well. Like I say I have a tolerate/hate relationship with facebook!

    • chanela

      yeah that’s what i did! i blocked them. i only put a post or picture on “public” when it’s something they won’t complain about.back in the myspace days, my mom messaged this guy i knew (i was 16 at the time and he had just turned 18 and we were in spanish class together and he was cool) because he said “what the hell is that lol?” on my picture. my mom was like “you’re 18 years old cussing on my daughter’s page. you have no right to do that blah blah blah”. then she messaged this guy who lived down the street from me that we knew because he had skulls on his page background. she told him that it was satanic and asked if his mother knew about it cause if she didnt, then my mom would tell her” ::sigh:: smh

      • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

        Dang, mama didn’t play no games huh?

  • Rosemary Davis

    Rather than delete anyone I took myself off of face book my favorite nephew befriended me and I except but shortly there after I notice he was using all kind of profanity using the N word among other things and I didn’t want too hurt his feelings so I quietly got off it’s been a year since I facedbook anyone and that’s fine by me

  • Nikki

    In my experience, I had family members that I didn’t even know that would send me friend requests on Facebook. Just because we are family, doesn’t mean a darn thing.

    At the end of the day, the people that I consider to be real friends and family members have my number and I speak with them on a regular basis. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less about you.

    • Lauren S. Clark

      I am beginning to understand what that means. I do not even have a Facebook account anymore.