New Faces On This Season Of “The Voice” Help Increase Ratings Big Time; Why Not The Same Results For “American Idol”?

April 2, 2013  |  

Just last week The Voice premiered, and like many reality show singing competitions out there, they had new faces on the judging panel with Usher taking over for Cee-Lo and Shakira taking the chair from Christina Aguilera for the time being. So far, Usher seems to be off to a good start on the show. He fits in with the banter the judges always engage in and many of the contestants find themselves under his spell and on his team with his bribes of the chance to meet Justin Bieber and straightforward pleas about their talents as opposed to why it would be so cool for them to be on his team. Shakira also holds her own well and doesn’t seem thirsty to turn her chair for every decent voice she hears. All in all, it seems they fit in nicely, and fans agree. The premiere of The Voice was a big winner ratings wise, increasing in viewership by 12 percent compared to last year’s season premiere, bringing in more than 13 million viewers.

This is happening while over on Fox, American Idol ratings continue to decrease to an all-time low, as the show did last Thursday when it only eeked out 11 million viewers. So why are the new faces on The Voice working well for ratings but the same can’t be said for Idol?

Honestly, The Voice ratings could dip just like Idol‘s have as the show continues. However, checking out reactions from different sites like E! and more, it seems that people actually seem to find Usher and Shakira very entertaining, maybe even more so than Cee-Lo and Aguilera, who are allegedly supposed to return to the series next season. But I think a fresh face is needed from time to time just to make people tune in. Yet at the same time, people will tune out if the new face isn’t necessarily a positive change. Many commented on The Voice premiere saying that Shakira and Usher seemed to have their egos in check, while we know from these last few months of American Idol that Nicki and Mariah were caught up in an ego-driven cat fight for a while there. The show has basically been based around the new judges over the contestants and the drama they may or may not have going on. It’s tired.

I tune into both shows and I can say that I like the Usher I see (his character has been in question since all that custody battle drama, but when he’s focused on music, he’s gets a boost), Nicki isn’t bad at judging, and Mariah is actually coming off a little stale in the judge’s seat for me. Keep it positive and about the talent of the contestants, and people seem to want to come back. All in all, reality show talent competitions are a dime a dozen these days, so for both of these juggernauts to keep their ratings on the up and up, I have a feeling they will need more than just new judges.

What do you think of the new season of The Voice so far? What about the new season of Idol?

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  • Annette

    Its on the 12th season.out had a nice run.

    • Annette

      *It’s on the 12th season. It had a nice run.

  • I’m loving “The Voice”…Usher & Shakira is funny & entertaining…a great addition….I did love “American Idol” but now I don’t watch it as much..not enough spice or its boring & not very entertaining as “The Voice”.

  • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

    Do yall really have to ask why AI is doing so bad in ratings? Its because of the clown who talks through her teeth and comments on people’s wardrobes instead of their talent, and making a 16 yr olds cry on stage after trying to express who he really was to America and who shows up late to live broadcasts, and texts and posts to twitter on national tv instead of doing her job

  • Keisha Samoht

    Simple, people are bored with American Idol.

  • Wilderfirelady

    The Voice is fun to watch and unique. Stopped watching American Idol when Steven Tyler left, he made it interesting. Its time for American Idol to fade away to black.

  • it’s nicki. I just cant take it. I hate to turn the show on now. plus except for candice glover- I dont see anything talented about those contestants.

  • Natasha T

    Hmmmm……seeing Usher’s and Adam Levine’s fine a** on the The Voice vs. watching Nicki Minaj’s untalented butt judging people with actual talent with an annoying as heck voice for one hour…I vote The Voice!

    • Keisha Samoht

      So they make the show watch worthy? okay i’ll take a bite then… when it come on?

    • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

      Yes mam! I can sop them up like gravy with a warm buttery biscuit !

    • Harlow Montreese

      Oh god, Nicki’s voice is such an ear raaape! She’s untalented and unprofessional (who shows up a hour late for a live taping of a show?). I rather watch The Voice, better talent and AI needs to be off the air like they did in the UK and Canada!

  • Akiko

    It is because Nicki Minaj sucks as a judge. her critiques are so annoying and over the top. Mariah seems to have a problem with staying on topic and actually giving criticism.
    Randy is still Randy but he isn’t critical enough.
    I don’t even know what to say about Keith Urban. I am indifferent about him.

  • Live_in_LDN

    American Idol and X Factor are reaching their expiry date. The show has been around a long time and it is extremely formulaic and predictable. People are getting sick of watching the same archetype of contestant and their sob stories go through weeks of covers and not actually amount to any long term success. The Voice is a bit fresher so people are jumping ship…for now. The Voice will also have it’s day soon when it is played out and a new singing contest show appears.