Gentlemen Uncensored: What Is Good Sex?

March 31, 2013  |  

It’s a broad question, we know, but it’s also one of the most asked  — and a question whose answer usually differs greatly between men and women. Check out what the men say is good sex to them and find out if they’re on point with what they think is good sex to a woman.




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  • nicole knight

    these guys sound so pretentious and full of shyt….. if that is there measure of what makes good P***y good…. there lame as fuc…. and ghetto as hell…..LOL…..WTDTA??

  • JCobb

    Why doesn’t episode 5 have an extended version(i.e. part 2) like the other ones have?

  • Mz Coco

    I loved it I am a woman I have been married and single in commited relationships ..I enjoyed hearing and LISTENING to what they were saying at first they were not comfortable using the” P” word forget critiquing the fact they used a word what was being said …

  • hollyw

    I thought the same thing, esp. when The Divorce spoke; however, he’s systemically related to women in reference to their body parts, so I caught on quick that for him, and perhaps some of the others, the two (good p*ssy/good woman) are synonymous…

  • This video was funny and awkward to watch at the same time.

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  • WOW!!

    are you slow or delusional, good p***y doesn’t get a woman to that status if that were the case hookers and strippers would marry all the men they come into contact with based on the tricks they acquire, they are pro’s and know how to stroke the male ego. How old are you stop talking like a little boy! Sex is like pizza even if its bad its still pretty good and if you consider any p to be wack my son you are gay because men aren’t that deep and will f a hole in the ground If it felt good and then go hang with the boys when they are done, so if you stopped in the middle you are gay there’s nothing wrong with that but don’t blame it on the p. And women who think having a p is good enough get that from men who will f any woman with a pulse, so don’t blame women for you men shallow opinions, there are rules to the exceptions are men are not alike and look for a deeper connection when choosing a wife.

    • nebulus

      correction!!…hookers and strippers DOES NOT automatically equate to good sex…. this my friends is easy, effortless, available sex….If I can pay you to ‘bust a nut’ then this chick’s bed will always be full…which has nothing to do with quality.

    • hollyw

      Lmboooooo! I am dying!!! Not “gay” tho!!!

  • blackdude

    they turned the conversation into something different! Alot of meaningless talk! Good sex is a totally different subject

  • blsuccess

    Hmmm… no one really gets it except Tmor. Physical attraction is superficial and at the end of the day you will want more than sex. You need a total partner who you can talk to, depend on and so much more. I wish there could have been a real conversation going on and they had time to think about their answers. Young minded answers – in my opinion.

  • hollyw

    Ironically, the oldest and the youngest (TMor & Harold) had the best points. Everyone else in between was kind of wack…imho 🙂

    Overall, though, I felt the question wasn’t really answered in this segment. A bunch of metaphors with no actual substance…possibly b/c the answer’s not that complex in regards to men..? A much better question would’ve been what men think ‘good d*ck’ is for women…

    • WOW!!

      I don’t believe many men exist who could answer that question or even care, men believe because it hardens their job is done and become angered when a woman feels its wet let’s go, true intimacy and sexuality starts in the brain and transcend into the body when the experience is on a mental level the body reaches heights beyond one’s control, meaning a partner’s touch, kiss and embrace is personal and a person who has truly made love knows the difference between lovemaking and sex, these men are guarded and damaged like most adults, but the best lovemaking for me was when I was younger inexperienced and not guarded or jaded… its just sex, everyone is afraid to give in and truly let go which ruins the process for all!

      • NOnya

        I agree with what you said “everyone is afraid to give in and truly let go”. For a lot of people who have been hurt, it is very hard to do because no one wants to go back to that place or experience that-it’s just too painful and people also are not honest about who they are.

  • Nina


    with other single black, white girls and men in your city.. It is

    my favorite club for mixed love….

  • Nope

    IMO, good sex is when a woman is comfortable with her own body and actually puts some effort into the act. Both of which are kind of rare. Speaking as a man, just because we might have hit it, doesn’t mean he thinks you were any good. We very easily distinguish the “victory” from the quality of that “victory”. And just because you might have made him climax doesn’t mean you’re any good either, because so can lotion.

    • Brit

      I agree, and i think it’s the same for women. It’s well known that it’s difficult for many women to climax from actual intercourse, so every man isn’t the ish in bed.
      I think good sex is being attentive to your partner, and not just worrying about yourself. Pay attention to what they like and learn what works for both of you.

    • hollyw

      Hun, no offense but if sex for you with women who are typically insecure about their bodies during sex and/or never put in effort is commonplace, it may be time to re-evaluate a. your choice in women, or b. your own bedroom tendencies.

      • Nope

        This type of response is so typical that I won’t even bother replying to it beyond this.

        • hollyw

          …..mmkay, 1. that’s still actually a reply 2. typical or not, it’s a legitimate concern your disclosure warranted. Either you have poor choice in women (and/or poor etiquette) or you exaggerated to try and make your point.

  • Get IT

    Yeah I find it kind of hard to take this whoole video seriously if the men, who should are already be past the stage of using crude terms when referring to female genetilia, still talk that way. Why cant you just say sex? Grow Up.
    Some of you are already married like really…

  • koffybrown

    Good sex…people still have that…lol

  • DJ Ceo hit the nail on the head for me!!

  • This probably isn’t the best question to ask a group of men, because for most men any sex that includes a warm, moist vagina is considered good sex.

    • IJS

      So many women have this flawed thinking, that their stuff is “platinum” and they don’t have to do anything but lie there and the guy will get “hooked.” And then they have the nerve to act surprised when the guy bounces for no reason.

      • Akiko

        But the man isn’t ‘bouncing’ for no reason when you implied that it would be because of bad sex.

      • There are exceptions, but let’s not front, for most men just the smell of a “fresh chocolate chip cookie” is enough to make a guy get down on bended knees and start speaking in tongues, lol, real talk!

      • Judith Johnson

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        • Drew Smith

          Just to hell with you already, Judith. SMH

          • hollyw

            *tears* this spamming has gotten so out of control lmbo smh!

          • SheBe

            You crack me UP! LMAO!

  • thatonegirl

    TMOR’s face at 1:35 is priceless, lmao.

  • Camara Aunique

    Ummmm yes Harold mmmmhhhmm

    • Na Na

      Yes his answer was on point!