HE LEFT HER FUH DEAD!: Arizona Man Moves Out The Way And Lets Girlfriend Get Hit In The Face With A Baseball At Game

April 3, 2013  |  

We told you chivalry has been dead for years. Okay, maybe it’s not completely kaput, but after watching this video of a couple having their date interrupted by a baseball coming at light speed, it’s safe to say that some men have just given up.

While enjoying an Arizona Diamondbacks vs. St. Louis Cardinals baseball game in centerfield seats last night, according to the Daily Mail, Cardinals shortstop Peter Kozma hit a homerun, sending the baseball into the seats–ironically, the centerfield seats. As you can see from the video, before the ball comes this couple’s way, the man is leaned all up on his lady. But as the ball is launched towards the young woman’s seat, he thinks, and has enough time to step out of the way just in time–so that she can be blasted in the face by the ball. Nice job, bruh. The boyfriend can then be seen trying to come to her aid after the fact, as she jumps out of her seat from the pain of the ball.

Interestingly enough, one of the sportscasters sarcastically said out loud, “Nice job, boyfriend” at the guy’s choice to dive for cover.

While I definitely didn’t expect him to do some action hero ish and push her out of her seat like a bullet was coming her way, he sure got away from her like she was the plague, didn’t he? But then again, I guess she could have followed his lead and dived for the sake of her face. Either way, we sure don’t want to be her. Check out the short clip for yourself below and let us know if you think her boyfriend played the mess out of her, or if it’s not that deep and she should have looked out for herself.


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  • NikkitaMichelle

    He obviously saw it coming. You’re a big boy use your words. You couldn’t tell her to move out of the way or look out!

  • tara

    definite overreaction you can clearly see, and if not pause go back over it , but they are both watching it coming at them i suggest he expected her to move….just my opinion. Its only a big deal cause it was captured on video.

  • that HAD to have broken some bones in her face! arent those balls going like 80 or 90 mph??

    • mac

      we’re talking about a ball that was hit 300-400 fit in the air. And was on its way down.

      • mac


  • so chivalry involves getting hit in the face with a baseball traveling very fast? Common sense says move out the way.

  • princess courtenay

    he saw it coming…what was she doing???

    • Kenedy

      Lol…One time I was at a soccer game, & the ball was heading straight for my face….my mind was saying “duck, move, dive, do something” but wouldn’t you know it, my body wouldn’t move at all….smh everytime I remember that day

  • FromUR2UB

    It’s a bit “telling”. He didn’t have enough concern for her to try to move her out of the way. Evidently, he had enough time to see the ball coming and get himself out of the way.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I can believe it’s a natural reaction but he couldn’t say duck or push or pull her down too in the process? No booty for you for like 3 months!

  • Trisha_B

    The video isn’t working for me…But i can’t really be mad at him. Like it’s a natural reaction for a person to dodge something that is coming their way. She saw him move, why didn’t she? lol The minute i see him move, i’m gone.

    • Ms. Kameria

      That’s what I say. If she wasn’t so busy all up in his face she would have seen to move…..she should have looked out for self.

  • Yanez

    Title spelled incorrectly. Please fix.

    • MNEditor2

      Thanks! “Girlfriend” has been fixed.

      • Diso98

        It is still wrong! It should be written “lets” not “let’s”