Beyonce Tells Vogue UK Feminist Is An Extreme Word, But She Guesses She’s A Modern-Day Version

April 3, 2013  |  

Rumors that Beyonce was up next for the cover of Vogue UK have proven to be true as the fashion mag just posted pics of their May issue online, along with excerpts from their interview with the Queen Bey herself. Much of the interview focuses on motherhood, matrimony, and musicianship, according to this introduction:

In the latest issue of Vogue, Beyoncé grants us an exclusive audience prior to the UK leg of her Mrs Carter tour. We found her unusually candid about marriage, motherhood and her musical journey, opening up about her love for husband Jay-Z, her determination to remain true to her instincts and her passion for a job which has seen her singing professionally for nearly 20 years.

She talks about how motherhood gave her a sense of “audacity” and a confidence to share more of her famously private life, and how her brand of feminism is synonymous with today’s very independent woman. Vogue also learnt the sheer strength of will – and hard work – it takes to launch a world tour, take the Superbowl by storm and sing for President Obama.

The Huffington Post got a few more insider gems, like this response Beyonce gave when asked about being a feminist:

“That word can be very extreme, but I guess I am a modern-day feminist. I do believe in equality. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything? I’m just a woman and I love being a woman. […]I do believe in equality and that we have a way to go and it’s something that’s pushed aside and something that we have been conditioned to accept. But I’m happily married. I love my husband.”

Going one step further, Bey addressed criticism over calling her upcoming concert series “The Mrs. Carter tour:”

“I feel like Mrs Carter is who I am,” she said, “but more bold and more fearless than I’ve ever been.

“It comes from knowing my purpose and really meeting myself once I saw my child. I was like, ‘OK, this is what you were born to do’. The purpose of my body became completely different.”

Alright, Mrs. Carter. Check out more pics from her spread on the next couple of pages. Do you think of Beyonce as a modern-day feminist?

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  • PREACH!!!

  • Brit

    Well one good thing I’ll say is, for once, they didn’t drastically lighten her skin.

  • Of course it’s an extreme word when you can’t spell it.

    • Kenedy

      Lmao! Stop!!!

  • Laverne

    I think people confuse being pro-woman and being a feminist. Ask Alice Walker what a feminist is….Beyonce is not what comes to mind. She doesn’t burn bras unless it’s accompanied by coochie popping.

    • Just saying!!


  • 1Val

    Please take the mic from Beyonce unless she is caterwauling. This lady hasn’t a clue as to what feminist, womanist or Africana womanists strive to be. Her PR team attempting to sell this self centered vapid entertainer as anything other than that is regrettable as well as laughable.

    Madonna, Oprah and Angelina have built schools for women. Jada has lobbied Congress to stop human sex trafficking. Halle advocates for domestic violence. The late Whitney Houston had a foundation. But I have never read anything about Beyonce that is girl/woman centered or black for that matter. Does this lady support any charitable causes?

    Does Beyonce have any foundations? Has she established and scholarships, internships or mentorships for girls/women or minorities?

    I am curious as to how Beyonce the brand employs women. How many women are on Beyonce’s board of directors? What percentage of Beyonce’s women employees are in senior management? Does her company offer informal/formal flex time, informal/formal compressed work weeks, informal/formal telecommuting? Does her company provide job sharing, part time work, part time employees health benefits? Does her company offer access to childcare on or off site? Does her company offer additional time beyond guaranteed 12 weeks from FMLA ?

    Beyonce should do what she does best sell sex kitten image. There is nothing about this woman that suggests she cares about humanity beyond loving her family and capitalism. Therefore, Beyonce’s camps should stop insulting public’s intelligence with her being a feminist bullcrap.

    • Janae

      The funny thing is, she’s a part of quite a few female-oriented campaigns for women, and she constantly speaks about how proud she is of her all-female crew ( band, dancers etc) which is another reason why many people were angry when she came out with “Bow Down”.

      I think Bey is contradictory because she makes “girl power” songs like “Single Ladies” “Independent Women” “Run The World” “Why Dont You Love Me” etc then she stands behind the Chime for Change campaign while simultaneously releasing that snippet/song.

      I appreciate her efforts but she lacks consistency. She sounds unsure of herself when using the term so it’s best if she stays away from it.

      • 1Val

        There isn’t any substance associated with Beyonce. She needs to stay away from feminist labels because she is not one.

    • ksmall

      Ok, they should have had 1Val conduct that interview! lol. great points and well said. concur 100%.

    • Just saying!!

      OMG YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH!! It drives me crazy when people talk about how she’s a feminist and is all about women empowerment. I’m like you fools realize that is just a gimmick right?? Her actions don’t support that at all. It’s just a part of her image. I hate to say it…but this girl is just a packaged product lol.

      • 1Val

        The adage of, “If you have to tell someone who and what you are then you are not it” applies to Beyonce. There are other female entertainers whose life and works align with feminist principles yet have never identified themselves as feminists or womanists. Beyonce’s PR team should be terminated for employing this failing tactic to endear female fans to her.

        Not picking apart Beyonce’s career achievements which she has earned being apathetic to women, African Americans, children and human rights issues. Beyonce needs to remain in her lane of selling sex, profiting from hyper sexuality stereotype of black women, promoting Eurocentric standards of beauty tossing her honey blonde extensions, bleach lightening her skin/ identifying herself as part African American /Native American/French, blind to social injustices and telling girls all they need are lady parts for men to OBJECTIFY/OCCUPY/OWN and they too can run the world.

      • Kenedy

        Thank you! That’s been her gimmick ever since Destiny’s child days devised by Matty Knowles “We can pay our bills bills bills” “we are survivors” etc etc. Beyonce doesn’t know the first thing about feminism. She probably doesn’t even know about the different forms of feminism, how each differs, who pioneered each and what each advocates for…Girl bye, we can see through her BS

      • Kenedy

        Thank you! This has been her marketing ploy since her Destiny’s child days devised by Matty Knowles..”we can pay our own bills bills bills” “we are survivors” etc etc. She wouldn’t even know what feminism is if it hits her in the face.

    • Suchalady

      Woooo! All….of….this…truth!

  • Shaybaby

    So you’re a modern-day feminist who tells b*tches to bow down. Ok then.

  • JaneDoe

    I can take nothing this woman says seriously bc honestly I don’t even think she knows the back story about feminism. What Beyonce describes is more of a womanism than a feminism stance but I digress.. Whatever floats her boat for boat..
    On another note MN pls post the Rutgers story

    • JaneDoe


    • Janae

      No womanism is more race related. I’m on my phone and can’t go into detail, but there is a significant difference. One concerns the black woman’s struggle and it focuses on the difference between white and black culture.

      • she’s still right, if your looking at it from the perspective of womanist theology, which is about the black women’s struggle to find her own place ( for lack of a better word) in the dialogue or doctrine of Christianity specifically and in all patriarchal religions broadly. Beyonce has said many times she found herself in her husband ( and also has made claims of being a christian ( shrug)) and while that sounds beautiful and sweet its the furthest thing from feminism but more closely resembles womanism as Christianity is a major proponent of ” husbands leading and wives following” within this particular doctrine. ijs

        • Janae

          What you said is definitely true, but it doesn’t encompass the entire ideology. That’s a major component, but it’s not enough to label her a womanist.

          “Womanism addresses the racist and classist aspects of white feminism and actively opposes separatists ideologies. Womanism accounts for the ways in which black women support and empower black men, and that a black woman’s relationship to men is different from a white woman’s. It is a form of feminism focused especially on the conditions and concerns of black women in its entirety.

          A huge sign that beyonce isn’t a womanist is the way she speaks. She never really speaks from a black woman’s perspective. People who follow womanism almost always feel the need to bring race into the sentence because they are fighting for black female unity and respect. Beyonce hasn’t really been a strong advocate of black women, but she has tried to represent women in general. When have we ever heard her talk about the inequalities black women face? She mentions inequality, but not black inequality. She doesnt encourage black sisterhood. She never points out the racial differences and struggles between white women and black women, which is a key aspect of womanism also.

          Truth is, Beyonce is neither. She might be “pro-woman” but not a feminist or womanist.

          • I wholly concur, i have always found it a laughable idea that she suggest shes a feminist of ANY kind.

  • Lola

    No hater no fan. But she needs to have her publicist prepare her responses. she talks in circles. Its great her career has such a great platform and has reached the level it has but she needs to keep in mind that she needs to keep as far as communicating verbally if that is not your best asset hire someone who can help Presidents do it all the time

    • Gworl!

      Yeah I never understand wtf she’s trying to say!