‘Perhaps My Vision Was Too Complex For A Self-Centered Little Girl To Understand:’ Kenya’s Not Sorry She Kicked Porsha Out Her Party

April 2, 2013  |  

Source: Bravo

Sunday night’s episode of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was a mess of a season finale, and right in the center of the drama were Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart. The background is Kenya was having a party to celebrate her “arrival” and asked the ladies of the RHOA crew to dress as different iconic African American women. Porsha was told to come as Halle Berry a la Baps and in the midst of getting into character, some people got in Porsha’s ear, telling her the costume was likely a set-up, convincing her to come as Dorothy Dandridge Halle Berry instead.

Kenya, of course, went ballistic upon Porsha’s arrival and not-so-politely asked her to leave —  and then everyone went off. And now in an effort to explain herself to the masses, she’s written this ridiculous response on her blog, which starts like this:

From Halle Berry to Hattie McDaniel, who was the first Black women to ever win an Academy Award in 1939 74 years ago, the cause célèbre for my desire to honor these iconic women was the shocking and ignorant insults and remarks heralded toward me in Anguilla by a 31-year-old girl. I was told I was irrelevant, old, and a nonfactor at 41 being a part of history by becoming the 2nd black woman to be crowned Miss USA.

After I overcame my sadness and disdain at the ignorance and lack of respect that exists in America from some slightly younger, historically-challenged individuals, I felt it my responsibility to honor the women who have undoubtedly paved the way, opened doors, and broken racial barriers and stereotypes amidst hatred for women, which has allowed people like me to proudly walk through. I put a lot of time and effort into the party. I thought of each woman individually and assigned them costumes based on who their dynamic personalities. It was easy…

After that over dramatized explanation, which essentially says someone called me old, my feelings got hurt, I threw a party to prove I’m fabulous, Kenya went on to defend her choice of Porsha as B.A.Ps Halle Berry, and then threw massive shade:

“In B.A.P.S., [Halle Berry] was a young, pretty, unpolished, fun, and likable diamond in the rough. Her character arc showed her grow, mature, and become a beautiful polished Black American Princess who was willing to accept change. Perhaps, my vision was too complex for a self-centered little girl to understand.

“I’ve heard the comments that it was a “set-up,” or “non-glamorous,” “malice content” (malcontent is the correct word), which is utterly absurd. NO ONE takes that kind of energy from me.  This is just as ignorant as the first comments that were the catalyst for the event. Tina Turner was not “glamorous,” Grace Jones was not glamorous, nor any of the other characters aside from Cynthia as Diana Ross. I should not be surprised by the pervasive idiocy that exists in one’s own head…

“All the girls came to the party and never once complained about their assigned costumes. My amazing team created live reenactments from the movies of each character the girls were appearing, so it was imperative that they came as their assigned ICONS. If they didn’t want to comply with the hostess’ requests, they should have simply declined the invitation and stayed home. What clearly was premeditated is someone making their own rules to upset me at my own event, which I meticulously planned and paid for. Most importantly, I extended an olive branch toward forgiveness. When you have a history with me of being disrespectful, spiteful, and unapologetic, then you will be shown the nearest exit to the left.”

While Kenya may have gotten the last word with that remark, what she failed to think about before writing this rant was Porsha has bigger things to deal with — like a failing marriage — than her over-the-top “coming out” party. Therefore, this drawn out response just makes her look a little more crazy than we already think she is.

If you missed Sunday’s episode, check out a clip of the altercation below. Who’s side are you on?

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  • Veronica

    Porsha needs to grow up and stop starting unnecessary drama. She could have easily called, texted, or email Kenya to let her know how she felt about going as Halle Berry in BAPS. But she chose to go about it the wrong way. Kenya was right on the money when she chose Porsha to be the BAPS character because she is unpolished, uneducated, but has the potential to grow into a diamond. Kenya shouldn’t have thrown her out like that and should have just ignored her instead. Porsha and Kenya are like two pesky sisters, they are too much alike and fight like they love each other.

    That’s Porsha and her soon to be ex-husband business. Porsha knew how he was before they got married. It’s up to her if she wants to continue her path on being an entertainer or being a housewife to Kordell. Those two were talking about divorce way before he filed. It was VERY wrong and cowardly of Kordell to file it behind her back, but she saw it coming. Hence why they were separated for months before this happened.

  • Kenya knew EXACTLY what she was doing! It was a lose-lose-lose situation for Porsha because if she did come as BAPS Kenya would have got a nice laugh out of it, if Porsha would have never showed up at all Kenya would have a reason to say that Porsha wouldn’t accept the “olive branch” she was extending to her and would have given Kenya a reason to continue to hold a grudge, and since Porsha didn’t show up like she wanted her to it gave Kenya a reason to cause a scene. No matter which situation, Kenya would still feel justified in her actions. Kenya was wrong and is a mess but you got to give it to her, she knew how to play the game to keep her name in people’s mouth so she can continue to be on this show and “expand” her empire. But there’s a cost for everything……

  • Ok so my question to you Kenya is if your fabulous what makes you think you have to prove it to anyone? If your fabulous everyone will know it you dont have to shout it out or prove it to anyone you just are and people recognize that it really shows insecurities on your part that you feel you have to prove anything to anyone its really all about you! You are the only one that you have to prove anything to!

  • MeaganJ

    If someone would have asked Halley Berry the movie character
    she would most liked to be remembered as; B.A.P.S probably would not be her
    first choice. Kenya wanted to humiliate Porsha, and I’m glad Porsha did not
    fall for her scheme. I was working a new schedule at DISH, and missed this past
    episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta when it aired. Luckily, my DISH
    Hopper was there for me; this DVR can record up to 2,000 hours of my favorite
    shows, giving me the freedom to record the full season, and the full seasons of
    my other favorite shows that air the same night. It will be interesting to see what
    the other women thought of the gala during the reunion show.

  • nursej

    did she just say Tina Turner and Grace Jones weren’t glamorous? isn’t that the same thing they she claimed hurt her feelings when she heard it from Porsha?…ijs…this chick is beyond delusional. Kenya, boo boo, no one remembers you, you are not Vanessa Williams…sorry, let it go. And of course ppl know Halle was the 2nd to win the award, because it came 72yrs later and in our generation. If you won a few yrs later, in a pageant that no body cares about, that is superficial in its entire existence, don’t get upset cause the world didn’t come together for the moment. its sicken how coo coo you are.

    • Chile Cheese

      EXACTLY!!! Grace Jones was a super model wasnt she?? and she wasnt glamorous?….in what world Kenya?? And Tina Turner, also a very GLAMOROUS woman. She really talks in circles and sounds stupid when she starts ranting and acting like a victim.

  • Clara

    I guess I can understand where Porsha was coming from. But Halle had a couple different looks in the movie. She changed a lot from beginning to end. She didn’t stay a ghetto hood rat. If I was Porsha I would of came as Halle in the last couple of scenes from the movie.

  • Yvette

    Kenya is a delusional mess. She knew full well she was attempting to clown Porsha by asking her to come dressed in Halle Berry’s character from B.A.P.S. and that nothing about that film or its characters says “iconic black woman”. She was dead azz wrong for putting Porsha out of that party and only did it to get back at Porsha for putting her out of her charity event. I’m not saying that Porsha’s behavior is/ was right. I’m saying that they both throw enough shade to never see the sun again. Kenya always wants to play victim when she can’t take what she dishes out. Kenya needs to get professional help to deal with the underlying issues stemming from her relationship with her mother so that she can become whole and be emotionally ready for a husband and baby because being a wife and mother ain’t no joke!

  • Tara

    *but when anyone initially thinks of baps…..
    (my bad should have proof read)

  • Tara

    i think many are missing porsha’s issue, well at least the issue i would have had. Kenya can try and twist this as much as she wants, she did this out of spite! Its not so much about the outfit she had to wear (many reference kandi and the outfit she wore) it was more so about who and what Halle Berry partially represented in BAPS. Now yes in the end it was wonderful and great when when anyone initially thinks of BAPS they think ghetto and not much positive.
    Kenya keeps speaking of the disrespect she recieved but she gave as good as she got, they BOTH need to apologise to each other. If not move on…..Kenya did not have to invite her to the party since she was so offended she was not invited to hers.
    Last but not least even as far as Porsha’s divorce the “nice” words Kenya had to say was all for the cameras and this post further causes me to believe this.
    p.s. wish porsha would have worn the baps outfit just to say ‘yeah and i still look fabulous!’

  • Lola

    Is Kenya Moore really a 40-something year old woman? Her behavior and demeanor is that of a 21 year old girl. She truly needs to grow up and get a grip. #Seewhyshesstillsingle

    • DeepThinker

      Yes she acts like a sorority haze master. LOL

  • akuntrygirl

    Kenya’s emotional growth must have been stunted by some sort of childhood trauma. She’s childish and her behavior is odd for a 40+ woman. IJS

  • kierah

    Kenya was trying to humiliate Porsha with that foolishness. She got pissed that her little idea was trumped. Too much childishness for me!

  • TeahMonae

    If Porsha decided to attend, she should have been a good sport about it and dressed as requested. I’m sure Kandi would have rather not been Tina Turner, but she did it anyway. The whole time she was saying she felt silly and uncomfortable, yet she was a good sport about it and did it anyway. If Porsha felt uncomfortable dressing as the BAPS character, she should have declined the invitation. The funny part of all this is that Porsha looked cute in the orange BAPS outfit and wig that that she tried on at the hair salon!

  • YES gAWDs

    Shes trying to say shes not being malicious BY THE COSTUME CHOICE and cussing her out in the confessionals talking about she far from glamorous??? This woman is CRAZY! What/Who would go to a party dressed up like a fool cus this OLD woman wants to burn you, ARE WE IN HIGH SCHOOL?

  • Nonya

    If Porsha felt like Kenya was trying to be funny with her character, she should have stayed home. Period.

    • YES gAWD

      I dont think Porsha was trying to be malicious with dressing differently toward Kenyas party, she probably felt she was invited to go , and could change it up a bit. I didnt see them say that the party was tailored to thier costume, I think that was made up by Crazy Kenya to make it more damaging (when no one really even cares). She was still coming as Halle Berry who IS the iconic woman, not her dam character in Baps. Kenya was being FUNNY from the jump, but the way they act so slighted about going to parties, i guess Porsha felt like the invite meant show up anyway. NOR were they told to come like asked or be barred entry. so If i didnt know that was the consequence I would have shown up as is TOO!

      • DeepThinker

        BAPS was Halle Berry’s struggle role. It was a stereotypical, ghetto hoochie part. Why would anyone want to emulate that unless it was for halloween? Porsha did the right thing.

      • Beejcee

        At Peter’s event Kenya asked the ladies to come to the party and told him which costumes she wanted them to wear, when she told Porsha Halle Berry’s BAPS character, Porsha told her right then that she would rather come as her Dorothy Dandridge character.

        • YES gAWD

          Exactly… thats when Kenya should have told her Im doing this that that and the third at the party, so you either come dressed like i want or dont come in. If she didnt tell them that, Porsha had every right to come dressed as she wanted, what if Kordell felt it was inappropriate? Should Porsha had done what Kenya said over her husband? Bottom line it was meant to embarrass Porsha in the middle of that party and I WOULDNT HAVE HAD IT EITHER, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR KENYA AND HER MESSY A..

          • Anonymous

            Todd didn’t come in a costume and he wasn’t thrown out. Porsha did dress in a costume. Halle’s role in BAPS was no where near iconic and had nothing to do with her oscar win.

    • bigdede

      I don’t think Bravo would have allowed that. I think the only reason why Kenya wasn’t at Kordell’s birthday party is because Kordell told them he didn’t want her starting trouble there otherwise I believe Bravo would have made Porsha invite Kenya.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    I would have went as Halle Berry as Dorothy Dandridge too, BAPS is nowhere near an iconic black woman in film, it’s a forgettable movie, unless you watch BET. I’m glad Nene talked some sense into Kenya, it is NOT that serious to kick Porsha out for that.

    • Jeniphyer

      not to mention it was a role Halle herself regretted, she still followed the rules and came as Halle Berry, she was being shady she knows it and i love how everyone left with her, because that mess was NOT that serious, it was a party, nobody auditioned to be in your “production” they came to have a good time

      • bigdede

        This is it. I see some people in some other blogs saying well if it was good enough for Halle Berry… But Halle regrets doing that role so why should Porsha dress as BAPS. Also when Kenya assigned that to Porsha, we saw in the confessional her saying why she gave that role to Porsha. Kenya is shady and petty.

  • Beejcee

    Why is Kenya dressed like Cleopatra Jones (Tamara Dobson) but thinks she is Foxy Brown/Coffy (Pam Grier)? Pam Grier wore an afro, but not that huge, to my recollection.