Sleazy Steebie, Joseline Hernandez And ‘Molly The Maid’ Are Back! VH1 Releases ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Teaser

April 2, 2013  |  

The Love & Hip Hop season finale aired last night and while some may have been a little sad to see Joe, Tahiry and the gang go, the good news is that they’re likely to return next season. The even better news is that their departure means that the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Season 2 debut will be airing soon! Monday, April 22nd at 8/7c to be exact!

The network recently dropped a trailer for the new season, and if your Olivia Pope gut instincts told you that we’re in for one hell of a ride, you were 100% correct! The trailer opens with a half-dressed Joseline Hernandez strutting into a home that I’m guessing belongs to Stevie. She quickly finds her way to the kitchen where Molly Mimi and Stevie are seated.

“I see you got on your maid outfit like you always do,” Joseline says to Mimi, looking her up and down.

You can probably guess that all hell broke loose after that. The clip quickly cuts to Mimi spazzing on Stevie in a bathroom.

“This b***h wanna call me and maid and you not gonna say nothing?” Mimi angrily yells at Stevie before throwing a cup of what appears to be water in his face.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, it appears that Shay is still running around Atlanta all teary-eyed over Scrappy going back to Erica (although it seemed obvious that she knew she was the other women to begin with. Go figure). During a scene that shows the former Flavor of Love reality star holding back tears, the Queen Momma Dee attempts to console her.

“Just watch out. Change is coming,” Momma Dee assures her.

I’m not really sure what change Momma Dee was referring to, but I’m sure it won’t be long before we all find out. Right after the video clip ended, all I could hear in my head was Kevin Hart saying, “It’s about to go down.”

Turn the page to see the madness for yourself. Will you be tuning in this season?

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  • Keisha Samoht

    I thought that was a baby doll momma dee’s arms…’Change is gonna come….’ Lookin like a marionette doll…

  • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

    I already know what Mimi gonna be yelling…….”You let this b****, and b****, and b****, this b**** aint about that life cus she a b**** and yousa b**** Stevie wit your b**** azz. You and this b**** gonna be b**** all up in this b****, cus b****, b****, b****!
    Joseline:……I kno undstwand why she beh so mad Steebie?
    Stevie J: Cus Im supposed to be making that bwead! *Rat face while rubbing hands together*

  • honest

    looool when Momma Dee said ” change is coming” i thought i was watching the color purple…oh man this show is pure coonery…i feel so guilty because Joseline is my favorite character…i cant believe i like this show its the only dose of ratchetness i watch on tv

    • SunshineBlossom

      THE COLOR PURPLE?!! Lmaoo!!! I can picture Momma Dee looking at “Erucka” *scrappy voice* saying “You sho’ is ugly…” *Shug voice*

  • Color Me Crazy

    I thought Mimi had a new man. Why is she and Joseline still fighting over Stevie J? This show is sooo fake and its starting to become annoying. I give up on rachet tv shows. I am sooo tired of seeing grown women argue and fight over the dumb things.

    • Keisha Samoht

      Mona said: NO! You can not do anything that is not written in the script ! thats a 50 dollar fee for not reading your lines!

  • for real tho?

    err uuuuuhh is Mimi really upset because Joseline called her a maid? Boo, you own a maid service. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I would have told that h*e, “Yeah, honey, this my money makin maid outfit, and I see you wearing your money makin fit too!” This show is just too…..ugh!

    • IllyPhilly

      Why am I so late to tell you you’re right? I just watched for first time this Monday and just thought Joseline was being a smart azz about the same things. Still, I’m happy Mimi got some kind of balls for the moment.

  • Chile Cheese


    • Keisha Samoht

      Thats why Mona keeps creating these shows… soon the world will grow tired of her stanky self.

  • MIMI come on….like why do you try to make it work with a guy who doesn’t care for you and cheats on you with a stripper that he somehow turned into a girlfriend and cheats on the stripper Do better mimi..At first I liked Mimi but now it’s like I can’t like somebody who allows this bullshit to happen in her life and says she keep going through it for her child…like when the child grows up, she’s not going to like her dad put her mom through that..Mimi stills with Stevie J for get over him..he’s a cheater

  • Ugh, I mean. Mimi puts herself in this drama. I just can’t…

  • you madd

    It quite obviously that this show is scripted for as much sleeze and ignorance as possible to get ratings…these people ARE NOT in the relationships or doing the business that they are portraying on screen. Which is why they fall into obscurity or host parties after seasons end because they have NO CAREERS BEYOND THIS SHOW. I have not given the New York cast my viewership this season due to the fakeness and I doubt I will be watching ATL either…whats the point in watching these people badly act like they are in a relationship/or have singing careers (Joseline)?? Ill watch a sitcom or scandal for acting not reality shows. Thanks.

    • Color Me Crazy

      You are definitely right about this show being scripted.

  • I think everyone needs just a little bit of ratchet entertainment in their life from time to time.. and this is mine.. lol

  • sickofthesedamnrealityshows

    Shay “Buckeyed” Johonson is silly for letting them portray her as a sideline wh*re. There is no way in the world I would be letting Big Scrappy play me like a fool for everyone to see.