Get Your Life, .Com! And Other Hilarious Tamar Braxton Catch Phrases

April 2, 2013  |  

Five years ago, most of us had no idea who Tamar Braxton was. (Some of ya’ll had the album but most of you didn’t.) Well, all of that changed when “Braxton Family Values” hit We TV. Now, when you think of the Braxton sisters, Tamar’s name must be a part of the conversation. While Toni sang her way into our hearts. Tamar chatted her way in our affections and sometimes our nerves. Whatever the case may check out the catch phrases that made her famous.

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  • Just saying!!

    I can’t believe all the shade in the comments section. Did you people come to this article just to tell everyone you don’t like Tamar!? You knew it was going to be celebrating her catch phrases…so if you don’t like it don’t click on the damn article–it’s REALLY that simple! With that being said…HAVE SEVERAL SEATS and GET YOUR LIFE. 🙂 (Y’all tried it…but failed!)

  • Just saying!!

    Oh and you forgot “SNATCHED!!!” LOL

  • Pinhead Larry

    She tried it!!! That’s my favorite!

    • kerry washington

      yeah I like that one too….but I can’t let my gay lips give birth to them sorry.

  • LK

    She (me) loves her some Tamar…but “Have several seats!” isn’t her (Tamar) quote…do your research Veronica…IJS

    • SitDown

      Veronica was referring to her facial expression when reciting the phrase, LK. Read things more thoroughly before you fake-critique `em. I’M Just Sayin. These jr-high attacks on a WOMENS’ forum have got to go! :/

  • Teezebaby

    Hate every single last one of “her” catchphrases. She just takes things she’s heard in the gay community and regurgitates. So unoriginal and so ANNOYING! Don’t see how she has a fan base riding coattails…

    • Just saying!!

      ummm…so why did you click on the article then?

  • Fallon

    Catch phrases from the gay community you mean.. Ok then

    • OSHH

      Right, this is just a resurgence and twist on phrases I first heard in the 80’s. Besides have several seast and you need to sit down etc those have been around also

      • She needs to have several seat

        She’s heard “have several seats” from youtube blogger makael fromt the skorpion show and she wont profit from because she didnt originate it. They’re really good friends he said it on the show.

  • LilScrappy_w/his_irrelevant_az

    LOL @ the “Have several seats!” face because my computer had to play catch up so the gif went reaaaalllly slow motion and her expression was so crazy I LMBO! I love me some Tamar and all her extravinity!

  • Just saying!!


  • Fair and Balanced

    Her catch phrases have made her popular but her ignorance has made her a laughing stock albeit all the way to the bank.